Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

The next day, the boys attacked the weights with unbelievable intensity. They had each gained three pounds of muscle overnight. They worked their chests in the morning and were each able to bench press thirty pounds more than they had in their chest workout three days before. After a warmup set of bench presses with 250 pounds, Joey did 10 reps with 350 pounds, 10 reps with 375, 10 reps with 380, eight reps with 385, six reps with 390, four reps with 395 and two reps with 400. During the last three sets, the sweat was pouring off his huge body and his pecs were massive and bulging, glowing with the red pump of blood coursing through the striated muscle. Jason spotted Joey and helped ever so slightly with the last rep. Just imagine! A 190 pound 15 year old boy benching 400 pounds! Joey was a stud! And he was going to get even bigger and stronger over the next five weeks. Jason and Fernando did a similar routine, but they ended up with a 370 pound max. Still incredible for 15 year olds. All the boys were now stronger than Jeff, who maxed out on the bench press with 325. He could only watch in awe as his young proteges got bigger and bigger and lifted heavier and heavier weights every day, while he stayed the same.

The boys did six sets of each of their chest exercises pyramiding with heavier and heavier weights for each set until they got to a huge weight that allowed them to do only three forced reps, with a spotter, in the final set. They were using 150 pound dumbbells for incline presses that they couldn't have lifted off the ground with both hands when they arrived at Muscle Camp. At the end of their chest workout, their pecs were a deep reddish tan, flushed from all the blood being pumped through them by their powerful hearts and literally bulging out, the huge round mounds of muscle striated with clearly defined fibers. Standing relaxed, the cleavage between the two gigantic slabs of muscle was about two inches deep. Their bodies were sweating profusely from the intense workout and they literally radiated with power and beauty. After the workout they ripped off their shorts and flexed their muscles in the mirror, seeing for themselves the living evidence that their muscles were even bigger and stronger than they had been just yesterday. Their cocks, which had grown along with their muscles, bulged and hardened. They had fantastic sex with Jeff, blasting huge spurts of teenage cum all over their pumped, muscular bodies.

During the next five weeks at Muscle Camp, Jason, Joey and Fernando developed more muscle mass and strength than even Jeff thought was humanly possible. Jeff gave them their growth injections every day rather than every other day and their intake of food and Muscle Blast almost doubled as well. They were now each eating more food in a day than three or four big bodybuilders would normally consume. Every day they devoured three big steaks, six or seven chickens, four pounds of fish, 30 egg whites, and pounds and pounds of rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. Plus they were drinking ten glasses of Muscle Blast a day, filled with muscle building protein, creatine, andro and other secret ingredients. Their protein intake was incredible. Their enormous, efficient bodies were able to digest all of that fuel and turn it into pure muscle and energy. Not an ounce of fat appeared under their skin as their muscles grew bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. Big, striated, overpowering muscles that made up their big muscle machines. Their bodies had indeed become huge muscle machines, growing at the rate of about three pounds of solid muscle each day. Each day the mean muscle machines grew bigger and stronger than the day before, able to lift heavier and heavier weights. And the heavier lifting, together with the growth injections, huge quantities of muscle-building food and the Muscle Blast, forced the machines' buffed, rippling muscles to grow even bigger and stronger so that they could lift even heavier weights the next day. The boys were becoming transformed from big, muscular teenagers into absolutely huge, brutally strong, incredibly powerful young men. Young men who, at 15 years of age, were becoming bigger and stronger than virtually every man in the world, let alone the boys in their high school.

