We Love Muscle


By Freaker

My name is Max and my boy friend is Mike. We've practically the mirror image of eachother and have been working out for 3 years since we met and fellin love. Spotting and encouraging eachother, we often work out together nude sucking and carressing eachother to force out extra reps. It helps being the same height, 5'7.5" (171cm). Our arms are 17", chest 48", waist 31", thighs 26" and calves 17. We are both the same weight too, 198 lbs (90Kg).

A lot of guys at gym look at us and think we're perfect! The most common impression is correct. That we're narcissistic! That means because we're so much alike we see ourselves in eachother and we're in love with what we see. We like to FLEX when we have sex. And POSE.

Our favourite sex is to practice our BBING contest poses while the other circles and takes whatever opportunity presents to touch and slap the muscles during the set display. We love to verbalise too. Our favourite word is "Awesome" next to "Muscle".

We also love to workout nude and sport an erection at the same time if we can. There's nothing finer than to be doing bench Presses while Mike sits on my erection squeezing my Pecs for powering out maximum reps with maximum weight on the bar! Somehow it helps to take our mind off the strain and the bar often seems to float up! Or doing Curls with the other standing behind fully embedded while offering a steadying hand to the waist or holding the Pecs with musclular Arms wrapped around as we watch eachother, curling those max weights.

We take turns and finally turn and stare into eachother's deep blue and browwn eyes, sweat running down our faces in rivulettes dripping from our chins. Our whole bodies covered in sweat embrace with more muscle than there is room to fit it. But we want more. We both want to be Mr. Olympias and achieve what was denied Shawn Ray. The title: Mr. O title at 5'7". Though we think our height is perfect for a BBER. But it means to be Mr. "O" we'd have to have a competition weight of at least 300 cut to shreads.

------------------------------------------------------------ -----

One day I was leaving the gym. Packing up my bag when I spotted a business card on the bench. Curious as always, I picked it up and read it. It was an invite to be involved in a revolutionary new steroid they guarantee has no known side effects and calling on volunteers. It was a second round of tests as the first had proved a succes. Only this one will include som fine adjustments to the formula. I showed it to Mike when I got home. He had dinner ready and as usual we unclothed eachother before flexing before dinner. Our favourite is for us to go into a double biceps pose first, suck eachothers Biceps, give eachother a big hug, then kiss deeply before puffing out our chest drawing in a full lung full of air with a loud whooshing sound, flex our Pecs, and finally run into eachother to bounce off eachother's chest! Folowed by a side pose highlighting our narrow waists, huge chests and terrific Triceps!

Usually its impossible to stop at that point but tonight I distaracted Mike with this card I found. It sounded too good to pass up and after dinner we applied to be involved by sending an email.

2 days later a parcel arrives with the roids and instructions. It says expect to eat 3 times our normal diet, sleep like logs, have almost constant hard ons and within 2 hours start to feel the effects. We injected and true!. We could feel surges of power making us feel like working out. We had keys to our gym. We walked to gym. because we felt like it! 2 hours later we arrived. It was 11pm, no- one there and we started working out straight away. Did warm ups on the stationary bikes and it felt too easy. Like it was no effort even set to the maximum 10! In 4 minutes our legs were really PUMPED and we got off. Mike then looked at my veiny thighs and erection and jumped up! His arse reached my Pecs before he managed to wrap his legs around my waist facing me. We immediately kissed and hugged eachother as I started to do some squats.

Sparkes seemed to fly as surges of power filled my thighs like I'd never experienced before! The PUMP I already had was getting more and more intense every rep. It was incredible and I'd gone well passed the pain barrier! We were going "Oooo ahhh" all the time as surges kept cumming and I was "floating" as my cock went up Mike's bum. After 20 reps I started to shooting. One load of cum shot up Mike's arse every time I reached to top. Then he leant back and puffed up his chest, first he beat his own chest then he just flexed his Pecs and drum rolled his fists against mine as I powered upwards!

20 reps later he let go and fell back slipping off my cock and it sprang straight up slamming into my Abs like a hammar! He measured my Thighs! They were not 26" any more. They were an incredible full throbbing veiny 32". "Almost as big as Godzilla" Mike said as he knelt down and sucked my Tear Drops. I posed for Mike then and then he lifted me up by the waist and we repeated my set of 40 reps. Only this time his ManCream oozed from my tight sphinters as I fell back and as I slipped off some hit his chin when his Cock snapped back.

We then hit the squat rack after downing a large blend of protein mixed with a capsule that came with and roids. Patting eachothers Ab packs we noted how we didn't feel bloated after that litre of blended protein! If anything, our Abs looked deeper cut and we were much hotter to touch than normal. That was obvious as we loaded the bar to our usual 110 Kg (240#). But it felt so light! We could do endless reps if we wanted to so we added 20 more Kg (286#). Still too light? We set it to 150kg (330). No! Too light again!! Then a staggering 200 Kg (440) and finally it started to "feel" better. But 20 reps also fell short of our capabilities but we agreed to be cautious. Still, we didn't feel like taking turns and waiting so long betwen sets, so we set up a second squat rack and synchronous squats only resting for a quick pose n flex - about 15 seconds! And a quick kiss. After 6 sets I said "What's our heart rate". It comes in at 80! But the beats were solid! "This stuff realy works, Mike" I said flexing my right Arm and he rubbs my Abs with one hand and pulls me in somewhat sideways by my Back with his other and deep kissed me muttering "yeah, hhhhmmmmm".

We measured our Thighs again only this time they were GodZilla sized. A full 34"!

Another jug of blended protein and we laid down on the floor even though we were not in the least tired and kissed taking turns at being on top turning to notice in a mirror how huge and high our piled up thighs were! AND OUR COCKS STAYED FULLY HARD!!

Then! In the middle of our deepest tongue twisting probing kiss we very suddenly fell into a deep deep sleep. •

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