By TJDogwood

Soon after Ben began his monthly visits with his black friends, he came of age. He began taking part in the ritual and his growth accelerated. It didn't take Tommy long to realize that when Ben got back from each trip, he was noticeably bigger than before, and he wasn't just getting taller – his body was getting a little bigger all over. Before long, this thickness began taking shape, and within a year he had large, hard, dense muscles everywhere, causing Tommy to fall in love with Ben all over again. He couldn't say why, but the sight of all those muscles stirred wonderful feelings inside of him that he didn't understand, but which felt really, really good. He loved just looking at his brother as he worked – watching his huge muscle bulge and ripple across his chest, his arms, and especially his back as he moved. He often found that his cock had suddenly gotten very stiff while he'd been breathlessly observing his brother; it shamed him, so he kept it well hidden from Ben.

But mostly, he loved touching those beautifully round, hard bulges and found every excuse he could to play with him, and as often as he dared, he asked to sleep next to him. Ben usually agreed, and when he did, he would spoon Tommy, holding him firmly against his hard chest and flat, ridged abs with one of his thick, strong, muscular arms as he curled his thighs up underneath his much smaller brother, cradling the boy's butt snugly against his groin. Before falling asleep, Tommy would run his fingers around every bulge and every valley around Ben's huge upper arm, and then trace out every vein and muscle fiber that were so clearly visible on his lean, hard, nicely cut forearm. Tommy was completely awed by the fact that even though he was not quite twelve years old, Ben's body seemed as strong and manly as his father's had been.

Tommy was never happier than at these moments, except that sometimes he'd awake before Ben to find the base of his brother's very thick cock was pressed deeply into his ass crack, and for reasons that he couldn't understand, the sensation was absolutely wonderful –even exciting - to him; even his heart beat faster when this happened. If he felt especially brave, he's move his butt back and forth ever so gently just to experience the feeling of having Ben's wonderful cock rubbing against his skin, and maybe even, as if by instinct, to press the meaty pole yet deeper between the cleft between his lean ass cheeks. He always very careful about doing this and for a long time managed to stop before Ben awoke.

The very restrained sensual, though not quite sexual connection between the two young men continued more or less unchanged through the next couple of years. During this time Ben kept getting bigger and taller, and Tommy found himself getting more and more attracted to Ben's muscularity, which by now far surpassed that of his father. And it was during this time that Tommy experienced puberty – something of which he knew nothing, growing up in such a protected environment. He noticed several changes, but didn't connect them together. He noticed hair appearing where there'd been none; he'd woke up more often to find his dick hard, and…, was it actually getting bigger? "Wow! – I wonder if it'll ever be like Ben's," he thought, excitedly. He found himself studying Ben's physique more and more often, especially noticing the way his huge, thick cock swayed back and forth as he moved, and how it bounced off of his balls, which, come to think of it, frequently looked so big, round, and tight it looked like they had been pumped full of air, and for some inexplicable reason, seeing that excited the hell out of him.

But what excited him even more was being able to sleep next to his brother because that gave him the opportunity to feel some of Ben's hard, bulging muscles; it seemed like every time he squeezed his bicep, it was bigger and harder than before, and sometimes Ben would lie on his back and let Tommy lie on top of him and run his hands all around his hard, almost squared-off pec muscles. Tommy really liked to start on the outside of one pec and slowly, lightly run his palm up-slope to the large nipple, moving carefully over it – he quickly realized that it was very sensitive to Ben, who usually hissed and closed his eyes whenever Tommy did that -- and then his fingers would move down through the valley and up the other side where he'd lightly tease the other nip. Judging from all the sounds Ben made, he seemed to like this a lot, but for some reason wouldn't let him do it for very long. Ben, of course, wanted more than anything to let Tommy do that for as long as he wanted, but he was finding it harder and harder to hold back his erection, which would have put him one very small step from cumming, and if Tommy drank some, they'd both be in trouble with Ruthar, so he needed to use all his will power to torture himself by cutting these play sessions short.

Tommy was having his own sorts of problems, because along with all the physical changes that occur with puberty came all of the usual boyish concerns. He wasn't actually so worried about his dick getting hard sometimes, like when he woke up in the mornings – that had been happening often enough for years. It was that white stuff that came out of it. What was wrong with him? The first time he woke up wet and sticky, he wasn't sure what had happened, but the second time he awoke in time to see the last drops oozing out of his piss slit –making him jump up and give a little terrified screech. Luckily, Ben was gone, so he cleaned up and didn't say anything about it, but it worried him – a lot.

He might have asked Ben, but it seemed like Ben was kinda worried about his own piss-tool. A year ago, Ben suddenly began keeping himself covered quite often, and a couple of times, when Tommy thought he had noticed Ben's already very large cock growing longer while they were playing together, Ben turned quickly away and put on some clothes. He looked worried at those times, making Tommy afraid that it was bad for his cock to get hard – and even more afraid to ask Ben what was going on.

Things got worse during the coming months; Tommy found himself hard more and more often, and he was waking up more often than not with that gooey stuff all over him. Then one day, as he wandered about in the woods near their hut, Tommy heard odd sounds coming from Ben -- at least, it sounded like Ben – and he seemed to be nearby. He ran quietly along the forest path and soon caught sight of him through the thick foliage of some bushes. Ben was getting louder and Tommy was about to yell out in concern when he heard one final, very loud grunting sound like, "Unnghh!" -- and then long, peaceful sighing noises. Ben's back was turned to Tommy, and though it looked like Ben might be holding onto his dick with one hand, it was hard to tell. Ben seemed to be okay, so although puzzled and still worried about what had happened, Tommy remained quiet so Ben wouldn't think he was spying. But when Ben walked off, Tommy looked around the clearing where Ben had been standing, and sure enough, he found several large wet spots in the sandy soil. `Is his cock doing that, too," he wondered? "I guess it's time to talk to Ben." That night, he did.

