Muscle Camp


By johnd7102000

When the boys arrived at Muscle Camp, they couldn't believe it. It was much more than they had ever expected. After they had checked everything out and unpacked their bags in the bedroom, Jeff ordered them to the gym. "ATTENTION, MEN!" shouted Jeff. "Strip off your clothes and stand at attention." The boys did as ordered. They stood buck naked in front of the mirrors in the gym. They looked like sorry excuses for Marine recruits. But that would change quickly. Jeff yelled "Repeat after me, men. I'M A BIG, MEAN MUSCLE MACHINE!" The boys yelled back "I'm a big, mean muscle machine!" "I CAN'T HEAR YOU,' shouted Jeff. "Repeat that five times!" The boys shouted, "I'M A BIG, MEAN MUSCLE MACHINE!!!" five times at the top of their lungs. "Very good, men," said Jeff. "You may not look much like big, mean muscle machines now, but in a very short time that chant is going to describe you exactly."

Jeff continued with the drill. "Before we start your training, you are going to get your head shaved, just like at Marine boot camp and get your standard issue clothing." Jeff shaved their heads. They seemed to look meaner with their heads shaved and they started flexing their muscles at each other. Jeff then handed them some jock straps, some training shorts, some combat boots and some cross-training sneakers. "This is all you're going to wear at Muscle Camp. Just shorts most of the time and a jock and shoes when you need them, like when you're running or fighting. No shirts and no long pants. I want all of us to see those muscles at all times. You'll see them bulging and growing before your very eyes." The boys' cocks started to stiffen as they flexed their skinny little muscles in the mirror.

"Now I will take your measurements and take some pictures. At the end of the summer, I want you to be able to compare yourselves to your present pathetic shape." Jeff then proceeded to take each boy's measurements and to take pictures of their young, naked bodies in various muscle poses - relaxed, double biceps, lat spread, most muscular and side chest and triceps.

Jason looked the best in the pictures. Besides being very handsome, his skinny muscles, although small, looked great under his paper-thin tan skin, which contrasted beautifully with his blond hair. Jason was the lightest of the boys at 115 pounds and had 11 inch arms and a 34-inch chest. His blond pubic hair enveloped a beautiful cock.

Joey had the biggest muscle measurements and he was the heaviest of the boys at 125 pounds but his baby fat covered up his muscles. His arms measured 12 and his chest 36, both with baby fat. His cock was big and thick.

Fernando was right in between Jason and Joey in size, weighing 120, with his arms measuring 11-1/2 and his chest 35, but his waist was the smallest at 27-1/2. He wasn't as cut as Jason, but he still looked great. His symmetry was striking and his uncut long cock hung proudly from a light brush of black pubic hair.

"Men, we're going to measure one more thing. I am confident that your cocks will grow just like your muscles and I want to record that too." The boys started to get excited just thinking about their cocks getting bigger. They weren't just going to be muscle men, they were going to be muscle studs. Their cocks stiffened immediately and the each got a gigantic hard-on. Jeff flexed his bicep and ordered, "Here, feel my arm. Feel how your biceps are going to feel in just a few weeks. Your cock is going to grow too. You're going to be fucking studs and you're going to kick ass!" After feeling Jeff's hard bicep and thinking about their big muscles beating up their enemies, the boys were almost ready to come. Their teenage hormones were raging in their bodies and their dicks were rock hard. At that very moment, Jeff measured their cocks. Surprisingly, Fernando had the biggest at 7 inches. Jason and Joey were tied at 6-1/2. Damn good for 15-year-old boys. But just the starting point at Muscle Camp. The boys were ready to shoot their loads, but Jeff quickly ordered, "Not now men. We've got work to do. You can cum all you want after training. You're going to have a lot of opportunity to shoot your load at Muscle Camp. You're going to be fucking musclestuds." The boys were practically panting. They could hardly wait to begin their training.

