Power, The


There were Giants in those days; And also afterward; when the sons of God Went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

Genesis 6:4 - The Bible

City of Lydia State of Illinois, USA Modern Day

It started like most days... totally and uneventfully average... but it sure as hell didn't end that way. It had been two months since I had last seen Erika off at the airport for her archeological dig at the eastern end of the Mediterranean... more precisely, the western Anatolia region of Turkey. I remember the very first day I met her. I was a self-employed computer repair technician with a small business, Mannheim's Computer Repair... "Don't get a hammer!... Get us!" It was a typical emergency computer maintenance job for some big brain type female scientist at her home... it just had to be up and running by the next day, and it was already about 11 PM.

"Oh, jeeze!" I thought, "What some things I would do to get business." I drove over from my computer shop to her address that turned out to be an apartment building. Went up three floors and arrived on the scene but somehow she had locked herself out of her apartment. Her building manager was not in and she was beside herself. I was able eventually to spring the lock and open the door for her... my Dad had been a mechanical engineer, he was pretty good with locks and had shown me a trick or two over the years. She was very grateful and got very interested in me. We talked over coffee while I worked on her machine. (Turned out she had deleted a couple EXE files by mistake and had emptied the trash bin, too. I used bootable diskette to get her machine up and a file recover program on my laptop plugged into her modem to recover the deleted files on her hard drive. Got them back. Restarted her machine and it was back in business.) While I worked we talked about our jobs, what we did, that sort of thing. She was an archeologist working for the Lincoln-Hamilton Museum and had been on two expeditions to Turkey and Greece under her director. I told her I was big reader of history and subscribed to Archeology, MHQ, American History, and National Geographic. I commented to her that someday would like to travel a bit and see the places that I only could read about.

She seemed very taken with me that first time. Actually, I was with her too from the moment I first set eyes on her. She was very intelligent, had a wry sense of humor and a fairly muscular looking body. To me it was almost like I had known her a long time as an old friend. Just as I was packing up to go she asked if I would be free Sunday to have dinner with her. It sort of surprised me she was so assertive but I really liked that in a woman. She went up a several degrees in my opinion. (Actually I was personally too shy to ask her first. What could she possible see in a guy like me?) After we had dated awhile we found ourselves to be totally inseparable. It seemed like we had known each other all of our lives. We were more then extremely fond of one another, we were totally in love. Some people would have said we were both struck by lighting from that first meeting onward. In fact I was trying to be so much the gentleman to her that the very first time we sexed it was by her seducing me and not me of her.

A few months later she decided to take me up on my offer to let her move in with me when her apartment lease expired. I owned (actually inherited from my parents) a fairly large house and some property located about 10 miles into the country outside of the city. There was a large lake nearby as well, which I used for fishing. It was okay by my way of thinking. We could share the upkeep and I could look after her belongings when she was away for long stretches on an archeological dig. In fact, she was due back today in a few hours from one such expedition. She told me she would take a car from the rental agency at the airport... doing so would free me up to make dinner for us.

Before she did get back though I was planning to take some time in the basement gym for an hour. I was into bodybuilding as a lifestyle. Erika told me she had been quite a tomboy as a teenager. She had been in sports in high school and college but had gotten away from it. Even so she tried very hard to stay in shape. I had set up a very good home gym in the basement; but still if I had the time before coming home from work I would go to the one in town. When she could she would join me there, or work out in the basement with the weights. Erika's physique looked a lot like a competitive fitness woman, but if she had the time she secretly confessed to me many times she really would have liked to have been a female bodybuilder. Even so she was fairly muscular at a height of 5'-2", a bodyweight of 125 lbs. and very strong with 12" arms. I was somewhat larger physically. I was five-foot ten, weighed about 175 lbs. and my arms were about 16". I was still trying to get bigger, but I had plateaued out for the better part a year now. She enjoyed the way I looked very much and envied my size and determination to get bigger, stronger and more muscular.

