Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

While Dan went to find some clothes, I decided to take some time to look at myself and this new body a little more closely.

I padded into his bathroom, turning on the light.

Wow, what a shock it is, even after a few hours, to see this other person staring back at me in the glass. Dan helped me trim the beard, which I guess had gotten shaggy from all this hair growth; my hair is now down to my shoulders, and the salt-and-pepper look that I'd noticed on Dan this morning (wow, was it only this morning?) had faded to a silky dark brown. The brilliant green eyes meeting my gaze flashed at me from dark and expressive brows, and there were angles in these cheekbones now that weren't there before. I already needed to shave again, and there was thick hair growing on my arms, spreading down even to the backs of my hands and fingers.

My dick was hard again, thumping away proudly in these tight jeans, and it was tough to keep my hands off it as I turned, admiring the rich carpet of fur that now covered my chest and spread sexily down my flattened belly. Turning around all the way, I could see the tight mounds of my ass, just above those really nice legs. Heh, I thought to myself, those were pretty great to begin with. Just for fun, I arched onto my tip toes, watching the hard diamonds of my calf muscles rise and fall even through the jeans.

Jesus, I was so turned on, and I could hear Dan still trying to find something to wear in the other room. Knowing he was wearing my own body, swollen with more muscle than I even dreamed of having, just made me hotter than ever. These jeans Dan let me put on were a little snug at first; now, I could pull them away from my waist easily.

The thought of this made me try it out, and without thinking I totally stripped again, my hands grabbing my dick and stroking it, my mind racing to find the feeling of Dan's huge cock, what had been my body, inside me. I needed it so bad!

I was struck out of my reverie by Dan's loud knock on the bathroom door.

"Get your sweet ass outta that bathroom, Chad!" he yelled. "We gotta motor."

I jumped back into my clothes as fast as I could, and managed to study a cute crooked smile for Chad... I mean, Dan... as I opened the door to find his magnificent bod just barely contained in some goofy sweats.

I didn't know what would happen next, but I was definitely in for the ride. •

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