Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

After they returned to Muscle Camp, the Young Marines ate a huge meal and quaffed two big glasses of Muscle Blast. Then they stripped off their Marine fatigues and boots. They stood buck naked in the mirrored bedroom and flexed their sweaty muscles as Jeff worshipped these three muscle gods that had just vanquished their enemy. They hadn't showered after beating up the Warlords, so their big bodies were covered with musclestud sweat. The pungent smell from their armpits sent Jeff into muscle heaven. Jeff just consumed their three big bodies with his mouth and hands as they told him, blow by blow, about their annihilation of the Warlords. The boys' descriptions of their huge, overpowering muscles literally crushing the bones of the Warlords sent both Jeff and the boys into incredible sexual ecstasy. Jeff and the Young Marines were sucking and feeling each other's hot, muscular bodies and thick, throbbing cocks. By the time Joey talked about tearing the second arm off the biggest Warlord, all four of them were ready to cum. As Joey grunted loudly, signifying the enormous power with which he pulled that arm out of its joint, he flexed his huge 25 inch right gun with its two heads of biceps, striated fibers and huge veins throbbing with power. Instantaneously, all four men came in total ecstasy with incredible bursts of jism. Over ten huge bursts of hot male cum spurted out of their big, thick, throbbing cocks. They all slept very well that night.

The next morning was their last day at Muscle Camp. The Young Marines hated to go, and Jeff hated to lose them, but school was starting the next day and the Young Marines wanted to be there to take control. There was just no question about it. They were going to take control of the School on the first day. As they drove to town, Jeff explained that he was going to send them every week by Fedex a week's supply of Muscle Blast and cash to buy lots of muscle- building food. They wouldn't be taking the growth injections until next summer's Muscle Camp. (The Young Marines had said that they definitely wanted to sign up for Muscle Camp next year.) If they continued to eat right, drink the Muscle Blast, and work out hard, their bodies would grow bigger and stronger during the school year - not as fast as they had been growing, but adding more muscle and strength month after month. Every weekend they could come back to Muscle Camp for intense workouts, lots of food, and incredible muscle-worshipping sex. During the year, the boys came back to Muscle Camp almost every weekend.

Jeff dropped them off at their homes. Their families didn't even recognize the giant, muscular young men who walked into their houses. Joey's parents thought they were being robbed by a huge, muscular prison escapee. When Joey said "Hi, mom," his mother fainted and his father stared in disbelief. His son was so big, so muscular, so tough-looking that he dropped his jaw. Then he walked over and put his hand on Joey's bicep. "Is this real?" he asked. Joey flexed his arm and his father gasped at the size and hardness of his bulging bicep. "My God, son, you really put on the muscle at Muscle Camp. You're incredible!" Joey's dad proceeded to touch Joey' massive pecs, his cannonball delts, his powerful traps, his slab-like lats and his oak-tree legs, just to see if they were real, as he said. They sure were real. They were incredibly big and they were as hard as rock. "Son, you're everything I ever wanted to be and more. Looks like I won't be able to spank you anymore." The understatement of the year. Joey smiled confidently, looking at his dad's 14 inch arms and 40 inch chest and mentally comparing them to his massive 25 inch guns and 65 inch torso. He flexed his huge forearms, which were now five inches bigger than his dad's upper arms. The muscles of his forearms writhed like snakes, with veins popping out everywhere under his dark, tan skin. Joey's dad gasped at this display of raw muscular power. Joey could see that the tables had now turned between father and son. He knew that he was in control of this household. What he wanted the others would do. His family adored his big buffed muscles and his mother used the weekly money from Jeff to cook him excellent muscle building meals. Jason and Fernando had similar receptions at their houses. They were the kings of their families. They were the rulers of their neighborhood. Next conquest - their school.

The next morning they met at Jason's house and walked together to school. They were wearing tight, white tee shirts that showed off every one of their bulging muscles and shorts that could barely contain the massiveness of their quads. The sleeves of their tee shirts wouldn't fit over their huge upper arms, so the boys rolled them up to expose the enormity of their tanned guns and the lower part of their cannonball delts. Their shoulders and arms looked incredibly dark compared to the bright white shirts. They tucked the tight white tee shirts into their shorts. The contrast of their thick, wide shoulders, bulging traps, huge round pecs, and flaring slab-like lats with their small, muscular waists and firm, round butts was breathtaking. Just as breathtaking was the sight of their enormous tan legs that almost burst out of their shorts. Incredibly. their massive, shredded quads were actually bigger than their rippling, muscular waists and their huge diamond-shape calves bulged with two big heads of dark tan veiny muscle. These guys looked incredible!

