Blood Moon


By Jace Soliz

(Deep Sexual Voice Talks)

As I lay here with my eyes closed sensing the sun above, warming the building that I am sleeping in, I have the need to open my crypt and see the sun. Even if it kills me. I can remember the sun sets from my past. The clouds sparkled of colored paint on the canvas of sky before me. The swirls and shadows dance in a moving mass of running paint. A priceless picture that no painter other than, God himself, could capture. And I was with him. Leigh. His eyes lighting up with sparks of gold rays igniting his face in a golden hue. We would kiss until the sun completely set, and make love in the still warm night. Only the fireflies lit our surrounding. I felt the heat of his breath against my neck. The ecstasy of his kisses and biting were sending shivers down my spine. Our moans were filling the night with animalistic lust and a final cry of release.

Every moment together we made love. Everyday we told each other we loved each other. My love for him was beyond any word that man has invented to define such love. There were no signs of corruption that would warn us of the events ahead. Then the storm came. The rain hit hard against the dry surface of the Earth. That night changed my life.

For that was the night Leigh disappeared. For days, weeks and months I waited for him at the cliff to come and find me. I would stumble into town drunk, asking anyone that would listen if they have seen such beauty as my sweet love, Leigh. I was spat upon. Ostracized the very society that accepted me with open arms months before..

My health failed. No longer did I have the need to eat or sleep. No longer the need to pleasure myself. Walking became impossible. The energy gone from my limbs. On the night that I surely thought to be my last, a hulking figure appeared before me and spoke softly to the night. "What have you become?" It sounded like sadness from a voice that had only become a memory. As I slowly turned my head, I saw his body. His once lean figure with cuts and ridges of muscle were now many times larger. He was wearing no shirt and his pectorals jutted out into a hairy shelf. His arms though at rest, were at his side at an angle from the mass of his lats. His chiseled face was easily seen with a light dusting of a beard. He had become a product of pure beauty.

I do not remember what I said or what happened. I found myself in a candle lit room. My hair was being brushed out and a woman with violet eyes. She kept saying, "Such an unfortunate boy." But my eyes couldn't focus, and every sound that my surroundings made echoed in my head. I felt something warm against my lips. It was soft and it was putting pressure on my lips. It was wet and a liquid seeped into my mouth. The taste was unlike anything I had ever tasted. My body craved more, it needed more. I lapped up the fluid with much gusto. Grabbing the source of this liquid I proceeded to suck harder, hearing "There, there my child. This will help you grow big and strong."

When I felt ecstasy had reached its peak, I was thrown into a light that was blinding. A magnificent brilliance of light swallowing me up. I felt as if my body was building up to the biggest load I had spent on myself. My body was floating on a cloud of red hot liquid. I felt it move through my body. Feeling myself shift without moving, being enhanced from the source I was sucking life from. The source was then ripped away and replaced with another. This one was much stronger. I felt my body ripple, and my depleted vigor replaced with 10 times the worth of power. I heard ripping sounds and my own voice moan, growing stronger and deeper.

I felt my cock fill up, thick and longer. A strong hand was rubbing it roughly. I gasped in pure ecstasy as the splashes of cum sting my face as I unloaded my jism. I felt mouths on my body, biting and lapping up my juice. The blinding light faded and……..

I cannot remember much more. But when I awoke I was bigger than any bodybuilder could achieve with the best steroids ever made. I was now a child of the night, whatever that meant. I was no longer alone. My love was lying next to me, even larger than I, in a dark closed off place. Sensing I was awake, he rolled to his side and looked at me, and just kept smiling. I asked him why it was so dark, and he just leaned over and kissed me, and says "I love you, Jacob."

We made love that night. Over and over, I enjoyed the feeling of my newly transformed body. I was unable to tire of the sexual escapade we experienced together. Feeling like I could go on for days. What have I become? I had many questions, I had many fears, but he was back into my arms. My true love.

It wasn't until I was awoken that I was able to see exactly what I had become. I was pale. Thick muscle bulged out of my body everywhere. Veins stood out amplifying the strength I now possessed. My limp penis was thick and long even when flaccid. It too had been beefed up from my change. Then hunger struck me with such a force that I had never felt before. And without saying a word, Leigh tells me that I will have to feed tonight.

"Feed? You make it sound like I am some type of animal." I stated. He stared at me quietly thinking to his self.

"Jacob, you are now a Vampire. A child of the night. No longer can we watch the sunsets. But together we can watch the moon rise. You were chosen by the great, Gomatic, himself." He paused and walked up to me and kissed me hard. Then looking into my eyes, "And as a favor to me. You see, the many months ago, I was attacked by men that took my money, my gifts that I had just bought for you. They stabbed me with their knives, left me laying there in the cold moonless night, bleeding. You were all I could think about. How much I was going to miss you. But, just as I showed up for you, Malic showed up for me. Then I was brought here. The lair. This is where I changed, just was you have." He sighed. "I know you have many things to ask, but you drained me quite well yesterday and I must feed on a host in order to retain my life. Just as you have to hunt tonight in order to help you grow."

I looked at him not able to speak. I sat down in the chair that was set in the room. Such mythical things can't be true, but here I am. Cursed. I have been taken of my death only to be dead with a cure of having to take lives for I can no longer live my own. The choice was taken away from me.

Leigh saw, or heard, what I was thinking and he came to me and hugged me and whispered that everything is so much better this way, if I only give it a chance.


I was taken out of my trance by a knock on my crypt, I got up and it was, Julian. The wolves were in our territory. We had to rush there, it seemed they had a new victim and we couldn't afford to have another changed. Their numbers have become too strong.

We rushed down the streets like a troop of soldiers in black leather coats with sunglasses. Buffed up soldiers with a thirst of blood. We ended up at the alley way right when the hulking beast was roaring into the face of a young man. My cock stirred. He was cute.. That's when Malic spoke up. "You know this isn't your territory, right boys?" Everyone in the alley looked towards us, if it wasn't such a tense moment, I might have laughed. Malic turned to me and told me to guard the victim.

We all started to run down the alley towards the beasts and they took off like scared kitties. I slowed down and the guys started to do their special moves, running up onto the walls, some taking huge leaps mimicking flying. I wish I didn't have to stay behind, but the guy on the ground was cute.

He was looking the other way and I started walking slowly towards him. He heard my footsteps and turned to me. His face looked confused. I bent down to him with my arm and he just looked at it in awe. I paused for a second. There was something about him that I felt. An energy. I asked him if he was alright. He reached up to my hand when I heard Malic's voice call me. I looked down at this cute guy and arched my eyebrows and saying "See ya around" and I leapt from where I was and was over the fence that blocked off the alley.

Malic was holding the unconscious goons that transformed back to men. One was for me and the other for him. There was a strange power in a werewolf's blood. The other larger one got away, obviously knew this area well to get away from these men. We threw their bodies into the trash bin and headed back home. I kept thinking about the young man. It was almost deja vue. Then Malic stopped me, "Did you sense something from that guy back there too?" I shook my head, lying that I did not. Something in Malic's eyes showed that he knew I was lying.

We were walking home quietly, and I caught a glimpse of the guy we had just saved, run across the street with pee stained pants. Glancing back towards the alley as if he couldn't believe what had just happened. He caught a glimpse of me and stopped, and then quickly ran out of my sight. He looked like so much like Leigh. •

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