Muscle Visitor

By Muscle Wimp

I'm sitting in my room at the dorm studying. As a senior I have a single room, a small single room, there is barely enough room for my desk, chair, bed, and a small sink. The room is so small I usually study with the door open, as I am this night, it's Thanksgiving break and the dorm's deserted, I think I'm the only one here, my parents are going through a messy divorce, so there's no reason to go clear across the country for a few days. My name is Pat, a history major, I'm about six feet tall (183cm) and your classic, unathletic nerd wimp. I've tried lifting weights and proper nutrition but I still weigh 160lbs. (73kg) and have a scrawny body with stringy muscles, people say I have a nice face, a little pale from too much studying and I have brownish blond hair and green eyes. I'm also gay and a virgin, I'm too shy to come out in college and Masters College is too homophobic to risk it anyways, the jocks would bash you to a pulp. I've never risked going to a gay bar, my shyness again, and so I've never had a relationship, although in my dreams I've had many a freaky musclestud.

While I'm puzzling over a book on the Roman Empire, research for a paper, I hear a knock on the open door. "Hey Pat, can I come in?" I look up, it is Eric, I remember he was going to spend Thanksgiving at his girlfriend's in a nearby town. I immediately forget about my studies. "Uh sure Eric," I reply. Eric is one of my fantasies, 5'9" (175cm) and sixty pounds (27kg) heavier than I, all of it muscle. Eric was on my freshman hall and I admired his muscles then and kept on doing so. Eric has straight reddish blond hair, cut so it flows straight down his head ending at the top of his neck in the back, and bangs that cover his forehead except for where his hair parts. Eric has blue eyes, a slightly turned up nose, a not too deep cleft chin, and a ready smile. He walks in and sits down on my bed, the only other place to sit in my room.

This visit is unusual, Eric and I are not friends, more like acquaintances, we see a lot of each other because we have many friends in common, but we have little else in common. Eric is a chemistry major, I history, he's a jock, a wrestler, while I can barely do a pull up. I also suspect he knows I'm gay, because I've ogled him so much, but Eric never kept away from me, he sits with me at the cafeteria, often stops and talks to me on campus and seems an all around nice guy, and he's good looking.

Besides his handsome face, Eric has great skin, clear, that tans to a nice bronze color with just a hint of freckles that set off his muscles. Tonight he's wearing a wrestling team T-shirt that shows off his shelf-like pecs, while his biceps, even relaxed, seem to strain the short sleeves, his forearms alone are more developed than my biceps! Eric has some old sweats on, probably from high school, he's outgrown them, his muscular quads strain them, as do his calves.

Eric was pretty big when I first knew him and, under my adoring eyes, he'd gotten more massive each day of our freshman and sophomore years, and was also a star of the wrestling team, making state champion in his weight class sophomore year. I didn't see him junior year, I spent it on an abroad program. Friends told me, however, that he hit a slump, his weight dropped, his muscles lost definition, and he was pinned more often than not while wrestling. Some guys speculated that he was trying to quit steroids. The only bright spot was his girlfriend, he'd never had a steady girl before, he returned from the summer more bulked up, and by now, near the end of the semester, he looks like he is starting to get ahead of where he was sophomore year.

"What's up?" I ask, turning around in my swivel chair so I'm facing him, sitting on the bed. Eric looks nervous, his forearm muscles bunch as he twists his hands together, while he stares at the floor. Eric looks up at me, a nervous smile on his face, "Laura (his girlfriend) broke up with me today." "That's too bad," I say, sighing. "Here we go again," I thought, "another broken heart cpr chat." Even if they don't suspect I'm gay, guys and girls view me as "safe" since I don't date and they often dump their broken hearts in my lap. I'm pretty good now at lifting their spirits.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask. "Yes!" Eric says with such force that I could tell he was angry. "OK, just let me close the door, no one's around but some security guy might show," I said. While I do so, Eric gets up and goes to my lone window and pulls the blind shut and sits back down on my bed. Eric stares at his hands, I sit down beside him and place my hand on his left arm, he looks up at me. I say, "How can I help?"

Eric turns his head and looks at me with such anger and something else I can't define that I recoil, pulling my hand off his arm and starting to back away from him on the bed. Like lightning, Eric wraps his powerful arms around me, stands up, and slams me into my bed!! I'm face to face with a clearly angry Eric, pinned under his 220+ pounds, his massive arms are wrapped around me, my chest to his chest, while my arms are trapped by his arms. I struggle, but only get my hands trapped underneath his brick-like abs.

"Eric?" I say. Before I can say more his arms give me a painful squeeze, and the air rushes out of me, I can't talk, I can barely breathe. "Quiet wimp!" Eric says, "I do all the talking now! Just listen! You are the reason Laura and I broke up! She doesn't know it, but I do, she says when we have sex my mind is somewhere else these days. She's right, I've been fantasizing about you and your wimp body!! I noticed you looking at my muscles freshman year and I liked it, when I'd work out I'd imagine how much you'd like it if this or that muscle was bigger, stronger, harder. I grew, I grew beyond my wildest dreams! The more I thought of you, with your wimpy, scrawny body, worshipping my muscles, the more I grew. I got scared, 'Maybe I'm gay', I thought, but I couldn't get you out of my mind. Then you went away for junior year, I made Laura my girlfriend, mostly because she gave me sex whenever I wanted. I tried not to think about you, and I almost succeeded at that but failed at everything else, by the end of the year, I was back to where I was before my freshman year, I was weak and getting weaker, I was losing ground.

"Laura was happy, she thought she was lifting my spirits, but I knew what I needed to do. This summer, all I did, all day, every day, was fantasize about you. You! Worshipping my muscle and power!! And I grew! I put on two years' worth of mass in two months! Then I realized, if I could do this by fantasizing, what could I do if I had the real thing?! I became obsessed with you!! Laura could tell my heart wasn't in it and just called the whole thing off, she was the only reason I stayed away from you.

