Pure Raunch!

By Musclebuff

A respectful tribute to Bobby Blake and his partner, Flex-Deon Blake, as outrageous as they are themselves on all their amazing videos.

Ever since I saw that magnificent black hunk, Bobby Blake, fucking my friend Mike Leigh in his BAM video I'v e had the hots for them both - especially as Mike told me they did it the other way round too, only, to his intense disgust, that got left on the cutting-room floor.

So, when I was visiting my favorite CA gym and Bobby Blake and his friend, Flex-Deon, walked in for a workout, I knew I couldn't leave California without making a major effort to get together with them. I finished my pec/bi workout with a furious intensity and as fast as I could to get into the parking lot before them.

This not inconsiderable would-be muscle hunk was therefore leaning on his rented Mustang convertible when all six foot six of Mr. Bobby Blake ambled towards the bright yellow Hummer that sat beside my car. The nearer he got, the more over-powering he became. His pumped-up muscle gleamed in the sun like liquid ebony running over the smooth boulders of his pecs, delts and arms. His quads filled out his baggies so I could see the giant 13" dick struggling for space.

"Hey, man! Mr Bobbie! This your Hummer?"

"Yeah. I know you?"

"No, but you know my friend Mike Leigh - your Bam video - the one where you fuck him in the pool - is my favorite jerk-off movie!"

"Mike a friend of yours?"

"Sure is. Wish I knew you as well as he does - "

"Oh, do you! Think you could take it, boy?" as he squeezed my rapidly engorging package through my helanca hot pants.

"Yes, sir, dude! Take anything you can give me!"

"I like the Sir part better than the Dude, boy! Oh now look! Little boy can't control himself around Bobby!"

He had squeezed so hard and so expertly that my cum gushed out, filling my pants and soaked through into his hand which he kept there far too long. He still held it - hard - and didn't let go, even when Flex-Deon appeared.

Flex-D was naked to the waist. Though he was a head shorter than Bobby the swollen magnificence of his pumped-up muscle bellies, not to mention the huge protrusion in his helanca hot pants, the combination of the two black muscle-gods was overwhelming. He flung a gym-bag into the back of the truck.

"What ya got there, Bobby?"

"Friend of Mike's - says he can take anything we offer - think he can take us both, Flex?"

He wiped the palm of his hand on the side of my face, then slapped it. Flex was walking behind me, sizing me up. He got between Bobby and me, very close indeed. A little shorter than me, he glared up at me, very much the master and said:

"Got any more where that came from?" and lightly punched my re-engorging dick.

"Sure - anything you say - sir..." (adjusting my sodden helanca and its contents)

"Anything, huh? Think the bitch is worth a try, Bobby?" (he adjusted his too, still glaring into my face.)

"We got the time - might be fun."

"OK. Take us where we're going , boy!"

So the Mustang led the Hummer (hideous in color, hideous in design) around the few blocks from the gym to my motel. Many pairs of eyes followed us with interest as the muscle-parade stomped up the stairs to the exposed balcony that ran around the inner courtyard of the motel and homed in on Room 22.

The room was stifling, but that didn't seem to deter the two black hunks. Flex-D closed the drapes at the front of the room while Bobby did the same at the window that overlooked the pool.

"Hey, nice pool! We can cool off down there after we've finished with this dude."

That sounded promising - it also sounded rather dangerous. Flex ambled to look out the window while Bobby punched up a few pillows and flung himself on the bed.

"Get naked, boy, and come service your Daddy!"

I pulled off the few clothes I'd got on.

"Boots too!"

"Yes, sir!"

"Get over here and get suckin', bitch, so I can give it you nice and hard."

I knelt on the bed in front of him and took the huge floppy great mahogany sausage in my hand. I leaned forward to start toying with its huge head with my hungry lips.

"Other way up, boy! Goes down better. Help him, Flex!"

Helping me meant forcing my legs around the other way so that I was kneeling on each side of the huge chest and presenting my striated butt to his face. He grabbed both buns with his huge hands and squeezed . In the mirror on the other side of the room I could see him nod at Flex-D who seized my head and forced it down on Daddy's dick.

"Yeah," sighed Bobby, "suck that dick, bitch!"

