Brood, The

By Muscl4life

Hey guys! I am loving the weres vs. Vamps discussion! Here's my own were story hope you guys like it!

Ever since I was kid, I've always dreamt to be a Ranger – watch over the forest and protect its residents keeping them save from the fire and criminal hunters. I felt like I was some kind of hero, looking out for suspects at the top of my secret… "You're not daydreaming again are you kid?" The low powerful voice snapped out of my fantasies. I just felt so stupid for acting like that. "Sorry, Logan, I must have drifted off again!" I said putting the goggles on the table. I didn't realize he was back from his shift on the forest. "That's OK, Tim! I know there isn't much stuff to do here…" He said as he approached and tapped my back –"Man, this guy really STINKS!" I thought as he passed behind me soaking my shirt with his copious sweat, soaking me with the smelly salty liquid with the mere touch – "Oh, that's so fucking GOOD!" Logan said as he stopped in front of the air conditioning blocking the thing and spreading his smell all over the office. Don't get me wrong, although the smell was pretty rotten, I always loved to SEE its source coming through that door. Actually, it had to turn aside to enter the small office at the top of the watchtower! I ain't skinny myself! 5'10" 190 pounds of lean muscle, jet black hair blue eyes, very strong but Logan Finnegan was a legend among the Rangers. Not only because he was really one of the best men, but mostly because of his SIZE! With 6'11" tall he had to weigh over 400 pounds of pure hard cable corded muscle! And hair. I've never seen such a hairy man in my life. He had the most beautiful, full, shoulder length cascaded dusty blond hair, that he quite always kept tied in this pony tale, trying to make it less uncomfortable in the hot summer days. His uniform was very, very tight on his arms and chest, but you could really notice the hair coming out through the fabric. The arms were so tight around the sleeves; he just ripped them off his uniform shirts, regardless the dressing code, so I could see the forest under his armpits every time he lifted those enormous arms. His body was the biggest, the most ripped, the strongest thing I've ever seen! His face was pure manhood, he was gorgeous but absolutely not that Backstreet boys look, I mean he had the face of a MAN! Square jaw, strong, manly features, intimidating, almost fearsome, but absolutely HANDSOME! He had the thickest dusty blond side burns, which already begun to fade into a much lighter shade, just like the rest of his body hair. Along with those enormous driving glasses, Logan was for me the manliest man on the planet. "It's a fucking hell outside, kid! You should be glad you little but is here enjoying this cool air conditioning!" Logan said as he opened the little fridge and grabbed a whole gallon of water and gulped it down – I just nodded along as his Adam's pommel went up and down, freakishly as he finished his drink. "But I'd really wanted to go out and be outside, you know, feel the sun, smell the forest!" He just smiled, looked right into my face, and belched! We both laughed, and then he sat at his table, putting his enormous feet up and crossing his enormous arms behind his neck "It took me six whole months before my supervisor let me go on the shift! You are a fucking rookie, Tim! You couldn't stand one afternoon out on the bushes! The only time you're gonna be outside is when I am escorting you, and that's final! Now go fill out that paperwork I told you!" He put his hat over his head and was about to sleep. I just nodded, in a mix of anger and appreciation for such worry towards me, but I knew I could stand on my own, after all I ranked at first in drilling camp! I could be just as tough as Mr. Ranger there! Logan hissed and opened the buttons of his tight cut off shirt – the man was so damn big, everything seemed to be three sizes smaller! I could check once more his absolutely ripped 8 pack abdomen. His huge pectoral muscles, so wide they seemed to be twice the size of his tiny waist, and the hair, his body hair was so thick and yet it couldn't hide the sheer size of his muscles – I had such a turn on for this man, but I knew it would jeopardize my plans to the future, so I shifted my crotch (I started wearing tight underwear, to avoid sporting boners when Logan was around me, but even so it wasn't easy to do accomplish!) "Logan, what about those rumors we had about hunters on the west side? Were they true?" I asked trying to get my mind of his huge muscular body. "I checked it, but nothing seemed different" He said adjusting himself at the uncomfortable chair. I gulped at the mere sight of his bulging biceps. "But, what if they are hunting at night, most of those bastards use to do that!" Logan looked at me and smiled "Timmy, you're not going to patrol the forest at night, and that's final! I live very near the park, and have years of practice, believe me I'll know if any of those bastards try to make a fool of me!" "FUCK YOU Logan, just for once I'd like you to let me BE a ranger! I'm not your fucking secretary, I can take care of myself!" – I was so pissed I tossed the paperwork into his chest and punched the table hardly. "Bad move! Bad move!" I kept repeating mentally as Logan's expression changed from smile to an intimidating, scaring, terrifying look! My knees trembled as he stood up and I was facing –well, his lower chest, he gave me one serious look and then right when I thought I was dead meat, he smiled and hugged me, soaking me with his sweat: "FINALLY YOU HAD TO GUTS TO STAND FOR YOURSELF BOY!" Logan said as he returned to the fridge and grabbed another gallon of water. "I THOUGHT I WOULD HAVE TO MAKE YOU CLEAN THIS OFFICE TO GET ANY REACTION FROM YOU ROOKIE!" He sat on the table and gulped his water: "Those rumors were right, there are a bunch of bastards hunting in the woods during nights, and I've been tracking them, and tonight they're gonna get caught!" Logan smiled as he crushed the whole gallon with his enormous hand. "You wanna join me?" I froze, it was so unexpected! He never told me anything about that, and now he suddenly wants me to join him? "Only the both of us? Ain't that too risky? I answered approaching his enormous figure. He just smiled once more. "You think I'm crazy? I've already set everything up, there'll be reinforcements, I wouldn't risk your pretty little butt on a suicide mission, if I am asking you to come along, it's because I know anything