"Now listen," he says, he doesn't have to, I am all ears. This gorgeous hunk, this muscle stud, wants me to worship his muscle! He sounds crazy, but I don't care, this is my chance!! "Listen!!" he says again, giving me another tight squeeze, I'd been distracted by my disbelief at my luck. "You will worship my muscle!" Eric says, "You will be my wimp slave! I want to see your scrawny body next to mine to show off my power. I want you to lick my muscles, to marvel at my power, so I can grow beyond my wildest dreams. You must say 'Yes, master' to this offer, if you don't..." and he gives me the tightest squeeze yet, every particle of air is forced from my lungs, my ribs seem about to crack!! "If you don't," repeats Eric, "I will crush you like an egg, and I can do it too!!" I don't doubt it, he is crushingly strong!

Eric relaxes his grip, I can breathe again, talk again, he looks at me expectantly, his anger gone. Now I can identify the other expression on his face, lust!! Now, between our tightly pressed bodies, I notice that both of us have growing hard-ons. "Yes, master," I say, grinning. "Don't cry for help," he says grinning back. "We can be as loud as we want, master!" I say, "The dorm's deserted!"

Eric releases me and stands up, he seems unsure of himself, like a boy who has gotten a present he's always wanted, but doesn't know how to use it, he smiles uncertainly. I remain lying on the bed, staring up at him. He is magnificent!! Eric is breathing heavily from his lust and the exertion of totally dominating me. Eric's muscles are so defined, what will they look like when he flexes? I'm about to find out!

"Please, master," I say, "Rip off your clothes!" He grins, grasps his T-shirt by the collar, and pulls. With a loud "rrripp!!" it tears apart like tissue paper, revealing his upper body, he rips the sleeves apart and throws away the useless rags. His chest is like granite in its power and definition, his pecs like two enormous slabs, each with erect nipples pointing almost straight downwards, veins stand out on them. Eric's arms are like my legs, even relaxed his biceps are enormous. His column-like golden neck (he must go to a tanning salon) is set off by the swelling mounds of his traps and delts. I love abs, and Eric's are the seldom seen eight packs, his navel looking like a hole in the cement of a brick wall. Eric's lats, even relaxed, hold his arms out at a slight angle, he has those striations in his side that I've always wanted to lick on a guy.

I hadn't seen Eric with his shirt off since freshman year, and he'd come a long way beyond then, I had seen his legs in shorts, so I am more prepared for the spectacle that awaits me. Eric kicks off his shoes, he isn't wearing socks. He grabs the waistband of his sweats, one hand at each side of his waist. Eric pulls up with those massive arms of his, suddenly the crotch rips out of the sweats with a loud "sssnnapp!". The legs of the sweats rise like a stage curtain, revealing first his great calves, then his massive upper legs, the legs of the sweats exploding apart as they reach this massive obstacle. Eric by now has torn the waistband of the sweats apart and throws them away too. His defined legs are amazing pillars of power, pulsing with veins, gold set off by tiny reddish freckles that seem to make his muscles more evident, and these are relaxed!

Eric is wearing a pristine white jock, the package within, which I have not seen since the showers of our freshman dorm, has also come a long way. The semi-erect five inch cock and egg-sized balls seem much bigger than four years ago. Eric once again grabs the waistband and hauls upwards, the bottom of the crotch breaks out and the jockstrap lifts up revealing his bobbing cock and swinging balls. Eric's groin is the only area besides his head that has his reddish blond hair, he is so smooth he must have shaved his armpits for Laura.

Eric's not done with the jock, he pulls the intact waistband up his side, places his fists at his sides, and rolls out a magnificent lat spread, wings of power that snap the waistband behind him, ripping the remaining fabric. The useless jock springs from his body and falls on my face on the bed, more than six feet away!!

There Eric stands, a vision of masculine power. I brush the jock away, getting a whiff of its manpower smell, and leap from the bed, crouching on the floor. I look up at my muscle master and say, "Please, master, flex for me!" Eric looks down at me, he is no longer the little boy with the present he doesn't know how to use. "Not yet!" Eric says, bending over and lifting me to my feet, "I want to see your wimp body next to my massive bulging muscles." I am taller than Eric, his head about level with my eyebrows, but he confidently looks me in the eye, grabs the collars of my rugby shirt and undershirt, and pulls them to shreds with his tremendous arms.

Then Eric lifts me by the front of my corduroys, my chest suddenly on his head, I grab the back of his magnificent neck to balance myself. Eric's arms do their power trip again, I can feel and hear my belt buckle break, flying into Eric's abs with a "Thudd!!" that sounds like it hits tightly packed sand. The cords' burst, apart along with my underwear, and Eric pulls my shoes and socks off and then grabs my waist and lowers me to the ground, moving beside me so we both face the long mirror on the back of my door.

"What do you see, wimp slave!?" he asks. I look in the mirror, I am thin, some ribs even show, "I see my unworthy wimpish scrawniness, next to your crushing muscles, your bursting biceps, your severing shoulders, your power towers of legs, your cracking brick-abs, your swelling lats, and the beefy might of your pecs and back!" As I speak, Eric becomes more serious, and his muscles seem to swell, he stares at our images in the mirror, but I think he likes what I had to say, for his cock begins to rise, and mine begins to catch up. "Enough!" Eric says, "What do you want?"

"I want to see you flex, I want to worship your terrifying power, you fucking, brickhard, bonecrushing, musclecocked, immensely powered, MUSCLESTUD!!" Eric shudders, every muscle seems to ripple, and every muscle seems bigger too! Eric's face has a rock-like, grim expression, an expression of sheer arrogance, arrogance backed up by irresistible, absolute muscle power, then he steps in front of me and smiles. It is a monstrous smile, I had never been afraid of Eric before this, even when he was threatening to crush the life out of me, but now I am afraid.

This is a man of such power, such pure sexuality, that if it would be pleasing to him, he would rip my body to shreds without a thought. Eric would never give in, he would do anything to increase his already vast power so nothing and no one could resist him. Eric reaches out and holds my naked, trembling body, his hands under my shoulders, would he crush my life away? "Don't be afraid," he says, not gently, but with that same arrogance. I suddenly realize that Eric had seen something at that moment, had a vision of his greatness, a greatness that he would somehow achieve through me. I was safe, Eric would never hurt me, as long as I worshipped his relentless bulging power.

