Jekyll and Hyde Redux


By Shade

Toby had no idea what he’d done.

The formula had been very specific and he laughed at himself as he looked at the concoction in front of him. It was supposed to be all-natural, but it clearly had the look of something dangerous about it: fumes seeping into the air and a foul stench.

Still it seemed to be the answer to his prayers. You see he’d found this book at an estate sale when the rare bookstore he worked for had purchased a collection. Toby had stolen it before it was inventoried. Not that anyone would have missed the beaten up book with its tattered and worn covers. The text was in Latin, so most people couldn’t have read it anyway, and it had a lot of hand-written notes on the pages substantially decreasing its value. Toby figured he was doing the bookstore a favor for taking such a worthless poor seller off their hands.

After glancing through its pages, Toby was thankful and not for the first time that he had been forced by his father to take Latin lessons in boarding school. For a dead language it was everywhere.

The thing that had made Toby so especially intrigued about the book in the first place, enough to steal it anyway, was that it purported to be an alchemist’s manual of sorts. It had formulas for all types of things, although, to Toby’s disappointment, not one to turn lead into gold. Toby was usually very practical and wouldn’t have seriously expected such a thing to work.

He was a scholar and a collector in his own right. He enjoyed books with an occult angle for their historical value: for what they said out the evolution of our society. He knew that there were alchemists’ journals out there that did indeed have such formulas – some modern forgeries, and he the idea of trying to add one to his collection. In fact his collection had already grown substantially and was made up of an assortment of old grimoires and other odds and ends he’d picked up along the way.

But this book hadn’t been relegated to his collection in the same way as the others had. Toby had thought it fascinating from the start. Unlike the grimoires, which were admired and put back on their shelves, Toby spent hours pouring over the material in the journal. He even seriously considered changing his thesis from works on gay romance in medieval love stories to this journal. Which means, as you’ve guessed, that Toby was in addition to being a well-regarded employee in a rare bookstore, also in college, specifically studying literature and ancient texts. It probably had something with those Latin lessons after all.

But his comfortable life aside, the reason we even have a story to tell is that Toby for a mild-mannered academic had been driven over the edge by jealousy.

And lust.

Well first it had been lust, but the jealousy had taken over. The object: his name was Michael. Michael had been a college student with Toby. But something had happened to Michael, something most unusual. Over the course of a semester Michael had grown from a fairly scrawny man at about one hundred forty pounds soaking wet, to a two hundred fifty pound monster. It had been a transformation that was absolutely breathtaking in its size and scope, and speed – and it had changed Michael forever. He’d dropped out of college and entered professional bodybuilding; he was nothing less than a sensation. And it didn’t seem like he was going to stop growing either.

By removing himself from contact with his college acquaintances early in his first stage of growth, Michael had ducked the glare of questions from people who would really have wondered about his transformation. The only thing that anyone in the bodybuilding community cared about was the arrival of a new celebrity on the scene.

So it began. Toby followed Michael’s transformation and career over the ensuing weeks like an addict, then from reality into to the pages of one bodybuilding magazine after another. There didn’t seem to be any Michael wasn’t in.

This was when Toby’s sexual excitement at Michael’s transformation was overcome by the jealousy. He and Michael had not been lovers in any sense of the word, but they had been sexual partners of convenience from time to time. In those days when they’d started their studies Toby’s frame and been filled with a natural wiriness that had overshadowed Michael’s slight build.

When Toby begged to be let in on the secret he’d been rebuffed by the growing Michael. Quite rightly, Toby thought, for why would any muscle god want someone like him?

He had really been starting to despair, and when he despaired Toby always turned back to the one thing that cradled and comforted him: academia. He poured his heart and soul into that journal desperately looking for a way to bring something back into his life.

It had been like someone had answered his prayers, for there in the pages before him Toby had stumbled across the formula. To be honest he wasn’t exactly sure what it did or would do. The text was a little obscure, but it seemed that it was supposed to, well that it was supposed to increase a man, to make him better. In his desperation, Toby was not as careful an academic as he usually was. He ignored the warnings scribbled on the pages. He wanted to be like Michael, to have what Michael had, and best of all to have Michael again if at all possible.

