Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

For those of you who've been asking about those Callahan boys . . .

"Hey, Mr. Hennessey," Jackie said, shouting over the motor of the mower he'd been pushing across the front lawn of Mac Hennessey's place.

It was a good thing this was the only lawn job he had left, now. Concentrating had become more difficult as the day for the third shot had approached. Now that it was here, all he could think about was that shot, how it would amp him even more. It was amazing how, instead of getting used to the feelings after a shot, sort of leveling off during the week, it just continued to get more intense, the whole sensation, as the changes took place, little by little, but really, so fast that it was impossible to get used to it. Talk about a ride.

Jackie knew, this morning, when he'd struggled into his baggiest cargo shorts, the ones he used to wear when he wanted to go extreme, show a few pubes, constantly pulling them up so they didn't slide off his ass, when he'd had to pull hard to get them up his thighs, like squeezing into a wet suit, and then was barely able, with careful manipulation, to get the zipper up over the bulge that his prodigious meat, bigger and heavier every day, had made, that this would be the last day he'd ever be able to wear these shorts, or anything remotely like the clothes he used to wear. The waist still gapped out, and anyone standing close could look down and see where his luxuriant trail plunged, although his hair had spread so much that the trail was more like the darkest part of the river that flooded his whole torso from side to side, streaming thick into the center, and merely grew much thicker and darker as it gathered all over his pecs and down around his enormous cock and the balls that hung so huge and heavy. Despite having jacked off twice already, just experiencing how much he'd changed since the day before, feeling himself fill those shorts, seeing the bulge, he became the involuntary witness of his pole fattening again, pushing down the leg, making room where there was none, until the flare of its head came to uneasy rest kissing his kneecap. He had to cum again, but he didn't even undress, this time. He just lifted the hem of the shorts leg, which hung just below his knee, stood over the toilet, milked that huge head for a minute, and shot another load.

"Jeez," Jackie heard. He looked around to see Toby, standing at the door watching him with his own enormous cock in his right hand, his left feeling his pecs, which stood in thick relief, broad and completely covered with silky dark brown hair that swirled in the same kind of pattern that Jackie had developed, except Toby's didn't quite make it up to his throat, yet, or out to his armpits, and his trail was really just a trail with sprinkles of hair spreading out from it. But he had shot up to around 5' 11", almost as tall as Jackie, and it was harder every day to remember that he was his not-quite-fourteen-year-old brother. "Your dick is SO BIG! So, come on. Are you almost done? I GOTTA jack off. I already came all over myself when I woke up."

"Yeah, little dude, I'm done. I gotta go do Mr. Hennessey's lawn. Look at you, bro. You're looking pretty amazing. Not far behind."

"Yeah, I know. Come on, Jackie, or do you want to just jack me off? I wish you would. I don't care."

"Me either, but Cory does."

"I know, I know. The little kid. That's okay. I got some guys at school doin' it, too, you know, in the program now, and they love to mess around with my big dick, feel my muscles, check out how hairy I'm getting."

"Yeah, I'm sure. Look at you. You're getting awesome." Jackie used some toilet paper to wipe off the tip of his dick and some cum that had hit the edge of the toilet. "Okay, kid. It's all yours. Whack it good."

Jackie left Toby in the bathroom and went to put on a shirt before going over to Mr. Hennessey's. He didn't have to wear a shirt, of course. And he loved showing off his new torso. But there was something that turned him on so much about how his old clothes, the ones he could still get into, fit him now. It felt just as sexy, in a different way, as going shirtless. Maybe because it really showed off how huge he was getting, and he was loving showing off, now. He riffled through a drawer. Anything to keep his mind occupied was good. They'd all be heading to the center for their third shot today, Cory's fourth, and it seemed like forever until then. He had to keep busy. Otherwise, all Jackie could think about was his body, his brothers, the other guys in the program, and sex. He decided to wear an old wifebeater. It used to fit him tightly when he looked like an everyday Abercrombie dude. Now it almost cut into his lats and pecs, it pulled so tight across his chest, and it barely came to the bottom of his rib cage.

He looked at himself in the mirror over his dresser. He definitely looked like one of the guys in the program now. For a guy not even 16 yet, he was already built like a hardcore bodybuilder roidboy. That is, if roids made your stuff grow, too, instead of shrinking. And he'd become so hairy, in such a great kind of way. The way his hair grew, it was thick and dark, but it lay flat on his skin and swirled in patterns that he thought just made his muscle, which he was in love with, look even more masculine, bigger, sexier. His muscle bulged so thick, flexing with every movement. His narrow midsection showed between the bottom of the beater and the top of his shorts, which gapped and then pulled in, tight against his lower belly from of the swell of his hard, high ass. The shorts looked about to break free, so tightly did they stretch over his muscle and meat in a display that, in another time, would have been thought obscene. But not anymore. He'd hit that point where there was no hiding that he was one of "those" guys, and he loved the feeling. Soon, he'd have to wear Lycra, Spandex, anything that would stretch to accommodate his body and show the world that he'd given himself to the new order of things.