My relief is momentary, Eric picks me up and tosses me onto my bed as if I weigh nothing at all, the wind momentarily knocked out of me. "Stay there, slave, I will flex for you, but don't worship my muscles until I ask you." Then he turns so I can see him and his mirror image and begins to flex. It is terrifying seeing those already big muscles flex and get harder. He begins with a pecs flex, and I am amazed to see the shelf-like projections swell up so far they almost meet his chin, I gasp, and he smiles, I realize I can shout my approval. "Oh Master!!" I say, "What blasting humps of power!!" His biceps follow, cresting crags, with veins almost bursting over them, and peaks that look as hard as Pikes Peak. "You could crush a car with those biceps you fucking MASSIVE MUSCLEMONSTER!!" I scream. His triceps and forearms, "What a surging mass of power master!" I yell.

Next his lats, impressively striated, making his torso appear like a living triangular buttress that could support the world! "What wings of OVERWHELMING MASS, you powerful, cockbursting, BRAWNMASTER!!" His back, rolling in mass with striations galore, his spine strangely visible, setting off that bisected set of power muscles that could lift a star!! "What PILES OF ABSOLUTE POWER, you MEATY POWER STALLION!" Eric, stops, turns around, lifts an eyebrow, "Meaty power stallion?" he asks, smiling. "I'm sorry" I say, sheepishly, "Words fail me." "Then say more with less, besides, you haven't got far to go." He turns around and flexes ass, "I want those cheeks of power to crush me till I cry for mercy!" I shout. His legs back and front, those thighs the most massive muscles in the human body, his diamond-like calves, impossibly dwarfed by thighs that define the meaning of muscle mass! "Those legs could SPLIT OPEN THE PLANET!!" I scream.

Then, at last comes my favorite, his abs, what an avalanche of powerful, striated, veined muscle, bricks that could shatter a pile driver!! My cock has reached its limit, before I can blow, Eric assumes the most muscular pose, I almost can't speak, it's like Eric's muscle squeeze earlier, I have no breath, I'm about to burst.

Eric is a vision not just of power, not just of beauty, but of some terrible, awesome thing in him straining to get out. Like a muscle butterfly visible through its chrysalis, his muscles seemed about to tear him apart, about to reveal something beyond all humanity, a power not seen since the age of giants, if then. Every muscle writhed and shuddered as his face grimaced in a paroxysm of ecstasy and pain, the paper thin skin making it seem as if a pulsing red power was growing in his flexing hardness that could never be conquered.

"You INVINCIBLE ERUPTION OF RAPING MUSCLE!!!" I yell as my cock bursts forth. It is the most torrential, shuddering, ecstatic orgasm I've ever had. My cum spews six feet! It showers over Eric who turns around and around until he is completely coated with cum. I am spent, spots dance in front of my eyes, I nearly pass out, but I don't want to lose that vision of absolute muscle, so I somehow stay conscious.

I feel I have no energy left until Eric says, "Now you may worship my MASSIVE MUSCLE," he yells, "lick your wimp-cum off my power-body!" I stand, no words, I begin licking, no spot is left untouched, I start with his pecs. I lick them and lick his nipples until they are clean and rigid, he flexes his pecs, they are like granite encased in a warm membrane. The valley between his pecs is next, he flexes slightly, and my chin, tongue and nose are squeezed, but not crushed, between his mounds of power. I go over his entire body, he continues flexing and shuddering, his muscles seem to be harder and harder. I really can't put the experience into words, his biceps flex and relax, massaging my face and tongue as I clean him off. Eric's biceps are like egg-shaped rocks with an angled peak at the top resting on his other arm muscles. As I lick each bicep with the throbbing vein that crosses it, I grunt from deep within and Eric responds with a growl. His back is like a harp made of cords of powerful muscle that my tongue plays like an angel, once again, he flexes my face into the valley of his spine and then that of his ass. I did the legs, they were hideous in their strength and massivity, and they shuddered and trembled so quickly you could barely feel it. They had become so hard and chiseled that my tongue bled slightly, cut on some defined edge of muscle.

I do Eric's lats, which he flares out for me, I am once again totally aroused as I lick the striated joining of his lats and ribs. This area is the anchor and base of enormous muscle power, the muscles and tendons are as bone hard as the ribs they join! I work my way up to Eric's hairless armpits, and drink in his scent of husky manpower. Eric flexes and engulfs my face in these powerful muscles which could crush my skull like a grape!

Next I do Eric's face, he has been silent throughout, except for groans that come from deep within. His face has a dazed look on it, as if he barely notices me, and is looking into some deep mystery. I bet I have the same expression on my face. Then I do his abs, I have saved the best for last. I lick each brick of muscle, they are so hard, so well defined, I grunt with pleasure. Still licking, I punch my fist, hard, into his abs, there is no give, my hand smarts. I finally speak, "Oh master! What hunks of hardness and power!!" He grunts from deep within, my tongue is in his navel at this point. Suddenly my tongue is pulled deep into his navel by muscles I never knew existed, he's the only one with them. Meanwhile, my WHOLE HEAD is engulfed in ab muscle, like softly coated plates of vibrating steel, this hurt a little, I'm sure I'm bruised. HOW IS HE DOING THIS? NO ONE CAN DO THIS!!! Maybe that chrysalis is breaking to show the muscle butterfly. He releases me, I finish the bottom two of his eight abs.

I haven't noticed his penis until now, with a start I realize that even though it's a fully erect 10" it is not sticking up, it has been pointed straight down at the floor while I was doing his abs. Eric has full control over this muscle too! He raises it up fast, the dong slaps me in the chin, hard, and snaps shut my open jaw. It's so strong! Like the rest of him.

I clean the penis of its precum and my cum and fit it's cut clean end into my mouth. It fits, barely, and I begin to suck. "NO!" Eric says, loudly, "First I must show you my strength!" He gently pulls my head back and motions me to sit on the bed. "Do you want to see my power?!" he asks. "Yes," I say, "I want to see every bit of your SCREAMING MUSCLEPOWER!!! YOU RAPING MUSCLEFUCK STUD!!" I screamed.

