I woke up the next morning, and felt something heavy and cold laying on my chest. Then I remembered. The medallion that the old man had given me, and the fact that it actually had useful magic.

I sat up all night thinking about how I should use it. I didn't want to arouse suspicion in what I did. I finally decided on a tactful approach, moving slowly but surely and watching Zack writhe in pain as I overtook him in size, strength, and, eventually, popularity.

The plan was that I would find a way to touch him with the medallion today (not an easy task without him stealing it or drawing attention to it, since it was so big) and then slowly, very slowly, sort of switch our mass. Every week I would add 5 pounds of muscle to my body. And each week, I would take 5 pounds of muscle off Zack's body. And over those few months, few people beyond Zack, myself, and maybe a few other classmates would notice. That was my battle plan for slowly destroying Zack. And it would give me a reason to take his crap.


That day at school, as usual, I got humiliated by Zack at least three times. I actually touched the medallion to him quite discreetly though, in the lunch room line. I managed to sort of get behind him and discreetly brush the medallion up against him. He hardly noticed. Perfect, I thought. Let's try it. Add a small zit on the back of his neck, hardly noticeable. A couple of seconds later, there it was. OK, remove it, I commanded. That was all I needed to know... •

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