In the past, as they walked to school they had to watch out for the Warlords or bigger guys, like Kevin and Louie, who might beat them up. Now they walked - rather, strutted - confidently down the sidewalk, unafraid of anybody or anything. After a few blocks, they spotted Kevin and Louie on the other side of the street. They looked to be about the same size as they were last spring - 150 muscular pounds. Kevin and Louie were talking to two small, skinny boys. Jason recognized the skinny boys as Tommy and Jimmy, two of their classmates, along with Kevin and Louie, in the 10th grade. Tommy and Jimmy were only about 5'2" tall and weighed about 100 pounds. They were the archtypical 98-pound weaklings - puny, weak and flabby. Jason always liked Tommy and Jimmy, even though they were such complete dweebs. It soon became obvious to the Young Marines that Kevin and Louie were shaking down Tommy and Jimmy for all the money they had on them. Tommy was yelling at Louie and started to push away, but Louie grabbed onto his neck with his muscular 14 inch arm and squeezed his solid bicep. He then started punching Tommy in the gut with his powerful other hand. Tommy's little, squishy ab muscles were no match for Louie's hard punches, and Tommy buckled over in pain.

As soon as they saw what was going on, the Young Marines ran across the street. Jason pulled Louie off Tommy, wrapped his huge left arm around Louie's neck, and started punching Louie mercilessly in the gut with his big right fist. Louie's ab muscles were solid, but they were no match for Jason's 23 inch gun. Jason's delts popped out under his skin as he drove punch after punch into Louie. The powerful blows penetrated deep inside Louie's gut, blasting through his abs as if they were babyfat. Louie howled in pain. Then Jason flexed the bicep of his left arm which was around Louie's neck. The huge, hard muscle bulged into the front of Louie's neck, cutting off his air supply. "How's that feel, you little asshole? Have a taste of your own medicine!" yelled Jason. Louie was reeling in pain and gasping for air. Jason just flexed his huge bicep harder as he kept punching Louie with his other big fist. He wanted Louie to really suffer.

Kevin stood transfixed as this was happening, not really understanding who this gigantic kid was that was beating up his friend. Fernando walked up to Kevin and said "Hi, Kevin, remember me? I'm the scrawny little wimp you beat up last spring. These are my buddies that you and your goon friend here have been terrorizing for years. Well, its payback time, Kevin. I'm going to enjoy this a lot more than you will." At that, Fernando punched Kevin hard in the gut six quick times with his left and right hands. The punches were so fast and hard that Kevin didn't have time to react. He just curled up in abject pain. Fernando stood Kevin up, grabbed his arm and twisted it hard behind his back, just as Kevin had done to him so many times. Kevin cried out as excruciating pain wracked his body. He couldn't believe how strong Fernando had become. But Fernando was applying only about a quarter of his actual strength. He upped the power a bit and forced Kevin's arm ever higher on his back. Finally, Fernando heard a crackling sound as Kevin's arm was dislocated from his shoulder. Fernando let go and laughed. "Looks like your puny little arm's going to be in a sling for awhile, Kevin. I wonder if it's going to shrivel up completely? Hey, compared to my arm it already looks pretty shriveled." Fernando flexed the triceps of his 23 inch gun next to Kevin's little 14 incher. The giant heads of Fernando's triceps bulged under his dark, tan skin. Each head of muscle was bigger than Kevin's whole arm. The corded fibers of muscle were clearly visible as Fernando tensed and untensed his huge ham-like arm.. Big veins criss-crossed over the hard muscle. Kevin stared in disbelief at Fernando's massive arm as Fernando smiled arrogantly.

Joey then said calmly, "Kevin and Louie, as you've just personally seen, the Young Marines - that's us - have taken over this neighborhood and will soon rule the school as well. You will obey our every command. Resistance is useless, as we can as easily crush your bones as crush a grape." Joey flexed his huge forearms as if to make the point. Kevin and Louie stared in awe. "You will not pick on any more boys. If we hear that you have picked on any boys, we will thrash your pathetic excuses for bodies more than you will ever believe. Oh I forgot - there's one exception to that rule. You can pick on us at any time!" Joey laughed at his humor and Tommy and Jimmy laughed as well. The three musclestuds flexed their big arms in Kevin and Louie's faces. Fernando rubbed his big, sweaty armpit in Kevin's face, just as Kevin had done to him last spring. "Feel some real muscle, Kevin. Smell some real sweat. You ain't shit compared to us! Now get the fuck outahere!" Kevin and Louie, each wracked with pain, got up as fast as they could and hobbled off. They wouldn't be terrorizing anybody any more.