They were eating supper and casually joking around with each other. After a lengthy moment of quiet, Tommy finally said, gathering up his courage from out of nowhere, "Ben, can I ask you something?" "Sure. What's up?" Ben looked back at him, with fruit pulp coming out of his mouth. "I think something strange is wrong with me…," Tommy said in a low voice "OH MY GOD!" Ben jumped and reached for his brother. "WHAT DO YOU FEEL? YOU HAVEN'T BEEN BITTEN BY SCORPIONS TOO, HAVE YOU?" Ben lifted him and tried to make him lie down on the ground, but Tommy resisted. "No, I'm not sick! Ben, please--, you're crushing me!" Ben looked worried, but he did as he was told. "I feel weird, not sick! And I wanted to talk about the stuff that's been happening to me!" Tommy sat near his still worried brother. Ben had no idea what was coming. "Well, I'll do my best to help you, Bro," he said as he tussled his blond brother's hair. "You see, for a while now, I've been noticing some weird stuff going on with me." He paused and looked outside. `My body is changing, look!" Tommy showed Ben both of his armpits sprouting thick hair. "And not just there, either." Putting on a very worried expression, he said, "Lookit – I'm getting hair down here too!" – pointing to his pubic area. Ben was so taken by surprise, and so relieved that there really wasn't any problem, that he instantly cracked up with laughter. Tommy got pissed Angrily, he said, "What are you laughing about? I came to you for help!" It took Ben a while to get himself under control. "I'm sorry, Tommy, -- really," he said, still chuckling, "but there's really nothing wrong. Just look at mine!" And Ben showed his hairy muscled pits. "See? Me too. It's supposed to happen; all men grow hair there, and that's not the only place – it'll soon be growing on you face, too! I don't like myself so hairy, so I shave everyday! Ben stood up and grabbed the straight razor from among the things they had rescued from the plane. "We were lucky, dad managed to save this from the shreds of the plane, it's old, but I've managed to keep it sharp, you just have to wash your face and pass this razor slowly against the hair and it will cut it!" "Oh, thanks I'll do that!" Tommy grabbed the razor, but still had that look in his face. "There's another thing, and it's about nightmares! "Nightmares? What you mean?" Ben asked intrigued "Well, I've been having these really bad dreams, and I can't make them stop! Tommy sounded both upset and embarrassed, and was now looking down at the ground. "You don't have to worry about them! I AM HERE TO PROTECT YOU!" Ben hugged his brother once more. "They're just dreams!" Tommy loved being hugged, but he had to spill his fears out. "The dreams aren't the worst part; it's what happens during them!" Tommy looked very shy. "Um-m-m, it's just that.., well, when I wake up, well, it's my dick., it's all hard!" Ben didn't say anything right away. "Ben! did you hear me? My dick is so long and so hard sometimes. Why does it that happen?" Tommy was obviously very worried; he pointed to his cock and got terribly red, and so did Ben, who for the first time he didn't have a good answer for Tommy: "Hmm, well, you see Tommy – Ben looked down to his own cock, "mine gets hard, too, and I still don't know why it happens," he said, lying a little bit. "I mean, sometimes it just happens so fast!" (like as soon as I set eyes on my new father, Ben thought guiltily) Tommy's eyes brightened up. "You too," he asked more interestedly? _Sure, I get hard all the time! Ben scratched the back of his head – "I used to try to stop it, but actually, it feels so good when it gets hard like that – now I just let it happen…" Tommy felt more confident: "Do you need to touch it," Tommy wasn't shy anymore? "Well-l-l, in fact, uh-h, I want to touch it. That makes it feel even better." Ben looked up to see Tommy's reaction. He looked shy once again, and a bit worried. "Yeah, I kinda noticed that, but.., well., Ben?" "What is it?" "Uh-h-h, does some icky white stuff come out of your dick sometimes?" Tommy looked really sick when he asked that, which made Ben laugh again. "Be-en-n-n…!?!" "Tommy – it's okay – really. It's totally normal. You've just become a man – that's all. Men are supposed to do that stuff. You're no longer a boy, Tommy." He thought that was a nice added touch. And sure enough, Tommy broke out in a shy little smile. "So does that mean that you have the same kinds of thoughts -- that you like to get hard, and have that icky stuff come out, too?" Tommy smiled meanly, thinking he'd caught Ben in an admission of guilt. "Well, yeah. Of course," said Ben - and quite enthusiastically, to boot! "You DO?" Tommy was surprised. "Sure!" Ben was pretty comfortable now. "I jerk off probably ten times a day." "You do what?" "That's what Dad called it -- jerking off. Kinda fits, doesn't it," he laughed. Tommy was still a little embarrassed - and surprised that his own brother would do such a thing. "You mean you do it on purpose," asked Tommy, making it sound kind of revolting? "You don't?" Tommy looked down, and got all shy again. "Well..., uh, no..., I didn't know if..... Doesn't it hurt?" "Hell no! It feels so fucking good! It's just nature; it hurt you at all!" "Well then, how come my balls hurt so much sometimes?" "Because you don't jerk off, Silly! Why do you think you wake up all gooped up sometimes?" Tommy was quiet. "It's because you have to empty your balls once in a while; if you don't do it, your body does it for you....and it's a lot more fun to do it while you're awake -- believe me," he added, laughing and slugging his brother on the shoulder as he said that.

They sat there quietly on the ground together for a bit, Ben giving Tommy time to think all of this over. Eventually Tommy looked over at Ben and said, in an uncertain, halting manner, "Um-m--m, well..., Ben? ., um, my balls hurt pretty bad right now; they've kinda been that way all day....." Ben just continued looking at Tommy, waiting for him to suggest the next move. "Um-m-m, do you think you could, uh-h-h.., show me how to..,well, you know....?" Ben got this huge smile on his face, stood up and pulled his brother to his feet and said, "You're really going to like this, Little Brother!" And so -- slowly and with love and great care, Big Brother did his duty, demonstrating first on himself, and then on his brother, before finally putting the problem in Tommy's own hands. Given the state of Tommy's need, the problem was solved pretty quickly, with Tommy lying on his back on the warm sand at the end. Tommy lay still for quite a while thereafter, eyes closed, hand firmly on his dick, as Ben stared in love and awe at his brother's beautiful, blissful face. Tommy opened his eyes to Ben's gorgeous face looking back at him with love and understanding. He looked back for a while, unmoving, cock still in hand, and his first words were, "Can we do it again?" Ben collapsed in laughter. And then they did.