Over the next five weeks, the boys trained incredibly hard and ate outrageously huge quantities of food and supplements. All of this added another 110 pounds of hard, fat-free muscle to Joey, about 90 pounds to Jason and about 95 pounds to Fernando. Joey now weighed 300 pounds, Jason 270 and Fernando 275. Each of the boys had gained another two inches in height and stood six feet tall. They were now two inches taller and 90 to 115 pounds heavier than Jeff, who had maintained basically the same weight and muscularity during their training. In a little over two months, the boys had muscled up beyond their wildest dreams. Joey had gained an incredible 175 pounds of pure muscle; sinew and bone, while Jason and Fernando had each gained over 150 pounds. Their bones and internal organs had grown to accommodate the additional muscle, their shoulders widening by many inches and their ribcages expanding outward, letting their hearts and lungs grow huge and healthy, providing massive quantities of oxygen and blood to power and grow the ripped, throbbing muscle machines. The boys were now almost two and one half times as heavy as they were when they first entered Muscle Camp and all that additional weight was solid, brutally strong muscle.

And not only were they unbelievably big and strong, but they were fast, tough and agile. Their morning cardio workouts were now tough Marine Corps obstacle course training sessions. They ran, sprinted, climbed ropes and walls, crawled through swamps, swam underwater for hundreds of feet and participated in many other grueling physical challenges. They were expert fighters, masters in boxing, wrestling, martial arts, and combat fighting. They were unbelievably big, mean, muscle fighting machines.

After a morning of obstacle course training, a huge breakfast, two glasses of Muscle Blast and an hour of rest in the sun, the boys and Jeff went to the gym for their shoulder workout. The boys warmed up with some "light" military presses of 250 pounds, which the boys could easily do sets of 15 reps with. Jeff could barely do three reps with the boys' warmup weight. After their warmup, the boys trained their delts with grueling intensity. They did military presses pyramiding the weight to 475 - 525 pounds, dumbbell presses increasing to 200-225 pound dumbbells and side laterals blasting up to 90-100 pound dumbbells. (Jason was the "weakest" and Joey was the strongest.) They did six sets of six different exercises for their delts, ending each exercise with two or three reps with incredible weights that their gigantic bowling-ball sized delts strained to push up and down for those last intense, painful reps, sweat pouring from their hot, pumped, glistening bodies. Blood was surging through their shoulders, pecs, lats and arms, the veins pulsating under their thin, tan skin. The fibers of their huge, round delts rippled as the incredibly huge and incredibly pumped muscles bulged with truly awesome mass and power.

After the workout, the boys and Jeff ripped off their shorts and compared their buck naked bodies in the mirror. The three huge, shredded boys completely dwarfed the muscular, but, by comparison, puny ex-Marine. Never in history had there been bigger, stronger or more muscular 15 year old - even 21 year old - boys than the three incredibly massive young men now facing the mirror. They indeed were bigger, more muscular, stronger and better fighters than any Marine Jeff had ever known. They were truly awesome, and as the flexed their bulging, striated muscles, their big cocks started to thicken. Their cocks were now more than five inches longer and many inches thicker than when they had entered Muscle Camp. Their cocks and balls had grown along with their muscles. Their thick cocks looked absolutely stunning, protruding like huge weapons on their massive, muscular bodies with testicles the size of golf balls hanging low in big ballsacks. Those balls were huge and healthy just like the rest of the boys' internal organs. As a result of all the testosterone and other hormones raging through the healthy bodies of these teenagers, those testicles produced enormous amounts of sperm and jism, enough to shoot ten huge bursts of cum with each orgasm. Their big cocks could shoot their loads at least ten feet and each boy could shoot enough cum to fill a half a cup with each orgasm. And their supercharged teenage bodies were capable of cumming 8 times a day if they wanted to. They were big, mean fucking machines and they could fuck whatever they wanted as often as they wanted. Jeff was awestruck by the incredible muscularity, beauty and sexual superiority of his three proteges. Jeff took pictures of the three boys in various poses. The "before and after" pictures of these boys were going to blow away the world. Never before had there been such a muscular transformation in 15 year old boys - and all in two intense months at Muscle Camp.