bad can happen to you!" That's the other thing that got me going on Logan, when he hugged and spoke very slowly and clearly near my ear. His breath was so hot, so fucking smelling, I couldn't say no to anything he asked me that way. "Count me in!" I said and he hugged me once more, this time my nose was only a few inches from his armpit, and I couldn't stand the smell without having my eyes filled with water and my stomach almost ditching out my lunch. I had to cough loud, but what intrigued me was that I actually liked it! I had a boner right when I felt his smell, but the armpits essence was so strong I thought I was gonna cum right there! "Am I smelling that much?" Logan asked as he broke the hug. I was embarrassed but couldn't lie to him anymore. "I am sorry, I know you've been working alone here for quite a time, you just didn't realize, it's only your natural smell…" I said trying not to sound very wimp, and Logan laughed hard: "FOR HOW LONG WOULD YOU KEEP HOLDING YOUR BREATH? I WAS DOING THIS ON PURPOSE! YOU THINK SOMEONE COULD REALLY SMELL LIKE I AM AND STILL DON'T NOTICE?" He hugged me once more, but broke very quickly this time: "Look, you can go home now, I'll close up the post. Meet me at my hut at night around eight, and we'll be ready to teach those fuckers a lesson they'll never forget!" "Fine by me!" I said and prepared to leave. Although my stomach still felt so weird about the whole thing. Logan returned to his desk and prepared to take another nap time. "And don't worry, kid I'll take a shower, so they won't be capable to smell me from distance!" He laughed hard as I blushed and left the office. Right when I was almost reaching my car, Logan called my name from up the tower: "Hey, Timmy, it's a date, OK?" the huge Ranger said and busted into laughter. I knew what I had to do and I gave him the finger, joining him in the laughter, although deep inside I really wanted this to be date with all that incredibly built man. I sighed and turned the jeep on, driving to the city and prepare myself to my first night stalk. The night was so warm and clear, we were supposed to have a beautiful blue moon night – one of those which makes you want to fuck the under its charming light, that is if you have someone to fuck with you. From the main entrance of the park, I spotted the little road Logan told me to follow, and after ten minutes down the hill I finally arrived to Logan's house. I've always thought Logan would live in some kind of rustic hut like a hermit or something, with no electricity, telephone, or even piped water for that matter, but the so called "hut" was actually an enormous household, very comfortable and sophisticated. It was so large and fancy, and there was even a hot tub in the backyard! The building was very modern, and clean, something totally unexpected, judging by Logan's behavior… I got off the car and knocked on the front door, hearing noises of metal plates clapping into each other. Then he opened the door: "HEY TIMMY, WHAT'S UP?!" I've been used to see Logan's uncanny physique all day long in his tight Ranger uniform, but even so, I wasn't prepared for THAT! He wore just a pair of black tiny boxers, and his whole body was covered in the same smelly sweat as usually. In fact, I could swear he smelled even worse than ever! But who cares for his smell anyway? The man was absolute raw muscle power! Not even in my wildest dreams I could imagine someone had a body like that! His neck was just absolutely cable corded, his deltoids were so high, certainly over six inches high, totally covered with veins and thick hair. The size of his shoulders was outstanding, each one looked bigger than a bowling ball, ripped to the max, glistening and bulging unconsciously as Logan adjusted his enormous figure. A mere look at his chest could make one drop his jaw, the unbelievable size of the pecs, the sheer immensity, of each bouncing mound of brute flesh covered with thick forest of hair, that only augment the already impressive proportions of those pecs. The size of those nipples scared me at first, jutted and round like they had been kept on the ice, but then I was so charmed by such delightful sight, I wish I could have them in my mouth right then! The masses of hard muscles came down his 8 solid pack, covered with hair all the way to his love trail on his groin. Striated, over developed muscles struggled for space in those pillar of power he called legs, they twisted with the mere effort, flexing and relaxing in a sensual dance of muscle thickness. Man he must be really hairy there, because the boxers could barely contain the pubes coming from his crotch. Did I say crotch? WOW! The BULGE was amazing, if I could only touch the enormous cock that lies underneath the fabric of those skimpy boxers. I had to look up again, it could get too embarrassing! I focused on the giant guns of that colossal man in front of me. Each limb was humongous, bulging to my desiring eyes, like if they were telling me to forget everything and dig in their sweaty armpits and worship the statue of muscle who welcomed me at the front door (Oops! Am I still looking at Logan without saying anything?). "So, are you gonna come in, or you'd rather enjoy the view?" Logan smiled mischievously. I couldn't think in anything to say to him instead of "Good evening!" My giant boss laughed and showed the way to his magnificent house. I felt so embarrassed, but then he tried to make me feel more comfortable: "I am just finishing my work out, you mind waiting there until I'm done?" He asked with his hands on my shoulders –"Man, his smell is giving me a boner!" I tried not to think about it and just nodded as he leaded me to his gym. "You have a wonderful house, Logan! I gotta admit I didn't picture a guy like you living in such comfortable house!" I followed his enormous back to the wide gym. A very big mirrored room, with the most advanced gym equipment, just for him. How could he afford living in such style? "Yeah, it's pretty good for a place in the middle of the forest! But I love the peace I have here" He turned to me twisting his head from side to side, preparing to resume his work out. "Man, he seems even bigger than at office!" Logan grabbed a pair of curling bars and loaded them with huge metal plates, each one had to weight over 40 pounds!" "D-don't you feel alone in such big house with no one around you?" I asked nervously, trying not to look at the bulging on his arms and his veins popping out each time he curled the bars. His