Eric picks up the steel swivel desk chair. He rips the backrest off the chair, along with its steel supporting column, tears those apart and WITH ONE HAND EACH crumples them at the same time like pieces of paper, his forearms pulsing like angry pythons. "YOU ARE ABSOLUTE MUSCLE POWER!!", I yell. "YES!" he yells, 'I WILL BE PURE MUSCLE!! Will you obey?" he asks, as he tears the seat off the chair, and rips the steel seat and plastic cushion in two with both hands backed up by swelling muscles in his forearms, pulsing and knotted like an unstoppable stream of golden lava. Eric takes the chair's supporting column from the wheels, takes its steel sleeve and crumples it like paper around the central column and then BENDS it into a knot which he tosses aside. He smiles at me, I am speechless, how is this possible, where does he get this power? Eric's smile vanishes, he glares at me, I tremble, he says slowly, in a strong but quiet voice "WILL YOU OBEY?" I can only nod. He looks at me intently, "You doubt my power." It is a statement, not a question. I am silent.

He smiles an almost lighthearted smile, but one full of that arrogance of power. "Perhaps this will convince you," he says, and turns around revealing the iron triangle of his back. Eric leans over my desk and with his arm of power sweeps everything off of it, books, computer, paper. Eric takes each steel drawer out and dumps its contents and crumples each drawer like foil, tossing them into a corner. Then Eric picks up the desk, holds it over his head (the dorm, an old mansion, has twelve foot high ceilings), his biceps bulge, his pecs into vein crossed mounds, his delts and traps form flowing rivers of power. The desk, Formica topped steel with supporting beams, begins to creak, there's a "CRRRAAAACKKK!!!" as the Formica breaks, and the desk bends completely in half. Eric throws the desk behind him, it lands on its side with a crash, its bend facing the wall.

Eric and all his massive muscle does a back flip over the desk, what strength and grace, he's not musclebound, he's as agile as an Olympic gymnast!! He lands on his feet near the point of the bend and places his hands over either side of it. Eric pulls, his pecs, lats, trips and forearms bulging with his biceps taking a little of the load and his delts and traps straining. The desk doesn't tear, it doesn't rip, it doesn't crack, it "SCREEEEAAAAMS" itself apart, and there is Eric, triumphant, standing between both halves, pumped to the max, muscles twitching, it seems as if sparks are flying off him as sweat falls in drops off his steaming, panting body.

"YOU ARE PURE TRIUMPHANT TOTAL MUSCLE ENERGY!!! YOU ARE THE SCREAMING RAPING MUSCLEPOWER DESTROYING STUD. YOU ARE ALL, IT'S ALL YOU!!" I scream. "Yes," he says lustfully, staring at me, "It's all me! Pure muscle is coming for you, wimp! Pure power is going to make you his plaything!!" It was a terrifying sight as Eric strode towards me, I was afraid, but paralyzed by his awesome power and beauty. He walks slowly toward me. There is no escape, Eric's power shone out of his erupting biceps, his raptor-like lats, his legs that could crush anything by their twisted corded power, his pecs like two halves of a hydraulic press, and his abs, like an oncoming unbreakable brick wall! And his cock!!! It must be 15" long by now!! It is totally rigid, it stands out from his body like a unicorn's horn, moving as he moves, not swaying, only his now orange-sized balls do that. It is not a horn, it is a rod of pure muscle power, it is the pure energy spear on which I would be skewered, we were beyond sucking now. It pointed straight at me, I was ready to die.

Yet in all this Eric does not lose his beauty, his face still has that boyish ecstasy and joy that I had seen in him before, I enjoyed more than his muscles. His reddish blond hair gleams in the light, his piercing blue eyes pierce my green ones, and he licks his lips in anticipation of reaching me. Eric's teeth are gritted, he says, over and over, "It's all me, it's all me, it's all me."

Eric reaches me and picks me up, he looks down at my cock, my total fear has made it flaccid. "It's all me," he says, "I will make you my plaything of total pleasure." "Yes, muscle master," I reply. He hoists me above his head, I am facing down as he presses me up and down. I see his massive arms flex as he lifts me up and down. He repeats, "It's all me, it's all me." I join in, "It's all you, it's all you." My cock begins to harden under his left hand that supports my crotch, lust is conquering fear.

Eric lowers me, "It's all me," he says, "It's all you," I reply. Eric flips me, his hands beneath my ass and shoulder blades, and curls me up and down, sucking my hardening cock. This is great, my face almost touches Eric's peaked bicep as I travel up and down. I even manage to give his bicep another lick with my outstretched tongue. Soon Eric is satisfied, I am near to bursting. "It's all me," he says as he places me on the bureau by the bed, props my legs on his shoulders and thrusts into to my virgin asshole. It hurts, but not much, his superhuman muscle control allows his cock to shrink as it passes through my sphincter, swelling slowly enough to stretch my hole and combine perfect pain with pleasure. Eric backs away from the bureau, supporting me on his muscle rod and his now super hard arms.

He pumps me up and down as his biceps flex, his super thighs thrust, and my slick penis slides, half crushed, half pumped in the central valley of his super abs. I feel up Eric's biceps, abs and pecs which flex and relax in time with the rhythm of the pulsing musclecock inside me. Eric's muscle rod sends pulses of pleasure through my insides, his absolute muscle control means it bends and coils like a snake inside me, it is beyond the best cramping, relieving shit I have ever had and I am transported by pleasure. I know not how long we keep this rhythm up, our animal grunting relieved only by our chant of "It's all me, It's all you." Slowly, we realize we are falling short, something is missing, his pumping slows, as does my feeling of his pecs, abs and massive guns. "It's all me?" he says, hesitantly, he and I are both on that frustrating, painful edge of bursting, that painful edge between great rapture of full sensual erection and the pure pleasure of the explosion of climax. We seem unable to reach climax, something more is needed. I break the chant, "Master, I love your absolute muscle cock!" He looks at me, some insight passes between us. Eric slowly lifts me up to the tip of his cock, now he must look up at me, he doesn't look dominant, just thoughtful. "Yes!" he says, "I am what you are." "Yes!" I say, "WE ARE ONE!!"