And so here there is was, Toby staring at the bubbling fluid in the beaker. Now mind you, it had taken some time, and he’d been very particular. Some of these all-natural ingredients had been hard to find, or make. For example he could only use water that had been salted and left out overnight for three consecutive full moons. Toby figured it was probably just the flowery language of the original author, but he didn’t want to take any chances. He was hoping against hope that this would work, while the rational part of his mind still functioning told him it ludicrous. As ludicrous as what happened to Michael, he asked himself? Something he’d asked himself not for the first time.

What the fuck, he thought, picking up the beaker and its contents; it’s now or never.

He took the repulsive mixture and downed it in one terrible long swallow.

At first he felt nothing, but as the gunk congealed within his stomach, Toby grew at first scared and then sick to his stomach. He double over in pain as he was suddenly filled with the most agonizing cramps imaginable. His rational mind though he should get to a phone, but the only thing he could really think of was Michael: his handsome face, the way his biceps bunched into small boulder when he flexed them. Thinking he could stand no more Toby ran to the bathroom and puked and puked until at last his queasy stomach felt empty. The dark murky mixture had come out with all the rest of the contents of his dinner and Toby wondered if maybe he should have tried the formula on an empty stomach.

Happy to still be alive he bent his head over the bathroom sink to get a long cool drink of water from the tap. When he looked back up at himself in the mirror though he realized there was something different about his eyes. His eyes were normally hazel green, but the eyes staring back at him were the bluest eyes he’d every seen. Something else was wrong too. Something was wrong with his face, he was sure of it. It was his face wasn’t it? And yet it seemed so familiar. With each passing second he was sure it was someone else’s face though, but this felt normal to him. His dishwater blond hair was clearly becoming a vibrant honey blond. His skin had the glow of health, and a tan. A tan? He was usually white as a sheet, wasn’t he?

Then the tingle began.

He looked down at his thin frame and his thin arms and legs, but in that moment a warm feeling spread from the center of his once queasy stomach and spread throughout the rest of his body. Then he could feel the beginnings of the change he hoped for as strength and virility filled his body.

His shoulders began broadening, slowly at first but then he felt the snugness of the fabric of his shirt. Toby tried to unbutton the shirt, which was now far too tight across his broadening chest. In seconds he realized it was not just his shoulders growing larger, his chest and pecs had begun to expand underneath the clothes. He fingers fumbled unsteady, but the pecs grew too fast and buttons began flying off across the bathroom. He tore the scraps away from his body in time to see the new muscles of his upper body rip through the material of his cotton undershirt as well.

The wild growth continued unabated. His once flat chest expanded outwards before his eyes. He brought his hands up to feel his burgeoning pecs and was awestruck to see that his forearms had widened as well. Following his arms up past his elbows he could see that his biceps were also growing, already they’d ripped through the sleeves of his undershirt, but now they bunched and swelled even more, every time he moved his arms. Like Michael’s, he thought.

Looking down at his once gaunt torso he was astounded to see that it was now twice as big as it had been and still growing. One look in the mirror confirmed his neck was developing too, no longer a thin shaft connecting his head to his shoulders but a thickening column of muscle. His shoulders seemed to be growing ever wider, while his deltoids were becoming developed and rounded. His biceps and triceps were rippling with newfound power.

Toby couldn’t help himself – didn’t want to help himself. The power coursing through his veins was too much to bear and he had to flex. When he brought his arms up to flex them in a double biceps pose they looked bigger already than the arms of the biggest of the football player jocks he knew and occasionally gave blowjobs too. They were a bodybuilder’s biceps certainly, maybe even more.

His pecs looked like slabs of growing meat under his skin with an ever enlarging valley appearing between them. His back was growing noticeably wider and his triceps felt the unfamiliar thrust of his lats forcing his arms out from the side of his body. His waist seemed to be the only part of his body that was not broadening but his stomach muscles were rolling and bunching under his skin, developing to an extent he never dreamed possible.

