Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

All three boys now circled around Jeff, flexing their huge muscles for him in an awesome display of massive and beautiful teenage muscle. As they flexed, Jeff ran his hands over their shoulders, arms and chests, feeling the incredible size and hardness of the huge, powerful delts, traps, biceps, triceps and pecs now possessed by his young 15-year old trainees. Over the last five weeks, as the boys became much stronger and more muscular than Jeff, Jeff began to indulge in the fantasy he had wanted to live out since he had been in high school. That fantasy was to find (or, as Jeff had now done, create) a few young boy-men who were so big and muscular that they would be totally dominant over everything they encountered. They would be so big, strong, lean and mean that every classmate, every gang member, every bully, yes, every Marine would be totally dominated by these young boy-men. These boys would be such powerful fighters that they would be able to rule everything in their domain. Jeff wanted to worship these young masters. His fantasy was to create and worship the biggest, meanest most muscular 15 year old boys that had ever existed. And as the weeks went by at Muscle Camp, Jeff was getting to live his fantasy in real life. The boys had become everything Jeff had dreamed of. They were huge, muscular 15-year old fighting machines with an attitude, who really loved to show off their bodies and who loved to respond to Jeff's worship of their big, buffed, young muscles.

After Jeff had felt each boy's pumped, cannonball-like delts, Jeff buried his face between Jason's huge pecs and caressed Jason's bulging arms and shoulders with worshipful hands. "Yeah, feel those big muscles, Marine," said Jason. Jeff looked up at Jason's beautiful blue eyes, blond hair and drop-dead gorgeous face, firmly held up by Jason's huge muscular neck which rose up from the gigantic trap muscles of his muscular torso. His pecs were absolutely enormous and shredded. The cleavage between the hard, round, striated mounds of muscle on Jason's huge chest was at least four inches deep. As Jeff buried his face between the huge slabs of muscle, Jason held Jeff's face with his muscular right arm between his pecs and flexed his pecs. Jeff's face was almost crushed between the granite-like mounds of muscle. "Feel the size and power of my muscles, Marine. I'm now twice as big and twice as strong as you are, Marine. Put your hands on these huge, fucking strong muscles, Marine. Worship these muscles, Marine. I can kick the shit out of any Marine who dares to challenge me, including you!" Jeff was incredibly turned on by Jason's arrogance as well as by his huge, defined muscles. Jeff dropped to his knees and wrapped his mouth around Jason's stiff cock. Jason thrust his hips back and forth, driving his cock deep into the ex-Marine's willing throat. Suddenly, Jeff's head was pulled off Jason's cock by a pair of big, strong hands - Fernando's. "Hey, Jason, you can't have that cocksucker all to yourself. I want some too!" Fernando held onto Jeff's head and rammed his own 13 inch rock hard cock down Jeff's throat. Fernando let Jeff looked up at his huge shoulders and ripped, muscular waist. "Yeah, Jeff, look at my fucking muscles. Look how they bulge with power as I ram my big cock down your throat. Worship these muscles, Jeff. Worship your musclegod!" Jeff ran his fingers across Fernando's tiny, rippling, muscular waist and around his firm, round bubble butt. He felt Fernando's huge thighs and smelled the musclesweat coming from Fernando's hot crotch. Just as Jeff thought he couldn't get any more aroused, two even bigger and stronger hands grabbed Jeff's head away from Fernando and thrust Jeff's mouth down onto their owner's massive, thick cock. Joey was the alpha male and he took what he wanted. "Yeah, you puny Marine cocksucker! Suck my big muscle cock. Feel the power of my huge muscles. I am your master and you will do as I order." "Yes, sir, Joey, sir," gurgled Jeff.

After thrusting his thick cock in and out of Jeff's mouth and throat about 30 times, each thrust being accompanied by a deep primeval grunt from Joey's giant chest, Joey removed his cock from Jeff's mouth. Joey, Fernando and Jason encircled Jeff with their massive bodies and throbbing, hard cocks. They each moved their cocks right up next to Jeff, the bulging muscles of their huge quads almost crushing the kneeling ex-Marine. "OK, Marine, I order you to worship all three of us at the same time so that we can blast our hot cum together," yelled Joey. "Feel these big fucking muscles. Feel these huge teenage cocks. We rule!"