Eric pounds me down on his muscle rod, my head is thrown back, back arched, my penis arched over my body, away from his. We both come at once. It is indescribable, my body spasms, I feel as if pure energy flows through me and out my penis, and slams into the wall and ceiling above the bed. "If I die," I think, "this is the way to go!!" It is like being electrocuted and massaged everywhere, all at the same time. I look at Eric, he looks at me, suddenly I am looking at Pat, me, from Eric's body, I feel his power. For him the ecstasy is one of total dominating energy, filling and overflowing me, Pat, his chosen vessel. It is like being pure dominating, vibrating energy, like Niagara Falls. He is not arrogant, he wants power, power to do good, power to crush and destroy evil. I pass back to my body, and meet Eric on the way, his understanding of me is communicated to me. Eric understands that I have love and wisdom and wish to serve him totally. Another surge goes through me, it is too much, I pass out.

When I come to, I am in the same position, poised on Eric's muscle cock. Eric is absolutely rigid, I can't even tell if he's breathing, his flesh is warm, but totally hard, his eyes are glazed and unseeing, I could die on this perfect rigid bronzed, freckled statue. "Master?" I ask, no reaction. I summon all my courage, "Eric?" He blinks, suddenly seeing me. Eric lifts me off his cock, it shrinks back to normal size, again, absolute control.

I go weak in the knees, I am so spent by my musclefucking climax. I nearly fall down, meanwhile, Eric is stronger than ever, he gathers my slumping body in an embrace, pressing my face to his massive pecs. Something has changed in me, I don't know quite what, I begin to cry. Eric is so strong and beautiful, a massive, gorgeous hunk of overwhelming power, what did he see in me? Why was he attracted to my wimpishness, what did I have that released such titanic energies in him? My tears of joy, worthlessness and disbelief stream onto his burly pecs.

"There, there," Eric says soothingly, he helps me to stand, still slouching, lifts my chin, and kisses me full on the lips. I am amazed to realize that this is our first kiss. Eric's muscular tongue enters my mouth, swirls around, and seems to reach my tonsils, his strong arms envelope me, I feel so safe and protected. Our lips part, "Don't worry, wimpster, I'll keep you safe, I have strength enough for both of us," he said, and he gave me a tight squeeze like he did when all this began. "I don't understand," I say, still sniffling, "Where did you get such awesome power? Eric, you're superhuman!!" Over his shoulder I can see the dismembered desk, the twisted steel. "I don't understand either," he says, "but we'll figure it out in the morning." I looked at the clock, which had miraculously survived on my bedside table, it was 12 midnight, we had been at it for around three hours, it seemed too quick and too long a time, too quick for all that had changed in both of us, too long because time had seemed to stop in our ecstasy.

I realize how tired I am, Eric gently lifts me onto the bed, he then goes over and turns off the light switch and lies beside me in bed, cradling my body in his power arms and super thighs. "Master, I'm sorry I called you Eric," I say. "That's all right," he replies, "You've earned that right." I fall asleep in his warm, loving arms, they are relaxed but their power is evident, his shoulder and arms are like warm soft steel, ready to harden into astonishing power for my protection. I sleep very well.

I wake up to a faint grunting sound, Eric is on the floor doing push-ups, his arms and chest bunching up nicely. Eric looks up at me, grins, and flips to his back, doing sit-ups. He knows how much I love his abs. The blocks and ridges flex and grind together with crushing power. Even after last night I feel a hard-on coming on. "Look at this," Eric says, and leaps to his feet. Eric then begins to flex, not massively, but in a way that shows his total muscle control. From low down on his legs a ripple of flexed muscle travels up his body, like a ripple on a pond. A thin circle of flexing, rising and rising up his quads, waist, abs, arms, chest, neck, and even through the tiny muscles of his face. "Wow!" I say softly. "Yeah," says Eric, "Cool, huh?" But there is a note of puzzlement in his voice.

"What's bugging him?" I thought. Instantly I knew, I could read Eric's mind! He looks at me sheepishly, having sensed my contact with his mind. I decide to address what's bugging him in a little while, meanwhile, something's bugging me. I realized at some point that Eric had done everything I'd asked him to do, even though they were requests or begging pleas. I decided to ask him to do something silly, and see if he complied. "Eric," I ask, "Please do a handstand."

"OK," he replies, and soon he is balanced on his hands by the side of the bed, his upturned face grinning at me. "Now," I asked, "Please pick me up with your legs and press me over your massive monster body." This was silly, but he did it, he arched his body into an impossible bow of muscle power, his legs reach the bed, one leg slips under me, another over me. Then I am lifted in a powerful scissors lock between Eric's thighs, crushing columns that could crack my spine and shatter my ribs. I am facing Eric's massive left quad, by turning my head I can see his arms flex as he begins pumping us up and down on those absolute arms. As he pumps, Eric flexes his thighs, up and out, down and in, my breath is forced from my body and I breathe in time with the flexing. I begin licking the thigh in front of me, amazed at the hardness of every nook and cranny.

"Look, Pat," Eric says, I look down, amazed, Eric is balancing us on his left arm alone! He pumps us up and down on that one arm while flexing his right arm into its impossible peak of power. Eric's left arm continues to thrust us up and down like a piston of pure muscle energy. We both have raging erections by now and this is too much for me, my cock lets loose, spraying the remnants of my desk. This sets off Eric, whose muscle cum hits the opposite wall with a loud smack. Once again, in our pleasure we are one. Our oneness is less sharp and powerful than before, but I can feel his muscle powered pleasure at dominating me while he can feel my joy in my wimpish submission to his power.

"Please put me down, my piledriving master of muscle!" I ask. Eric lowers me onto the bed, then he uses his mighty arms to catapult himself toward the ceiling and somersaults in the air, landing on his feet, his back to me. Wow!

I stare dreamily at Eric in the dazed aftermath of my orgasm while he puts on an old turtleneck of mine and some baggy sweat pants that he finds in my bureau. Eric is beyond anything he was before my wimpish worship and his flexing had grown his muscles. Now Eric's muscles packed his body like perfectly fitted steel plating, Eric is solid muscle power.

Eric turns to face me, that look of puzzlement on his face again, "I'm going to the gym," he says. "Why?" I ask. I had read Eric's mind, I knew what was puzzling to him. "You want to grow taller." I say. "Yes!" Eric said, "I've got control over everything except my height. Maybe a workout in the gym will give me that power, I want to be a colossus!" "I want you to be one too!" I say. "I want my unworthy wimpishness to be totally dominated by your muscular altitude! I want to be cradled in your massive arms like a baby while I suck your rock hard muscle tit!" Eric is getting excited at my adoring wimpishness, the sweats are tented out by his growing muscle rod, his muscles are swelling, straining at his clothes. "But I think you should stay here," I add, " you've acquired your powers here not there, and there's still a few things we haven't tried."