breath was deep and slow, but he didn't struggle that much to lift such heavy load. I mentally tried to count his reps, but I couldn't keep up after 20th, finally he eased the bars and took a deep breath: "Yeah, it can be pretty lonely here in the middle of nowhere" he approached me and I could barely hold my breath, his smell was so strong that time, I thought I would puke right there. My head keep spinning and I must have lost balance, but Logan was there to gently grab me and help me stand on my feet. "WHOA! Are you alright, kid?" He asked me nicely, I quickly said "Yes, just a little dizzy, I think my blood pressure is tad bit low". Logan smiled, opened the mini bar and grabbed a bottle of water. I gave a long sip and took a deep breath under his caring look. "I'm better now! It must the heat!" I said cleaning my sweaty face. Logan just turned his backs on me and resumed his training. "You kids are so sissy nowadays! Fuck, you're barely 20 years old and already have blood pressure problems? I am 47 and strong as a bull", he said grinning at me while he prepared to do his second series of biceps curls. "Now that you've mentioned it, you never told me you were 47 before! You look GREAT!" I said a little shocked to know that that mountain of man had actually twice my age and still got to be the most incredible man I've ever known! "Why, thank you!" Logan said as he curled his right biceps, they were so huge I could swear they were even bigger than my head. I saw a huge sweat drop forming at the peak of that mountain of muscle, rolling down the massive figure to be lost in the swamp of sweat his armpits became. Man, how badly I wish to lick him, from heat to toe! "H-how, big you are Logan, I mean…" The words couldn't come out of my mouth, I was just so nervous… "If you checked my records you'd say I am about 6'11" and 370 pounds, but I had to lie a little so they wouldn't freak out on me" Logan said casually as he loaded more weight in his curling bars – "But actually, I am a little bigger, 7'2" 430 pounds!" He moaned proudly as he curled the enormous cargo with extreme ease this time. My knees went weak again; I knew he had to over 400 pounds! No one could be so BIG! I smiled and finished my water at once, while he kept doing his curls (would he never stop?). "WOW! I kept mumbling each time I saw those giant guns flexing. I was so hypnotized by them I didn't even notice I was each time closer to Logan and his strong smell once more. "32 inches!" He kissed the peak of his biceps while he did the last curl. "Gotta pump those babes to the summer, you like you are getting hard seeing this muscle daddy, aren't you kid?" – I was going into thin ice now, was he just kidding, or could that enormous man be interested in me? "So, what about those hunters, huh?" I tried to change the subject, but even I realized it was too late -- the enormous Ranger put the weights down and took a deep breath. He was pouring like never before, his sweat came down as a river, and I've never been this horny in my life! "Do me a favor, kid, will you? CUT THE CRAP AND COME HERE CLEAN YOU MAN!" Logan yelled and pulled me into his sweaty body, in a mix of anger and tenderness. I was lost at the immensity of his cleavage. The smell was so strong, I was so happy to feel it right in my nose, and the moist skin, my tongue naturally started licking him, the salty taste and the funky smell were such a turn on for me! "FUCK YEAH KID! YOU GOT TALENT ON YOU!" Logan said as he guided my desiring head all over his soaked body, making me lick the spots he wanted. Then he looked at me: "ARE YOU READY TO LICK MY PITS? THE SMELL IS PRETTY ROTTEN!" I just nodded, he smiled and shoved my head into the smelly pits. They were so wet, my face got all splashed, but I didn't care! He turned his arms so I could get a better grip. I licked every inch of those arms, giving special attention to the peaks of those enormous guns. I squeezed them, trying to dent but it was trying to take a bite at a mountain, so I just kissed them, like I would kiss my perfect lover (which was right there), like they had a mouth on their own, I caressed each one, carefully, and then I looked back at Logan: "You're the most beautiful man in the planet!" He laughed "BEAUTIFUL? YOU AIN'T SEEN BEAUTIFUL YET KID!", he planted his tongue inside of my mouth and I thought I'd die right there, such powerful that movement was. He practically fucked my mouth with his tongue and I had to beg for air! Still recovering my breathing, I looked at Logan and his face was different. His eyes were wide opened, his breathing was accelerated and his look was so wildly sexy! "SUCK ON MY NIPPLES!" He shoved my head into them and I could swear they tasted sweet! But the moment I licked them they went so hard, it was like sucking a real cock! Logan moaned and kept twisting his other nipple. I attacked both of them and the Ranger just moaned in pleasure. Then, he abruptly grabbed my head and gave me another violent kiss, harder than the first! I tried to keep up, but once more I had to punch his back to give him a clue that I was suffocating. He looked at me smiling "SORRY, KID! YOU'RE STILL NOT DONE!". He forced my head back and attacked me right on my chest, specially my nipples. He toyed them with his tongue, sucking and blowing and (OUCH!) I felt like a needle had pierced one of them, then he played with the other nipple, it was so damn good, so virile, so wild, so (OUCH, again!). The same strange feeling. It was not painful, and after each pick I felt this calming please, like a wave of bliss, that kept me so horny as Logan did this! I was in my way to seventh heaven when he suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, realizing he had lifted of the bench and was standing with his back turned on me. I could swear he was even bigger than just one minute before. Then I looked at his butt, and noticed the boxers he wore were ripped right in the crack of his butt. He turned around and I saw the COCK! It was huge! It had to be over a foot long, and still growing! He stroked it, roughly and his breath was heavy, like he had something in his mouth. I looked at him and merely passed out. His eyes! They were so different! He had beautiful brown eyes, but now they were not just green, but also bigger! Rounder, and the iris, it had another shape! "YOU STILL DON'T GET DID YOU KID?!" He asked me, leaning forward so I could really notice the changes on his perfect body. I froze" "HOLLY SHIT! LORD ALMIGHTY!" I yelled and