Later on, pressure relieved, Tommy, now somewhat less shy asked Ben, "Why do you get hard? You know, what makes you want to jerk off?" "I don't really know," said Ben, smiling and getting up, "I guess it's different for everybody." But Ben did have an answer to that question: what REALLY made him go hard was his brother's hot sexy body. Ben couldn't believe how beautiful Tommy was! His blond hair, his lean muscles, his astonishingly cute and handsome face, and that sculpted, muscular butt -- so firm, round and tiny -- Ben always got hard thinking about it. It be so awesome to fuck that tight ass, but Ben's cock was way too big to do such thing without hurting his beloved brother - badly. He knew such a thing would never be possible. But he could dream - and often did. Speaking of which, Tommy suddenly asked, "Ben, why is your cock so big?" Ben tried to avoid the issue, but Tommy grabbed his muscled forearm before the black teen could get away. Acting irritated, Ben said, "Tommy, why you keep asking these questions? I just don't know why my cock is so big! I think I got it from my father!" Ben was trying very hard to avoid having another major erection right in front of Tommy, who hadn't seen Ben hard since puberty had made him get big, and then Ruthar's potion made him even bigger. He figured a sixteen-inch, shiny black pole, pulsating and vibrating like a giant snake would be a pretty scary thing for his brother to see, so he kept himself soft around Tommy. "Yes, but your dad's dick wasn't half as big as yours!" Tommy said meanly. "Look -- don't worry about it," Ben said nervously. "Why do you care about my hard cock, anyway!" "Oh, come on! I think you are so COOL! Ben, you're the biggest man in the world! You are my HERO! Everything on you is so HUGE! I wish I could just half big as you are, brother! You're awesome!" Tommy hugged his brother. "You're my hero - my colossal, super-muscular brother. I love you're being so huge!" Ben was perplexed; he never thought his brother liked his muscles so much! He always took his comments as joking, but now he understood it all! Tommy really liked him to be this big! And he wanted him to be even bigger! "You want me to show you how BIG my muscles are once more don't you?" Ben said, breaking the hug. Tommy nodded more than happily. His muscle-behemoth brother smiled and stood up. He brought his biceps up and hit a double bi pose. Tommy was speechless - he seemed bigger than ever. Ben flexed his chest and rolled them showing total control over his impressive muscles, he flexed his abs and they were huge like stones, his back was enormous and vast, bigger than anything Tommy had ever seen. Ben went nearer his brother and hit a most muscular pose; Tommy only opened his mouth and touched the hardness of his black brother muscles. Suddenly, Tommy got up, and without a word, ran off into the forest. "Tommy! What's wrong? There's nothing wrong with you," yelled Ben. "If there's anything wrong it can only be with me!" he said to himself. Ben went into the hut and rested, worried about Tommy but figuring he just needed to be alone for awhile. Tommy ran away from Ben, not because he didn't enjoy his little show, but mostly because he loved it. Being able to watch his over-muscled brother showing off and flexing the hard cabled mass of raw muscle was absolutely everything he could wish for, but at the same time it scared him, because whenever Ben did that, Tommy couldn't help getting hard almost immediately, and it still embarrassed him greatly. Unfortunately, watching those much-desired muscles flexing and getting harder just to please his eyes without getting a major hard on was just about impossible for poor Tommy –THAT's why he had to run away from his brother. The blond hunk ran to the nearby river and leaned his hot lean body over the cascade, reaching for his hard cock, stroking the huge nine inch, horny dick, but what he was thinking about was Ben's totally hard, huge black pole. How he wished to touch it, and make it goose "magahonny". How much could that giant cock and those insanely huge balls could produce? But even more than that, and something he could never tell Ben, was that he wanted to have Ben's cock inside of him! Tommy himself wondered why he even thought of doing such a thing, but whenever he was around Ben, watching him work, with his gigantic dick swaying as he moved, he could feel his anus twitching in a suggestive way, and he knew what it craved. But then he thought about the size Ben's enormous tool, and figured such a thing was utterly impossible. As he continued thinking about Ben – his muscles, his enormous SIZE, he found himself stroking harder and harder, faster and faster, until he couldn't resist and gushed the cream down the river, leaning on the river bank and enjoying the feeling of his orgasm, the best part of jerking off, Tommy concluded. But his cock wasn't done yet, as he looked down it was already hard again, and the images of Ben, and his muscles returned stronger than ever! Tommy stared down at his still eager organ and thought, "What the hell – he did say it was normal." Reaching for his member, he started all over again!

The next night, Tommy had more questions: "Uh-h-h.., Ben?" "Yeah?" "Why do you hide yourself from me when your cock starts to get hard?" Trapped! Ben was going to have to lie -- how could he tell Tommy that there was nothing he wanted to do ore than to share his body with him, -- that his brother was such a sexual turn-on for him that he wanted to rub his huge, hard cock against his body, and let Tommy grab his thick, muscular dick and jerk him off, and spread his cum all over his giant dick and balls, and across his abs, and all around his oversized nipples and then go back and lick it all off, -- and that he wanted to do the same thing to Tommy? How could he tell him all of that? He wanted to so much, but he'd promised not to share his cum so that Tommy would not grow huge along with him. He hated the secrecy and resented the others for making him lie this way. He was afraid that if he didn't turn away and leave when he hardened up, he wouldn't be able to stop himself.

