Conquest of Chad, The



By Tim

I was in my office when there was a knock on the door.

It must be my 9:30. Flipping through my files, I brought out the one for this guy, Dan. He had just joined the gym, and I was scheduled to give him a free training session.

I hated doing these sessions.

Most of these guys really had no interest in using a trainer, but I had to do it; it's part of my contract with the gym. I could train anyone I wanted. I didn't have to give a percentage to the gym, as long as I gave the gym 16 hours a month for these training sessions.

Dan came in, and he seemed very excited to get started. He was a pretty good-looking guy who seemed to have the bones to put on some descent muscle.

I did the typical introduction bullshit. I told him about myself and tried to find out exactly what he was looking to accomplish. Dan was my about height and he weighed in at 215. The guy had a nice chest, but he needed to work on his waist. I was enjoying talking to him, hearing that slight Texas accent.

"Well Chad, I'd really like to bulk up, and I'll probably need to work on how I'm eating," he said, laughing as he patted his belly. "So, besides the workout routine, I was hoping you'd be able to help me with my diet."

"That's no problem, Dan," I told him. "I'm not a nutritionist, but I know what'll work for you. It'd help if you just keep track of what and when you eat next week. Think you can do that?"

"Sure thing, Chad. I think I can swing that."

"Enough, yacking, Dan. Let's get out there and lift some weights."

I slapped him on the back and pushed him toward the free weight area.

"Dan, I want to see what type of recovery time you have. What I'd like you to do is use this low bench. Step up with your right leg, then bring up your left leg. Reverse the order on the way down. Then do it again, left leg first. Keep doing this until I tell you to stop." Before Dan started, I took his heart rate.

Dan did what he was told, and it didn't much before he started slowing down and breathing heavy. After 5 minutes of this, I told him to stop. I laughed to myself a bit. It was obvious that Dan wasn't in very good shape, but he seemed willing to work, and I could see his potential. Definitely something to work on.

I took him over to the machines and I started to explain what each one did, and how they worked. Then I showed him the free weights. I handed him two fifteen's and demonstrated how to do a proper curl. I told Dan to forget about the amount of weight he was lifting and that it was more important to lift the weight correctly. I wanted to have him lifting properly, getting the most out of each lift.

Dan was a great guy to work out with, very friendly and talkative. He made me laugh, which isn't easy. I also have to admit his ass was looking pretty great, and I caught myself wanting to get my hands on it.

I decided to find out what side of the fence Dan was on, if you know what I mean. I started to ask some pointed questions, and Dan gave me all the right answers.

I caught him looking at me now and then as we continued the workout. I'd look up to see those green eyes flash at me, then look away. It was fun, flirting with him this way.

We moved on, and I got him to try a couple of chest exercises, standing over him as he lay on the bench. I flexed my pecs while he watched, and I could see Dan making the effort not to spring a boner in front of me. I put Dan through a pretty hard work out and I gotta say was pleased to see that he only complained in a joking way.

I'm a pretty physical guy, and it was pretty obvious that Dan had no problem with my touching him. I guided his hands with my solid grip around his wrist as he re-racked some weights. I stood behind him, thrusting the hard plates of my pecs against his back as he struggled with a cable exercise. I was getting off seeing how I could get Dan to catch his breath, finding other ways of seeing him shiver with my touch.

Finally, guiding him through a leg lift, I squeezed his ass. I could tell by the look Dan gave me-- I had him.

"Follow me," I told Dan, and I led him to a room at the back of the work out floor. I was one of only a few who used this room, a small posing studio the manager had set up for me to use with serious clients. It was pretty sound proof, too. Most important, the door had a lock, and I had a key.

I'd had some fun in here before.

Once inside the room, I pulled Dan into a tight embrace, and it didn't take long before our tongues were exploring each other's mouths. Damn, this guy was an amazing kisser! I felt myself starting to bone up as I felt his beard on my clean-shaven chin.

Dan really started to get into my body; his hands ran up and down my chest and all over my arms. I figured I'd give him a show so I pulled off my shirt and started to do some bicep poses. Dan's mouth hung open wide, and, as I pulled him in to suck on my sweaty armpit, I could feel his hardening cock pressing up against my leg. Dan was just moaning as I held him in place. I was loving controlling this man, making him want my big muscular body. It sure didn't take long to get Dan under my spell.

I gently pushed Dan away as I pulled down my shorts, and then I brought his face right into my crotch.

"You wanna suck on my nuts, Dan?" I asked him in what I knew was a seductive purr. He didn't have to be asked twice.

As Dan sucked my big balls through my jock (man, this guy sure knew what he was doing!), I noticed the water bottle in his bag.

A drink was sounding great, but I think it's understandable that I was more than distracted by Dan, who had now worked his tongue around my cock and I was responding mightily, my dick stretching the thin material of my jock as it became erect.

"Oh, man," I moaned. "You're some fantastic cocksucker, guy."

That only made Dan renew his efforts, but I didn't want this to end so fast, so I pulled the guy to his feet.

"Chad--" he started, but I silenced him my shoving my tongue into his mouth, kissing him roughly and deeply. I was getting off having him at my command, and I could feel his worshipful gaze on my as we kissed, running his hands along the back of my arms, feeling the pumped horseshoe shape of my triceps.

I pulled him away again, running my thumb across his beard, giving him a supremely confidant smile as, with my other hand, I reached for his water bottle.

"Mind if I have a drink, buddy?"

He didn't say anything, so I pulled away from Dan and popped off the top and took a nice long swig.

Dan smiled at me like he'd won the lottery, a wicked glint in his green eyes. He asked if he could have a drink so I handed him the bottle. As I watched him finish off the last of it, I was feeling suddenly woozy.

"Man, what was that?" I asked him.

"Oh, something we're both gonna enjoy," he said, tossing the empty bottle into the trash.

"I gotta sit down," I muttered, lowering myself onto the concrete floor.

Then everything went black. •

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