Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

Jeff woke up the boys at 5:30 AM, the earliest they had ever awoke in recent memory. They were going to train like Marines, only more so. They were going to get incredibly big and strong and tough. They drank another glass of the Blast. Then Jeff took them on a 10 mile run through the ranch, a great cardiovascular workout. The boys weren't used to such a long run, but they stuck with Jeff's tough pace and returned to the house a bit winded but totally invigorated. Their muscles were flushed and red as their hearts pumped lots of protein-enriched blood through their bodies. They ate a huge breakfast of steak, eggs, chicken breasts, potatoes, rice, toast and fruit. They devoured more food than they had ever eaten in one sitting. They were ravenous. Their muscles needed lots of fuel to grow, and the injections and the Blast had now turned them on to full warp growth speed.

After relaxing for awhile and drinking another glass of Muscle Blast, Jason, Joey and Fernando were ready for their first heavy workout. Their muscles were tingling and seemed to be bigger and harder than the day before. Jeff explained that they would be using a split routine system. This morning they were going to train chest. This afternoon it would be back. Tomorrow, it would be shoulders in the morning and arms in the afternoon. On day three, they would train legs in one grueling morning workout. Each day they would start at 5:30 a.m. with cardiovascular training like running or swimming. They would also train their abs daily. On day four they would start over again with chest and back. This way, each bodypart would get two days to rest and grow bigger and stronger. Each workout would last about two hours (three for the legs) and would be heavy and very intense. Therefore, this morning their chests were going to get totally blasted for two hours.

Jeff told them that between their morning and afternoon workouts, the boys would stretch their muscles and then train in martial arts, military hand-to-hand combat, boxing and wrestling. In all, they would be lifting weights four hours per day (three on leg day) and doing cardio, stretching and fight training for another four hours. Jeff, of course, would work out with them, using much heavier weights, at least at first. In between their workouts, the boys could swim, shoot hoops or just relax and feel their muscles growing. Jason, Joey and Fernando were unbelievably excited and ready for their tough chest workout. Before they started, Jeff took them to the scale. Unbelievably, each boy had gained five pounds overnight. And they felt incredibly strong. Their muscles looked bigger and felt harder. Their muscles tingled with power.

The first exercise was the bench press. Jason went first. He felt so strong that he warmed up with the same weight he had struggled with yesterday. He was shocked that as a warmup he could easily do 10 reps with the 50 pounds that he could barely press up three times yesterday. Seeing this, Joey asked for his yesterday's max and he pumped the weight up and down 10 times. Fernando did the same. The boys couldn't believe how much stronger they had gotten in just one day. They loaded the bar with more weight and did five more sets of heavy bench presses, finding the weight that allowed them to do only three reps on the last set. Jason maxed at 90 pounds, Fernando at 95 and Joey at 100. The boys had almost doubled their strength overnight! They flexed their chests in the mirror and saw the new mounds of muscle bulging in their pecs. Joey noticed that his baby fat seemed to be going away and that he could see the actual bulges of muscle fibers that had been hidden all these years. Those fibers looked a lot bigger than just yesterday. Jason and Fernando already had striated muscles showing through their thin skin, and the fibers looked a lot bigger and rounder than yesterday. The boys gave themselves high fives and Jeff smiled proudly. The boys' were stoked, full of energy and were eager to dive into their next exercise.

Jason, Joey and Fernando then did six sets of incline dumbbell presses, six sets of decline dumbbell presses, six sets of dumbbell flyes, six sets of parallel bar dips and six sets of pullovers, using weights that they couldn't have budged just yesterday. In all, they did 36 grueling sets of heavy weight training for their chests. At the end of their brutal, intense chest workout, their pecs were bulging and were bright red in color. The striations of muscle fiber were clearly visible. All of the muscles of their bodies were pumped and seemed to be glowing with power. They flexed their muscles in the mirror. They couldn't believe the size and strength that they had achieved in just one day.

"I'm a fucking stud!" shouted Fernando. "I feel as strong as a bull. Look at these muscles!" he said proudly as he flexed his beautiful chest and biceps. "If you're a bull, I'm a lion," said Jason. "I'm strong and fast. I can kill anything I want." "I'm stronger than both of you and you know it," said Joey. He flexed his chest, which now bulged with hard mounds of pec muscle. "I'm a 1,000 pound gorilla, and I can tear both of you apart." At that, Joey tackled Jason and Fernando and wrestled them to the ground. For about five minutes, the boys wrestled with each other, something they had done many times before. But now they were obviously much stronger and their bodies were much harder than before. They couldn't believe how strong they were and how big and hard their muscles felt. Suddenly Jeff jumped into the tangle of hot young bodies and wrestled with the boys. He was much stronger than any of them and easily pinned them. He loved touching their hard, growing young muscles.