"Uh-h-h.., just embarrassed, I guess" he said, rather lamely. "Why? We've always gone naked. What's the difference?" "Well, uh-h, it's just that, well, it IS pretty big, and I thought you might think it was kinda weird, or even scary, that's all." "Weird? Scary? Ben - I love you -- I love everything about you; I just told you -- I love your being big -- even your cock…, it's just that…, well…" "What, Tommy?" "Is it okay if I.., that is, can I touch it?" "Uh-oh -- getting' into dangerous grounds here," thought Ben to himself. "Well, maybe some other time, okay?" "Yeah. Sure. It's just that…, I wondered how it feels to you." This seemed safer. "Oh! That. Well, it feels pretty good, actually. I really like the way it feels hitting against my legs when I walk," and Ben started getting carried away here… "especially when I run. It smacks me real hard and I …(oops..), well, anyway…. Uh, hey --it's time for bed." "Okay. I love you, Ben." "I know you do." After sharing a long hug, Tommy asked to sleep with Ben, as they sometimes did, but tonight Ben said "No." He was already fighting hard to keep his excitable cock soft. He could well imagine how good it would feel to fall asleep with Tommy held tight against his chest, his huge hard cock held tightly between Tommy's thighs as he gently rubbed Ben's cock as they both fell asleep. But that just wasn't possible right now. Tommy, too was disappointed. There was nothing he liked more than falling asleep surrounded by muscle on all sides, securely encased between his brother's hard mounds of chest muscle and solid, ridged abs and his massive, steely arms. He didn't understand why Ben wouldn't let them sleep together, but he knew that `NO' was "NO', so he went to his own sleeping pad, where he slept very well, unconcerned for the first time in months abut the health of his man- parts.

For another month or two, there was no further discussion about their sexuality. Ben stopped covering himself up so often, and Tommy was every happy to be able to watch him grow --everywhere.

One day at the beach Ben said, "I found a big patch of great berries a few days ago; I'm gonna get some for dinner – special treat. I'll go alone – it's faster; see you in a bit," and off he ran. Suspicious, Tommy followed secretively. It took a while to find him, but this time when he did, his view was from the front, and what he saw almost made him choke in surprise. Ben was standing naked, leaning slightly back, using both hands to stroke a hard-on so big that Tommy had to keep blinking to be sure it was real. It appeared to be at least two feet long because from where he was standing, it looked like the tip came clear up to the top of Ben's chest muscles! For a long time Ben stood still – eyes closed and mouth hanging loosely open as he repeatedly ran his hands up and down his enormous, thick shaft, frequently squeezing it as they moved. Then he saw first one, and then a second large wad of thick, clear fluid surge out of the piss slit and start running down the front of his penis. Ben opened his eyes, scooped up the pre-cum with his fingers and licked it off with a quiet, satisfied sounding "m-m-m-m- m…." "E-e-u-u-w-w-w-w…. Yuck! That's disgusting! Why would he do that?" thought Tommy. If that seemed a bit repulsive to Tommy, what came next was even worse. Much to Tommy's shock, he saw Ben lean his head forward, grab he cock with both hands and press it against his chest in between his huge mounds of chest muscle, and then purposely! push abut half of the head of his cock completely into his mouth! Then he flexed his cock real hard two or three as he squeezed both hands around the thickest, most sensitive part and made sucking, swallowing noises. "Double Yucck!" thought Tommy, realizing that Ben must have purposely squirted even more juice out of his own dick just to taste and swallow it! For the first time in his life, Tommy was having negative thoughts abut his big brother, but at the same time, he was mysteriously aroused -–and very, very curious.

Curious enough that he kept watching, and when Ben took his cock out of his mouth went back to lightly stroking himself with his eyes closed, Tommy moved out from behind the bushes and walked in front of Ben, stopping only three feet away. It was an amazing sight for Tommy. Because of Ben's great height and the length of his rigid member, Tommy had to look UP slightly to see the tip of his brother's cock. He watched in silence as Ben continued stimulating himself, and pretty soon, he squeezed himself once again and another large glob of pre-cum emerged. When he opened his eyes to wipe up his juice, he saw Tommy. His eyes flew wide open, but he said nothing and stood perfectly still. For many seconds, the two brothers just stared at one another, exchanging silent questions and answers with their eyes.

Ben didn't know what to do. He had to be certain that Tommy wouldn't drink his cum, but at the same time, there was nothing he wanted more, at this moment, that to experience the touch of his brother's hands on his primed, sensitive cock. As he thought, Tony took two steps forward and slowly put both hands around the base of Ben's magnificent rod and just held on. Ben wiped off the pre-cum, licked it off of his fingers and said, giving in to his desires, "Promise me you will not taste my cum."

Luckily, Tommy wasn't at all interested. "Why would he ask me that," wondered Tommy? Aloud he said, "Why would I want to? Yucck! – I promise." "Good," thought Ben; it'll be safe for now. He looked into Tommy's eyes and nodded his head, both acknowledging the promise and telling Tommy he could massage his now highly aroused cock. He'd have to be very careful here.

Mostly what Tommy wanted was just to touch Ben anywhere, partly to give him pleasure because he loved Ben so much. So he slowly moved both hands up the shaft, across the sensitive underside, causing Ben to groan softly, up to the ridge of the large, flared helmet and back down. Up again, ever so slowly, every so lightly, barely touching the skin –he took bout ten seconds to go the full distance, eventually allowing his thumbs to trace through the valley of the piss slit. During the whole time, Ben remained absolutely still, slowly inhaling through clenched teeth and flexing his dick as hard as he could -- trying his best to avoid an eruption in front of Tommy right then and there – as his brothers thumb's passed lightly, and so tenderly and sensuously over the thick, spongy, sensitive mass that extended a full six inches along his exceedingly taut cock. He very nearly lost it.

"Tommy," he groaned/grunted out. ……… "TOMMY!" "WHAT?!" Ben couldn't wait any longer; he reached down and pulled those beautiful hands off of his highly aroused man-pole and breathed a deep sigh of relief – he'd held off! Barely. "Tommy…, uh…, would you please go back to the hut – I'll be there in a minute. "But…" "Go! ….. Now….." Quietly, he asked, "Please?" Ben needed to unload – fast! Tommy was perplexed, but from Ben's tone, he knew he'd better go. Quietly, and sadly, he turned and left. After giving Tommy sufficient time, Ben finally found his relief, wishing it were Tommy's hands completing the job rather than his own.