tried to run away, but he grabbed my arm – "WHERE ARE YOU GOING? THAT'S THE BEST PART!" He said looking down at me, and then kissed me once again. This time it was like time had stopped, his kiss made me so calm and relaxed, even though I was facing some kind of monster I was calm! Her let me go and smiled, looking to the moon: "I ALWAYS LIKED THE BLUE MOON, IT MAKES US HOTTER THAN USUAL!" He turned his head on me –"JUST LOOK!" I was still very dizzy, but noticed that as he spoke, these strange noises were getting louder, then I saw his feet! They were huge! I mean, they were huge before, but now they couldn't be contained by his training shoes, they just popped out, toe by toe, and the feet kept growing longer, thicker and hairier. "WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" I tried to gather my strength to talk, but he gently signed me to remain quiet, and I could see his HANDS joined the growth of his feet! They were PAWS now! So huge, covered with veins and more of this thick chestnut hair. The fingers were now so long and thick, each hand could almost hide a basketball! But no growth prepared me to see what came next! He arched his back like he was in pain, and it busted into muscle growth! Widening by the second! His shoulders kept enlarging like they were being blown! Logan moaned and kneeled in front of me, I could run away, but the sight was wonderful! His legs flexed and grew, his chest unfolded and his pec muscles were now so huge, they bounced up and down as he breathed. He lifted from the ground and I realized he was so TALL! He had to be over 8 feet tall and still growing! And not getting taller, he was growing MORE MUSCULAR! I mean, muscular not in the human way, his muscles were just too damn big now, to be compared to human standards! I looked at his arms, and cried, they were so beautiful! They were so long, so damsn wide! The size of those shoulders was magnificent! And the guns! Nothing was stronger or more powerful than those limbs! The packs of the chest and the marvelous 16 pack of abdominal muscles, things that couldn't been seen in human body, were amazingly displayed and perfectly noticeable, even though his body hair was now so thick and dark if compared to what I've seen before! He looked down at me and I smiled! He was SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL! His face was even more masculine than before. His square jaw, his nose was perfectly shaped, and his teeth, they were so clear, just a little bit longer, specially the fangs, but his smile remained the same beautiful sight I've grown used to see. And most of all, his COCK! It had grown so freakishly BIG! It had to be over two feet long and was so damn THICK! Just the head was humongous, in a reddish glistening tone. I touched it slightly and it jumped up and down and Logan moaned. I looked back at him, he was so fucking HUGE that I took a few steps back in order to fully see his new figure. He was so much hairier, but still you could see every vein covering his unearthly muscles, the hair only increased the depth feeling, and made even more powerful looking. Logan reached for me, and even though I was dying to be with him I unconsciously stepped back: "There's nothing to be afraid – Not anymore, kid!" His voice was so low, like a purr, but I could understand every single word. "I ain't gonna hurt you! You've made it!" I still didn't get it. "What you mean?" The behemoth just smiled and sat back on the bench, reaching for my arm and making me sit on his lap. I noticed for the first time that the smell has gone, and now I felt some kind of fragrance, something musky, but any less good! "I knew you had potential! You wouldn't disappoint me! You're gonna make a wonderful acquisition to our tribe!" Logan said brushing my hair… He grabbed me in his arms and carried me to his bedroom! Then I noticed why the doors were so wide and the house had such high ceilings, we got to his room. Very wide bed, good sheets, and (WOW!) he had a glass coverage right above his bedroom, and the full moon shone right above the ample bed: "If you didn't pass I would have to kill you, and it would make me so sad!" Logan caressed me as I freaked out – "KILL ME?" Logan laughed hard "You men always got scared at that part!" He looked at me and kissed my forehead "Don't give that look, if you didn't make it, you'd beg me to kill you, otherwise your life would just be miserable!" I still didn't understand: "Once one of you men gets to see a member of the Brood, most of you are killed" "One of your brood?" Then I finally connected the dots (yeah, I was THAT stupid, OK!) – "OH MY GOD! YOU'RE A WEREWOLF?" I asked loudly preparing to run away, but Logan just stopped me "I told you, there's nothing to fear now, you've passed the test!". Then he let me go, but I still got out of the bed. "A werewolf? It can't be possible!" I repeated wondering around the room. Logan remained on the bed stroking his engorged member: "I hate this name "WEREWOLF"! I WAS NOT A WOLF! I'm not a MAN who turns into a beast, like you humans tell in those ridiculous stories, I'm member of the BROOD!" Logan lifted from the bed "Look at me! Do I look like that stupid character? I AM FUCKING HUGE! 8'6" TALL 680 POUNDS OF RAW POWER!". I was still afraid, so he approached me: "COULD A MAN HAVE A 73 INCHES CHEST? 65 INCHES LEGS? 52 INCHES HUGE GUNS? – NOT EVEN THE MOST GIFTED WOLVES HAS A 26 INCHES LONG COCK! BEHOLD, PUNNY LITTLE MAN THE POWER OF A BROOD MEMBER!" For starters, he was so TALL, WIDE, MUSCULAR and HAIRY, that your first reaction was running away from the "monster". But even being so frightened, I couldn't help to notice that Logan was still the most beautiful creature I've ever seen! His uncanny muscles couldn't be hidden not even by his thick body hair, quite the contrary they bulged and grew harder surpassing the beautiful fur coat! His hands, better say paws were abnormally huge, with long thick fingers and claws, which could cut their way into flesh like a hot knife into butter, but they felt so good when he brushed my hair and caressed my face. His face was intimidating, ultra masculine and also very handsome! The square jaw, the thickest neck I've ever seen, the eyes were definitely not like human race, but also very beautiful, the iris was shaped just like a cat, or something. And although he was so damn hairy, I could perfectly see all his manly features, I could see his tanned skin and even the little wrinkles he started to show. His lips were full, and very