I was getting ready to go workout in the basement when I saw that the ancient brassard armlets Erika had given me for safekeeping were getting a tad dusty on the livingroom bookshelf mantle. I had not been cleaning or dusting as much while she was away and I would have to do something about it. She had recovered them during the last dig she did several months before. The Lincoln-Hamilton Museum sponsored the project and she was still doing research work on them. The museum was not in any hurry to have them back though. At the excavation site she said there was a very large armory of similar pieces seemingly buried very deep. As far as Dr. Philip Novak, the museum director she was working under was concerned two more pairs were not very important to display in the collection. So under his supervision she was told to take her time doing her research. But when she cleaned these two it was as though they have been made yesterday! In appearance they looked like ancient Greek armor brassards used to protect the forearms. They were bronze in color but not bronze in metal; the metal seemed to be a very hard and tough alloy, and after testing it she found that the metal was harder and tougher than the best high-carbon steel used by ancient swordsmiths in Japan. To Erika that in itself was an impossible paradox... such an alloy could not possibly exist at that time and place of the ancient world let alone today! There were ancient inscriptions on most of the other pieces of armor. However there were no inscriptions on these two pairs, just some artistic decorations. By far the largest emblem was the eight-pointed Starburst symbol represented on each pair. But the stone sarcophagus that had contained them was covered in letters. They were in a newly discovered version of Indo-European Sanskrit, the mother tongue of all Western languages... a version much older then the currently known variations, and predating the known kinds if the information that Erika had been given by Dr. Philip Novak by at least 10,000 years... and, he whispered, maybe much, much older. He told her to keep it quiet as he was working on a paper that would rock the scientific community. She agreed to remain silent. One set was made for a man the other for a woman. She deciphered the writings on the stone sarcophagus they had been stored in with the information and language software he had given her. Her epigraphical analysis of the inscriptions said the man's pair was the same kind or type that Hercules had worn. The women's was the same kind or type that the Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons had worn. She was unclear as to the ceremonial purposes behind them. She had to stop doing research on them just before she left on the trip. Erika was of the opinion from what she was learning that there was much more to them but she wouldn't elaborate more then that. She told me to guard them very carefully.

As I looked at the man's set I picked them up. I cleaned them off with a soft damp rag and they reflected in the light with a burnish bronze color. For the first time I noticed sometime about them that Erika had mentioned once in passing, that they seemed abnormally warm to the touch. It was true, they were strangely warm as I held them in my hands. Out of curiosity as I looked at them I felt a strange feeling of compulsion to put them on and see how they fit. No one was around so I figured why not?

Then, each of the armlets snapped open. That's odd, I thought... I didn't remember seeing a seam in the metal. I guess they must be easier to open then Erika knew. I was wearing a white short-sleeve shirt so putting them on my forearms presented no problem. They seemed to be my size all right, almost like they had been custom fitted for me. I went over to the full-length wall mirror in the bedroom. Turning on all the lights I looked at myself while wearing them. Then I did a double biceps shot and full front lat spread. Not bad, I thought, even if I was dressed... my clothes fit and contoured my modest musculature nicely even if I wasn't all that big. I thought they do look good on me, however I really do need to put more size on this frame. After a minute or two looking at myself in the mirror I thought, Well, it was nice trying them out but since they are not mine I had better put them back now. I promised Erika that I would take good care of them.

Suddenly a voice exploded in my head. It said to me, "You are honest, gentle, and as pure of heart as any we have served. You desired is granted. THE POWER is yours NOW!"

Instantly the armlets were charged with energy. The Starbursts begin to glow.

"What? Whoa!" I panicked a little and tried to take them off my forearms, but no avail. They wouldn't budge. The glow spread from the armlets and engulfed my body. It seemed to last a few seconds, maybe minutes. Then as it disappeared I got immensely tired. I lay down on the bed and passed out. After I awoke I looked the bedroom's wall clock. It had been just a little over an hour. My garments were sweat-soaked like after a hard workout in the summer. I thought, Jeez, I panicked and passed out. What a stupid thing to happen! I got up off the bed and back to my feet.