Once Tommy had seen Ben's cock at its biggest, Ben stopped worrying about getting hard in from of him, and as long as Tommy stayed uninterested in sampling his cum, he was more than willing to let Tommy sleep with him whenever he asked, which quickly became every night. In truth, Ben never wanted to say no; he wanted – and very likely needed – the intimacy perhaps even more than Tommy did. Nevertheless, it was Tommy – and not Ben – who initiated the sex-play most nights when they got into bed, and as time went on, Ben allowed Tommy ever more latitude in his explorations – explorations that began on most nights with his pec muscles.

Tommy would get into position by straddling Ben's waist and sitting on his groin, then lean forward, put both hands around one huge mound of chest muscle and start kneading. Pretty soon the blood started flowing in, making the mound harder and harder, and Tommy would put his mouth over the nipple and first breathe lightly on it, and as Ben responded more and more begin licking, then squeezing the nipple between his lips, and finally between his teeth. Ben loved the teat play and thought that that was what was getting his brother so excited every time, but the real reason Tommy liked doing this so much was that as Ben's chest muscle hardened up, so did his cock, and when it rose up it landed squarely in Tommy's ass crack, and because he was receiving so much stimulation from his pecs, he didn't notice that Tommy was subtly pushing his butt against the incredibly stiff cock as hard as he could. But then one day, after satisfying himself with this for awhile, Tommy gradually closed his thighs around the thick, muscle-dick and began a slow, rhythmic massage that Ben quite definitely noticed: all of a sudden "Unghh! Holy fuck!" was what he said. Tommy stopped squeezing momentarily but renewed his attention to Ben's pec before gradually getting back to the cock massage.

It felt so good that Ben couldn't get himself to dissuade Tommy from doing it, and after a few nights, Tommy figured out that as he squeezed with his thighs, he could also push the cock deeper into his butt cleavage – and could even start squeezing Ben's cock with his ass. The first time Tommy did this, Ben couldn't stop himself – he began instinctively pushing this cock back and forth between Tommy's thighs, which made Tommy squeeze harder, and Ben thrust faster, until suddenly he came…., and came, and came – a few shots clearing Tommy's head, but the rest forming a warm, moist blanket covering much of Tommy's none-too-narrow back. Meanwhile Tommy, in reaction to Ben's thrusting, began thrusting his own hard meat along the ridges of hard abs muscle, and when Tommy felt Ben's cock inflate when he flexed for his first shot, that sent Tommy over the edge and he unloaded all over his brother. So intensely involved was he in his own orgasm that he didn't realize that Ben had come as well. As awareness slowly returned, he shifted his position a bit and remembered what he'd just done: "Oh, shit – Ben's gonna be pissed for getting him all slimy like this." Actually, Ben was thinking about how great it felt having his brother slide around on top of him; he had no inclination whatsoever to move. Tommy's next thought was about how warm and comfortable he was in the chilly night air– even without a blanket, and at that very moment, Ben, not giving any thought to where his cum had gone, decided to give his brother a big, brotherly hug, and when he did – Squish! Amidst tommy's cries of, "Oh, Yucckk!" – the two of them jumped to their feet. "Oh, man-n-n.., Look at me!" Ben really wanted to laugh, but held it in and together they went outside and washed off, Ben trying to sound apologetic (through his suppressed laughter) for jizzing him as he helped clean him off. They slept apart for the rest of the night.

And most nights after that - for awhile. Ben was afraid that sooner or later, Tommy would get a taste of his cum, and while a little probably wouldn't have any noticeable effect on his size, what if he actually liked it? Then he'd be trying to get more, and that would be a problem. But Tommy kept asking, and pretty soon Ben's automatic reply of "No" turned into "Nnnn-nnyeah; OK." How could he keep resisting? He loved his brother so much. He'd just have to be careful.

Thinking it'd be too dangerous to let his brother stroke his dick, he often laid on his stomach, letting Tommy `massage' his back. Soon that included his butt, and it wasn't long before Tommy was exploring down between Ben's thighs, and soon discovered how much Ben liked him to rub that special spot directly behind his balls, though he wouldn't let him do it for long before saying "Good night." But then, within a few minutes, Ben, hoping Tommy was asleep, would get up and leave for awhile. After this had happened a few dozen times, Tommy finally asked "Why?" "Um, well, it's just that…" "Do you go out to jerk off?"

Ben choked - "Uh, yeah, as a matter of fact." "Are you embarrassed to do it in front of me?" "Well, no -- not really….," (gotta think fast here…lessee… AH!) it's just too messy, that's all. Don't wanna mess up our bed `n stuff." He was satisfied. "Oh. Okay." "Whew," thought Ben. Well, it wasn't so long before Ben was allowing Tommy to spend more and more time rubbing, tickling, even licking his cock, and so Ben had to make nightly trips into the woods before falling asleep. He stopped waiting for Tommy to fall asleep - he just went out and took care of business as soon as they were done. On a couple of occasions, he surprised Tommy by pushing him away and running off as fast as he could. In neither case had he gotten very far before Tommy heard an enormous, pain-filled bellow echoing through the trees, not a scream of pleasure – more one of anger, thought Tommy, who was beginning to wonder if jerking off was such a good thing, after all.