With his attention centered on his rapidly expanding upper body it was a shock when he glanced lower in the mirror and saw that the legs of his pants were now filled to bursting with massive, new thighs. With a start Toby realized he was now growing upwards too because the pants were no longer down around his ankles, and they cut into his ripped quadriceps further up his legs. Even as he watched he realized they were becoming uncomfortably tight – and then they too ripped to shreds around his legs, leaving only tatters hanging around his waist.

With newfound strength Toby broke his belt buckle and tore off his belt to relieve the pressure caused by the growing muscles of his thighs and stomach. He ripped away the remains of the pants. He was now clad only in too tight jockey shorts.

The powerhouse legs, from the thickening quads and hamstrings down to Toby’s calves which for the first time in his adult life were really discernible, jutted out of the back of his lower legs. The growth on Toby didn’t seem to be stopping and although Toby would have been happy to look over Jack’s new torso and legs, the growing bulge in his underwear now caught his attention.

Toby could feel his ass expand and grow more powerful to support the weight of his upper body. Looking in the mirror he could see it was becoming perfect. It became higher, tighter and rounder.

Looking down he saw the crotch too was growing obscenely huge.

Aware of discomfort he tried to peel off the jockey’s only to have the waistband and the backs rip off when he tried to get them down around his legs.

Now that he was naked, Toby saw that the muscle growth had been reflected in the size of his cock and balls that were so much thicker, longer and hung lower than he had ever dreamed possible. Involuntarily he hefted them with his hands, amazed at their new weight and size.

The growth continued for perhaps another half minute or so and then without warning suddenly stopped. Toby stood naked alone and in his bathroom, running his hands over his bulging chest and rock hard arms, reveling in the washboard feel of his abs. With a shudder, his dick began to expand and with an audible gasp he grabbed it with his hands as it rose and began to point skyward. He couldn’t believe that he could fit both hands on the shaft and still see the shiny, purple head beyond his grasp.

It was just too fucking much to take in, he thought.

Then with a shout of pleasure and pain, he began to flex. He couldn’t help himself; he had to work these mounds of muscle, letting the last of the formula work its way through his bloodstream. Dumbfounded before, he suddenly felt the tingle again and watched himself undergo a second wave of growth, his muscles expanding again before his eyes making him even more massive than he had been before.

His torso was expanded in all directions, growing wider as his shoulders and lats added inch after inch of muscle, and growing thicker as his already huge pecs expanded outwards while with the slabs of muscle on his upper back grew the opposite direction. His biceps and triceps strained against the his skin, looking flexed even though his arms were hanging down to his sides to the extent his increasing lats would allow. His immense thighs were thickening, adding more and more beef, forcing him to change his stance so as to make room for the increased mass of his legs. His calves were growing also, their diamond heads getting wider and thicker with each second. Only his waist seemed unchanged though his abdominal muscles were becoming ever more packed, cut and defined. All over, his body seemed to be expanding outwards, adding pound after pound of muscle mass.

Then it was done.

Toby felt absolutely terrific. He’d never felt so alive, so perfect. He looked in the mirror and thought that Michael should be so lucky. He, Toby, was a god now too. More so even. He was more than little old Toby – he was someone new.

He stroked his erection and knew then what he wanted. The only thing he wanted. And thinking of the college only minutes away, he knew where he could get it. He knew the muscle monsters that frequented the gym there at this time of the evening. He’d been there many times before, sneaking a peak at them unawares.

He stood on his bathroom scale to see how much he’d grown. Instantly the needle went to three hundred pounds and strained to go beyond. Then suddenly he heard it make a dreadful noise as his weight crushed the life out of the machine. Well that was okay, he thought, it didn’t matter. He was sure he could get proper measurements at the gym.

What to wear, he thought, examining Toby’s wardrobe?

“That’s right,” he said aloud, “This is his wardrobe, not mine. I need clothes that’ll fit a real man.”

The only thing that worked for him was a pair of Toby’s biggest and baggiest sweatpants and even they were too small for his quads. Oh, well – who gives a fuck? He could always get new clothes later. Now he needed just needed to cum.

“Party time,” he said, as he headed out the door. •

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