Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

I pulled up into the drive of Dan's apartment, and it was taking every ounce of my willpower to keep my paws off my dick as I stopped my car behind his, taking a minute to collect myself.

What had I been doing? I was driving to... somebody's house... couldn't quite remember. All I knew was that I needed to get to Dan as soon as possible. Must be that sexy voice of his or something, but I couldn't get this guy out of my mind. And I didn't remember getting his address from the gym, but I sure as shit knew where I was going, like a homing beacon or something. I knew this was his apartment building, and I knew which unit was his. And I needed to get in there right now.

I powered my quads up the stairs, enjoying the feeling of my tight leg muscles lifting me towards my target, until I was on the floor where Dan's apartment was. I strode to the door, and I only thought about knocking for a second, then just shoved the door open. Damn, it was like I could find this guy by smell or something. Even with a blindfold on, I coulda told ya exactly where he was in the room, his desire coming off him in sensual waves that made me dizzy.

He was looking even hotter than I'd remembered from only a couple hours earlier. I remembered Dan having more of a gut, some flab on his pecs, and definitely not this much hair. Seeing him there, naked and waiting for me, I remembered again how much affection I was startin' to feel for the guy, and as he led me into his room, his naked ass seemed to have a hypnotic effect on me. There was a sexy sprinkling of dark hair over his cheeks, running up to a sensual spot just above the cleft in his ass, and his back almost was tapering up in a slight v-shape that I knew he hadn't had that morning.

Coupled with the sensuous feeling of my own legs moving around each other as I followed him into the living area of the apartment, I had to move my hard dick around in my shorts just to keep walking.

He turned around to make sure I was still there, and I caught a flash from his green eyes and that sweet smile.

I could tell right away that his gut had shrunk, his pecs were tighter, and his arms even seemed to have a pump to them I knew wasn't there before. His hair was longer, too, hanging into his face, still framed by that sexy beard.

He must've noticed my recent, um, growth spurt, too, as his jaw dropped.

"Damn, Chad," he drawled. "You're bigger."

I didn't say anything to that, I just stretched my arms over my head, feeling the fabric of my shirt making its best effort to keep up with me. I strode heavily over to Dan and pulled him to me, feeling the heat of his hard dick rubbing against my monstrous thigh muscles, almost painfully being constrained by my tight workout gear.

I shoved my tongue into his waiting mouth. I kissed him rough and hard, using my swelling guns to lift him off the ground as I did. I don't know if it was his newly-decreased weight or my enhanced strength, but lifting him was easy, and I pulled him into a tight embrace before tossing him, panting, onto the couch.

"Get me out of these clothes, Dan."

I only had to say it once, and he was at my feet, helping me free myself from the constrictive confines of my shorts, and then my jock, which ripped to pieces as I tried pulling it over my mountainous thighs. The hard diamonds of my calf muscles tightened as I shoved my pelvis forward, slapping Dan in the face with my swinging cock. He looked at me, pleading, as he took the plum-sized head into his mouth with one swift motion, and I felt my toes curl a little at the pleasure of the feeling.

"Fuck man," I growled at him. "I still got this shirt on."

Almost with a hurt expression, he pulled his mouth from my stiffening rod to stand up. I let him do all the work as he struggled with getting the tight T-shirt up and over my lats, which, not even flexed, were pushing my arms away from my side. I heard him gasp when he saw my hard hairy pecs heaving with my every breath. My neck was thicker, too, I could tell, since my collar was cutting into it. I bent down so he could help me off with it.

When he finally had it off, Dan just stood there in awe as I started going through poses. I flexed my thighs and felt that amazing thrum of power going through them, Dan kissing my calf muscles as I tightened them, getting off on the feeling of his silken beard against the mostly-smooth skin of my legs. He worked his tongue up the cleft between striations of my left quad, and I guided him up to my abs, enjoying the feeling of him moving over each hard shelf as he kissed his way up the rock-hard brickwork there to my waiting chest. I pushed my arms out past him, letting him get into the ravine that formed between my pecs, watching in awe as he traced the deep crevice there with his index finger. I felt my own prick rubbing against the soft fur covering his groin as he stretched onto his toes to kiss the underside of my smooth chin, feeling his hands gingerly exploring the size of my biceps, down to my thick wrists. I curled my fingers, and Dan shuddered at the feeling of my forearm muscles bunching and releasing with the slight movement.

"Now," I told him, as I pulled Dan close again, "let's have some fun with this body."

I tackled Dan and pulled him to the floor, enjoying the feeling of his not-so-flabby body pressed between me and the rough carpeting. I was quickly losing it.

I devoured his mouth, his lips caressing mine in response, working up into a frenzy from the taste of each other in our mouths, our tongues doing what the rest of our bodies would soon be doing, as Dan continued to explore my body with his hairy hands, reading me like I was written in Braille. When we pulled our mouths away from each other, mine raw from the delicious rug burn of his beard, I turned away and let him admire my back, flexing my lats, which made me feel as wide as a plane.

Dan took my lead, and started kissing me, softly and reverently, down my spine, slowly, until he reached my hot bubble butt. He tongued into my crack, and I flexed, frustrating him as he ached to get into my hot pink hole.

