A-1 Magic Elixir


By Jon Burke

The next day, Mark and Jason arrived to camp wearing tight t-shirts and tiny shorts. They wanted to display their new massive physiques. Their shirts clung to their chest, with their nipples protruding slightly from their massive pecks. Their shorts barely kept the huge testicles. Mark in particular had problems keeping his trouser snake hidden from public view. He didn't mind if others saw it though, in fact he was kind of excited by it.

When Mark and Jason walked in to the schoolyard, the other boys didn't recognize them at first.

"Hey," Jason said, in his new deep voice.

It was Jim who finally recognized his once small friends in these now huge men.

"Mark...Jason?" Jim asked in astonishment.

"Yeah," Mark replied. He puts his hands on his hips and began to inflate his chest.

"What the fuck happened to you? Did you have an allergic reaction?" Jim asked. He couldn't comprehend how these 12-year-old kids become muscle men over night.

"You could say that," Jason replied.

"Boy it is pretty hot already," said Mark, as he pulled on his tight shirt to reveal his hard rippled body to his young friends. The other boys, who totaled about 15, gasped. They too had all fanaticized about becoming muscle men, and now they saw that somehow, it was possible.

"Com'on. Flex for us," one boy entreated.

Mark and Jason didn't need much encouragement. Soon they were both topless and flexing their new big muscles. The boys just stared in amazement. A few boys' cocks started to grow hard as they watched.

"Well, you may have big muscles, but my brother told me that guys with big muscles have small little dicks," Jim said. He felt pretty confident in making this accusation. Not only because he believed everything that his brother told him, but also because Jim had a big dick. He was 15 and when he measured his cock out, it was 8" long. He felt quite sure that these muscle boy-men couldn't beat him.

Mark and Jason replied in unison. Saying nothing, they dropped their pants to reveal their soft cocks. Most gasped, and Jim realized that he was more confident then he should have been. Kicking of their shorts, the two boys put their hands on their hips, and without ever touching their cocks, grew hard.

"What was that you said Jim?" Mark replied, who was the biggest of the two muscle boys.

Jim couldn't say anything. He just stared. As Mark and Jason looked around at the 15 boys who had gathered to watch them, they saw that all of their shorts had tented. They had the power to make guys hard, which was something they revealed in.

At that point, Dave arrived. He watched quietly as he saw his creations flex and stretch, with their hard cocks out for all to see. But he needed to be discreet. He winked at the two boy-men, and Jason and Mark pulled their clothes back on - which proved to be exceedingly difficult because their cocks would not relax.

Dave tried to begin the day, but he was met with too many questions. Jim realized though that Dave must have been involved in Mark and Jason's transformation.

"What did you do to them?" Jim asked, his cock just starting to relax.

"What do you mean?" Dave asked, trying to deny any knowledge of his two campers' metamorphosis.

"You must have done this," Jim said in an accusing tone. Soon the other campers start to ask questions too, and they began to yell.

Dave realized that he would have let them all in the secret, or never hear the end of it.

"Fine. Everyone come into the school," Dave said.

They all marched into the gym, where Dave demand the boys get naked. They ranged in age from 11 to 16. The younger ones were shy, but the older boys stripped down quickly. Some still sported their hard-ons.

The most impressive of the group was Jim. He had a very athletic build, and Dave saw that in a few years, Jim could be a muscle man through natural means. He had broad shoulders, and pretty well developed pecks. His stomach was solid and his cock was thick and long. Dave grew hard at the thought of what his magic elixir would do to Jim.

Soon all of the camp was naked and staring at each other. Dave, Jason and Mark stood together, with their cocks hanging low. The other boys stood in a line facing these muscle men.

"So you want to look like us, do you?" Dave asked.

All of the boys quickly nodded agreement.

"Okay," Dave said and reached for his magic elixir. Filling the needle, he called the smallest boy forward. His name was Tom, and puberty had not hit yet. He had a small dick, which he tried to keep hidden from the rest of the group. He slowly crept forward. He didn't like the attention and was worried about what was about to happen.

"I...I.." Tom stammered. But Jason and Mark walked forward. They grabbed him by the arms and carried him forward. They held him tight was Dave inserted the needle into the young boy's arm. Tom's whole body suddenly went stiff as his head shot back. He shrieked. His voice was high and quite girlish. Dave was worried that someone might hear, and covered Tom's mouth. Jason rubbed his back as the other boys looked on in horror. They feared that Tom was being killed.