Jeff brought them over to the weights. He ordered the boys to warm up by doing pushups, pullups and situps. Each of the boys could do about 15 pushups, 5 pullups and 25 situps. Jeff smiled. They were weak but not total wimps. He knew that they would soon be able to do ten times that those numbers. Next he brought them to the bench press. He wanted to test their strength in the bench press, military press, curl, squat and deadlift. He didn't want them to injure themselves on their first day, so rather than going for their absolute maximum, he made them find the heaviest weight they could handle for three reps in the different exercises. After a few warm-up sets, Jason barely squeezed out three reps with 50 pounds in the bench. Joey could do 60 and Fernando 55. In the military press, Joey did 40 and Jason and Fernando both did 35. In the curl, Joey again was the strongest at 35, with Fernando and Jason both doing 30. In all the exercises, Joey was slightly stronger than the other boys, but they weren't far behind. Joey squatted with 80. Jason and Fernando both managed to hoist 70 pounds. Finally in the deadlift, Joey's stronger back was able to lift 90 pounds, while Jason and Fernando could only do 80.

The testing completed, Jeff said, "OK, men. Now for some serious training. For this first workout, we're going to train all your body parts intensely but not too heavy. Your muscles are already in pretty good condition and should be ready for hard training tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll start a very heavy and very intense split routine program, training two bodyparts a day. Your muscles are just going to explode. Lets go!" Jeff led the boys through three sets of bench presses, incline presses, parallel bar dips, squats, leg extensions, calf raises, military presses, shrugs, dumbbell laterals, barbell curls, dumbbell curls, triceps pressdowns, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, dumbbell rows and situps. This was an exhausting routine, and not one that anyone would follow to build mass. But Jeff wanted to test the mettle of these young bucks, to see if they could take it. He didn't make them use heavy weights, just heavy enough to challenge their young muscles for three sets of eight to 12 reps. The boys ate it up. They worked out very intensely. At the end, they were sore, but totally pumped and energized.

After the workout they flexed their muscles in the mirror and compared their bodies. "Hey, look at my biceps," said Jason. "They're bulging! Look at those muscle fibers and veins. And my abs are shredded like a washboard. Look at my six pack!" "That ain't shit," said Fernando. "Look at my lats flaring out like wings and how wide my shoulders are compared to my narrow hips. The muscles on my shoulders are popping out! I already look like a fucking stud." "You guys are dweebs," said Joey. "Look at my big chest and thighs. Look at the size of those muscular pecs and my powerful legs. You look like little girls next to me."

"You all look great," said Jeff, loving the aggressive attitude shown by the boys after their first serious pump with weights, even though they were all exaggerating. Their muscles really did pump up and they showed great potential. They certainly weren't wimps. They had great genetics. "But you look like wimps compared to what you're going to look like in just a few weeks. Your bodies are craving for some serious growth and you're all going to look a lot better very soon. Time to eat!" The boys were ravenous after the workout. The cook had prepared more delicious, healthy food than they had ever seen in their poor, working class homes. Lots of chicken, beef, fish, pasta, bread, vegetables and fruit. They gorged themselves, eating more in one meal than they had eaten in the last two days.

After the meal, Jeff brought out three large glasses of Muscle Blast and three syringes. He explained that besides hard workouts and large quantities of good food, the injections and the Muscle Blast were the "secret ingredients" that were going to make Jason, Joey and Fernando bigger, stronger and tougher than any boy in their whole school, seniors included, maybe their whole city. They were going to eat six meals a day and drink eight glasses of Muscle Blast each day. They would get an injection every other day. Even though they would be training almost constantly from morning to night, all the food they would be eating, the Muscle Blast and the injections would ensure that they would have boundless energy and that their muscles would be constantly growing. Growing at an unbelievable rate.