"Yes there are!" Eric replies, he reaches down picks me up, positions his hands under my ass and lifts me up to his shoulders. Eric's mouth engulfs my cock, his powerful tongue rippling across my growing penis. My cock is alive with the rippling energy of the muscle mouth of my master. "Oh yes," I say, "suck me dry, you stud!"

Once again we hit a barrier, for all Eric's muscle sucking greatness I'm on the painful verge for minutes this time instead of seconds. My hands are knotted in his reddish blond hair as I groan out, "I love you, Eric!!" Eric stops his sucking, lowers my crotch down to chest level, and looks up at me. "I love you Pat!!" Then he lifts me up again and swallows my cock. All the muscles of his mouth and throat squeeze and pump me and I come. Gallons of semen seem to stream out of me, Eric swallows it all, I collapse backwards, he gently lowers me to the bed.

Eric looks down at me, I look at him, I finally realize what has changed in me. I am confident of Eric's love, that's why I'd had the courage to call him by his name before. What does Eric see in my scrawny wimpishness? Eric sees someone who will always adore his dominant muscle power and will greet its growth without fear, only with wonder and love. Eric will do anything I ask that increases my wimp worship of him, in that way I have power over him, but I don't control him, anymore than a lion tamer controls his animals. I fulfill a need in him to grow and dominate, I love him, he loves me. I know what I have to say. "Master, please grow!"

Eric nods, as he does so his neck swells, and keeps on swelling, his traps, writhing, burst the collar of the turtleneck. Eric flexes his pecs, the shirt bursts open, he flexes one bicep, then the other, the sleeves fall away. He rolls out a lat spread, the remnants of the shirt explode away, his quads and calves and buttocks and penis rend the sweatpants to shreds. Eric rips the remaining shreds of clothing off of him, mostly around his wrists, waist, and ankles, he stands erect, and I suddenly realize he has grown, he must be over six feet already!

I realize the muscle butterfly is finally bursting the chrysalis of Eric's body.

Eric keeps on growing, his muscles are swelling and flexing like bubbling hunks of unstoppable magma from deep within the earth. Each flex of each muscle, neck arms, chest, sides, legs, ass, not only expand his muscles, they stretch his frame. Eric's muscle and skin are one, as he flexes his muscles seem to actually FLOW over and into each other, with the skin seamlessly joining and flowing around the constantly changing muscles. Eric's dick is flowing and changing too, expanding fully erect, with precum flowing down it, in proportion with his enlarging body.

All this time Eric is drawing deep rumbling breaths, UNNNH---HUHH, echoes from deep within the volcano of power that is his body. Eric stares at me, drinking in my wimpish worship, I am kneeling in front of him on the bed, my penis fully erect. "Do you like what you see, my wimpish master?" he says. I am momentarily struck dumb!! Eric calling me "master"? I know nothing could ever dominate him, but we are partners, equal partners in the fluxing energy that has made Eric invincible muscle. Eric must be 8' tall by now, "Yes," I say, "Please stop growing now, master," I say. I will never call him slave, even though I think he would accept it.

I step off the bed and stand in front of Eric, he is magnificent, his penis, 18" long by now, throbbingly arcs straight up his immense muscled body, the head nestling in between the bottom of the plateaus of muscle that are his pecs. This is about mouth level for me, I stare at that magnificent chest and grow weak in the knees. Eric steadies me as I walk over to him. I lick one erect nipple, then the other, Eric groans, I lick the tip of his cock and slide my hands up and down its cum-greased smoothness, a deep "UUNNGGHHH" rumbles from the depths of Eric's desire. "Please..., not...., yet....," he manages to grunt between teeth gritted in sensual pleasure. I look up at his now larger face, it is more defined than before with sculpted planes of muscle, it is red with the agonizing stimulus of preorgasm. Obviously Eric had plans, if he wanted to wait now, it would definitely be worth it.

That's fine with me, I have some plans too, a fantasy I've jacked off over many a time. "Please, you meaty power stallion," I say, "Lift me onto your shoulder." Eric smiles at the ridiculously apt phrase, he is now its fulfillment, he comes off his agonizing sexual peak. I am lifted by strong hard arms onto the muscled saddle of his left shoulder facing out, away from his head. My ass crack nestles against his hard traps, my balls and cock are nuzzled by his sloping hill of a delt. But I do not intend to stay here, "Please, my brawny steed, stretch out your arm," I say. He does, extending his left arm out, palm up, it is majestic in its power 33" (84cm) long. I shimmy out onto his arm, it does not bend or sway, it is like a steel beam.

I rest my crotch near his elbow, my ass crack up against his relaxed but projecting bicep, my balls and semi-erect cock lying across the base of his powerful forearm. "Giddyup!" I say, kicking my heels against Eric's muscled side, "I want to ride this bicep bronco!!" Eric laughs, "OK kid, but watch your head." He's right, I'm only about a foot away from the twelve foot high (366cm) ceiling, I'll have to bend over as I'm thrust upward. I wrap my hands around Eric's wrist underneath his giant fist, it must be 12" (30.5cm) in diameter! Eric chuckles, "Ride 'em cowboy," he says, and begins flexing. It is better than my most fevered jerk-off fantasy. My asshole is massaged by the rising rock hard bicep and pulses with pleasure, while my cum slick cock and balls slide up and down and up his sweaty forearm! It's hard to keep my balance, but I bury my heels in Eric's powerful lat wing and manage to hold on.

"You are the ultimate fucking power steed, YOU RAPING STUD OF PLANET CRUSHING POWER," I scream. "YES," he yells in his new deeper more resonant voice, "YOU ARE THE PERFECT WIMP, THE SCRAWNY WORSHIPPER OF MY GREAT SURGING POWER.!!