Pushing the mower, he'd been enjoying how his sweat was causing his shirt to stick to his muscle, how his hair was wetting down, how hot he knew that looked, feeling the weight of his huge, beautiful man meat hanging against his leg, showing the results of this population control process for all the world to see. Nope. No way would he ever be able to penetrate a woman, now. Well, maybe, if he were really determined and she really willing, but it would be hard, if not impossible. And the next shot, this afternoon, would cinch that. Cory was so huge now, he just put on that Lycra shit and let the world see. He couldn't even get himself into anything else. He was a man's man, and fuck anyone who was stuck in the old way. And Jackie knew he and Jace, even Toby, weren't far behind. Just thinking about it was making him start to bone again, and he felt the material of his shorts stimulating his cock as it shifted across it when he walked behind the mower. And that's when Mr. Hennessey appeared at his door, shouting "Hi" at Jackie.

"Unbelievable," Mac Hennessey said, walking up to Jackie and looking the young stud over.

Jackie turned off the mower so he could hear Mac Hennessey. "I'm sorry?" he said.

"I said, unbelievable. You look unbelievable. It still blows me away that guys are showing up looking like, well, you know."

Jackie smiled. "Yeah, I know." He was getting cocky about how his body was changing, too. He could hear it in his voice, even feel his whole attitude changing.

"Well, you probably can't see much difference, but I got my first treatment yesterday, after chatting with Cory. I already feel different. I can't even imagine how you must feel."

"Pretty good," Jackie shifted from one foot to the other, the change in stance pushing his meat more firmly forward. He glanced down at himself, and seeing the bulging contours of his enhanced endowment excited him even more with the attention it was receiving. "Going for another treatment today," he said. "Probably go stay at their campus after that in a couple days or so. Might not be able to handle your lawn for a while. Not sure how long we'd be there or anything."

"Yeah, I figured. Heard about that campus. So, another shot today, huh? You're not going to be able to stuff all that in those shorts anymore."

"Yeah, I know. Probably by tomorrow. But Cory already got us a bunch of that stretch stuff, so it'll be cool."

Mac Hennessey's 501 Levis showed an ample bulge beginning to strain at the button fly, and he smiled when he knew Jackie saw it. "Yeah. I already know what you mean. Well, I'd love to have you come in for a coke or something, but you probably want to get done here. I mean, if you want to take a break or anything . . ."

Jackie squinted from the glare of the sun, cocked his head, and grinned. "You want to see this, don't ya, Mr. Hennessey?" He rubbed a hand down the log that had started to harden up down the leg of his shorts. "I could take a short break."

"Come on in, then," and he led the way inside.

As soon as they were behind the closed door, Jackie undid his shorts, pulling them down his hips as he followed Mac Hennessey to the kitchen. His cock and balls were much too large to flop out on their own, so when they got to the kitchen, and the older man turned around, Jackie reached in and lifted out his oversized, heavy meat using both hands. He was instantly aroused, showing himself off this way, and he watched his enormous cock stiffen and rise.

"Pretty big, huh, Mr. Hennessey? Got over thirteen inches now."

"Fucking amazing," Mac answered.

"Be fucking amazing after the treatment today. I can't wait. Have you seen Cory?"

"Have I seen him? He's the reason I started myself. How big is his now? What is he, three treatments, now?"

"Yeah. His cock is twenty inches, man. Goes way past his knee. The killer is it's like eleven inches around, man. No way he could get it inside a woman, but I guess they gotta keep it going so they're absolutely sure, like, no possibility. Cory says he's seen some of the guys from the campus, and they end up with like two-foot-long dicks that are like 14 inches around. Fourteen inches, man! Do you have any idea how huge that is? Takes two hands just to jack it. I can't wait!"

Just talking about it excited Jackie so that the pitch of his voice was rising as he spoke, and his cock began leaking precum.

"Well, what you have already is pretty fucking amazing."

"Mr. Hennessey, the bulge in your Levis, there, is looking pretty full already. Don't you want to let it out?"

"It's already grown almost an inch, and I am so fucking horny."

"I know. It's cool. You want to feel mine? It's okay. Why don't you jack me off, Mr. Hennessey? I love that. I'll do you, too, if you want. Come 'ere."

Jackie pulled Mac Hennessey to him by the waistband of his 501s and quickly unbuttoned the fly, pulled out the man's hard cock, a respectable, fat eight inches or so, and squeezed it hard. Mac sucked in a breath that flattened his abs and thrust his hips. Then he took hold of Jackie's pole with both hands and stroked it, slowly at first, but picking up speed fast.

"Whoa, Mr. Hennessey. You're gonna rub the skin off. Fuck, man, you like how big my cock is, don't ya? Oh, man."

"Yeah. And all that hair, too. Jesus, man, this shit makes you into one fucking stud, doesn't it? I never gave a shit about if a guy was hairy, but now that looks so hot to me."

The man and the teen stroked each other, faster and faster.

"Yeah, I know," Jackie gasped. "Oh, yeah, Mr. Hennessey. Oh, yeah. Come on, man. Yeah."