But soon, Tom began to grow before their eyes. His chest became wide, and his shoulders broad. His arms became larger, as his biceps started to bulge. He also became taller. A mere 5'4" before the elixir was administered, he shot up to 6". But what caught most of the other boys' attention was Tom's dick, which grew larger and larger. Hair began to sprout on his balls, which hung lower, and lower.

Soon it was over, and Tom fell to the floor. The other boys waited for him to get up, a few worried he might not ever be able to. But soon Tom was on his feet, and displayed his body for all to see.

"Wow," Tom said, his voice now very deep.

"Holy shit!!" Jim said, as his exposed cock began to swell once again.

The campers began to shout to be next, but Dave had his eyes set on Jim. The athletic youth strode confidently forward, much to the jealously of the others. He stood with his hands on his hip and legs slightly apart, so that everyone could see him clearly.

"Shoot me up," Jim asked, as Dave inserted the needle.

The elixir filled his body. Although he was in pain, Dave would not yell. He bit down on his lip while his body swelled. He could feel the foreign fluid pulse through his body. He grew to 6'5"; his chest measured almost 48" of solid muscle. His stomach was tight, with an untold number of ripples. His already thick, long cock became almost unreal. It measured 12" and was even thicker. His chest too pulsated and became a work of art. Jim's young tight ass became like to rocks.

When the transformation ended, Jim did not fall, but he leant forward.

Mark and Jason could not believe what they saw. They were no longer the big muscle-boys. Dave was very proud of his new creation as his swelling cock revealed.

Jim began to stand up straight. As he did he flexed his pecks and tightening his stomach muscles. He moved slowly to accentuate his new body. The other boys could only gaze in amazement. Jim was now larger than even Dave was.

Dave slowly moved through the remaining campers, creating muscle men out of each and every boy. The boys all stood their staring at each other, and checking out their new massive bodies. But soon, the sexual tension took hold. All of the boys' cocks were rock hard, and they wanted to put them to good use. The school gym became the location for a massive orgy. They began to take hold of friends' cocks and began to pull on them, suck on them and have them inserted into their tight asses.

They had so much energy, that they spent the rest of the day fucking each other. Each boy had his turn with another, but Dave made sure that Jim spent a lot of time with him. As soon as the orgy began, Dave moved to his greatest creation yet. He got down on his knees and began to suck on Jim's mighty cock. Dave took hold of Jim's hard ass, and began to thrust his mouth on his young camper's dick. Dave was able to take it all down, but not without some initial gagging.

Soon though, Jim decided to take charge. He grabbed his councilor's head, and began to force his cock down Dave's throat with increasing force.

"Ahhhh," Jim moaned loudly as his cock shot its enormous load. Dave couldn't take it all. There was too much, and he began to chock. He spit a lot of it on to the floor, leaving a large puddle of Jim's cum.

Dave wanted a break, but Jim's cock soon regained its strength and he wanted more.

"How is that ass?" Jim asked. Before Dave could answer, he had his counselor on his back. Jim's enormous cock began to poke at Dave's ass hole. He could only get his head in at first, but after some work, he was able to break in. He injected all 12" of his thick meat deep into Dave's ass. Dave screamed in pain. This got the attention of most of the boys' attention, which came to watch as Jim violated their leader's ass.

Jim pumped and pumped, an impressive sight for all of the boys, who looked on while jerking off. Dave began to cry in pain, but Jim would have no mercy.

"Take it! Come on, take this bitch," Jim yelled, as continued to thrust his mighty cock.

Jim came with a huge flow of cum. He filled his partner's ass with cum, and more flowed out, adding to the earlier puddle.

Mark and Jason decided that it was time to show Jim what it felt like. As Dave tried to recuperate, Mark and Jason, with the help of Tom grabbed Jim and held him down. Soon, Mark and Jason began to fuck Jim's ass together. Inserting their large cocks together into Jim's tight ass, they began to pump. Soon, it was Jim he began to cry. His hole ripped as the two muscle boy pumped their friend's ass.

Tom then forced his cock into Jim's mouth, while he continued to caress his large chest. Jim had three guys in him at once, and while he was in pain, he soon began to enjoy it.

Mark, Jason and Tom all came at once and drenched Jim's hard body in their cum.

The fucking continued until 5pm, and then after a group shower, Dave's campers hit the streets. The community would never be the same again! •

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