I hit my head a few times on the ceiling plaster, but it is worth it!! Eric's power arm, still level, is raising me a full foot!! What a bicep, what power, I can feel the surging vein over his bifurcated peak in my ass!! I am about to blow, but Eric has other ideas, he quickly shifts me over to his right arm, this time I face his head and he pumps my ass with this bicep, while my erect cock and balls slide along his delt and trap. Now nothing can stop me from blowing and Eric quickly grabs my right leg and shifts it over his left shoulder and places his hands under my ass, lifting by bursting cock to his mouth and engulfing it.

Eric had sucked great before, this surpasses even that. His power tongue engulfs my cock, I've never been big 5" (12.5cm) max, and Eric's enormous tongue completely surrounds my penis, massaging it in with expert, precise power. Suddenly, my cock begins to grow!! I am shocked to realize that Eric's dominance over me is absolute, he can make my body what he wants!! The experience of the growth is amazing, it feels like a multiple constant orgasm, but without coming. My penis snakes down Eric's throat, how he can get by without breathing I don't know, it pops through the sphincter of his esophagus and my head points into his stomach, it must be almost two feet long (61cm)!!

I climax, and pour gallons of spunk into Eric's stomach, where is it all coming from? I'm either totally dehydrated or I'm tapping into the power Eric possesses. Suddenly my dickhead is awash in spunk, and my penis, still pumping, retreats from this rising tide of wimp semen. The shrinking is an experience of excruciating pleasure/pain, my hands tear at Eric's hair, gripping the back of his head, the strands do not part, all of him is power. Eric presses on my ass, my balls mash against his chin and pop into his mouth where he milks them of the last of my spunk. Eric pulls my now flaccid and normal sized penis out of his mouth and lowers me until I am standing on the bed, my eyes are almost level with his.

My spunk seeps out of the corner of Eric's mouth as he gives me a tight-lipped smile, he has cum filling his mouth, throat and esophagus all the way down to his full stomach, so full it distends his brickyard abs. I suddenly realize what Eric is doing, he needs my spunk to grow!!

And grow he does, his muscles flow and bubble as before, the heat he sends out causes my face to sweat. Wider, bigger, harder, taller, stronger, and such beauty, Eric radiates health and confidence. It is clear his "arrogance" is not misplaced, he is total muscle dominance. Now more experienced in our ecstatic oneness, I can feel what it is like for Eric, and vice versa. Eric's experience is of a shuddering orgasm of every bursting, flowing growing muscle in his body. Even a fraction of this titanic crushing rapture is too much for me, I nearly faint and retreat to Eric's experience of me in his mind. Eric sees me running my eyes up and down his body the perfect wimpish contrast to his total muscle, the only one whose worship can bring out all his potential.

Eric's head touches the ceiling, he is now twelve feet tall (3.66m)!! He stops growing larger, but his muscles continue their bubbling for awhile, accommodating to his mammoth size, and to a standard of beauty not seen since the Titans walked the earth. I nearly faint at his beauty, the enormous arms almost six feet (183cm) long! And the legs, definitely six feet!!

I jump to the ground and gasp, the humongous legs dwarf my scrawniness, my six foot high head just reaches Eric's hip and I face his massive thigh, it's not merely massive, it's a whole subcontinent!! My own hip barely reaches to his knee and my thigh is shrunken compared the rock hard diamond of his calf. I embrace the thigh, my arms cannot encircle its mass, I kiss its rock hard, throbbing vascularity, Eric flexes it, I almost faint again.

I step back, bumping painfully into the bed, barking my calves, I pay no attention. I crane my neck up, up and up past the mountainous continent of perfect muscle that is Eric's torso. Eric's head is bent over his chest, he is grinning over the mesas of his pecs. "LIKE WHAT YOU SEE, MY WIMP-SHRIMP FUCK TOY?" he says in a voice more booming than before. "YES!!" I scream, my reedy ultimate volume not even coming close to his mere conversational tone. "YOU ARE A CRUSHING COLOSSUS OF POWER!! YOU ARE A CLIFF FACE OF ROCK HARD MUSCLE!!"

Eric grins and shudders, his cock becomes semi-erect, he looks down at me lustfully, drinking in my adoration, he starts to reach down to pick me up. "PLEASE NO!!" I yell, "I want to climb the cliff of your colossal muscle!" He nods, understanding. One of the few things I did in the college gym was climb around on the rock climbing wall they had there. I wasn't very good, not having the needed strength, but I understood the basics. I realize I am stronger, some of Eric's strength has seeped into me, my muscles are still stringy and wimpy, but now they at least have a wiry strength, I should make it.

I grip the top of Eric's thigh with my hands, gripping at crevasses in this diamond hard muscular obelisk, then I place my knee on his kneecap and hoist myself up. I place my other foot gingerly on Eric's semi-erect cock. "DON'T WORRY," he says, "IT CAN HANDLE YOUR WIMP WEIGHT!" He is right, even semi-erect it does not bob, with its support I swing my left hand over to his right lat, getting a firm grip, my right foot on the top of his left thigh and then my right hand goes to his left lat. I find this very arousing, my cock strains. I place my left toes into the middle gap of Eric's crushing eight pack abs. I hoist myself farther up, my left hand grips his rock hard right pec while my right hand grabs his left elbow just below the bicep.

"HURRY UP WIMPSTER, I'M DYING HERE!!" Eric says, I look down, his cock is fully extended, it's a little short of three feet, probably 31" (79cm)!! Throbbing, with precum drooling down its muscle rod length, Eric pushes it under my ass, "NO", I cry in fear, that monster would rip me apart! But Eric merely catapults me up. With an agility that must be a gift from Eric's overwhelming power, I help the throw by pushing up on his rock hard nipples. I stretch out my arms and grip his traps, we are face to face, sort of.

The top of my head meets the base of Eric's nose, my erect dick nestles in the valley of his power pecs, his penis arches past my ass and nestles in the small of my back.

Eric embraces me, and hoists me up, till we are eye to eye, my cock still well within Pec Valley. 'SO," Eric says, "YOU'RE THE FIRST TO CLIMB THIS MOUNTAIN. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO NAME IT?" He asks. "I NAME THIS MOUNTAIN, ULTIMATE MUSCLE!! YOU ARE ULTIMATE MUSCLE!!" I shout triumphantly, with total adoration.