Tommy and Jimmy looked at their big, muscular classmates in awe. The Young Marines were their heroes and protectors. They were the same age, but there was just no physical similarity between the 5'2" 100 pound weaklings and the 6'0" 270 to 300 pound muscle machines. The wimps had 9-inch arms, 30-inch chests and 16-inch thighs. The girths of their little arms were about the same size as Joey's thick, hard cock, which measured 8-1/2 inches around. Their chests were smaller than the Young Marines' thighs and those thighs solid muscle, while the wimps' chests were soft and flabby. The weaklings' flabby thighs, at 16 inches, were smaller than the muscle machines' forearms, let alone their massive upper arms! The Young Marines were so much bigger and more muscular than Tommy and Jimmy that they looked like a different species of animal, a totally huge, totally muscular, totally dominant, totally superior species that could wipe out the inferior species embodied in the skinny, weak nerds. And it was clear to Tommy that they could easily do this without even trying hard. Tommy looked up at Jason, who towered over him. Tommy's face was at the same level as Jason's huge, bulging pecs, which were almost bursting out of his tight, white tee shirt. Tommy looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes and his tan, drop-dead gorgeous face. A tingling feeling shot up Tommy's spine as he took in the incredible beauty and muscularity of his classmate. His cock started to stiffen and he felt a pit in his stomach. Finally, Tommy got up the nerve to say "Jason, can I feel your muscles?" "Sure, Tommy," Jason said casually. "Be my guest." Tommy tentatively raised his hands and put them on Jason's chest. Jason flexed his pecs and Tommy jerked his hands away. He couldn't believe the size and hardness he had just felt. But Tommy loved it and he put his hands right back and squeezed the hard mounds of muscle. Jason proceeded to flex all of his muscles while Tommy felt their massiveness and rock-like hardness with his delicate little hands. Tommy was overwhelmed by the size and overwhelming strength of this 15 year old boy's muscles. He felt so weak and puny by comparison. Jason smiled confidently as Tommy worshipped him "Yeah, feel those big muscles, you little runt," said Jason, really getting into it. "I've got more muscle in my big arm than you've got in your whole body." (If one were to measure actual muscle mass, of which Tommy had very little, this was probably true. Each one of Jason's rippling 23 inch guns had more muscle than Tommy's whole little body!) By this time Tommy's cock was completely hard and it made a big tent in his shorts. Jason looked down and laughed. "Hey, Tommy, it looks like you're really into my muscles. Maybe we can arrange a closer viewing after school." Tommy just about creamed in his shorts when Jason said that.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was checking out Joey and Fernando, who didn't want to be outdone by Jason and were flexing their gigantic muscles. Jimmy put his little arms up to Fernando's wide shoulders and felt his huge, bowling ball sized delts. Fernando's 80 inch shoulders were more than a foot wider than Jimmy's. Jimmy looked at his bony, narrow shoulders and then at Fernando's huge, wide, striated delts. A feeling of unbelievable awe came over him as he took in the absolute power of this muscle god. Then Jimmy ran his little hands down over Fernando's incredibly wide, flaring lats to his tiny, narrow, muscular waist. Jimmy couldn't believe it. Fernando's waist was just as small as Jimmy's, but Fernando had 175 more pounds of muscle on him. And Fernando's waist was as hard as rock, his corrugated abs feeling like a steel washboard to Jimmy's delicate fingers. Jimmy was just overwhelmed by Fernando's awesome body. Just then, Joey placed his gigantic arm in front of Jimmy's face and flexed his massive triceps. The heads of muscle writhed like pythons under Joey's dark, tan skin. "Feel some real muscle, kid," said Joey. Joey stood in front of Jimmy and flexed his massive 25 inch arms. They were clearly bigger than Jimmy's head. The fibers of muscle bulged and big veins pulsated under Joey's thin skin. "Here, climb on," said Joey. Jimmy grabbed Joey's huge right upper arm with both hands and struggled to do a pullup (Jimmy could do only one pullup). As Jimmy hung on, Joey flexed and unflexed his arm, holding up the 100 pound Jimmy without any effort at all. Jimmy's hands were right on top of Joey's massive, hard bicep and as Joey flexed and unflexed, Jimmy could feel the steel-like cords of muscle tense and bulge. When Joey's bicep was completely flexed, Jimmy could hardly hold on as the peak was so high. His two little hands cupped that massive peak of muscle and he just about creamed in his shorts at the feeling.

Jimmy wished that he could have held that position for hours, but he couldn't hold on any longer and dropped to the ground. "Well, another little muscle worshipper," said Joey as he looked down at Jimmy's raging hard on. "I think that you two little dweebs are going to make yourselves very useful. We Young Marines like to have our big muscles worshipped. It gets us really hot. And I think we'll get really hot being worshipped by two puny wimps like you. I want to compare my huge body to your emaciated sacks of bones as you feel every one of my big muscles. And when we get turned on by good muscle worshippers, our cocks become enormous. Hey, Fernando, show these little runts your cock." At that, Fernando dropped his shorts and pulled out his huge, thick 13-inch cock. It was already hard from all the muscle worship and muscle talk. Jimmy and Tommy stared at the massive weapon in total awe. Joey said "OK dweebs, here's the plan. We're going to work out in the weight room after school today. Why don't you two come to the weight room and watch us pump these muscles with the heaviest weights you have ever seen. Then we'll go to the locker room and you can worship every one of our muscles, including our throbbing cocks. See ya!" The three Young Marines faced the two puny weaklings and flexed their massive arms one more time. Then they turned around and strutted off to school. Tommy and Jimmy just couldn't believe their good fortune. They had raging hard ons the whole day. •

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