Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

"Hey, you guys," Toby said, stroking his already oversized dick with one hand, feeling his fuzzy abs and chest with the other, lying on the carpet, propped against a chair, watching the muscular model on the TV do the same thing, "don't you think he'd look so hot if he had hair on him?"

"Yeah he would," Jackie answered. His own almost black body hair had thickened in the past few days, still short enough to show each muscular cut and vein, but heavy enough to perfectly decorate his quickly growing musculature. "Weird, huh? I used to always think when I got really buff from weightlifting, I'd shave any hair I got, like most muscle guys do. Now I think it's just totally hot, like, so masculine." He paused, feeling his newly muscled up, hirsute torso with both hands. "I am so totally fucking queer, you guys. I just think dudes are the best, man, hairy, muscular, big cock, balls, the whole thing, man. I'm lovin' this. I can't wait for another shot, man. I wish every guy would do it. Look at you, little dude. Only thirteen and you're already a hairy muscle guy, like a real junior bodybuilder, man, and hung like a horse. I can't believe how much hair you got already, bro. Looking really good."

"Yeah, fuckin' rub it in, assholes." Jace was stroking and flipping his huge cock, rubbing his abs, fingering the thin trail that ran from about three inches above his navel down to his pubes. "Both you guys are getting all the hair, even the kid, man, and I barely got any yet."

"Yeah, I know, that is funny," Toby said, looking back over his shoulder at his two older brothers on the sofa. "Cory says I just must have real hairy genes, like Jackie. But he says you'll get it, too."

"And besides, dude," Jackie looked over at Jace, who was flopping his cock so it slapped his thigh and then his belly, back and forth, obviously lost in his enjoyment of its size and weight, "look at your fuckin' cock. If we got hair genes, you got the dick genes. How big it that thing, now?"


"Shit, man. See. I'm just barely eleven. Even the little shit has ten. If anyone should complain, it's me, man. Fuck your hair, look at your dick, man. That's so hot. Not just that it's twelve inches, man, but it's so fuckin' thick. It's as thick as my wrist. It must weigh five pounds. And your fuckin' nuts are huge, too. Your starting to get a bulge like Cory's, man, just sticking out all over the place man."

"Yeah," Jace said, refocusing on his meat, rather than his scanty body hair, "it is pretty hot, huh. It feels amazing. My wrist is barely eight inches around, and my cock is eight and a half already."

"So what would you rather have, man? That monster package or my hair?" Jackie stroked his shiny, silky, midnight brown swirls of fur.

"I want it all, man. Like Cory. Like those guys at the center."

"Yeah, same here. I can't fucking wait for the next shot."

"You already said that, Jack-o."

"I know. Oh, man, it just makes me feel so hot."

"You are SO queer, bro. Total big fuckin' fag! Look at you, man, feelin' up your hairy muscle bod, man, and droolin' over my huge meat," Jace teased, making his rigid rod stand straight up and wiggling it back and forth. "Fuck, man. I am gettin' huge. Today at school, everyone was looking at how much my stuff sticks out, man, telling me, dude, that bulge, you're getting so big. And everytime anyone said something, or even just stared at my bulge, man, or even my muscles, I'd start to bone up. They'd be all teasin' me and shit, about boning right there, and I wouldn't even care, man. It's like, since everyone knows, I don't have to care. I just let my dick get hard and stick out, and it felt so totally cool."

"And you call me queer, you big homo. You're so into dick, dude, it's pathetic. And if you're not a big fag, how come you're whining all the time about not getting all this hot lookin' hair on your body, man? Huh?" Jackie rubbed the soft dark hair on his chest, taunting Jace. "It really is so fuckin' hot, bro. Bones me every time I see myself in the mirror. Too bad you hardly got any yet. But then, only some total fag would be so into guys bein' all hairy."

"I like it, too." Toby piped up. He was still stroking his ten with his right hand while his left felt his muscular pecs, totally covered with fine, brown fur. "The other kids at school keep saying I'm looking like a high school guy, even a college guy, but I'm already bigger and stuff. They keep wanting me to show them. Mr. Brown told everyone not to make a big deal about how I was changing, or the other kids that are in the program, either. I think Mr. Brown is doing it, too. He's getting real muscular. But I still took my shirt off so they could see, and they were all, like, whoa, dude, look at you."

"What do you like best, little dude," Jackie asked, "getting all hairy so young, or getting such a big dick and balls, or getting all the muscle?"

"Hey, Jackie," Jace admonished. He didn't have to say any more. Both he and Jackie had been told not to get into real sexual stuff with Toby, that he was just too young.

"What? I'm just asking. Hell, man, the little shit is just lying there jackin' his big dick right in front of us, feelin' up his hairy muscle. It's not like there's anything secret, here."

"Yeah," Toby said, "You guys all act like I'm still a little kid." His voice had the mid-range unreliability of post-pubescence, reaching for its new, deeper pitch.

