By Meddler Incs

Actually, this is (how I hope) a first of an ongoing, never ending story line. Hopefully, I shall more creativity to keep this.


How to begin…

I would have to say that all started about two, three years back, with the invasion.

It was the beginning of the millennia, everyone celebrating the ushering of a new century, one, everyone hoped, would bring peace and prosperity to all. Wine flowed freely; corner woman did anyone willing right then and there; a music band on every block, etc. etc. In short, fun and games to everyone. Little did we know of the craft.

I was among the weeds, just a few miles outside of the city limits, looking at the stars, bored out of my wits. You see, I was one of the few people who didn’t really have anything to do. I despised wine (or any alcoholic beverage, for that matter) and the music really grated on my nerves. That and the fact that I was gay left me with nothing really doing.

Anywho, I was just plain bored, and looking at the sky when a flash of light hit me. And I’m not talking to a flashlight; I’m talking about one of those UFO flashes that hit anyone randomly (If you don’t know what I’m referring to, watch X-Files, will you?). And to top it off, my eyes were targeted on the main source of the light, and you know what that can do to sight as a whole. When my vision finally went to a yellow blindness to purple blur, I was still lying down. I felt currents of air brush against my skin, as if I wasn’t wearing any clothes.

It was when my eyesight finally cleared that I looked at my surroundings. And probably took all of my strength to get my jaw back from the Open-Hanging-“Oh my god!”-Expression to normal.

It was all of a pale blue, sort of a neon glow. The walls, riveted and wielded together, were painted a blackish-pink, likened to a festering wound. Lights were scattered amid the ceiling, painted antiseptic white. I looked down, and I saw that I indeed didn’t wear any clothes. I started to get hysterical.

“Ah, he awakes.”

Damn, the deepness and the richness of that voice! It was like someone combined a French Horn and multiplied it by ten. I looked up to see the source of that sound and almost fainted dead away.

He was about seven feet, give or take a few inches. And he was built to boot; I’m guessing an easy 400. His chest was a mass of striated fibers, each one could be seen even if he was clothed. Arms were the classic basketball and horseshoe, each one both complimenting and competing. Abs could be likened to cannelloni rolls, six on each side with plenty of obliques on those sides. The back could be seen as a cloak of pure muscle; lats pushing the arms away and still have plenty of room to go past them. The legs looked more than full-bodied pillars of muscle, capable of moving anything, coupled with calves, no, grown bulls, also complimenting and competing for space. And with all of this, was his dick. Easily a good two feet long, beer can thick, and rock hard; syrupy precum oozing from the softball sized head, coupled with balls that could have been used for soccer. Not to mention a thick pelt of fur that covered mostly everything, but enhancing the contours of his body and the striations of the muscle.

I looked up to see his face, and saw another thing: He had a head of a bull. A large muzzle took most of the space, included with it was a grinning mouth and flared nostrils. Ruby eyes sparkled as he looked at me with undisguised lust, and tufted ears finished the entire thing. Well, almost finished.

He moaned, pulling his head back to another muzzle, teeth gently nipping the massive cords that made up the neck. Two more hands groped and stroked various places, as well as massaged the dick. All of a sudden, the person in back roared in ecstasy as he started to orgasm. He must have been fixed in that thing for a good five minutes.

The moment that the back person disengaged was when the person in front charged at me, licking at every part of my body with a rather large and long tongue. Soon, saliva glistened everywhere, and he started focusing on my own dick.

Man, oh man was he good! It was like he wound his tongue around the thing and started milking me. In no time at all, I started to cum, which he drank. It was at this moment that I found that I was bound to the wall, my wrists and ankles fettered by bars and bolts. But I didn’t care. I just want him to keep going.

He got up and licked my cheek. I noticed that his eyes here changing to a sapphire hue than red. His entire body stank of cum and sweat, not a bad combination.

“Welcome, human man,” he said. “Welcome to our home.” •

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