"Suck him, boy! Swallow that thing down your white throat! Get it nice and hard!"

As I wrapped my all-too willing tongue around it and forced myself to a mighty swallow, it slid right over the back of my tongue, past the uvula and down my throat.

"Hey, Bobby! Didn't even gag! Maybe this white boy got something to him after all!"

Whatever this white boy had it was soon learning to deal with the monstrous, ever-swelling, ever-thickening dong that was invading my throat. He was right about it going down easier this way up!

Bobby started to slap my stretched glutes real hard while Flex-D was pushing my head up and down over that black Tower of Pisa with one hand, jerking me off with the other. He had clamped his fist round the root of my dick and balls and was tugging them in time with Bobby;s now-intense throat-fuck strokes. The three of us were like some fine-tuned fuck-machine.

Each time I pulled out now I could feel some pre-cum gushing into my mouth till it was quite full. The drowning sensation was solved by Flex-D demanding his lover's pre-cum in his mouth. BY now Bobby was as stiff as steel; he pulled out of my throat and Flex clamped his lips on mine and literally sucked the cupful of pre-cum into his own mouth, then shared it with Bobby until he chose to swallow it.

I sat back on my heels - kinda jealous at this muscle-lovers' exchange when I wanted whatever Bobby had on offer myself! I needn't have worried.

Flex-D was stroking Bobby's steel-hard and infamous thirteen inches alongside his own beer-can dick in the same hand.

"Ready to give it to him, Bobby?"

"Come here, boy - sit on this dick so these thirteen inches can fuck your pretty white ass!"

I maneuvered myself to kneel astride His Magnificence, facing that huge, horny and handsome black buck. Flex-D lubed Bobby's fuck-rod with his own pre-cum (Flex's), then guided my throbbing pucker towards the mighty head. When it made contact he stood behind me and forced me down on that towering mass of black dick. My own weight would have been enough but, combined with Flex-D's muscle power and weight, my fuck-hole was well and truly forced down till Bobby's thirteen inch dick was at least eighteen inches into me and I could feel his big nuts getting squashed by my flexed glutes.

"Get over here, Flex-lover, and see how he likes it up both ends!"

Flex stood astride me and, as Bobby started to munch on his ass, rammed his Prince Albert-crowned beer-can dick in to his mouth.

"Now you can get me hard, boyo!"

So there I was, my throat and mouth full of Flex, with his Prince Albert threatening to pulverize my uvula for ever as he throat-fucked me away, while the biggest dick I had ever encountered started to ram itself in and out of my rose-bud and fuck-chute. It didn't take me long to cum, soaking Bobby's curly haired abs with a pint or so, but it took both of them ages! Flex's beer-can was now so big and thick that there wasn't really enough space in my throat for him to enjoy fucking me that way. It was almost disappointing when he pulled out, especially as, by his grunts, I could tell Bobby was pretty darn near exploding up my ass. But Flex-D had the final say.

"Fuck this - wanna fuck him properly!"

"Help yourself!" said Bobby, thwarted and irritated. "But get on with it. You know how I hate sloppy seconds -"

"Don't worry! This guy's got it pretty well together for a white guy. Think his ass is gonna be tight enough quite some time to come!"

Bobby got off the bed and moved over to the wash-basin and mirror to clean me off him. I watched that magnificent bulk move like a great cat across the room - but Flex-D was getting impatient and he pulled me around to face him. By now he was one helluva gleaming chunk of pure, beautiful muscle. I felt my whole body pulsing to the rhythm of his dick-strokes. His pecs were huge. He lifted one arm and put it behind his head and licked and kissed his own monstrous bicep; I saw pits full of tendons connected to massive muscularity. I reached forward to grasp and stroke his wide, thick lats and leaned down so my mouth could encase the glittering Prince Albert, slimy with cum, and the mushroom head to which it was connected. I started a real milking suck going and lapped up his pre-cum with the greedy tip of my tongue.

"On your back!" Bobby spoke with such ferocity behind me and I nervously remembered just how relentless these two guys fucked their marks in their videos. Complete disregard for the victims' feelings or desires, they just fucked their way through them all like jack-hammers till they felt like cumming themselves - or not, as the feeling took them. Even with hugely magnificent Mike, Bobby had used him like an unfeeling muscle-fuck machine. I steeled myself for the onslaught.