Jason said, "Jeff, look at my abs! They're totally shredded!" Jason tensed his incredibly defined eight-pack. Every muscle fiber was clearly visible under his paper thin golden tan skin. The muscles looked like corrugated steel, and were just as hard. Blood vessels coursed with nourishing blood just under Jason's skin. His vasularity was amazing. His veins could be seen everywhere - on his ripped abs, his massive and shredded quads and huge diamond-shaped calves, his glistening, pumped delts, his big, round, striated pecs, his flaring lats and his huge, rippling arms that hung from his shoulders like massive slabs of beef, the fibers tensing and untensing at Jason's every move. "Punch me as hard as you can, Marine! My muscles are stronger than any scrawny Marine's!" shouted Jason with an arrogant tone to his voice. He was a stud and he knew it. Jeff made a fist, wound up his strong right hand and punched Jason as hard as he could right in Jason's shredded abs. The hard blow didn't make the slightest dent in Jason's armor-like muscles, which glistened with sweat and power, unfazed by the ex-Marine's hardest punch. Jason smiled confidently, his dazzling white teeth looking absolutely beautiful. He flexed his massive arms right in Jeff's face. Jeff could smell the manly sweat emanating from Jason's armpits and radiating from his veiny, muscular arms. "Feel these big muscles, Marine! Feel their power! Measure their size! I know I'm fucking big! I want to know how fucking big I am!" Jeff cupped his hands around Jason's massive, rock-hard arm. He couldn't get even both of his hands around Jason's gigantic muscles. Jason straightened and curled up his arm several times as Jeff felt the incredible size and hardness of Jason's shredded biceps and his massive, corded triceps. When Jason flexed his arms, the two heads of his huge biceps were clearly visible at the top of the melon-sized muscle, the fibers of each head being clearly defined under Jason's golden tan, extremely thin skin.

Jeff got out his measuring tape and measured Jason's enormous muscles. Weight - 270 pounds. Upper arms - 23 inches; forearms - 18; chest - 60; waist 31 shredded inches; quads - 32; calves - 23; neck - 20. As Jeff announced these girths, Jason yelled "Yeah!" each time and flexed his muscles in the mirror. His cock had now gotten totally hard, and it was huge. It stood straight up against Jason's shredded abs. Jason was totally hairless, except for a little blond hair under his armpits and a small patch of light blond hair around his huge cock and balls. Jason grabbed his cock with his big right hand, pulled it down and then let go. The thick, hard cock slapped up against his abs and twitched up and down at Jason's command. Jeff measured that hard cock - 11-1/2 inches long and 7-1/2 inches around! Jeff felt Jason's washboard rock-like abs and his muscular bubble-butt with one hand and squeezed Jason's big, throbbing cock with his other hand. Jeff's cock was completely stiff after touching all of Jason's big, buffed muscles and Jeff was ready for some hot sex. However, Jason suddenly grabbed both of Jeff's wrists with his thick, strong hands, the bulging muscles in his 17 inch forearms writhing like snakes. Jason's grip was vice-like and Jeff was helpless to resist the big 15 year old's power. "Not so fast, Marine," said Jason. "Measure Fernando and Joey first. You can worship my big muscles after you're finished with that, Marine." Jason looked at Jeff with a commanding presence that showed that he knew he was in total control of the ex-Marine, his mentor. And Jeff knew that too, and he loved it.

As Jason looked at him, Jeff just couldn't believe how drop-dead gorgeous this muscular hunk really was. Jason had let his blond hair grow a little - it was about one-half inch long on the top and very short on the sides. His face was incredibly beautiful, the kind of absolute male beauty that only a blond, blue-eyed, genetically superior Aryan youth could attain. Jason had large, sky-blue eyes, high and prominent Germanic cheekbones, a strong jaw and square chin and evenly-spaced bright-white teeth. His face still looked like that of a 15 year old boy, but a strong and confident 15 year old boy, deeply tanned, completely unblemished and just a little blond facial hair to shave above his thin, sensuous lips and on his strong, square chin. Jason looked at Jeff with his penetrating blue eyes and ordered, "Get to work, Marine."

