Gym Story

By Mdlftr

{I've been enjoying the stories here for a while. The variety on this site is inspiring, as are the pix at the "Relaxed" site (among others!) Recently, I was inspired to try my hand at a short story...if only real life was like this! Enjoy!) Mdlftr

Hi. I've noticed that you've been watching me, so I thought I'd come over and introduce myself. Name's Scott. Whoah! You almost dropped that? Need a spot? Here, let me help you rack that bar. O.k., that's good. You sure you're all right? You look all pale and sweaty. You say you're fine, never better? O.k. if you say so.

Good to meet you, too. What's that? You noticed how much weight I was pushing? Shit, that's nothing…only about 250 or so. A warm up set. How much can I bench? Hmm, that's a tough one. I don't usually focus on the weight, more the feeling that I get, ya know? Uh, I'd guess my normal working weight is about 380, give or take a few pounds. That's easy to remember: an Olympic bar (that's 45 #, as if you didn't know!), three 45-pound plates on each side, followed by a 25, a 10 and a 5. Yeah, that's exactly 380#. On good days I `ve gotten up to 400#, and on a couple of Great days I've made 410#. My squat is around 720#. Yeah, it IS a great feeling. I only weigh about 225#, and at a height of 5'10", that's not too bad. I eventually want to get up to around 240 to 250. That's enough to make your muscles look big and full, without being too heavy.

My waist? Right now it's about 32 and a half. I'm getting it back down to 31#, starting next week, once I step up the cardio again. I pulled back on the cardio so's I'd have some energy to grow while I'm lifting heavy. My chest? Hmm…(takes his right, square, calloused paw and puts it under his tank top, and rubs his left pec with it while he ponders the question.) Less'see…I last measured about two months ago, and I was 195 pounds with a 48" chest, standing relaxed. I've gained about 15 to 20 pounds since then, and I've been real good about going heavy with good form on my bench, so I think it's come up a bit. Say, oh, I don't know, maybe 50 inches, relaxed? My goal is 54 " cold, 56 inches flexed, so I've got a ways to go. (Rubs both pecs hard, then flexes the big mounds hard, as he looks down at his cleavage.) Looks good, though, don't it? (Looks up and catches your eye, smiling.) Hey, you wanta see? I always appreciate some good feed back. Here! (Whips off white tank top in one swift motion, and stands before you, sweat glistening on his thick pectoral mounds. Hairless and smooth as a baby's butt, they project off his chest like a meaty shelf, broad and full, with sharply defined lower edges and deep cleavage. The nipples balance right on the edge, like a surfer on the crest of a Big wave, about to take a plunge over the side. His thick arms hang heavily at his sides, while his full rounded deltoids lead your eye up to his bulging traps and thick neck. You are speechless.) So, whatdya think? Getting big? Check this out! (He flexes really hard, and the mounds swell even bigger, if possible, while the nipples run under the side of the pectoral shelf and perk up to stiff points. You make a sound half way between a gasp and a gurgle. He stops his flexing, concern creasing his brow. He bends over closer to you, as you sit there on the weight bench, inspecting you. Your eyes remain glued to his massive muscle mounds, your gaze like a trance. He speaks.) Hey, dude, you there?

He grins and waves one paw in front of your face, a friendly smile on his face, showing straight, gleaming white teeth. You blink a few times and look away from his massive chest, embarrassed at being caught so obviously distracted. He notices your flushed face and averted gaze.

Hey, dude, it's o.k.! I get that all the time. I'm talking to a guy about lifting and he starts spacing out. I know it's not the most interesting subject in the world. Didn't mean to bore ya! Oh, what's that, you're not bored. Oh, o.k.. Now, where were we? My arms? You want to know about my arms? Well, tbey're about 18 and a half inches, hanging, 19 and a quarter inches, pumped. I'm shooting for 21-22 inches cold. (He lifts his great guns out to his sides, the cobra-like spread of the lats emphasizing the ridiculously small waist. His large hands easily curl into fists as he hits a double biceps shot. The mountains of power bulge up from his thick arms, like Himalayas to most men's foothills. Your eyes goggle at the sight.) I've got pretty good peaks, but I need more size, especially my triceps. (At this last comment, he drops his arms, then abruptly goes into a side tricep shot, left arm held straight at his side, held by his right, with the huge horseshoe of his triceps bulging out. You gasp at the sight.) Hey buddy, you alright? You look like you're gonna be sick or something? Can I give you a lift home? O.k., we can leave now. Lemme get my stuff. (He turns around and strides across the gym, showing a great ass and massively muscled legs and back. As he turns to collect his gym bag, you cast your eyes upward and silently mouth a "THANK YOU GOD!") •

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