During the wrestling, the boys and Jeff got incredibly turned on. They ripped off their shorts and their stiff cocks sprang up. They stroked their cocks with one hand and felt each other's hard muscles with the other hand. The boys ran their hands over Jeff's big buffed muscles. Their cocks got unbelievably excited at the feeling of Jeff's big pecs, delts and arms, so hard that they felt like granite. Jeff loved feeling the muscles of these 15-year-old boys who were soon going to be huge muscle studs themselves. Suddenly all four of their hard, blood-engorged cocks exploded as their hot, pumped, muscular bodies writhed with pleasure. Huge spurts of cum spattered everywhere. What a feeling!

After their intense chest workout and their hot orgasm, the boys had a morning snack of chicken breasts, rice and fruit and another glass of Muscle Blast. Their "snack" was more than two normal meals for normal people. The boys wolfed down the food voraciously.

After their snack, Jason, Joey and Fernando went back to the gym for their first fighting lesson. Today, Jeff taught them the fundamentals of Aikijitsute, one of the most potent forms of martial arts. Jeff was a master teacher and the boys were good students. They wanted to be the best fighters in their neighborhood.

After Aikijitsute, it was time for lunch. The cook had made spaghetti and meatballs and the boys consumed huge quantities of both. After the meal, Jeff and the boys caught some rays by the pool. They took off their shorts so they could tan their entire bodies. The boys' young cocks twitched with pleasure as the sun warmed their bodies. Their muscles were still tingling and seemed hard and pumped even when relaxed.

After about an hour of sunbathing, Jeff and the boys went back to the gym for another fighting lesson. This time it was military hand-to-hand combat training, just like the Marines learned. Eventually, they would learn how to crush the neck of their enemy with two fingers of one hand, how to use their immense strength to break another man's arm or tear his arm off his shoulder socket. This was brutal combat training. No rules. Anything goes. Jason, Joey and Fernando loved it. They were looking forward to learning how to kill with just their muscles.

Tomorrow the boys would box in the morning and wrestle in the afternoon. After the boys became proficient at all the fighting disciplines, Jeff would let them use them all interchangeably, using whatever method was most effective to totally annihilate their opponents. They were going to become big, mean muscle fighting machines.

After combat training, the boys had a huge afternoon "snack" of tuna sandwiches and fruit, plus another glass of Muscle Blast. They each ate four big sandwiches. The metabolism in their bodies was now super-tuned to convert all of that food to muscle and energy. After the "snack," Jason, Joey, Fernando and Jeff went back to the gym for their second weights workout of the day, an intense back program. After some chinups for a warmup, they did six sets of behind the neck lat pull downs, six sets of front pull downs, six sets of t-bar rows, six sets of dumbbell rows, six sets of power cleans and six sets of deadlifts, again using weights that they couldn't have budged just yesterday. After the workout, their lats flared out, the muscle fibers showing clearly with veins coursing under their skin. They already showed a great V-shape. Ridges of muscle now appeared in their lower backs from the power cleans and deadlifts. Joey was shocked to see that all his baby fat had completely disappeared, seemingly melted away and replaced by solid muscle. His metabolism just wouldn't permit any fat to exist any more. Jason and Fernando's muscles were literally bursting out from their thin skin, the striated, rippling muscles being fueled by big pulsating veins.

The boys' cocks hardened under their shorts as they checked out their bulging new muscles. They couldn't believe how their muscles were responding to the weights after only one day. They pulled off their shorts and Jeff did the same. All four flexed and compared their muscles in the mirror. Jeff was of course the biggest and most muscular but each of Jason, Joey and Fernando looked 100% better than they did yesterday. They looked a lot bigger and more muscular. Their sweaty. glistening bodies literally radiated with power and energy. They felt superhuman. Their raging teenage hormones had combined with everything Jeff had given them to convert their bodies into growing muscle furnaces. Their cocks were now completely aroused and Jason couldn't take it anymore. He tackled Jeff, bringing him down. The first thing Jason did was grab Jeff's hard 10-inch cock. Fernando then attacked Joey and the four men/boys wrestled with each other, reveling in their muscular bodies. When they couldn't take the excitement any longer, they all came simultaneously, shooting huge loads of creamy white jism on their newly muscular, sweaty bodies. Jason, Joey and Fernando were very happy muscle campers. They loved the hot orgasms that they had after their workouts.

The next day, the boys did 200 laps in the Olympic sized pool at 5:30 a.m., blasted their shoulders with heavy weights at 8:30, had boxing training at 11:30, wrestling training at 2:30 and weight training for their arms at 5:30. In between their training sessions, they ate huge meals and snacks, accompanied each time with a big glass of Muscle Blast. Their arm workout was incredible. For biceps, they did six sets of barbell curls, six sets of alternate dumbbell curls, six sets of preacher curls and six sets of hammer curls. This was followed immediately by six sets of triceps pushdowns, six sets of standing french presses, six sets of dumbbell extension presses, and six sets of lying triceps extensions. At the end of the workout, the fibers of their muscles in the their arms were almost bursting through their skin. The fibers looked like steel cords. Joey challenged Jeff to squeeze his bicep. Jeff placed his hand around Joey's hard, round bicep and squeezed. That bicep had gotten a lot bigger and harder in just the three days that Joey had been at Muscle Camp. When Jeff used the same force he had applied before to crush Joey's muscle, Joey's bigger, harder bicep resisted forcefully, not letting Jeff's fingers penetrate its hardness. It was only when Jeff squeezed with all his might that his powerful forearm, hand and fingers were able to penetrate Joey's muscle, but now Jeff's strong fingers could only make a small dent in that bicep, not completely crush it as they had so easily done before. Joey smiled with exhilaration and confidence. His muscles, along with those of Jason and Fernando, were already becoming big and strong.