red, his teeth were so white, and quite bigger than an average man, but nothing like that wolfish figure we were used to imagine and, so far, he didn't have a tail! He was, by all means, a MAN! A BETTER MAN, a WONDER MAN! Noticing that I kept staring at him, he flexed his muscles and kissed the peaks of his biceps, just to tease a little more: "Since the dawn of time, Gaia, the Spirit of Nature established a natural balance between every living being on the planet! That's the Food Chain! The bigger eats the smaller, the stronger survives and the weaker is doomed to death! The only thing you humans forgot was that you are not at the top of this chain! The BROOD is!" Logan said mischievously, and he kept posing for me showing muscle size and definition that no man could ever achieve. All those things were so unbelievable! But then I looked to my former Ranger and thought about that Shakespeare line (how was that again? I never got that right!): "Basically, we can eat everything, because we are the strongest, the smartest almost perfect beings! Bears, tigers, lions, humans – They're nothing but mere preys to us!" Logan was serious he caressed my chest and kept on his speech: "But humans don't only think they are the most capable beings, they also claim this planet as their exclusive property, and that REALLY pisses most of us, which makes human our favorite prey! Logan smiled and licked my ears, I was so dizzy, but still very afraid: "PREY?" What you mean? Logan looked at me with a glint in his eyes: "I am a predator, honey, I live from the flesh of my preys, the fitter, the stronger, the better! It only makes me hungrier, and increases the joy of hunting!" I finally could buy that story, but still there were many other details uncovered: "But you don't look like a beast to me! You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I said, approaching the creature and brushing its high cheekbones. He fondled me in reward: "Puppy, you're so cute, but not very smart! Didn't you see? Those stories are meant to be scary, and they are not false! We were created to be the best predators, and one of the qualities to be a predator is to always keep leverage against your prey! Most of humans have such feared of the mere idea of being surpassed that it only increases our power over them as prey! The ridiculous wolf like figures, with giant claws and sanguinary behavior are the vision they've made of their own fears, which we can project on their weak minds!" "You're saying you just go out and kill innocent people for food?" I asked harshly. Logan pretended he didn't realize it: "We can also be the way you describe, furious beasts, thirsty for flesh and blood, but we respect the chain food! Take me for example; I only hunt to keep me alive! And there's no better way to have ampler sources of food than living among you silly men! Your so called "civilization" provides me all these useless individuals, people who could just be vanished from the surface of the Earth, and therefore I have a 24 hour free open buffet! Much more than I actually need, that's why I keep getting so BIG and STRONG!" "So, you're saying that you don't feel guilty about eating those people?" Logan waved his head: "Unlike you, we don't hunt in vain, mostly! Over the eras even the members of BROOD learned to be sinners like you humans! And that caused us to split up! Now each one does whatever he decides to! We follow the only true law, the survival of the strongest!" Logan lifted up and FLEXED his muscles to me: "AND UNTIL NOW, I HAVEN'T MET ANYONE HUMAN OR BROODER THAT COULD BEAT ME, EVERYDAY I GROW STRONGER AND MORE POWERFUL, AND THAT'S MY ONLY GOAL!" I was so dumb folded to see his sheer size, I had to shut my mouth, and opened my arms to be accepted by his muscles. Logan carried me back to his bed and we laid together, with me resting on his unbelieving huge muscles, caressing his thick hair: "So, you brought me here to kill me?" I asked surprisingly comforted to my fate, but then he laughed out loud and brushed my hair: "If I wanted to kill you, I could have done that very long time ago, and it wouldn't be any difficult! You didn't offer any challenge for me, and I need the thrill and the emotion of the HUNT" He kept looking at me as I squeezed his rock hard muscles, it was like touching a steel wall covered by a mink coat, and still I could see all the veins, the cable corded surface of his tight skin and the color of his tanned complexion: "So, why did you bring me along with you?" I asked savoring his armpits taste. He just crossed his arms behind his neck and flexed his muscles a little so I could worship them: "Ah, you're getting there kid! You see, a Brooder can live the way he wants to live, we can raise our families, even huge clans exists nowadays, or we can just live alone, like I do! What we really search in life is PLEASURE! The most basic instinct ever, the same one you hypocrite humans try to disguise into different things! We live for the joy of the hunt, of the kill, of the survivor, of the SEX!" He took me roughly and kissed me the same way he did before, and I think I got the idea now!" "Sex, is the only thing you humans can do almost as good as we Brooders! Male or female, the mere act of sex brings the forgotten savage primal instincts back, and we can trace it on you" Logan nibbled me once more – "Frankly, I love to fuck you puny little men, it is almost as good as savor the fear on your bodies when I am about to kill you, or even the flavor of your delicious meat in my mouth". It was so threatening, but also so fucking delightful, I could only wait for his speech: "Ever since you laid your eyes on me, I could hear your heart beating differently, your breath rhythm changing whenever I got near you, the smell of the cold sweat on your hands, I could hear the sound of your cock growing inside your tight pants." He squeezed my hard cock so hardly in his giant paw, I thought he would kill me right then. "And fortunately, we look so desperately for sexual pleasing that it turned out to be a good thing for your humans, most of the times we choose the hunt for SEX over the hunt for food! It's the same feeling, and not lethal on our preys!" Logan laughed and kissed me once more. I was getting used to his kisses, this time he felt I could hold on a little more: "In fact, sometimes a mere human can be so turned on by me, that his organism produces special odors, something your scientists says that your race no longer is capable of doing anymore" "You