Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

During their next 18 days at Muscle Camp, the boys were transformed from the muscular young teenage athletes that they had become after three days to incredibly buffed, strong and muscular young men. Since their arrival at Muscle Camp, in just three weeks, each of them had gained over 60 pounds of rock-hard muscle. Joey now weighed 190, Fernando 185 and Jason 183. They were now as big, muscular and strong as Jeff was. Not only had their muscles grown, the boys had grown an inch in height and were now 5'10". Every day they had gained several pounds of muscle and were much stronger than the day before. They also became incredibly fit, able to run and swim long distances without becoming the least bit tired. And they had become vicious fighters, able to use their immense strength and amazing quickness as lethal weapons. Jeff decided this would be a good time to take stock of their incredible physical progress. Before their shoulder workout, he took their measurements and tested their strength. It was unbelievable. They were different boys. Actually they were now bigger and stronger than most men, after only three weeks of training at Muscle Camp. Joey's chest was now 46 inches, a gain of 9 inches, and his arms were 17, a gain of almost 5. Fernando and Jason both had 45-inch chests and 16-1/2 inch arms. Fernando's waist was now only 28 inches, all shredded, corrugated muscle. Joey's waist was still 30" and Jason's 29". The boys' thighs were now muscular pistons, measuring 24 to 25 inches. There was not an ounce of fat on any of the boys. They were all muscle. Big, mean muscle machines.

Their gains in strength were phenomenal. Joey could now bench press 350 pounds for three reps. This was 25 pounds more than Jeff could do. Both Jason and Fernando could bench 325. Each of the boys was now more than five times as strong as he had been just three weeks before, able to now bench over three hundred pounds with ease when before each of them had struggled with just 50 to 60 pounds. They could military press at least 250 pounds, curl 175, squat with 400 and deadlift 450. The first three weeks of training at Muscle Camp had already transformed them from scrawny boys to 15-year old muscular supermen. They could only imagine what they were going to become at the end of the summer, with a full two months of hard training, huge meals, Muscle Blast and growth injections under their belts.

After the strength tests, the boys flexed their muscles in the mirror. As always, their cocks got hard and they ripped off their shorts. Jeff took off his shorts too and stood next to his trainees, all of them flexing in the mirror. The boys now looked just as big and muscular as Jeff. Jason, Joey and Fernando all knew that they were soon going to become much bigger and stronger than Jeff. Jeff knew this too. While Jeff's body stayed the same, the boys were getting bigger and stronger every day and they showed no signs of slowing down. Their muscles were just exploding and destined to get incredible huge and strong. Jeff and the boys could hardly wait for this to happen. The boys wanted to get as big and strong as they could be. They wanted to be the biggest, strongest, meanest, kick-ass 15-year-old studs that had ever existed. Jeff wanted to create the biggest, strongest, meanest, kick-ass 15-year-old studs that had ever existed. Studs that would put other Marine recruits to shame. Studs that would rule their world.

The three boys were now absolutely beautiful. Jason's body had changed from that of a skinny swimmer to that of a very massive, muscular young water polo player. A water polo player with totally buffed out muscles who dominated all the other players in the pool with his strength and power. Jason's 183 pounds of pure muscle was spread beautifully underneath his paper-thin golden tan skin. He had broad, muscular shoulders and wide, flaring lats that tapered to a muscular, washboard-corrugated 29-inch waist. His arms bulged with corded muscle, the individual fibers showing clearly. His pecs were round and full and striated with muscle. His ass was round and packed with powerful muscle. His blue eyes, blond hair, handsome face -- high, strong cheekbones, powerful jaw and incredibly perfect, white teeth -- coupled with his shredded, ripped muscles bulging under his golden tan skin, made him look like a young Germanic god.

Fernando looked just beautiful as Jason, but in a sexy, Latin way. His skin was very darkly tanned from hours in the sun. His shoulders were incredibly wide and capped with huge cannonball-like deltoid muscles. The muscle fibers in his delts showed clearly under his thin skin. Every time he moved his arms, those fibers tensed and untensed and every little motion resulted in an amazing display of the raw muscle in Fernando's shoulders. His wide shoulders contrasted strikingly with his very narrow hips and small 28 inch shredded waist. His shoulders were in fact now more than twice as wide as his hips. The V-shape of Fernando's torso was incredible. His dimpled bubble butt was very sexy. Even his ass was deeply tanned because the boys spent so much time in the sun in the nude. His face was drop-dead gorgeous, strong cheekbones, jaw and chin, his deep tan contrasting with his super white bright teeth.

