Young Tony

Tony's Girls' Boy Friends


By Deadliftr

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No matter how active Tony's sex life was at school, the evening activities never ceased. One night, he was keeping his cock warm inside of Jake when there was a knock on his door, which started pissing Tony off because no one was supposed to come around without an invitation, so he began pounding Jake harder-making him v-e-r-y happy, until he heard a voice, "Tony? It's me - Rita. You told me I could come over tonight." "Oh right - Hey! Come on in," Tony yelled." Rita stepped uncertainly in, and right away Tony tells her to "Have a seat; I'll be just a minute."

Poor Rita was too shocked to move. Knowing why she was here, the last thing she expected to see was Tony fucking a guy! She'd heard about men 'doing it' together, but she didn't have enough imagination to have figured out 'how,' and now that she was actually seeing it…, "Uh-h, gee, Tony…, shouldn't I uh-h, that is…" "No. Just sit - it's just my brother." "Oh yuck," she thought, but since Tony seemed all right with it, she sat - but felt pretty embarrassed to be there. She didn't have long to feel that way. "Sorry Bro - this'll hafta be quick," said Tony,. and about thirty seconds hard pounding with his mammoth tool was all it took - Jake sprayed the sheets quite admirably. After shoo'ing out his disgruntled yet satisfied brother, Tony and Rita had themselves a real good time for the next two hours. Rita really didn't want to leave, but after he'd shot six big loads into her, Tony called it a night. But even as he was still emptying his final load into the sex-hungry Rita, he was looking forward to seeing her boyfriend, Bob, the next day, because Tony, who always loved showing off his incredible body, especially loved doing it when he could tease straight boys into erections - or more. And the most fun was displaying himself to the straightest guys in school after pounding their girls the night before. To top it off, Bob was the biggest guy in the senior class, as well as being the straightest of the straight. He was really going to enjoy this.

He timed it well, getting to the locker room just as Bob was undressing after gym class. He walked over to Bob in a casual sort of way, put one foot on the bench, and let Bob just stare, and take in his full size. It was easy to compare the two: Bob had on only a jockstrap, while Tony had even less -- you could barely see his posers, tucked below his nuts the way they were. At 6' 4", Tony was only two inches taller than Bob, but even so, his extra lean, heavy-weight-bodybuilder body made the somewhat less lean, though still muscular senior look weak and flabby by comparison. Bob's twenty-five-inch thighs looked spindly alongside of Tony's thirty-six's, his forty-two-inch chest looked sunken next to Tony's fifty-nine, and when compared with Tony's mammoth 26"-biceps which constantly rippled with ever changing bulges as he moved, Bob's respectable 17-incher's looked like twigs. Once Bob had given him a thorough once-over, Tony looked down at Bob's crotch and saw a large tent forming. Bob looked down at Tony and saw eight inches of thick, relaxed cock, already dripping precum, resting across his large, taut globes of man-juice which were being pushed well forward by the tightly-stretched posers behind them. His tent got larger.

Tony finally spoke: "Fucked your little lady last night."

"I know."

"Six times."

Bob's eyes went wide with surprise as his jaw dropped open - and stayed there. His disbelief was evident. Rita hadn't told him that.

"Fuck, yeah - she didn't want to quit."

Silence from Bob.

"But she really knows her way around a guy's dick, doesn't she?"

At this point, Tony lowered his eyes, directing Bob's attention to his rapidly rising dick. Bob was now staring downward as it got higher…, and bigger…, and slicker with precum. Tony purposefully flexed a few times, producing some sizable surges of clear fluid that flow tantalizingly down the front of the stiff, erect tool. By now, Bob was all but drooling; he needed but a little encouragement…, "Go on - lick it up. You know you want to…."

That was all it took; just like that, Bob was on top of it, slowly and tentatively at first, but within a few seconds his own cock was free of its jockstrap confines and rigidly awaiting attention, and soon Bob's tongue was everywhere, one hand directing Tony's penis and the other jacking his own, and soon he was leaving his own trail of precum. As Bob's arousal grew, so did the intensity of his efforts to keep Tony's dick satisfied, and so did the volume of his groans of pleasure.

"Aww, Fuck, Man - Look at you. You want it so bad I could fuck you right here."

His words seemed to do it, because quickly, two things happened: one, Bob plunged the head of Tony's cock fully into his mouth, and two, he instantly blew his own load. Not one to turn down a good offer, Tony quickly got his hips in motion, and suddenly cum was rocketing from Bob's mouth since he couldn't swallow it fast enough. Tony obligingly shoved his grandly splooging dick all the way down Bob's throat for two or three shots before pulling fully out and coating Bob's face and chest with the rest of his more than copious semen. Waiting a bit for his flow to subside, Tony wiped himself dry with Bob's tee shirt, pulled his posers up to at least partly cover his man-parts and walked off with a chuckle, leaving Bob slumping against the lockers in a bewildered daze. •

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