At that, the boys began flexing and Jeff ran his hands over their big, pumped muscles, feeling their massiveness and their power. He licked their arms and smelled the musclejock sweat coming from their armpits. He buried his face in those armpits, armpits that were so huge because of the boys' slab-like lats, massive pecs and bowling ball shoulders that their armpits enveloped his whole head. He breathed in the heavy smell of their muscle sweat, a smell that evoked in his mind the feeling of overwhelming force and power. He buried his face in the enormous cleavage of their bulging pecs. He pinched and sucked their hard round nipples that protruded boldly from their huge pecs. He ran his hands over their washboard abs, pushing with his strong fingers only to me met with steel-like resistance from the corrugated muscle. He licked those abs while feeling the enormity of the boys' lats and pecs. He caressed their bubble butts and licked their tight ass cracks. He stroked and sucked their cocks and licked their big balls. It was like he had died and gone to muscle heaven. Eight hundred fifty pounds of teenage beef flexing for him. After about 15 minutes of this orgy, all of the boys and Jeff were unbelievably aroused. As Jeff felt their hard abs, each of the boys blasted gobs and gobs of teenage jism onto Jeff's face and body, literally covering him with the thick, milky liquid. Jeff came at the same time, experiencing the best orgasm of his entire life. After their incredible sexual ecstasy, the boys and Jeff fell to the mat and onto each other, luxuriating in the feel of their massive, sweaty, pumped bodies.

At dinner that night Jeff said, "Well men, this is your last night at Muscle Camp. You have developed beyond my wildest dreams. You are going to be able to kick the shit out of anybody you want. You will be in total control of your world." "We owe it all to you, Jeff," said Jason. "You turned us into musclestuds." "Yeah, you're the man," shouted Joey. Although the boys were now the dominant males in everything physical and in sex, they still looked upon Jeff as their leader. Even though they dwarfed him in size, strength and fighting ability, they followed his orders like true Marines. Except of course when they had finished a grueling workout and Jeff started worshipping their big, young muscles. Then they were the masters, and they pushed that ex-Marine around like a pathetic schoolyard wimp. "Yes, you men are truly big, mean, muscle machines," said Jeff. "You're bigger, stronger and better fighters than any Marine I have ever seen. I hereby induct you into the Corps as Young Marines." "Young Marines - that sounds cool," said Jason. "We're the Young Marines! We can fuck up anyone we want!" yelled Joey. "Not so fast," said Jeff. "As a Young Marine you've got to act like a Marine. You can be brutal, but be brutal to the bad guys. You don't have to take shit from anyone anymore. Your overwhelming strength and fighting ability will easily be able to crush anyone who dares oppose you. You are the musclestud Young Marines!" "Yeah!" yelled Fernando. "Give me five." The Young Marines and Jeff all gave each other high fives and the Young Marines flexed their huge arms and smiled. They were stoked.

"Men, I hear that the Warlords are back in your neighborhood. It seems that they didn't learn very well from the lessons you taught them last time. Would the Young Marines like to go on another military expedition to eradicate those punks once and for all?" said Jeff. "Yes, sir!" yelled the Young Marines and the top of their lungs. The adrenaline started pumping through their massive, muscular bodies. "I can't wait to pulverize those thugs!" yelled Joey. "I was too nice to them last time. Now I'm 100 pounds heavier and more than twice as strong. I'm just going to rip them apart with these guns!" Joey flexed his 25 inch arms which rippled with muscularity and power. "I'm going to kick their ribs so hard that their lungs will collapse!" yelled Jason. He made a kicking motion with his 32 inch quads and 23 inch calves. The force those muscles could exert would certainly break a man's ribcage into pieces. "I'm going to wrap my arms around a punk's chest and crush the life out of him with my huge biceps, delts and lats!" shouted Fernando. "The Young Marines rule, and tonight those Warlord thugs are going to learn a lesson they never forget, those Warlords who survive that is!" shouted Jason. "OK, men, lets get ready to go," said Jeff.

Jeff had ordered extra-large fatigue pants for the huge Young Marines - the biggest size that the military could provide. Even so, the Young Marines' massive quads and calves filled the legs. Joey's quads were so big that they stretched the fabric. However, the boy's waists were so small and muscular, with not an ounce of fat, that they had to pull the 40 inch waist pants tight with their belts. They put on XXXXL tee shirts, but there still wasn't room for their shoulders and arms, so they cut out the armholes to let their huge muscular weapons be free. Their massive pecs and lats , stretched the fabric of the shirts to the max. They put on big combat boots - their feet had grown in proportion to their bodies and they all needed size 13 or 14 extra-wide boots. They put charcoal on their faces and headed out to town in the Jeep with Jeff.

They had decided to approach the Warlords from three different directions so that they could catch and pulverize any Warlords who tried to escape. When they got to their neighborhood, they could see about 30 Warlords hanging out at their usual location. The whole gang was out tonight. A couple of the thugs were still on crutches or had their arms in slings - reminders of the Young Marines' earlier visit. The Warlords had gotten complacent over the last five weeks. They now thought that those three muscular fighters were just in town for the day and had moved on. They thought that they still ruled this neighborhood. How wrong they were.