Anger was the correct interpretation, along with a strong measure of frustration on Ben's part. The problem for Ben was Tommy – well, not Tommy, exactly – more correctly, his strong love for Tommy – a love that needed, no – demanded – physical expression, and he was not free to give of himself as he wanted so desperately to do. Here he was, owner of one of the biggest, strongest, most appealingly masculine, virile body the world had ever seen, a body he knew Tommy craved to worship because it belonged to his brother, and he couldn't let him do it – at least, not fully. Oh, Ben was getting his sex jollies, that's for sure – those nights with the Kutur, while only once a month, were spectacular, and yet, the one person he truly wanted to be totally intimate with, and who he knew wanted it as well, was the one person that was being denied him. And while he fully intended to keep his word with Ruthar, he didn't know if he could continue sleeping with Tommy without the inevitable happening. And one night, it did. Ben had let himself succumb completely to Tommy's loving and sensuous ministrations, letting his brother do, well, whatever he wanted. Tommy had been making love to his brother's body for over an hour, noticing that his balls kept getting bigger, his dick kept getting harder, and the precum (Ben called it) was coming out in great gobs; Ben had wiped it off with his fingers a few times, but now there was quite a puddle up by his sternum. At this point, Tommy was delightedly sitting astride the base of Ben's huge cock with his larger, tighter, and fuller-than-ever balls acting like a cushion for Tommy's butt. Tommy was squatted down Indian- style, with his legs curled under Ben's cock, and at first was leaning forward, using both hands to carefully, thoughtfully, and thoroughly massage his brother's thick, muscular tool. Even putting all of his weight and strength behind his strokes didn't put a dent in the beautiful cock – it just made his brother moan louder & more pleasurably. Finally he wrapped both arms around the stiff, meaty pole, and started moving the gigantic cock back and forth across his own hard, ridged abs and between his well-developed hills of pec muscle. Hearing Ben's mesmerizing low, growling moans of pleasure sent Tommy into harder, faster movements. As Tommy started his own vocal expression of sexual joy, Ben only got louder. "Nnnnnnn….,unh…, mmmmmm….,aww, fuck, Tommy.., aww yeah-h- h…" Tommy stretched his legs out down between Ben's thighs and increased his pace, using his feet to power him up over Ben's hot, silky dick.. "Unnhh! …., hey, Tommy…Nnnngg…., Tommy, no…,Ungghhh! … Tom-... Oh Fuck! T- ....UNGHHH! Oh Shit!!!! No, Tommy!" It's doubtful that Tommy heard a thing Ben was saying, for at that moment, he felt his own load ready to leave and squeezed Ben's cock with every ounce of his not inconsiderable strength, and held it tight! – until felt the beast beneath him expand as Ben's first huge load headed for release. When he heard Ben's ". Nnnngghhhh!…..," that did it for Tommy as well, and the two brothers started cumming in synch. Tommy repeatedly squeezed Ben's throbbing meat with each of his own shots as he and the monster he was riding were bounced up and down over Ben's huge chest as his brother flexed his cock mightily as each load exploded up and out.

They lay still for some time, Tommy still wrapped around Ben's cock, his head using the massive cockhead for a pillow. When Ben finally opened his eyes, Tommy was eyeing the lake of cum in the hollow of his neck. "Uh-ohhh," thought Ben, but he really didn't want to move. "Tommy?" "Hey," said Tommy, weakly. "That was amazing." "I know." "I love you, Tommy." "Yeah. I know" Several quiet moments passed. "Let me do something for you, " offered Ben. After getting his now fairly soft cock out of Tommy's grip, he lay his brother down on the bed. Then, after cleaning off the heaviest part of cum from his chest – and face, Ben said, "Let me clean you up a bit. It's the least I can do." and with that, he started licking off Tommy's abs, moving without any hurry up to his commendable, hard chest, unthinkingly paying special attention to both nipples, in turn. Thinking he was done, he noticed Tommy's fresh boner. He started to lick it clean, and almost before he knew what he was doing, he had engulfed the whole affair and was introducing his brother to the wonderful world of cocksucking – with perhaps the most powerful mouth on the island. Tommy, of course, had no idea this was coming – had never even considered the possibility, when suddenly he was transported into a state of pure bliss – and he stayed there as his wonderful brother alternately pressed his tongue hard against the super-sensitive young, teen cock as he sucked in, and then blew warm moist air sensuously along the whole length of the cock as he strongly exhaled. Ben certainly had not planned this – the LAST thing he wanted to do was to spark Tommy's interest in sucking HIS cock. But when he saw Tommy's face – a picture of ecstasy, well, he loved his brother too much to deny him the completion of the act, and so he continued until Tommy emptied his sack one more time – this time totally into the soft, wet, warm confines of his brother's ample, experienced mouth. As Tommy slowly recovered, Ben was struggling within himself. He should not have let this happen, and yet----, this was his brother, whom he dearly loved, and who was so clearly NOT the demon Ruthar feared; and it made him so very happy to see how much pleasure he had given his brother. Overall, he had no regrets. Except one. "Ben?" "What's that, Little Bro?" "I want to do that to you." Ben knew that was coming. With tears already forming, he said softly, "Someday, my Love."

It had now been ten years since the crash and still they remained on the island they had seen exactly one boat pass by the island during the whole time. It was visible far off on the horizon, but the boys had built a large pile of dry wood that would quickly produce a rather huge blaze as a signal, just for such an occasion. But that had been more than two years ago, and it wasn't quite as big as it should have been, but it would have sufficed. Both boys were sitting on the beach when the ship appeared. They watched quietly as it drew closer, growing larger, and just as quietly as it slipped away, growing inevitably smaller. Neither said a single word to the other – not then, nor since. As the years went by, the brothers grew ever happier living in their lost paradise. Ben was now almost eighteen and his blond brother had turned fifteen, if time had any meaning for them; and even if they couldn't tell what year it was, it didn't matter to them. Every day was so happy and precious they just enjoyed them one by one.