"You are," Jace said. Then, with a slightly wicked wink at Jackie, added, "Just a very hunky kid."

"I think I like the muscles the best," Toby said. "I love how it makes me feel, looking all muscular. I like that on you guys, too. But I like the other stuff, too. It's really cool to be getting hairy. It makes me feel really cool seeing more on me all the time, and having to shave and still having a shadow, growin' 'burns, all that. Hey, so, whats wrong with being a fag, anyway? Mr. Brown said all the guys in the program are becoming gay, and all the girls are, too, and that it's okay, it's all part of the program. So what's wrong with being a big gay guy? It makes me feel good to think about guys, I mean their muscles, and their big dicks getting bigger and all. I don't even care about girls. I just like guys, but big guys, muscle guys, hairy guys, guys with big huge dicks and balls and stuff. I can't wait to get like that."

"Well, doesn't look like you're gonna have to wait long," Jackie said, his breathing getting a little more ragged as he lovingly worked over his furry, thick, muscles and brushed the heavy log projecting from his hairy groin across the hair on his hard abs or down against the hair of his upper thighs, the friction of letting it brush across his hair bringing him rising waves of erotic pleasure.

"How many times a day do you make yourself cum, little dude?" Jackie pushed the conversation.

Jace reached over and pounded Jackie's arm, but Jackie ignored him.

"I don't know. A couple in the morning, then I have to go to the bathroom maybe three or four times at school, and then you guys know how much we all do at home. Maybe ten, twelve."

"Bet you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror," Jackie teased.

"Yeah. I love to look at myself. It feels so funny, all this stuff. I mean, it feels really cool, but it's so weird, to be so much taller so fast, and gettin', well, you know. I mean, my dick is getting so big so fast, and my balls, and all the hair all over me. A couple times just looking at myself, how I'm getting made me shoot, without even jackin' or anything. Once, in school, I was just sitting there, not even really thinkin', just feeling inside my shirt, the hair in there, on my stomach, and how hard my abs felt, and how I was bulgin' in my pants, and I almost shot in my pants, I swear."

"Welcome to the club, Tobe," Jackie said, stroking his own hairy, cobbled stomach. "This stuff just makes you into a total horndog. Seems like you just gotta cum all the time, and everything makes you turned on, at least everything about what it makes your body do, how it changes you. It just feels so hot. Right, Jace?"

Jace was still preoccupied with flopping his big, stone hard rod, just feeling its size and weight slapping against his leg or belly, not even stroking it.

"Dude," Jackie said, "do you love how huge your cock is getting, or what, man? You're so into it!"

"I would be, too," Toby said, getting up, now, to look at the huge cock on his big brother. "It is getting huge. It looks so cool, how it makes such a big bulge in the front of your pants, now. I mean, everyone can see it all the time. Almost like Cory. I can't wait till I get like that."

"Dude, you're getting there pretty fast. Look at you. Thirteen year old kid, man, with muscles like that, and all hairy, and a package most guys would kill for."

"Yeah? You really think so?" Toby beamed with pride and struck a double bi pose. His cock was so hard it stood almost against his belly, and strings of slippery precum dangled from it and fell against the large full sac that hung heavily beneath it, surrounded by dark, soft, silky hair.

"Oh yeah, little dude. It's really hard to remember that you're so young. You're getting very sexy, my man."

"Jesus, Jackie," Jace teased and scolded at the same time, "you are some kinda total fag, man. That's our kid brother, dude."

"Yeah, the same kinda fag you are, duuuude."

"Am I a fag, too, you guys?" Toby asked, as if he were asking if he was part of some highly exclusive and desirable club.

The other two both laughed.

"Well, little dude, I think it's part of the program, but let's see." Jace pretended to be very serious. "Would you rather be alone with Britney or Justin naked?"


"Not much hesitation, there."

"When you're at school, do you get a boner over the girls' tits? Or over thinking about guys, about big cock and muscles?"

"I think about that all the time."

"What do you think, Jackie? Is the little dude a fag?"

"Oh, I'd say that's a definite yes."

"Cool," Toby said, flexing his arms, not the least inhibited about the oversized boner he sported in front of them that was jerking with the quick, involuntary but welcome spasms that lead to the realease of orgasm, "'cause I love all this. All the cool guys are turning into big fags, I think. Like you guys. I love that we can get naked and jack off and stuff, and just get off on muscle guys and getting such big dicks and all. I love how Cory looks, and you guys are getting like that, too, with bulges just stickin' out and all muscular and everything, whatever you wear, wherever you go, like it's just how it is, you know. Like at school, I love how the kids look at me since I'm startin' to bulge out, too, and get tall, and get hair and muscles," as he blurted his increasing excitement, his hands were all over his body, feeling exactly what was exciting him so much, "and just, like, being so into it, you know, like you guys, just feeling your muscles, and floppin' around your big dicks. Oh, man," his own cock was jerking harder and his hips begans to clench on their own, thrusting his hairy groin forward, "it's just so cool, all getting big and just all total, cool fags together. Ah, man, you guys. You like looking at how I'm getting, too, don't ya? Oh, jeez, I'm gonna cum. I can't help it. Oh, man, oh, oh, oh, I just love cumming, man, it feels sooo good. Oh, yeah."