Jeff let the Young Marines out of the Jeep. Jason and Fernando walked around the block in different directions. The boys had timed their watches. When it was exactly midnight, the Young Marines walked towards the Warlords from three different directions. At first the Warlords didn't pay any attention to them. But then one young punk, about 16, saw Joey's enormous profile in the dim light provided by the streetlights. "Holy shit!" he cried out and started running. But he ran right into Fernando, who grabbed him, wrapped his 23 inch guns around the punk's chest, and contracted his massive arms, delts and lats. There was a loud cracking sound as every one of the punk's ribs that were unlucky enough to be in contact with Fernando's huge chest shattered under the enormous force Fernando was applying. Almost every rib in the kid's body was broken in several pieces and his lungs had collapsed. The kid gasped for air, but his shattered ribcage and collapsed lungs were incapable of another breath. He looked at Fernando's huge muscles, muscles that had just crushed the life out of him, with a look of total fear and awe. Fernando looked at the punk and sneered. Even when sneering, his handsome face looked absolutely gorgeous. Fernando then spit in the kid's dying face and tossed him aside like a piece of garbage. This whole event took less than two seconds. The other Warlords seemed to be paralyzed with fear after watching Fernando literally crush the life out of their homey with his bare hands. The Young Marines took advantage of this hesitation and charged the group with muscular fury.

Joey found the biggest Warlord he could see, grabbed his arm, twisted it up and literally ripped it off the thug's shoulders. He used the severed arm to club two other big Warlords across the face, breaking their noses and cheekbones and knocking them unconscious. When another thug tried to run away from Joey, Joey grabbed his arm with his big, thick fingers. Joey held the thug's wrist with one hand and his upper forearm with the other. Then Joey twisted his massive 19-inch forearms like he was bending a bamboo pole. The punk's two forearm bones immediately snapped like dry spaghetti. Joey let go of the shattered arm and punched the kid hard in the gut. The force of his punch lifted the punk three feet off the ground. The kid's internal organs had been devastated and he lay lifeless on the ground.

Jason used his quick, massive, immensely strong legs to kick in the ribs of five Warlords in a period of 15 seconds. Jason's shredded 32 inch quads were so fast and powerful that when the toe of his big combat boot hit the ribs of a Warlord, a force of thousands of pounds per square inch just pulverized the bones of the unlucky thug. Every kick connected with devastating force, his big combat boots driving six inches into the Warlords' chests, shattering their ribs and collapsing their lungs. It was just like target practice for Jason's massive legs and Jason was enjoying hearing the cracking of bones as he hit every one of his targets. Every time he tried to kick a little harder and deeper. A couple of times he aimed for a punk's gut, and every kick landed with pulverizing accuracy, crushing the punk's internal organs.

Fernando wanted to kill a Warlord with just the strong fingers of one of his hands. In a split second, he grabbed a big Warlord by the arm and wrapped the fingers of his other hand around the Warlord's neck. Then he squeezed his muscular forearm and his thick fingers and thumb contracted into the Warlord's neck. Fernando could feel the thug's windpipe being crushed under his mighty grip. Fernando squeezed harder, until his fingers were almost halfway closed. He then twisted his powerful wrist, snapping the thug's neckbone like a twig. The punk's lifeless head bobbled back and forth like the head of a puppet. Fernando lifted the punk up by his squished neck with one huge, muscular arm and tossed the dead vermin five feet away.

The 30 Warlords were no match for the three 15-year old massive and muscular Young Marines. For the next two minutes the Young Marines continued their reign of terror, annihilating every one of the Warlords with smashing blows and devastating kicks or just breaking their bones with their enormous strength. When all the Warlords lay on the ground either dead or seriously injured, Joey stood on the lifeless chest of the big, one-armed Warlord and yelled "the Young Marines now control this neighborhood. You assholes are outahere. If we ever see you again, this will happen to every one of you." Joey reached down and grabbed the other arm of the big one-armed Warlord. With an incredibly powerful pull from his 25 inch guns, his sweaty, flaring lats and his huge, glistening, striated delts, he yanked the thug's other arm right off his torso and threw it at a young Warlord who stared wide-eyed in amazement and the awesome display of overpowering strength. "And if you ever tell the police who did this to you, your punishment will be even worse!" The few still conscious Warlords trembled. What could be worse than that? They sure didn't want to find out. The Young Marines were brutal, and the Warlords were the bad guys. The next morning the toll would be taken: 6 dead and 24 injured Warlords, 20 of them being injured critically. Eight of them would die in the hospital. No Warlord escaped unharmed. The police thought it was some kind of rival gang that had attacked the young punks (who they were happy to see gone), but they couldn't quite figure out how a rival gang could do so much damage to the 30 thugs without any sign of a weapon being used. It looked like the Warlords were pulverized by a large group of incredibly strong and incredibly good street fighters. The Warlords weren't talking.

The Young Marines ran back to the Jeep, hopped in and headed back to Muscle Camp with Jeff. "We weren't as nice to the Warlords as we were last time," said Joey in a great understatement. "I don't think we'll be seeing much of them anymore. Our muscles are incredibly strong and we're great fighters. They were no match for us at all. It was like fighting a bunch of boy scouts - bad boy scouts. We were brutal, Jeff, but they're definitely bad, bad punks." Jeff smiled. He was proud of his big, brutal Young Marines. •

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