mean pheromones?" I said biting his giant nipple: "Yes, your poor lives are so devoted to the wrong ideals, that you forgot to follow your instincts! But a Brooder still can notice you sincere calling for being taken" Logan then grabbed my face gently and made look into his eyes "and answer to them!" We kissed once more, for the first time I took the initiative, then it all got clear for me: "YOUR SMELL! YOU SMELLED THAT WAY BECAUSE OF ME?" Logan hugged me and we rolled over the enormous bed, we ended with me laying on the top of him again: "Yes, Puppy, I could sense your pheromones, and you smelled so fucking good to me, you were not only a muscle junkie, a muscle faggot, you desire for MUSCLE was so intense you sent out a call only a BROODER could attend!" "I thought it was because of the sweat, but no one could smell like that and didn't realize!" "I just liberated my own personal fragrance on you, hoping you were able to notice it! The smell can be pretty bad, but the effects on your organism were immediate!" I felt so fucking horny, but still the questions kept popping out: "But wasn't that hormone thing supposed to be noticed only by a female Brooder?" I asked still feeling his mind blowing immensity like a child trying his new toy: "Brooders are extremely developed if compared to you human, our race can reproduce even if one of the sexes isn't available at the moment! In fact, a true Brooder like myself is very rare to see nowadays, fortunately for you, because if our population reached a level a little higher, you'd be extinct by now! Human and Brooders are like you and the insects, we try to kill you, but there millions times more humans than Brooders, so the balance is kept!" Logan caressed my butt and stroked my hard cock with two fingers: "Sometimes, you humans are not only just turned on by our superior conditions, but most of all, you desire to be completely overtaken by our POWER…" Logan squeezed my cock and I was very short from cumming. "and become one of us!" The brooder said low in my ear, I could barely hear, all I felt was his enormous body against mine, it just felt so right, I've never felt this way before… "You're so beautiful, Logan!" I whispered in his ear, and he kissed my neck, he went down to my chest, and he played with my nipples, they were still sore from the last time he'd been fooling around with them. And I felt like a lightning bolt coming through my body the minutes his tongue touched them"So will you be puppy!" He said caressing my butt. Then I remembered his sharp teeth on my nipples. I looked at my own chest mesmerized. Two little blood drops formed at the end of each nipple, they weren't noticed until now: "You've turned me into one of you?" I asked terrified. "Not yet! I only gave you the first benefits, it's your decision whether you should go further!" Logan showed me the wall sized mirror and I had to check my image! I couldn't believe it was me! I must have grown at least four inches! "Go check yourself in the scales, but I guess you're over 20 pounds heavier!" Logan said as he came behind me and gently massaged my new mass. I was so turned on by his transformation that I didn't realize it also happened to me! Sure I wasn't near as big as Logan, but I could see that I was so much more ripped, so much leaner, and the hair was coming out in dark spots, covering the right areas of my body. I checked the read on the scale: 214 pounds! WOW! My features were so magnified, I looked so much manlier, virile, my face was now calm and powerful. My lack hair was now longer, almost touching my neck and following his way down to my shoulders. I looked at my forearms and they were also more massive, the veins popping out! My chest, already very big and cut, turned into two mounds of hard striated muscle, covered by a black thick forest by thick hair! I couldn't wait to see the rest, but my fellow Brooder was also very excited! "That's not all!" Logan ripped my pants off and grabbed my dick in his huge paw and squeezed it gently but firmly – I bet this weenie wasn't that big before! We laughed at the mere sight of my now 12 inches cock that got hard instantly on his huge hand. "AMAZING!" I kept repeating and drooling at the sight of my new cock! "Your initiation went beautifully, you were able to see my true form, and didn't feared the upcoming death, I was supposed to kill you in the same second I'd guess you would not be able to go further! But you've made it , puppy!" Logan grabbed me and we kissed hard: "You're no longer a human anymore, but I can't force you to become a Brooder, I think it's a honor, so you must really want it!" Logan said and he squeezed tighter in his arms. I knew it felt right, it was like being completed, I had an answer: "TAKE ME NOW, LOGAN, I AM YOUR PUPPY!!!" Logan growled and his sharp teeth deliciously played with my ears. He walked us to his enormous bed: "You realize that if you had stepped back, you'd be my dinner now!" He whispered as we reached the bed. I knew it could be truth, but now it didn't matter anymore "Either way I'd please you and that's make me happy!" I replied with a challenging look that only made Logan smile and kiss me harder. The full blue moon was high up in the sky, and eve I could feel the effects. My eyes were wide open, my heart was accelerated, I poured like a pig, and my whole body felt like being stitched. It was pretty intense, so Logan talked me into the whole thing" "My dear puppy, you're feeling the power of the moon, for the first time! Once I scratched you with my teeth and sampled your delicious blood, you can now feel such power! Don't be afraid now! I am here, trust me, embrace the power" I must admit that it really helped, I lay atop of Logan who kept massaging my butt, I moaned as he put his enormous finger inside it "Just making room for later". I smiled and kissed him once more. He rolled me and kneeled, still towering me a couple of feet, he made me stand up, so I could almost see his face: "Puppy, having me sampling your blood is only the beginning, to fully become a Brooder, you must drink my essence during a full moon night!" Logan talked to me as his cock was getting harder and harder, soon it was almost the same level of my mouth. I had no questions now, I was the puppy, it's kinda an instinctive thing. I opened my mouth and tried to wrap it around the enormous shaft, struggling to achieve my intent. Logan only moaned as he leaned back, with me grabbing on his giant pole and keeping the shaft fully