At that, Fernando jumped in front of Jeff, pushing Jason to the side with his own gigantic muscles. "Let Jeff feel a real man," said Fernando. "You're a wimp compared to me." Fernando punched Jason playfully in the arm. Jason didn't feel a thing, but that playful punch would have knocked most 15-year old boys to the ground and their arm would be sore for three days. Then Fernando stood in front of Jeff, facing the mirror, and started flexing his huge muscles. Fernando's shoulders were incredibly wide, clearly more that twice as wide as his narrow hips. His deeply tanned body had the most incredible symmetry that Jeff had ever seen. His skin was flawless, the kind of deep brown skin that make Latin men so sexy. Fernando was also completely hairless except for black hair under his armpits and a thick black patch of pubic hair around his big uncut dick and walnut-sized low-hanging balls. His big, wide shoulders were capped with enormous bowling-ball sized delts. Every fiber was clearly visible under his paper-thin skin and he loved to stand before the mirror flexing his delts and his huge slab like lats that showed such an incredible taper to his wasp-like waist and hips. It was almost unreal how wide Fernando's delts and lats were compared to his narrow waist and hips. His chest was massive as well, bulging out proudly with big, round, striated pecs that protruded out more than six inches over his tiny, muscular waist. Every muscle in Fernando's body burst out from his thin skin in bold relief. His muscle butt was round and incredibly hard, the big glute muscles showing through his skin like steel cords. His legs were massive and looked absolutely huge when compared to his small, muscular waist. His blood vessels coursed across his quads as he flexed his huge thighs. His calves were absolutely gorgeous. Two bulging heads of muscle encircled by pulsating veins, all covered by thin, very dark, smooth tan skin.

But nobody can look at Fernando for more than two seconds before targeting his huge cannonball shoulders and his hard, slim, muscular waist for visual orgasms. As Jeff's measuring tape would reveal, Fernando's shoulders were 80 inches around and his waist was only 29-1/2 inches. His shoulders were 28 inches wide and his hips were only 12 inches across. His shoulders had so much muscle in them that it looked like someone had slapped two huge overgrown melons, pulsating with writhing fibers, onto his naturally wide shoulder bones. His well- developed traps raised up from those huge delts and connected to his muscular, columnar neck. This massive display of muscle across Fernando's upper torso contrasted with his incredibly small waist, which was packed with dense, compact ab muscles that literally rippled with muscularity and power under his dark skin. He had the kind of waist that most men would kill for - small, incredibly muscular, totally cut and defined - with hips so narrow that they looked like they didn't belong on a boy-man with such massive muscles. But they belonged on Fernando, and they made him look absolutely stunning. Jeff ran his hands over Fernando's huge delts, his massive lats, his big round pecs and finally his small muscular waist and firm, round butt. He stuck two fingers inside the tight crack of Fernando's muscle ass, and when Fernando contracted his steel-like glutes, the pressure on Jeff's fingers was enormous.

"OK, Jeff, you can stop drooling and start measuring," said Fernando as he pushed his flexed muscular arm into Jeff's face and lips, allowing Jeff to lick his salty sweat for just a moment and to smell the pungent jock-sweat aroma coming from his big hairy armpits. Jeff got the measuring tape and called out Fernando's measurements. Weight - 275 pounds; upper arms - 23; forearms - 18; chest - 62; shoulders - 80 (Fernando yelled out "fuckin' stud!" when Jeff called out his shoulder measurement); waist - 29-1/2; quads -32; calves - 23; neck - 20. Fernando was five pounds heavier than Jason - bigger in the shoulders and chest, smaller in the waist, but otherwise about the same. Fernando's uncut cock was fully engorged with blood and was now rock hard and thrusting up at a 45 degree angle from his body. Jeff measured Fernando's thick, long cock: 13 inches long and 8 inches around. The biggest cock of the three boys and one-third bigger than Jeff's.

