We Love Muscle


By Freaker

To sleep! Perchance to dream? And did I dream! And it was so real.

I dreampt I was facing a squat rack with an Olympic Bar fully stacked with 50kg (110 lb) plates and only just enough room for the locking pins. Then I looked at Mike to say 'what the hell' and all I saw was Muscle! He had transformed and was so huge his shoulders were easily twice as wide as I remembered. They seemed at least 4 feet across and those Pecs were awesomely huge and inviting to touch!!! "Fuck" I exclaimed cos they were simply enormous and covered in veins!

But he just stood there, smirking with an incredible HARD-ON looking like a piece of glistening steel. I tried to grip it with both hands and shake it to prove it wasn't solid steel. Bu I couldn't. I let go and he was slowly oozing precum that soon proved too tempting for him with a Dick Head almost reaching his Pecs!! Then, just as a large drop of his PreCum was about to drip his head darted forward in synch with a quick flex of his Prick and it was gathered up by his lips as quickly and completely as a blink of an eye. Then, just as quick he embraced me!

He embracing me hard he sucked my tongue. It want right down passed his tonsils as he pressed my torso into his massive Pecs and it felt enormously sexy. It was like being embraced by a mattress of muscle covered in rippling lumps that I quickly realised were the striations and his 3 banded Pectorals forming his lower, middle and upper Pecs and he'd already impregnated me with a huge horse like Dick and my legs were wrapped tightly around his extraordinarily narrow, yet hard as steel sexy waistline.

The Olympic Bar then came down between us and we stopped kissing for just a moment so he could place it across the middle of his huge Upper Pecs. But his Pecs were now so massive and so powerful they could easily reached the soft dimples on his heman chin. And with those lips of his, God! Those full firm masculine lips that begged me to do something straight away, we resumed kissing!!

While out the corners of my eyes I spied 2 opposing bands of bulging Upper Pec muscle! They were so solid. So powerful for the task of supporting a fully loaded, 38mm thick Olympic bar (made of high tensile steel) that only 20mm of the steel bar had actually sank into Mike's incredibly powerful Pecs.

Then I felt myself rising and falling with the sounds of metal plate jangling about and his Cock felt hotter up my rectum than my rectum! The barbell plates jangled and they made their loudest clangings when he roared up and contracted his uge thick interwoven cords of Thigh muscles. They contracted to their max and we literally flew up and the momentum in the fully loaded barbell made the bar Flex up and down several inches making the barbell vibrate vigorously and threatened to bend it! Then up and down we went and Mike was sucking my tongue again and when the bar reached the top and his thighs were fully contracted he'd shoot three successive globulous loads of his hot MuscleMan Cum hard into the centre of my being!!!!

There seemed to be no limit to his power as our bodies were pressed hard together and the capacity of his magnificent thighs seemed to be without limit. Just like the reservoirs of sperm and seminal fluid inside his huge hard muscular body! Then, after countless squats and upwards thrusts of that Olympic bar that always semed about to snap in half, his exceedingly thick hot cum not only filled me, it started to push its delicious way into my rectum, through my intestines to fill my stomack and finally Cum welled up passed my asophagus and slipped into our co-joined tongues! Then we mastictated it around using our tongues like a kitchen blender. Then Mike proved he could swallow just as fast as he could pump my arse with his endlesssupply of juice! Some escaped passed my sphincters but I had a vice like grip around his 7" circumferance Cock.

As we wrestled with our tongues we only proved we were very evenly matched in that department and there could be no looser, just 2 winners and it ending in so much laughting we started spilling the precious cream filling over Mikes Chest. Then Mike suddenly squatted down and stayed there with his Chest puffed out with a huge 'whoosh" of air taken in through prime pursed lips and I was tempted to plug them with my tongue. But then Mike did a sudden double biceps pose and manouvered his pendulous triceps over the Olympic bar somehow! Then he enveloped my head between his 2 massive upper arms - mostly his Biceps and kissed me! Again it was a strong passionate kiss and he was again squatting. Rising and falling with who knows how many thousands of pounds on the Bar set between us and almost touching our chins and he kept it up for several more minutes and each time he reached the top he'd swallow some of his Cum! Then go "Baah" to breath right out followed immediately by taking in a huge lung full of air with a "Wwwwwhhhhhhhhh" sound. Eventually, cos I lost count, he actually stopped cumming cos there were no hot surges entering my butt but he did not, I repeat "did not" stop squating.

The squatting lasted another 200 reps at least and by another 100 reps he ran out of breath and started breathing hard and constant giving me time to pull my head back and watch his magnificent muscular performance.

It was an incredible display of pure masculinity, of power man power and of masculine determination. Sweat was not just pouring from his brow, it was flooding as drop after drop dripped from the tip of his gorgous nose and smeared his lips. And blast after blast of sweet spent air blew over me to fill my nostrils and help me feel like I was in He-Man heaven. Which I had entered a long time ago. Then, when he decided he'd had enough he stopped and focused his gaze on me. Then a smile so captivating I "came" all over him suddenly. God! That smile? His face, his chest, the thick hair on top of his head, the Bar, everything. It was all turning whiter and whiter as he set the bar back on the squat rack. I was cumming so much and I couldn't stop myself and I was Bucking into his huge Pecs!!

Then he took his palms from my Back and lubed his hands with the Cum soaked Bar and huggd me again rubbing Cum into my Back!! Then he gripped me by my hard Lats and pushed me away, pivoted me on his Prick and started gently kissing and sucking my Pecs. As he did this, something weird started and my heart was pounding. The "bloatedness" I felt from all the Cum in me started to subside and an inch of fat that had covered my Abs was visibly disolving mking my Abs pack appear. And we alo watched my Pecs getting PUMPED?! But it was no ordinary Pump. It was muscle GROWTH! Soon my skin was tight. So tight and thin it became see through and Mike whiped his face and and started gently kissing my Pecs.

Then something woke me up!!!!! •

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