hard, sucking and inserting down my throat, giving him the blow job of my life: "I-I've never done it on a blue moon, puppy! Let's see what happen now!" Logan gently held the back of my head and forced me to go a little deeper on my sucking. All my feelings were so sharp! My skin was on fire, the mere touch could send me through the roof! I managed to go down on his oversized balls and squeezed those babies sot strongly Logan reacted unexpectedly I kept sucking on Logan and he even his pace was getting faster now, he stopped being gently and now forced my head up and down fiercely. I replied by almost sucking him with my teeth, , he roared and slapped me in the face, almost knocking my senses off! I realized I must have hurt him, but his hands came and brushed my face almost at the same time, I just returned to my sucking, only this time, I was so aggressive even Logan had to accept that, I did whatever I wanted to his cock on my mouth, and soon he could keep the flood for much longer, once more he helped my head on his shaft and: "OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUWWWWWWWLLLLLLL" And I made him howl! Yeah that's right he howled to the moon while his puppy drank his Brooder juice right from his hose and I kept sucking like a newly born baby, drinking from the milk of the mother. He pressed me against his cock and rolled around the bed feeling his orgasm burning his guts from the inside! I kept sucking all the delicious juice, and suddenly it started to kick in pretty strong! Logan still had me under his grip, when I struggled for freedom. He let me go, and I jumped out of the bed! The whole world had gone crazy! It was so fucking clear, the sounds were so loud! I could hear all the animals at the forest! The sky was so brilliant, my eyes were hurting, there were so many different smells on the air! My head kept spinning, it was all so intense. Logan grabbed me and held me tight on his grip: "Calm down puppy, you're just opening your eyes and seeing the world for the first time, it can be pretty scary! I was still shaking when he kissed me, for the first time I was able to keep up with him, it was so rough, it wasn't a kiss, but a real fight. Then, he broke it laughing and pointing to the mirror excited: "LOOK AT YOU MY PUPPY! YOU'RE GROWING!" Logan made me notice for the first time, that I was FUCKING HUGE! I must have been grown to over seven feet tall, and my MUSCLES were outstandingly HUGE! I looked to my chest and it blotted out like mountains, covered with the most beautiful black thick hair! My lats were wide, like I had wings on my own! The size of my growing shoulders shocked me because they were inhuman, my back was now so fucking wide I could never pass through a door again! My legs ached as the muscles struggled for space, my balls filled with size and juice, and my cock was insanely growing and fighting to see what could get more massive! My abs popped out like granite slabs on the quarry! My guns, they are humongous! The length of my arms are no more human, they are so long and thicker! That's why I think my guns are almost the size of my legs! I FLEX them and Logan knocks me down roaring and kissing me roughly on the bed: "COME ON PUPPY, YOUR FIRST FUCK GOTTA BE OUTSIDE ON THE BUSHES!" He bites my lips and I reply by nailing his chest. We run to the outside knocking everything down with our enormous bulks and unstoppable desire. "THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN FUCKING UNDER THE MOONLIGHT!" Logan just grabbed me and threw me a few feet away, but with my still growing figure I didn't feel a thing. I jumped and attacked him, crossing my huge legs around his waist and smacking his already hard cock. We arrived at the backyard, and engaged into one intense fighting and fucking scene. He kissed and applied me the most powerful punches and kicks, while I could just do everything to keep up with him, but as my growth increased, I was able even to fight him back, and then he got even stronger. Then he finally pinned me, kissing me tired self fiercely. I was still so hard and horny: "COME ON DADDY, TAKE YOUR PUPPY! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!" I was already prepared to do "doggy style" and Logan laughed "YOU'RE REALLY A HOT LITTLE PUPPY!" He came over me and I felt an excruciating pain, while the 26 inch tool went up my ass! I screamed in ecstasy and Logan pounded me hardly, biting my ears and scratching my chest. His touch was marvelous! I felt like melting into him. Then, when I was almost reaching my orgasm, he took it off, turned me over and held me by the ankles. I quickly grabbed his hands and lifted my self he smiled and held me by the waist. I held my breath, as he lifted me and then he inserted the huge pole once more, lifting me and pushing me against his cock. He was getting so intense and his cock felt so right inside me! "ACCEPT THE BROOD TIMMY! BECOME A BROODER!" Logan yelled and we both came in synch. I barely noticed that he managed to wrap his mouth around my now giant cock and sucked my very first puppy juice. GOD! It felt so fucking good, he sucked on me so fiercely, I felt like a huge bottle. Then, he lowered me a little bit, my growth was almost done by now, but my head was still very high. I could only smile and look into the eyes of my beloved Brooder. He was so manly, in the very meaning of the word! I wanted to kiss him so badly, but then he bent over me and his weight was almost unbearable even for my augmented muscles. "LOGAN! LOGAN! WHAT'S HAPPENNING? I asked nervously in my new powerful tone. He could only moan and groan back. I got frightened and found the strength to help my lover. When I made him seat, it was me who was surprised. Logan was growing, AGAIN! His muscles were now so freakishly pumped he looked like he would just blow up! I called him once more and he opened his eyes, enjoying the pure bliss he was feeling: "FUCK KID! YOU GOT SOME POWER JUICE ON YOU!" He said and kissed me, and we both felt his body expanding, he was rubbing himself against me, he was already a behemoth, how big could he get anyway? "Don't worry, puppy! You'll get to grow more after! We can give you a blue moon puppy too!" He said blowing on my ear "Because you were transformed during the blue moon, you have this special quality, your first juice as a Brooder can make another one grows more massive!" He growled and lifted me in his arms. I was looking everything from up there, and never felt better in my life. Logan had to duck and turn