Fernando grinned as Jeff pronounced him the stud of Muscle Camp. Fernando's big, bright, white teeth contrasted starkly with his darkly tanned, handsome face. Fernando's short, black hair crowned the face of a stunningly good looking Hispanic heart-throb. Fernando's eyes were big and brown and his long eyelashes made his eyes look even bigger. He had strong cheekbones, a square jaw and big full lips that just begged to be kissed. Fernando looked like a stunning young man of 21, a handsome muscle-stud in his prime. Jeff gazed into Fernando's eyes and ran his hands over Fernando's huge delts, slab-like lats and bulging, round pecs. Fernando's muscles felt like warm steel, contracting and expanding as Jeff's hands experienced their awesome size and power. Suddenly, Jeff grabbed Fernando's head and kissed his big sensuous lips furiously, thrusting his tongue deep into Fernando's mouth. Fernando reciprocated by pushing his muscular tongue deep into Jeff's mouth, all the way into his throat. Just as Jeff and Fernando were about to lose it completely, Joey approached and grabbed them by their upper arms. Joey could easily grab Jeff's 17 inch arm, but it was a little harder for him to get his fingers around Fernando's 23 inch monster. In any event, he grabbed enough of the thick muscle with his big, powerful hands to pull Jeff and Fernando apart.

"Not so fast, boys," said Joey. "Jeff still has some more work to do before he can play. He hasn't yet checked out the biggest, strongest, meanest, buffest muscle-stud in this whole room - and I mean ME!" At that Joey cast Fernando to the side with one sweep of his gargantuan right arm and flexed his mammoth body in the mirror. "You boys are nothing but scrawny wimps compared to me. And as you Jeff, well I guess your star pupil kinda makes you look like an emaciated dweeb by comparison. Joey stood right next to Jeff so they could compare their bodies in the mirror. From a flabby 125 pounds, Joey had blossomed in the last two months into a monster of muscle. He now weighed 300 pounds, more than double his original weight and a gain of 175 pounds of solid muscle. He outweighed Jeff by 120 pounds and long ago Jeff learned that Joey was the alpha male of all of them. No one challenged Joey in a strength contest. Joey reveled in crushing all opponents. He could bench press 650 pounds for three reps. This was about 75 pounds more than Jason and Fernando could do and it was 325 pounds more than Jeff could do. Joey the student was now twice as strong as Jeff the teacher. Joey's other lifts were similarly remarkable. He could military press 500 pounds, curl 375 for three reps, squat with 850 and deadlift 950 pounds. These lifts were all many pounds more than Jason and Fernando could do, although they were both very strong. Fernando could military press 475 pounds with his incredible shoulders and Jason could curl 325 for three reps with his 23 inch guns. But as for Jeff, that 5'10" 180 pound muscular ex-Marine, well there just wasn't any comparison. He really did look like an emaciated wimp next to Joey.