I got up onto my knees, and felt him sink down, still trying to get into me, while his warm hands reached around and felt my balls, hanging halfway down my leg and swollen to the size of tangerines. I let out a low, guttural moan, and, with one arm, reached around and pulled him closer.

"Yeah, Dan," I purred. "That's what I've been waiting for!"

He groaned his assent, and I had to exert a little effort to pull him away and up to my face, kissing him long and deep, the soft fur of his beard not even tickling my face anymore. I opened one eye and saw that it had gotten thicker and lost most of its gray, but his face itself seemed less rounded.

I picked him up like he was a kid, holding him in my arms as I crossed the room to the bed. I tossed him onto the rumpled sheets, and he slid across the bed, making room for me to drop down beside him, my weight making the springs protest loudly. I wanted to run for a scale, I knew I was heavier than I'd been even minutes before, but I wasn't gonna leave Dan here.

Any thoughts about myself were easily broken, though. Dan had turned his attention back to me, and positioned his head toward my feet so he could use those thick fingers of his to stroke the light covering of blond fuzz on my thighs, and easing his head closer and closer to my prick, now aching so hard for release that it was a hunger in and of itself.

He hungrily went for my cock, unable to take the entire length at once, but running his long hot tongue around the base of the mushroom head before taking as much as he could down his hot inviting throat, easily swallowing at least eight inches of me.

I found myself facing Dan's own dick, arching painfully away from his less-rounded belly, and I couldn't resist my own urge to get some of that.

I'm not much of a cocksucker, usually, but just the wave of eroticism I got from looking at what had to be a good nine inches of meat in my face, I didn't need to think twice. I tried to match what Dan was doing to my cock, and the feeling was incredible... like we were a machine, taking and giving at the same time.

I felt my balls tense up, knowing I was gonna cum, and I could see Dan's churning balls starting to expand. I felt Dan's hands on my ass, kneading the muscle as he managed to work one, two, then three of his hairy digits into my eager hole, and my pleasure center exploded, and I felt myself suddenly taking Dan's dick all the way into my mouth, the thick mat of his pubes against my lips as his entire length and thickness slid down my throat. I inhaled, his deep musk more intoxicating than anything I'd ever experienced, and I shoved my groin forward, feeling the impossible happen as my entire throbbing member invaded Dan's gulping mouth, his throat opening up to accept me.

Suddenly, I could feel what he was feeling, smell my own scent in his nostrils, as we both pumped our huge dicks into each other, managing to breathe and keep going at the same time. We didn't stop, and I found myself bucking with orgasm, Dan doing the same. I tried to swallow as much of his salty sweetness as I could; at the same time, feeling the most intense orgasm I've ever had, shooting into Dan's gulping mouth.

I sucked as much of the cream as I could from Dan's hard member, relishing the taste of him in my mouth, before pulling myself away from his groin to hold him in a tight embrace, running my fingers through his hair, long and dark and thick, reaching to his shoulders without a trace of the gray that had peppered it when we met. Whatever was happening to us was happening faster. Our eyes met, and there seemed to be a quick flash of pain that we both experienced, and--- damn it!

It happened again! What the fuck was going on here?

I met Chad's confused eyes gazing back at mine through my old face. Or rather, what had been my old face, which now looked a few years younger. What had been a short beard was now grown out, and more full than I had ever been able to grow it. My once-scrawny arms were bulging with muscle, not as much as Chad's, but more like a gymnast's, my chest defined and tapering down to a flatter, fur-covered stomach. And my dick had been a stretch to reach 7 inches, not the monster that sprouted from the forest of dark pubic hair on that groin.

I didn't need to look to find out that the body I was now in, formerly Chad's, was changing rapidly, too. I could feel my fingers stretching further from my hands, and the easily-carried but definitely added weight on my arms and legs, feeling like these muscles were fully flexed even when I was relaxed. My torso felt like it was just as wide as it was high, my shoulders spreading widely from my narrow waist and high, tight ass like a pair of eagle's wings. The power from just inhaling was intoxicating enough. I knew I had to keep control over this, though.

"Chad?" I asked him. "You remember?"

He looked at me a moment before reaching out to stroke my cheek, and I felt the stubble of more new hair growing out of the back of his hand.

"I remember," he said, thoughtfully. "I'm starting not to mind too much, though. I know I should be royally pissed off at this, but somehow it seems okay to me."

He put his paw into my lap, stroking my dick, and quickly getting it to rise to attention again. I felt the rising haze of my libido, and pulled away from him, gently.

"I gotta figure out if this is okay, first, Chad." I tried to pull on my shorts, but there was no way they were going back over my thighs. Chad watched, smirking, from the floor. "Before another wave of... whatever... comes over us again."

"Can I come too?" he asked.

"As long as we can keep our hands off each other," I ordered. This wasn't my personality, to be so domineering, and I was pretty damn sure his wasn't normally this submissive. The thought of Dan-- Chad, dammit, Chad--- as belonging to me made my dick ache, so I pushed that to the back of my mind and started to look for some clothes that would fit me. •

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