Flex dragged my butt close to him and yanked my ankles into the air. Just to show them I was equal to all this and not some whining puppy-dog I clamped my meaty quads around his waist and raised my pelvis towards his steaming dick.

"Give it me then! Show me what you've got!"

Bobby slapped me hard across the face just as Flex rammed his fat hard cock up my ass.

"Give this piss-head what you've got, lover!" yelled Bobby. And Flex D started in on me with the proverbial high-speed jackhammer fuck he was famous for. I thought the Price A would tear my muscle-cunt to pieces, but somehow it didn't. What it did do was pummel my joy-button with every stroke, causing me to reciprocate his thrusts with thrusts of my own pelvis against him.

Bobby bent down and sealed my panting mouth with a kiss, raping my throat with his long tongue, while Flex D got his muscle-rocks off with the most powerful fuck I've ever encountered. With every thrust I felt my muscles swell and swell and I grabbed any part of Bobby's thick, hard anatomy that I could reach. At the same time as I connected with his dick, he connected with mine. The three of us, two black, one white, were entwined in impossible positions, all three of us throbbing with every thrust of Flex D's dick.

I must have cum at least twice by the time Bobby pulled me away from Flex-D who just went on jacking himself in the same manic rhythm.

"My turn now, lover! And you can join in as well when I tell you. Don't waste all that cum - I can see this boy's hungry for getting bigger and he's going to need all the DNA we can give him before this is over!"

He picked me up bodily and crushed me to his thick pecs. Our two sets of big pecs collided and competed as he embraced me with great force. We kissed and his hot muscle tongue sought out my muscle tongue, caressing it with heat. His big muscle lips sucked my tongue into his mouth where he chewed on it and I slobbered on his. I was almost overcome by the relentless onslaught, compounded by the fact that our two dicks were also banging and sliding against each other.

But then he threw me down on the bed, face down.

"My turn now! Get flat! Pull your legs together!"

I couldn't believe it - I'd never had it this way before - but now he forced his rock-hard boa-constrictor into me, up to the hilt in one powerful thrust.

"See how you like this, boy!"

And he started to fuck me with full, long, powerful fucks which got faster and faster as he got more and more excited by the squeezing of my inner muscles against his dick. As I had so often see him do on his videos, when he felt he could get in deeper he grabbed my shoulders and rode me like a horse. The thrusts were now coming sixteen to the dozen and faster than an express train. Every thrust pulverized my prostate, sending me into paroxysms of lust as I screamed at him for More! Harder! Faster! The best moments were when he pulled right out and immediately rammed right back in - all thirteen inches over and over again. I revolved my butt and pushed back against him to encourage an even deeper penetration of that huge mahogany tree trunk that was threatening to explode within me at any moment.

I could see in the mirror that Flex was now lying on top of him, dry-humping (dry? With all that pre-cum?) the canyon between his massive and sweaty glutes. The added weight made Bobby work even harder to slake his lust - and mine - furious that this white slob should be enjoying so much what he thought should be a punishing fuck.

I was in fuck-heaven, wishing it would go on for ever, but Bobby had other ideas, He suddenly shook Flex-D off his back and rolled over so that I was deeply impaled on top of him, looking up at the ceiling.

"OK, Flex-lover - time for the show down. This honky is enjoying this too much - let's give him the works!"

Flex grabbed my ankles and pulled my legs into the air. Bobby pushed his pelvis up so as not to lose an inch of penetration. I gasped as Flex used both hands to push his PA into my fuck-hole on top of Bobby's huge dick. Once it was in he compounded the invasion by thrusting that cement-hard beercan deep into my innards.

Sheeeit! How could I take this? Yet somehow I seemed to expand to greet them both. Flex placed his hands on each side of my head so that his whole huge and beautiful torso was in a straight line from head to toe. He grinned evilly at me as he started very slowly to fuck my hole alongside his lover's dick. I reached my head up to kiss him but he slapped me down. This seemed to be the signal to increase speed.