Joey was getting BIG. His 190 pounds of raw Italian muscle looked spectacular on his 5' 10" frame. His chest was huge and muscular, his pecs bulging with inches of striated muscle forming a great cleavage between the two round mounds of power. His shoulders, traps, arms and lats were also big, dense and shredded. His legs looked like oak trees, powerful pistons of muscle that could not only deliver devastating bone- breaking kicks but that could also run for miles and miles without getting the least bit tired. After three weeks at Muscle Camp, he was now bigger and more muscular than the star players on his school's football team, boys that were three years older than Joey and who had been working out for years. Boys who liked to pick on Joey, Jason and Fernando in school. Boys who were soon going to see the tables turned on them. Joey flexed his muscular arms in the mirror and smiled. He loved his big, strong, new muscles.

Joey turned to Jeff and said "Squeeze my bicep, Jeff. See if you can crush it the way you did three weeks ago." Joey flexed his muscular 17-inch arm and Jeff wrapped his hand around the big, hard bicep. Jeff squeezed as hard as he could, but Joey's new, young muscles were as hard as a steel ball. Jeff's strong fingers could not even make a tiny dent in the big, hard bicep. Joey smiled. "I'm a fucking STUD!" he yelled as his stiff cock throbbed.

Jeff quickly took out the measuring tape and measured Joey's cock. It had grown almost an inch in three weeks! He measured Jason and Fernando's thick, hard cocks and found the same thing. Each of the boys' cocks had grown about inch in length and was much thicker. The boys were elated. "We're all studs!" said Jason. "We're fucking muscle studs and we're going to kick everybody's ass and fuck anything we want!" The boys started punching each other and giving themselves high-fives in celebration of their buffed new bodies and their bigger, thicker cocks. They were in heaven.

Jeff brought the boys back to earth with a brutal shoulder workout. Two hours of heavy weights, heavy weights being pushed aggressively and with incredible intensity by their big, muscular, young shoulders. Six sets of each exercise, starting with a "warm-up" weight (vastly more than their maximums of just a week earlier) and building up to huge poundages that they could just barely force out for three reps with a spotter. Military presses, behind the neck presses, dumbbell presses, upright barbell rows, side laterals, front laterals and bent over laterals. At the end of the workout their delts were so big and pumped that they were literally bursting under their thin skin. Their delts looked like huge, striated cannonballs of muscle, each fiber clearly visible and tensing with every movement of their arms. Their shoulders were now incredibly wide, with huge caps of muscle, and contrasted with their small muscular waists and narrow hips. Their shoulders, chests and arms were now so big and strong that they knew they could deliver devastating punches to whomever they wanted. The boys were stoked. They knew that their shoulders would be even bigger and stronger for their next workout. They knew that they were getting bigger and stronger every day. They knew that it was now their destiny to become absolutely huge and powerful. Jeff and the boys flexed, ripped off their shorts and had incredible sex.

That evening after their usual massive dinner and glass of Muscle Blast, Jeff turned to the boys and said "How would you men like to go into town for a real-world test of your strength and fighting ability. I hear that the Warlords are dealing a lot of drugs in your neighborhood and terrorizing the residents. Maybe the Warlords need their asses kicked by some big, mean, muscle machines. Do you think you men are ready for that?" The boys' eyes lit up and adrenaline started pumping through the veins of their muscular bodies, which were already coursing with testosterone and all sorts of other hormones that made the boys as aggressive as young bulls. "Yeah, man, lets go," said Jason. "I want to totally fuck up those assholes. We're already bigger and stronger than most of the Warlords and you've taught us to fight so good that we'll be able to totally pulverize their sorry asses." "I want to break their bones with my bare hands," exclaimed Joey. "I'm so strong now that I know I can do it. I can take on six of them at one time." "Yeah," said Fernando, "I can hardly wait for those tattooed punks to see our fucking muscles and to feel their crushing power on their pathetic bodies. I'm going to kick in their ribs and twist their arms right out of their sockets. I want to rule those motherfuckers!" The boys jumped up and started practicing on each other all the lethal fighting techniques that Jeff had taught them. •

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