The combination of the ingredients in the Muscle Blast and the injections would keep their testosterone levels at an extremely high level. Jeff knew that the boys would be aggressive as hell, but that's exactly what he wanted. He wanted aggressive, tough young studs and he knew that Jason, Joey and Fernando were going be just that. Jeff explained that their bodies would be like super efficient machines, pumping heavier and heavier weights every day as the machine's muscles grow bigger and bigger in reaction to the challenge of the heavier and heavier weights. The machine would always have plenty of fuel to keep it growing at maximum speed and its energy level would be incredible. The more its muscles grew, the heavier the weights those muscles could handle. Weights that seemed heavy this week would feel light next week. The machine would be eating huge quantities of food and supplements that it would digest and turn to massive, tough, hard muscle. The machine would just keep getting bigger and stronger, day after day and week after week. At same time that the machine was getting big and strong, it would also be learning how to be a devastating fighter, able to pulverize any enemy. At end of the summer, each of Jason, Joey and Fernando would be incredibly big, muscular fighting machines.

The boys were stoked. They all started to get hardons just thinking about their bodies as big, mean, muscle machines, their muscles growing every day, their bodies getting unbelievably massive and strong. The boys gave themselves and Jeff high fives and gulped down the Blast. Then Jeff gave each of them an injection of growth hormones and secret ingredients in their firm butts. Joey stood up, flexed his arm and challenged Jeff to squeeze his bicep. Jeff's powerful forearm and hand were still able to crush Joey's bicep, but the muscle felt somewhat bigger and much harder than when Jeff had squeezed it a few weeks before. Jason and Fernando flexed their arms as well, and Jeff told them that their muscles felt harder already. Spontaneously, all the boys started showing off their muscles, muscles that they knew were growing right then and there. They flexed their muscles, each one trying to outdo the others in looking as big, hard and macho as possible. They all noticed that their muscles seemed to be bigger and harder as a result of the day's workout and they could hardly wait to see the results that were in store. Their cocks stiffened as they thought about their growing muscles and they started feeling each other's hot young bodies.

As the boys became more and more aroused, Jeff stood up, ripped off his tee shirt, and flexed his ripped arms, pecs, lats and delts. Jeff had decided not to wear a shirt for the rest of the summer. He was proud of his muscles and he wanted to inspire the boys, maybe even be worshipped by them. Jeff was thinking that maybe he'd be the one doing the worshipping at the end of the summer and he was looking forward to that a lot.

The boys had not yet seen Jeff's complete buffed body, and they were overwhelmed by Jeff's size and muscularity. Jeff weighed 60 pounds more than they did, and he was all solid muscle. They immediately turned their attention to Jeff's huge muscles, so much bigger and harder than theirs. This is what they were hoping to become. Jeff flexed his arms and the boys felt the size and hardness of his biceps. They squeezed as hard as they could, but they couldn't make a dent in Jeff's bulging bicep. They ran their fingers over his ripped abs, corrugated like iron under his paper thin skin. They felt this size and power of his thick delts, sitting like cannonballs atop his wide shoulders, his military straight posture, steel blue eyes and drop dead handsome face making him look completely dominating. His lats flared out like muscular wings and his hips were narrow and athletic. His ass was round and muscular, the two globes of muscle jutting proudly out. Jeff's legs were massive and hard, like huge oak trees and his calves bulged out like diamond shaped steel.

The boys' cocks were so excited that they bulged under their shorts. They had never seen such muscle in their life. Seeing Jeff's muscles and thinking about their growing muscles brought the boys to a sexual frenzy. They dropped their shorts and started stroking their hard dicks. Suddenly, Jeff dropped his shorts too, exposing an enormous, thick cock. In a few seconds, Jeff's cock grew to 10 thick inches and was as hard as a steel pipe. The boys' eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing - huge muscles and a huge cock on a buff stud Marine who could tear his enemies apart with his bare hands. Almost simultaneously, all three boys shot tremendous loads hitting each other and Jeff with huge spurts of teenage cum. As the boys were shooting their outrageous spurts in ecstasy, Jeff's cock exploded with spasm after spasm of muscular Marine stud jism shooting right at the boys. The boys knew they were going to like Muscle Camp.

After dinner the boys and Jeff relaxed for a few hours, drank another glass of Muscle Blast and went to bed early. Jason, Joey and Fernando each felt a tingling sensation in their muscles. They were tired and their muscles were sore, but their muscles felt strangely alive and pumped. They slept very soundly, dreaming of being huge muscle machines vanquishing every enemy in their way. •

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