"YES!!" Eric says, "I AM ULTIMATE MUSCLE!!" He kisses me, his mouth could cover my whole face, but he is gentle, swirling his muscle tongue quickly down and up my throat, before I choke. He is merciless to my cock, however, closing and opening Pec Valley on it, almost crushing it in masculine strength and then releasing it. Once again, I am in spasmodic rapture, my cum slamming into our chins.

Eric holds me close, and then cradles me like a baby, I realize with a shock that Eric's still growing, no that's not right, I'm around 32" (81cm) long, about half my height and perfect baby size. Eric's power is complete, he can shrink, or grow me at will!! I am cradled in Eric's left arm. I press my lip to Eric's left nipple, it is around 2.5" (6.5cm), Eric groans with pleasure as I suck for all I'm worth and grope the tectonic plate of his hairless, veined pec. Eric flexes and my face partly rolls under the shifting land mass, I give the nipple a bite and suck for all I'm worth and Eric groans and releases me.

I am shifted to Eric's right nipple, we repeat the process, at my side I can feel his impatient, nudging penis. Eric finally picks me up and asks, whispering, "Do you trust me?" "Completely." He smiles, I feel myself shrinking again, I am about 1' (31cm) tall now. Eric places me on the base of his cock, my face is about even with his navel. Eric turns and faces the mirror, "RIDE THE MUSCLE ROD, COWBOY!!" I hold on to the cum slick muscle cock with my hands and knees. Eric dips me up and down, I slide down until I wriggle my ass on his tip, my hands just holding onto the rim of his head. I slide back down the muscle banister, and slam into his brick hard abs, which he relaxes just in time. Eric tightens them for my licking, groping pleasure. Each ab is as big as my chest across, crushing bricks of solid muscle and power, with cracks of grinding energy between them.

Up and down, back and forth, I am frantic with rapture, but once again, I can't come. I hear Eric chanting, quietly, for him, "I am ultimate muscle!" I join in, "You are ultimate muscle!" I realize I'm growing again, each time I come back to the abs I'm a little higher up, what is going on? In our sensual mind meld I realize what Eric has in mind!! This is beyond human possibility. Up and down, back and forth, Eric is ultimate muscle, and we are headed for the ultimate orgasm, my ass and cock and balls are excruciatingly stimulated, as is Eric's rod.

Finally, I reach the proper height, I give one last ass wiggle to Eric's pulsing head, and slide down to ultimate muscle fucking orgasm. My cock slams into Eric's pulsing, sucking, outie, muscled navel; it is pulled inside this pit of muscle power! At the same time Eric, flexes into a most muscular pose, his muscles crunch down on my penis, just short of mashing it to a pulp. "EEERRIIIIC!!!" I cry. "I AM ULTIMATE MUSCLE", he shouts, like booming thunder. Then "AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" he, I, we, shout, and we come. It is an out of body experience this time. Joined in the ecstasy of total joyful oneness, we see my body pumping tides of spunk into Eric's navel to, where? Probably directly into his bloodstream, filling him with supercharged adoring wimp energy. Eric's cock belches an Amazon of muscle pumped cum that shatters the mirror and rocks the door on its hinges. "Seven years bad luck," is all I can think as I pass out.

I wake up on the bed, the clock still works, it is noon. Eric stands still above me, still twelve feet tall, he is once again a great bronze statue, totally hard and rigid. I suddenly realize he too is sleeping, invincible in his fortress of granitic muscle. "Eric?" I cry. Eric blinks and looks down at me, and he shrinks, and shrinks, until he's about 6'9" (206cm). "How's that?" "Fine, Eric, I always want you taller than me." "We can't stay here," Eric says. I look around the shattered, cum soaked room and realize he's right. Our future, our power has to be explored, and we can't do it here at Master's College.

"Where will we go?" I ask. "I have some money and property my birth father left me," he replies. "You're adopted?" I ask, stupidly. "Yeah, my real name's Eric Armstrong, not Eric Smith, my parents don't know about the money and property, it's a cabin in Montana, middle of nowhere. My birth father was an old guy even when I was born, my birthmother died having me. When he died, he left instructions that I was to receive the trust and cabin on my 21st birthday. His lawyer contacted me. No one knows about it. We can leave right now."

"What about our families?" I ask. Eric stares at me, through our merging he knows about my parents' divorce. "Mine will be satisfied with a postcard, what about yours?" I say. His family was pretty close, "If I write them a letter telling them I need to go off and figure things out, they'll understand. Hell, they're former hippies, did it all, commune, Woodstock. They'll be relieved I'm not such a straight arrow anymore!" I grin, "No, you're no straight arrow, you twisted hunk of burning love muscle." He smiles, I see the lust in his face, "Now, now," I say, "save that thought for the shower, then we have to find you some clothes!"



The trashing of one dorm room and the burglary of another have two obvious suspects, Patrick Clancy and Eric Smith. They left checks totalling a thousand dollars to pay for damages. We still have not figured out how the two of them trashed the room so completely, nor how they ripped the door off the hinges of a neighboring room. All that was stolen were some clothes of Lance Rodwin, a 6'9" football player, neither of the suspects topped six feet. The suspects left a check compensating Rodwin.

The pair abandoned Smith's car at the Masterville airport, Clancy boarded a Chicago-bound plane in the company of a 6'9" man, who falsely gave his name as Eric Smith, Smith was nowhere to be seen, perhaps another person is involved. The pair posted letters for their families from O'Hare airport, they stated their intention to take a year or so to "figure some things out." Once again Clancy boarded a flight to Cheyenne, Wyoming, with the tall man, they paid in cash. The whereabouts of Smith are unknown. The pair were spotted driving north in a Ford Bronco, newly purchased with cash, along with supplies and camping equipment. This vehicle too was later found abandoned on a logging road in Montana.

Many things are unexplained, especially the literally gallons of semen found in Clancy's trashed room. The vandalism occurred the eve of Thanksgiving day, so security on campus was minimal. One guard across campus heard a stereo pumped to the max, but since no one complained he did not investigate.

Our working theory is some sort of jerk-off fest, with enough big jocks to bend steel!! Needless to say, this theory is the least bad one. Since the college and Rodwin were fully compensated for damage, the matter is considered closed. •

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