It was a new day. The beautiful morning sun filled the room, and one single ray hit Tommy's eyes, waking up the blond boy – now a handsome, well-formed young man. Tommy, now thirteen, had grown surprisingly tall – nearly six feet already; his lean ripped muscles, his blond hair, tanned skin, and perfect blue eyes all made him quite a beautiful sight to behold. He sprawled, flexing his nicely shaped muscles, and got up from his bed – actually an improvised mattress made out of leaves and covered with some badly-worn sheets from the crashed plane that had washed up on shore, and went outside for a good morning run near the river. He knew Ben had already awakened, and the breakfast that he had left on the table for Tommy meant he would be gone for a while. Tommy could not understand why Ben never let him go along on his mysterious "exploration trips", but he knew that when he saw the full moon at night, Ben would be gone the next morning on one of his trips. Tommy always wanted to go with him, but his big brother forbade it. He said it was very dangerous for him to go there but he couldn't explain why; he hoped that someday, Tommy could go with him. Ben was always acting like a father to Tommy and never would let him have any fun; he seemed to like being the big brother, always telling him what to do! At times, Tommy resented having his brother act that way, but he also respected his brother and knew Ben only wanted his safety. Besides that, Ben's orders had to be followed – he was so much bigger than Tommy and so damned strong; Tommy never wanted to get Ben angry at him. The blond young man went to the river and he looked to his reflection on the water. The image was dazzling in its beauty; his muscular lean body was definitely amazing. His wide shoulders, the ripped six pack abdomen, his manly arms – he was obviously very fit and very strong -- why did Ben fear for him so much?

Tommy jumped into the cold water and swam for over an hour, than he came back to the hut and ate the breakfast his brother had prepared for him: fruits and coconut water. After a short rest, he went back to the beach and spent the rest of the morning exercising, swimming and relaxing on the beach. Tommy had just decided to get back and start a fire, knowing Ben would return with fresh fish for lunch, when he heard the voice of his returning brother.

"TOMMY! I'M BACK!" That voice! Deep, powerful and resonant, it was, to Tommy, the most beautiful sound in the world! Whenever he heard it, he felt strange but nice feelings down in his groin that he didn't understand, feelings he'd never discussed with Ben. But right now, he just wanted to be near his beloved brother, so he jumped up and rushed to met him. He could see the enormous figure of Ben at distance, he ran all the way up to the huge black man his brother had become. And HUGE he was! Tommy, though nearly six feet tall, was dwarfed by his god-like, muscle-stud brother! Seven feet tall and practically half that wide, and all of it muscle! His barrel chest, his enormous arms, the bulging pillars of legs, the at-least-8-pack, ripped abdomen, everything about him made Tommy look tiny! The blond brother ran towards his muscular brother and jumped into Ben's open arms and hugged him; then Ben made him sit on his neck and they went back to the hut: "I MISSED YOU TOO BROTHER!" Ben said as he carried his blond brother back to the hut – LOOK WHAT I CAUGHT FOR OUR LUNCH! Ben showed the over 50 pound fish he caught with his bare hands during his underwater hunt. He preferred to grab his fishes that way. With his lungs size, he probably could stay underwater during the time he needed to grab such big fishes. "Ben, don't you think this fish is too big for us? It will rotten before we can finish the whole thing!" Tommy smiled looking to the huge dead animal which Ben was carrying hanging in one of his big fingers: "SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! I AM GONNA FINISH THIS BEAUTY OVER TODAY'S LUNCH!" Ben licked his lips – "YOU KNOW I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY AFTER MY MORINING EXERCISES!" Tommy knew it very well; he always got hard watching Ben lifting huge boulders and putting tress down with his own fists! "TALKING ABOUT FOOD, DID YOU EAT YOUR WHOLE MEAL?" Here came the patronizing Ben, the same huge and overprotective brother. "I tried but you gave me so much! I couldn't the whole thing!" Tommy tried to justify himself but Ben didn't care – "HOW YOU WANNA BE JUST LIKE YOU BIG BROTHER IF YOU DON'T EAT RIGHT?" Ben said grabbing Tommy from his back and carrying him in his arms: "Not even if I ate the whole food on the world I would get your size, brother!" Tommy smiled and his black huge brother threw him up and down just to provoke the much smaller blond. Tommy finished his share of grilled fish, and he kept staring to his immense brother, who devoured the rest of the fish. He just couldn't help doing this, Ben was so HUGE! Sure, his deceased father was also very tall and burly; even so Ben was by far much taller than daddy! In fact he is so tall they had to augment the door and the roof in order the big brother inside the tiny building. And not just tall, the black brother is awesomely built. The size of his muscles can't even be compared to anything Tommy had seen! It's true Tommy haven't seen any other person besides Ben and his late father, but he could almost feel Ben was just TOO BIG! His muscles, his brawn, his immense figure, his glistening onyx skin, his enormous muscles, bulging and flexing at the slightest movement. Ben was, indeed, something to be seen! Although Tommy couldn't guess his actual height, the black big brother was surely much taller than his father, and his width seemed to be equal, because his back was insanely wide! "Why are you looking at me this way? Is there something on my back?" Ben asked kidding "Yeah, MUSCLES!" Tommy laughed and hugged his giant brother, who hugged him back as he always did. "Oh, come on Tommy, you always say that!" Ben grabbed his brother's head and tussled his beautiful blond hair, the much littler brother gave up and the black behemoth just let him go. Tommy laughed hard, trying to recover his breath: "Ben, I just can't believe how BIG you are bro!" Tommy said proudly – "You're the BIGGEST man in the world!" Tommy opened his arms wide to emphasize his opinion, and Ben just smiled a little embarrassed: "You can't be sure about that, we are stuck in this island!" Ben just took a deep breath which inflated his mind blowing chest and laid down on the white sand with his powerful arms under his beautiful head. Tommy lay just next to him, looked at the turquoise ocean joining his big muscular brother: "Ben, you miss your dad too, don't you?" – Tommy asked a little more serious. Ben looked back at him: "He was your father too!" The black behemoth just smiled tenderly – "Yeah, I miss him very much, just like my mother" – Ben looked back at the ocean and enjoyed the after lunch laziness. "I miss him too, but you make me feel like he was here with me!" Tommy waited a little and proceeded – "You provide me food, taught me how to read and write, protect me from the dangerous things, you've been a father to me ever since he left!" Tommy had tears in his eyes; he reached for Ben's hug, which was already there to embrace his beloved brother: "Tommy, I am not your father, I am you brother! We are brothers and we have to be there for each other just like dad told us to do!" Ben comforted his crying brother. Feeling the power of his brother engulfing him, Tommy knew he was safe, yet he had to break the embrace otherwise his cock would go full mast right there. "Why don't we go swim a little?" Ben invited his brother: "Only if you do that thing I like!" Tommy said with a glint in his eyes, and Ben just smiled "Okay, but we gotta be careful, you've just ate!" Ben smiled as his brother prepared to do the "thing". Tommy lay down on his back, crossed his arms on his chest. Ben easily lifted his brother over his head and pumped him a little times, then he started throwing him up and down, grabbing him on his fall, and so they went all the way to the beach. At a certain point, Ben just carried his brother on his shoulders: "It is the coolest thing having the strongest man in the world as your big brother!" Tommy shouted as he felt his brother running towards the warm waters of the hedonistic beach. Ben laughed and threw his brother on the water, then the blond kid splashed water on his brother and that went on and on till Ben grabbed Tommy in his arms and their eyes met. Ben got lost in the immensity of Tommy's blue eyes, while the blond hunk was lost on Ben's powerful muscles and gentle personality. Tommy had his hands on Benjamin's chest, pulling himself nearer the behemoth's face. Ben felt the hot breath on his neck; he felt the tingling on his groin and dropped the blond hunk in the water. The blond brother woke up from the muscle trance in which he was. Ben stood up in front of him with hands on the hips: "I hope you are satisfied!" Ben laughed and went back to the hut. He wanted to have some sleep before the night arrives. Tommy followed him: "Ben, what do you do every time you go out during a full moon week?" Tommy asked the same question he had been doing for the past ten years! "Tommy, I told you! I like going out at night, it makes me feel good about myself!" Ben changed his voice to an aggressive tone. "Can I go with you tonight" Once more, the same question he's been doing for the past ten years, and the answer wasn't different, as he expected: "Tommy, we spend almost every moments together, I need this time for myself!" Ben stopped and looked at him – "You're a grown man now, you can handle spending the nights inside the hut!" "I know that! But I get worried about you! That forest is very, very dangerous!" Tommy looked at his much bigger brother with his cutest face but Ben didn't buy the excuse: "Don't you always say I'm the strongest man in the world? So, don't you worry this pretty little head with that! Now let me rest a little bit. Ben proceeded in his way to the hut, and Tommy humped on his wide back, getting a ride with his hero brother. Inside the hut, Ben went to the bed, opened his arms – Tommy knew he was inviting him to join the afternoon sleep along with him – and he accepted – not because he was tired, but just to get the chance to feel Benjamin's unearthly muscles once more. Ben hugged his brother firmly and as he leaned over his black hard muscles. In a matter of seconds Ben was sleeping deeply, but Tommy kept watching his breath inflating his monstrous chest, the hardness and warmth of his incredibly huge guns, the outstanding proportions of his legs and the list goes on and on, and reached the monumental cock. It was so thick and long even when totally flaccid, almost reaching Ben's knees. Tommy couldn't avoid staring to the freak dick, he spent most of the time admiring the power and beauty from afar. Tommy had to get up before he went hard once more. He managed to get out of Ben's grip and the big black brother just turned to the other side and resumed his sleep. But it didn't take much to wake Ben up from his sleep. A mere bump Tommy gave in something on the ground was all of he needed. Ben was back on his feet: "Is everything OK with you?" Ben asked worried. "I'm fine, Ben! Go back to sleep." Tommy smiled as he grabbed the things he had accidentally bumped. "Well, since I am already up, why don't we get something to eat?" Ben said rubbing his hands together Tommy smiled, because he had already fixed Ben a snack – he just eats all the time, so it wasn't hard to predict his excuses for "snacks": "Thanks, bro!" Ben smiled with his whitest of teeth and devoured the fruits Tommy gave him.