As he did so, Bobby started up as well - first they both went in the same direction like one impossibly huge dick. Then, as my own dick grew harder and longer than it had ever been at this incredible double sensation, they started to fuck in contrary motion. Now it really felt like two dicks mating in my innards. There was hardly room for either of them, but BOTH! They were so tightly compressed against each other and against my prostate that, when I started to revolve my pelvis in time with their thrusts, they both went fuck-crazy.

Both their hard brown bodies seemed to become total dicks incarnate and I felt myself to me one huge muscular fuckhole into which there seemed to be a continual emission of muscle-fuck-juice. This found its way immediately to my prostate which proceeded to soak it up, even suck it up,. The sensations inside me were beyond belief beautiful. I started to cum - Bobby seized the root of my equipment and squeezed it to stop the joy-juice running out of my dick.

Now they started to fuck in the same direction and, as they did so, I started to feel myself swelling. They fucked faster and faster and all three of us were yelling with ecstatic demands for more. I could feel veins popping out all over me: over my swelling gourd-like bis which were flexing themselves of their own accord. Over my pecs which were demanding new space between my chest and Flex-Deon's as our two pairs of pecs competed with each other and our rigid man-nips spiked away at each other's slabs of muscle.. I could see my quads and calves ballooning over my head and my whole being was ecstatically frustrated with the inability to cum while all this growth was going on.

The suddenly Bobby yelled "NOW!"

Flex-D released my dick which proceeded to erupt at exactly the same time as I felt their swollen dicks forcing huge jets into my innards. We seemed to go on cumming for ever until, finally, Bobby rolled us on to our sides and our three dicks freed themselves as we rolled,.

All three sweaty sets of muscles clamped on to each other to contain what was happening as we squirmed against our opponents. I could feel - they could feel my growth swelling between them and they tried to contain it in their monstrously wonderful embrace. Muscles slid against muscles and cocks against muscles and cocks. The incredible feeling of sharing muscle was intoxicating as we became one huge sexual entity of muscle-lust..

Finally we calmed down.

"Well, boy, you did even better than Mike!" (Now I understood that relationship!) "You need to rest awhile to let your new body settle down and assimilate our joint DNA. Flex and I, we'll go down to that pool to cool off. Don't jerk off too much or you'll get too big!"

They both got up, leaving me like a limp rag on the bed. They pulled a minimum of clothing with difficulty over their pumped-up and sweat-sheened muscles and moved towards the door. Bobby pulled out a business card and threw it at me.

"Let's do this again! Give me a call!" And, unemotionally as their fucks, they left it at that and went. I lay there, dazed. Eventually I heard a rising tide of giggles and heightened laughter coming from the pool, announcing the arrival of the two black muscle-gods below.

Suddenly I found the energy to explode from the bed to examine myself in the mirror. The sweaty monster in front of me was hardly recognizable as the buffed 30-something ex-college grad I had known half a day earlier. My musculature had erupted into some incredible hulk, covered in vascularity, steaming with sweat and cum, every muscle pumped up beyond belief. Veins snaked across the unbelievable muscles which couldn't stop themselves from flexing.

Every pose, every flex was incredibly sensual-sexual: split biceps, giant horse-shoe tris, swelling triple-slabs of pecs with inch long nips, each like a dick in itself, tight, thick eight-pack, monstrously curved sand long-ridged quads and calves. My dick was easily as big as Bobby's and I couldn't keep my hands off it. I jerked and jerked it as I looked at the beautiful monster in the mirror as if he had nothing do with the real me. But the real me it was - and still is. Surely, I thought, this dream must end, but, again and again I came and came - coating the mirror with copious cum which I needed to lick off to see myself. The more I came, the more I flexed and grew. The only thing I lacked was a huge black dick or two up my ass and down my throat.

Finally sleep claimed me and I fell back on to the sweaty, sodden sheets. I knew I would wake up from it all and it would be over. Early the next morning I did wake up, but the dream wasn't over. The man in the mirror's body had settled down, yes - it wasn't so steamily vascular as yesterday, but it was still enormous, hard cut and defined, with full muscle bellies like Flex-Deon's. He seemed to have left me those - and Bobby seemed to have left me with his huge, dark dick.

This new guy who was me couldn't wait to get back to the gym to put it all to use - one way or another! •

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