The boys stood before the mirror and flexed their pumped, young muscles. In just three days they had each gained almost 15 pounds of muscle and their bodies had changed from being the bodies of skinny teenagers to the bodies of the muscular boys who ruled their school. Instead of thin 15 year olds, they now looked like muscular young athletes, like the boys in their class who played sports, the boys who liked to beat them up. They still weren't as big as Kevin and Louie, but they were vastly more muscular than three days before. And they were more than twice as strong as they were just three days ago. Their shoulders were now capped with muscle they never had before, the bulging fibers showing clearly under their thin skin. Their formerly skinny arms now rippled with muscle. Their chests were clearly bigger, with pecs that proudly bulged out with round muscular firmness. Their lats seemed to be at least an inch wider and they were much thicker, now slabs of powerful muscle. The contrast between their wide shoulders and lats and their narrow waists and hips was striking. Their waists were shredded; the six-packs of ab muscles as hard as steel and corrugated like washboards. Their legs had added pounds of solid muscle, muscle that bulged under their skin, pushing their veins to the surface. Their glutes had become round and firm and their strong, muscular asses pushed out against their tight shorts.

As they flexed in the mirror, their cocks and Jeff's cock got hard. Jeff and the boys ripped off their shorts revealing the total beauty of their young, tan, buff, naked bodies. "I'm a fucking stud," yelled Jason as he flexed his golden tan arms, his veins coursing like rivers under his paper-thin skin. Every one of his muscles showed in high definition and he looked like a young Nordic god with his blond hair, blue eyes and drop-dead gorgeous looks. His stiff cock pointed straight up and looked absolutely beautiful next to his blond pubic hair. "If you're a stud, I'm a double stud," shouted Fernando, as he flared out his lats, showing the great V shape created by his wide shoulders, wing-like lats and extremely narrow waist and hips. His skin was flawlessly dark tan and beautiful, and his even, white teeth sparkled as he smiled confidently. His cock was huge and thick, and seemed to be bigger than just a few days earlier. It stood straight out, with Fernando's huge balls hanging below. "Shit, I'm a triple stud," yelled Joey and it was clear that his muscles were bigger than either Jason's or Fernando's. His chest and arms bulged with solid muscle and his legs were big and hard. His delts and traps had grown tremendously and looked incredibly powerful. Joey's thick cock stood at a 45-degree angle. Joey flexed the muscles in his cock and it jumped up and down at his command. Jeff smiled at the arrogant, aggressive confidence of his trainees. "WHAT ARE YOU, MEN?" shouted Jeff. "I'M A BIG, MEAN MUSCLE MACHINE!" yelled the boys at the top of their lungs. They had yelled this motto before and after every workout and they could see that it was becoming a reality. They knew that very soon they were going to become much bigger and stronger than Kevin and Louie and any of the Warlords. They could hardly wait.

Their cocks were now as hard as steel and the testosterone was coursing through their bodies. Suddenly, Fernando jumped on Jason and Joey jumped on both of them. The three newly muscular boys wrestled on the mat, testing their new strength and feeling their new muscles. Jeff soon jumped on top of all of them. While he could easily pin the boys three days ago, they now put up quite a fight. They were strong, not yet as strong as Jeff, but pretty damn strong. Finally, Jeff pinned Jason and moved his cock up toward Jason's mouth. Jason loved the smell of Jeff's sweat as his pubic hair rubbed across Jason's nose. Jason started licking Jeff's thick, hard cock and his huge hanging balls. Jeff released his pin and Jason moved his lips and mouth around Jeff's cock and began sucking. While he was sucking Jeff's cock, Jason was stroking his own stiff dick with his right hand. Meanwhile, Joey had pinned Fernando. Joey held Fernando's arms and moved his butt so that he was sitting on Fernando's chest. Joey then released Fernando and started stroking his cock right in front of Fernando's face. Fernando started licking Joey's big balls while at the same time stroking his own cock furiously. All at once, all four of them yelled like banshees. Jason's yell was a little muffled because Jeff's big cock was still in his mouth. Jeff and the boys were totally overcome with incredible sexual arousal and excitement. Their pumped muscles tensed involuntarily and their cocks exploded with pleasure, spurting huge burst after burst of cum over their glistening bodies and the wrestling mat. Jeff's cum went right down Jason's throat. •

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