The moon was ready to rise in the beautiful tropical sky, and Ben was preparing to leave. Tommy was sitting on the ground near the fire with a sad look on his face. He looked at Ben when he walked out from the hut ready for his "night out". Ben always had this strange look on his face during the days just before each full moon. He seemed to be more mature, manlier, more secure in himself! His muscles shone under the moonlight! Ben carried his spear with him. He didn't really need it since no animal could stand up to his strength, but he took it with him anyway: _I'm leaving now! Take care of yourself, little brother! – Ben tussled his hair and started running towards the forest with Tommy's gaze following him all the way until he disappeared into the woods. The blond little brother smiled in a resigned, "There he goes again" sort of way and stared up at the shiny sky. "It's always like this," he thought to himself! "He leaves me here all alone and goes off on his night of `exploration' he calls it; I wonder where he goes…." Though frustrated, Tommy wasn't sad anymore, because he well knew that there was a bright side to this. Sure, every time Ben left, he felt lonely and feared for his safety, but a day or two later, he returned, and when he did, he was ALWAYS SO MUCH BIGGER, and that meant that going to bed would be more fun than ever because there was always MORE of him to play with! He could barely wait. After each trip, Tommy would climb all over Ben, tracing out each muscle, first with his fingers, and then with his tongue – sometimes just light touches or licking, sometimes sucking, and always making Ben breathe harder as he went along. And after two or three muscles, he'd make a return trip to the mighty cock, which Ben had given up trying to keep soft at bedtime. As son as Tommy climbed into bed and touched his huge, square mounds of pec muscle, or his hard, striated thighs, or his solid, satiny muscle ass, Ben's cock went rigid and stayed that way throughout Tommy's own forms of `exploration.'

It was the same after every trip – the last time he returned so HUGE that hey had to make the door bigger once more. Ben tried to toss it off as another coincidental "growth spurt". Tommy pretended to believe that but…, during every full moon? He figured something else was going on and even suggested as much, but Ben wasn't talking, but as far as Tommy was concerned, Ben couldn't be too big, so he really didn't care. But he did know that Ben would always come back bigger, harder, and stronger after every trip, so he was happy. •

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