"Oh, God. Fucking beautiful. Oh, fuck."

They both shot their loads, spraying cum all over the floor, all over their clothes, not caring, just shooting, spurting, and shooting. When they were spent, Mac grabbed a couple dishtowels and they wiped up the best they could. Jackie stuffed himself back into his shorts. It seemed even more difficult now than it had been before. There was just so much to get in, and the legs were already so tight. But, with spots of cum mingling with sweat stains, and bulging insanely in his shorts, he went back out to finish the lawn. He peeled off his tank and tucked it into a belt loop.

"Look at him out there showing off. Is this insane or what? He looks so totally fuckin' cool."

Jace stood naked at the window of Cory's bedroom with his brother close behind him, both watching Jackie finish Mac Hennessey's lawn. Cory's twenty inch rod was pressed against Jace's back and Cory was reaching around his brother, holding his big fifteen incher up with one hand while he lightly teased its head with the other.

"Yeah, he does," Cory said. "Big fuckin' muscle slut, just like his brother. Bet anything he just got Mac to whack him off or something. Fuck, man. If you think you guys are horned up now, wait till after that shot today. We're gonna have to go to the campus, man. I'm barely holding out with this everyday shit, man. You'll see what I mean. I gotta fuck your ass, Jace. Your muscle is so fuckin' beautiful, man, I can't stand it."

Cory pushed on Jace's back, and Jace grabbed the window sill, still watching Jackie across the street, as he bent over to give Cory total access.

"You think my muscle is beautiful, man? Fuck. I am getting big. Feels so hot."

"Big? Fuck, dude, any bodybuilder roidhead would kill to have your muscles. You're fuckin' massive, man. Aww, dude, fuck, man, I love to slide this huge fucker in ya. You like how that feels, bro?"

"You know I fuckin' love it, Cory. I can't wait till it's even bigger, man. I want to take two feet of you, man, big around as some guys' arms, man, fuckin huge cock, man, fucking huge hairy musclefuck cock, man. Aww, Jesus, Cory, yeah, go deep, man. Yeah. Get my fuckin' tonsils. I wonder how they make it so we can take it, man?"

"You fuckin' wonder something like that now? Who gives a fuck, man? You love it, don't ya?"


"Fucking pig, man, massive fuckin' muscle pig."

"Yeah. I'm a fuckin' pig, man. So are you. So is that hairy musclefuck over there. A bunch of horned up dogs, man, in fuckin' heat. God, look at his hair. It's fuckin' beautiful."

"Your muscles are beautiful, bro. You'll get more hair. He'll get more muscle. All of us gonna be fuckin' gods, man. They're makin' a race of gods. Aww, fuck, that feels so good, man. You love how huge my fuckin' cock is, don't you, man? Can't wait to get this big, too, fuck my muscle ass with your own monster cock, huh?"


"Yeah, I know. You fuckin' Robby, bro? He love your huge cock?"

Cory kept slamming into Jace while they talked in breathless gulps of words.

"Yeah. He fuckin' loves my big fuckin' cock, man. He fuckin' loves my muscles, man. You love my muscles, Cory? I'm getting so fuckin' huge. Want to get so massive, man. Come in me, man, do it."

"Aww, fuck. Yeah. Aww, ummm."

"Oh, God, man. That's so hot. Suck me off, man. Make me cum, too."

"Yeah, turn around, you big musclefuck. Let me see that beautiful fuckin' muscle." He slid his rod out and let it flop as he turned Jace around. He let Jace's cock rest against his hairy upper abs while he grabbed both of Jace's huge, thick pecs, almost tearing at the meat. "Yeah, bro, fuck. Fuckin' beautiful. Hair's comin', too, bro. Yeah. Come on, give it to me, Jace."

Then he took Jace's cock in one hand and bent his head to its head, tonguing it, spitting on it, working it with his mouth and his hand at the same time until, almost immediately, he brought it to ejaculation. Jace held Cory's head while Cory drank every drop of Jace's hot, thick cream, greedily, noisily sucking it in and swallowing it down.

"You fucking animals."

It was Jackie. They hadn't even noticed that he'd finished up and come back across the street.

"And this little animal here," he had Toby by the back of the neck, "was getting off on your show. Weren't you, little dude? Found him out there, watching through the door, which you conveniently left open, whackin' away. He was whackin' it when I left him before. Christ, give the kid a toy . . ."

He tousled Toby's hair, like the kid he was, even though he was nearly as tall as all of them, now, built like a bodybuilder, and sporting heavy stubble on his boyish face and quite a pattern of hair on his muscular body. They all laughed at him, standing there naked, his cock still erect and slick with cum, but looking like he'd been caught in the cookie jar.

"I can't help it," Toby said, "I'm just so horny all the time."

"It's okay, kid," Cory said, "We all are. So, let's go let them make us all even hornier. You guys ready to do it?"

"Yeah." Toby was first to answer.

"So, put something on. Let's go."

They didn't even bother to clean up. They just toweled off and got into Lycra shorts and T-shirts. All the way to the center, they were all too excited to talk. Their erections said everything for them. •

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