Joey smiled with supreme confidence as his muscles bulged with power while he flexed them next to Jeff. "Hey Jeff, remember the time when you grabbed my upper arm with your fingers and squeezed my little bicep into mush? I remember it well, and I remember how after only three days at Muscle Camp my puny biceps got bigger and harder and you had a hard time crushing those little balls of growing muscle. Well, why don't you try that now, Marine. Let's see if you can crush my puny bicep!" Joey smiled with arrogant self-confidence as he flexed his massive 25 inch right arm in front of Jeff. Both his bicep and tricep were incredibly huge and striated with muscle. Huge veins, the size of pencils, coursed with blood under his dark, tan skin. His 18 inch forearms literally burst with muscle and veins. "OK, big Marine. Crush this little boy's bicep," ordered Joey as he looked Jeff right in the eyes. Jeff placed both of his hands on Joey's flexed arm - his left hand on the tricep and the right hand on the bicep. He couldn't get his hands around the huge muscles, so he just squeezed the fingers on his right hand into Joey's bicep as hard as he could. The muscle felt like warm marble, it was so hard and impenetrable. Joey flexed and unflexed his arm several times and even unflexed, the muscular fibers were so firm that Jeff couldn't make a dent in them. Joey laughed at Jeff's feeble attempt. "OK Marine, now I'm going to do that to you," said Joey. He had not tried to crush Jeff's bicep since his first meeting with Jeff when his weak little forearms couldn't make a dent in Jeff's hard muscle. But Joey's forearm had grown from 8 inches of baby fat to18 inches of shredded, writhing muscle. Joey's forearms were now bigger than Jeff's upper arms. Joey's fingers were thick and strong. He was definitely not the same boy he was two months ago. The word boy, while chronologically correct, does not describe at all the giant of a man that Joey had become. Jeff flexed his right arm. His bicep was just as big and hard as it was two months ago. Joey ran the fingers of his right hand around and across Jeff's flexed arm. "Pretty big and hard, but not big enough or hard enough for this monster," said Joey as his flexed his huge right forearm several times. Then Joey wrapped the fingers of his right hand around Jeff's bicep and contracted them. His forearm writhed with snake-like muscle and the veins popped out everywhere. Slowly, Joey's big fingers began to penetrate into Jeff's hard bicep. Joey squeezed harder, incredible power being forced into his thick fingers by his big, strong muscles and tendons. With this immense power, Joey's fingers literally forced themselves into Jeff's flexed bicep, crushing the fibers into submission. Jeff winced in pain and pulled his pulverized arm away from Joey's vise-like grip. "Well, Marine, it looks like this little shrimp has done OK at Muscle Camp," said Joey mockingly. "I'm now the biggest, strongest, meanest fucking muscle stud on whole the planet!" Joey flexed his huge guns in triumph, reveling in his size and power.

"OK, Jeff, time to measure the king!" said Joey, and he moved his enormous flexed arm right in front of Jeff's face. Joey's flexed arm was so big that measured vertically it was actually bigger than Jeff's head. Jeff got out the measuring tape and called out Joey's measurements: Weight - 300; upper arm - 25; forearm - 19; chest - 65; waist - 34; quads - 35; calves - 24; neck - 22. Joey just radiated power and strength. His face was square and tough-looking. While Jason's face still looked like that of a 15 year old, Joey's face looked like that of a dominant 25 year old Italian musclestud. His broad forehead, thick nose, dark brown eyes, square cheekbones, strong jaw, wide chin and 22 inch muscle neck made him look absolutely intimidating. He looked like one mean motherfucker. He had rough black stubble on his face. His whiskers grew so fast that even an hour after shaving, the stubble started to show. He was starting to grow some black hair on his huge, bulging chest - just a little - which also made him look older than his 15 years.

After finishing the measurements, Jeff ran his hands all over Joey's incredibly big, muscular body. Joey's chest was so enormous. Each huge pec bulged with amazing muscularity, the fibers of muscle in those big, powerful machines tensing and untensing as Jeff massaged them. Jeff got down on his knees and started feeling and licking Joey's 35 inch quads. As Joey flexed and unflexed his gigantic legs, Jeff felt their mass and hardness and thought about the enormous power those muscles possessed - the ability to squat with 850 pounds and to leg press 2000 pounds. If Joey wrapped these legs around a Warlord's chest now, he could at will easily crush every bone in the Warlord's torso. Jeff felt Joey's gigantic 24 inch calves. Each head of the muscle was enormous and hard as a rock. Jeff moved his head up to Joey's thick cock, which was now completely hard. Jeff licked the sides of the giant shaft and Joey twitched his cock up and down in pleasure. Jeff felt Joey's round, strong butt - big and powerful. Just as Jeff was really getting into Joey's muscles, Fernando pulled him away and said "Hey, Jeff, you've got one more measurement to take. Measure the stud's cock." Jeff grabbed the tape and measured Joey's throbbing cock - 12 inches long and 8-1/2 inches around. Big and thick. The cock of a musclestud. The last measurement taken, Jeff and the boys got down to business. •

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