aside, even on his already pretty larger door. "WOW! I'VE ALMOST COULDN'T ENTER THE HOUSE!" Logan had his voice even more powerful than before. We reached the gym where it all begun, both of us completely modified. Logan lowered me and we both looked to the wall sized mirror and it barely could show both of us: I had grown up to 7'6" in height, and clearly over 4 feet wide! My shoulders were so big, and my arms so long and thick! My black hair was now so much darker and now covered my whole body and even so my MUSCLES were so visible! You could actually track down each hard veined cable of power and the striated tight skin glistening under all that fur. My chest transformed into two obscenely huge mounds of muscle bouncing up and down with the mere movement, and the nipples were so big and jutted you could die just to get your mouth around them. I looked at my guns and realized they were so fucking immense, I had the urge to kiss them! I FLEXED and kissed the hard peaks, but my COCK was now over two feet long, hard and pulsating in the middle of my legs, I had no choice but trying to mouth myself, and I almost reached my intent when : "I did the exact same thing!" Logan said coming behind me. I could only gawk at the mere sight of him! HE WAS GIGANTIC! And that was said by an already huge Brooder! Logan was at least 9'5" tall, towering me by almost two feet, but he seemed as I was tall! His hair shade was now so vividly blond! He looked he was made out of gold! His arms were thicker than my thighs and his chest was much wider than my own shoulders, his cock was so huge now, over three feet in length and probably over a foot in diameter, I was gonna have some problem dealing with that pole! Even Logan wasn't prepared for such a sight. He just stood there for a few seconds, admiring himself, then reached for me and kissed me hard, we both squeezed his new mass, he had to be over 800 pounds of pure MUSCLE! He lifted me and hugged his puppy proud of his creation: "I know you had talent, puppy, but you're a KEEPER!" He looked right into my eyes "Thank YOU!" we both mouthed at the same time. Logan gently carried me in his arms again, but I gently moaned: "I'm hungry, Logan!" I said feeling my stomach snoring inside of me. Logan smiled: "Puppy is hungry? That's normal, you're supposed to feel hungry after your transformation, and your new body is willing to have the taste of the HUNT! Logan said and lowered me on his lap "Let your instincts guide you, feel the air, what can you say? "I-I don't know, I mean…" My nose felt weird, I could sense and recognize almost everything on the air, from a dead squirrel, to a case of beer cans trashed at the middle of the woods, and the smell of gun powder, it could only mean they were a bunch of… "HUNTERS? You didn't come up with them?" I asked surprised. Logan smiled meanly "Why would I do that? I wanted my puppy to have his first hunt!" Logan stood up and hold hands with me –"Can you tell how far they are?" Logan said patiently. I closed my eyes and focused. The sounds of the forest were almost the same, but there was something different, the smell of alcohol was my biggest clue, it was near, two miles northwest from here? Logan caressed my head "Puppy, you're doing very well! I'd say about two miles and a half, but you got that right!" Logan stretched his muscles and his mouth drilled: "So, are you ready to satisfy your hunger?" Logan looked wildly to me, and surprisingly my hunger was even stronger, and I needed to satisfy it! I needed the joy of the hunt, and the pleasure of the FLESH! My own mouth filled with water and I wanted to satisfy me need! I stretched like my Alpha male did and said: "Let's go!" I jumped through the open window and launched myself into the jungle. Logan smiled and went right after me! We didn't run exactly, we had this special rhythm, I can't explain, just perform automatically, and the speed, the power it carried was so intense. Quickly we arrived to the hunting spot. They had no idea we were there. My heart was beating so wildly, in anticipation for what was about to come. I looked to Logan and he was perfectly hidden, all his size and strength, but I could perfectly see him. I watched my preys for the last time. There were nine huge burly men totally drunk taking shots at harmless wild animals, but we didn't care fort this, we wanted their FLESH, the pleasure to capture our own food! Logan prepared for the attack! I prepared myself too, the smell of their fear already made me hard, and I howled to the moon for the first moon. Let's the hunt begin! I thought as I launched to the joy of hunt!

The next morning, I woke up sleeping atop of Logan's. I opened my eyes and got up to take a piss, but had to stop at my reflex. I guessed that when the day comes I would return to my "human" form, but turned out I was wrong. I was about 6'8" tall and weighed 375 pounds! My arms were 25 inches around and my cock tapped at 9 inches flaccid! I had the most incredible full thick black beard! My whole body was covered in this manly hair that only increased the size of my muscles: "WOW! Puppy you've turned into a MAN now!" The voice snapped me out of my self admiration, I had to take a few steps back. "LOGAN? Is that you?" I said dumb folded. Logan scratched his eyes and looked the mirror: "WHOA! He stepped back! LOOK AT ME!" Logan Flexed his mighty now 38 inches biceps! He had also grown another 6 inches in height, which makes him 7'8" now! He's even bigger than me in my true Brood form! Logan is now 570 pounds! His chest tapped at 87 inches, and his cock had to be over 16 inches flaccid and over 30 inches long when hard! We both laughed at our freakish size: "How come we are still growing, Logan?" I asked squeezing his meaty biceps: "Puppy, have you forgotten? We ATE the flesh of nine huge men! Every time we feed we'll keep growing! By the way, I was fascinated at your appetite, you almost didn't left anything for me! You're a natural" Logan said kissing me good morning! I could taste the blood on his mouth, and he could do the same in mine. I felt my cock hard when I remembered the moments of my first hunt. And Logan realized it: "Puppy, like I said before, you're a KEEPER! I make you companion now!" Logan said and I felt his cock forcing his way into my butt. "What about that lonesome ranger?" I asked teasing him. "Shut up and let's fuck, will you, puppy?" It seemed we were about to start a clan on your own.

The end? •

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