Jace threw a towel to Toby as he started to spurt. "Catch it in this, little dude. Or should I say, little fag boy. Yeah, definitely. Shoot it, baby, 'cause you gots to go to bed when you're done."

Toby caught most of the cum and wiped up with the towel, when he finally finished his very vocal ejaculation. "I'm gonna have to take a shower before I go to bed. Okay?"

"You mean you want to go jack that big hose in front of the mirror so you can gloat over that hairy muscle bod some more, don't you? Sure, go on. Just close the door, and make sure you get to bed like Cory said."

"I will."

The two older brothers watched him leave the room. When he was gone, Jace turned to Jackie.

"The little fuck even has hot fur on his perfect muscle butt. Like you. I could hate both you dudes."

"Oh, fuck you, man. I'd give you this trail," he ran a finger down the thick rivulet of hair that bisected his torso from pecs to pubs, "if I could have those couple extra inches you got there in your hand, man. Your fucking cock is getting almost as big and hot as Cory's."

"Yeah, I know. It is fuckin' hot, isn't it? And it just keeps getting bigger. So fuckin' thick and heavy, man. I just gotta keep floppin' it around so I can believe it's me, man. My dick. My big, thick, fat, huge, long, heavy meat, man. My fuckin' bulgin' meat. And I look at Cory and think about being like him, man, and he just keeps getting more huge. Dude, this whole thing is so totally amazing. I think we'll both get what we want before it's done, don't you? Look at you, bro."

"Yeah, I know. I do, all the time. So do the guys as school. Shit, I just love teasin', letting myself get kinda boned in the showers. Everyone talks about, too. I love that. Just like Toby was saying. That it's like right out there now, that we're all doin' it, even the other guys at school, and teachers and shit."

"Yeah, that is great. Pretty soon, there's gonna be dudes just suckin' cock in the locker room, once there's so many guys like us, wearing spandex because they're all too big for anything else, just showing it all like that's how guys are, now, man."

"Fuck, Jace. That's so hot."

"Yeah. Shit man, come over here. I want to feel that hair, man, all over those beautiful muscles. I want to feel that muscle butt slide down this huge cock, man. I love that whatever the shit is they're giving us, it makes us able to take these huge cocks, man."

Jackie stood up, straddled Jace's legs, positioning himself to do exactly what Jace had just suggested. Jace held his cock up with one hand, while, with the other, he reached up and rubbed up Jackie's trail, pushing hard with the heel of his hand until it stopped at the thick curve of Jackie's heavy, hairy pec, closed over it, gripped it hard, rubbed roughly across the hard nipple that protruded through the hair, then slapped the solid mass.

"Fuckin' beautiful, bro."

"God, Jace. You are so fuckin' hot, man. Total bodybuilder, man, with a horse cock. And so fucking, fucking handsome, man. Jesus, I could be totally in love with your ass, man."

"Yeah. Oh, yeah, Jackie, slide down on it. Oh, fuck, yeah, man. Dude, you're the handsome one, man. Oh, yeah, take all my huge meat, man. This has got to be the ultimate brotherly love, man. You and Cory."

"Fuck Cory right now, Jace." Jackie leaned into Jace's face, took his head in his hands, and planted his mouth on top of his brother's. Jace opened his mouth to take take Jackie's tongue, and, at the same time, pushed his hips upward, driving himself as deep as he could into his brother.

Then Jace pulled his face back. "No, man. I'd rather fuck you, man, big, fuckin', hot hairy muscle boy."

"Yeah, bro. Fuck me hard, man. I want to imagine how it's gonna be after another shot."

"Oh, Jesus, man. Gonna be so fuckin' hot. We are gonna have to go to that campus or whatever, man. I won't be able to stop, man. Be just too turned on all the time. Oh, god, man. Jackie, dude, you're the bomb."

"No, man. You. Flex those twenties for me, muscle dude. Aww yeah, man. Go deep, man. Do me, man, ream me, you musclebound fuck."

Jace lifted Jackie with each thrust as he rougly grabbed and slapped the young teen's big hairy pecs, and Jackie gripped Jace's left arm, clawing at the thick veiny muscle while he stroked his throbbing cock over the rippling abs of his musclebound jock brother, both going at it hard but slow, wanting it as intense as they could get it but making it last, letting the feelings, the sensations grow, just as they were growing, together, changing into something past imagining, thrust forward with a relentless, erotic, transforming power that urged them, drove them, hard and deep. •

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