Then something started to happen. I felt my body getting stronger. Abnormally stronger. Unconsciously I flexed my right arm. My biceps, triceps and delts were growing! I could feel my thighs expanding. My chest was expanding and deepening too. The back was getting thicker. The lats were starting to spread out and push the growing upper arms and shoulders further out in an extreme V-shape like a cobra's hood. My neck was getting thicker and my traps were bulging with size. The collar of my shirt begin to pull open from the size change. As I looked in the mirror I could actually see my body growing under my clothes. It was getting to be as massive as any bodybuilder I had seen in magazines... no, I was growing bigger than that! My clothing begin to fill out, stretching, and then started to split. The color, body, and length of my hair started to change. My hair had been blonde but now it was changing to a golden red color. The length of it grew too. Thicker and fuller it became, growing down to my broadening shoulders and then stopping. My shirt's short sleeve seams started to give way from the huge upper arms and broad shoulders I was developing. My upper arms had been 16", now they looked to be in excess of 24" and they were still growing! The massive delts were looking like a pair of bowling balls, no, more like boulders. The back of my shirt ripped open under the pressure from my growing muscular body. The front shirt buttons also popped off from the expanding chest and thickening pecs. With each deep breath of air I took I could actually feel the rib cage expanding! Before all this happened my upper body had measured 42" but now it looked to be 85" or bigger. The denim blue jeans I was wearing couldn't handle the stress from my ballooning thighs. They split along the leg seams from the pressure of my beefy thighs. Freed of concealment they looked like a pair of growing tree trunks. They had been 23" now they seemed to be 45" in size. What remained of my shredded shirt finally fell away. I could now see that my stomach area was developing muscular ridges. After a few minutes the muscular squares stood out making my abs look like an ice cube tray. Then as my body continued to grow massively muscular I continued to grow thicker boned and taller too. I could see and feel the size of my hands and feet growing. My socks stretched to the breaking point and then split open. Finally the remaining parts of the jeans split along the back of the seat of the pants seam through the crotch to the zippered front and fell away from my body. With the pants gone I could see that my calves looked like a pair of muscular footballs. As my waist thickened, the buttock become more muscular and the thighs expanded, my underwear briefs stretched to the point of looking more like bikini swimming trunks. Finally the ever-increasing expansion of my body caused the underwear to shred like it was made out of tissue paper. Even my cock and balls were growing with rest of my body!

I couldn't believe what was happening to me. It was like out of a dream and I liked what I was becoming more and more with each passing minute. I judged I was now between 7'-10" to a little over 8' tall and had to weight about 600-700 pounds or maybe a little more. I was tall, broad shouldered, thickly limbed and massively muscular. I was more like just downright huge. All my garments had been totally destroyed in the process. I was standing there buck naked in my now grand muscular male body. I was still waiting to wake up from this dream. If it was a dream, I hoped I never would never wake up. It was all I could ever want to be this, this . . . huge! God I loved it! While I was standing there the front doorbell rang. The sound of it broke my dream.

"Fred, are you in there? My flight got in earlier than I figured. I've got my hands full with all my bags and cannot reach my keys. Could you please open it for me?" shouted Erika through the open porch windows.

"Oh my God!" I thought. "If this was a dream I would have woken up by now. It's real! Now what do I do?" Then aloud, "Hold on love, I'll by there in a minute."

I raced to the bathroom and rapped a large... correction, now small... bathtowel around my waist. I got over to the door in gig time. I unlocked it, opened it and was somewhat braced and prepared for her shock at the site of me.

"What took you so long... Oh my God, what . . . what happened to you, Fred? Your hair, your body, your . . . HUGE!"

As she said this in surprise she dropped all her bags. I looked to make certain the coast was clear. Nobody was in sight, thank God. I came out onto the porch to pick up her luggage and to usher her inside.

"I don't know, and don't I know it, damn it! But for heaven's sake get in here Erika!" I told her.

I picked up all her heavy bags with one arm and with the other I gently took her hand in my now greatly larger one and led her inside. Still a little dazed as I held her much smaller hand she came in on automatic pilot. I guided her over to the sofa. She sat down, frankly staring at me in total awe. Then she saw the fact that I was wearing the armlets.

"So the inscriptions I deciphered were true after all." She whispered.

As I raced to put her stuff down along the wall, I growled, "What about the writings? For pityís sake tell me. I'm the one who now looks like the Incredible Hulk running around in a bathtowel."

Quickly recovering her poise she said, "Yes, I can see that very well. I have an important question though? Did you want it?"

The conscious thought so far had not occurred to me. As a fantasy dream it had, but for real? Did I really want to look and be like this?

"Did I want it?" I responded.

She shook her head in the affirmative.

"Well, I . . ." I paused, looked at myself again in reflection from the glass panel of the living room China cabinet. Then turned back to her. I threw away any doubts or reservations. With total confidence I said, "Yes I did want it. I really like the way I look now. I love the feeling of strength and power my body now has, but why do you ask?"

Erika responded, "Then I have to tell you and you must know that with that first decision the change was made permanent. A part of the inscriptions I deciphered was if you didn't want to be the way you are now the armlets would have realized that and done nothing to your physical structure. They would never force it on an unwilling vessel. Since you accepted it with all your mind and heart you can never go back to the way you used to be. Do you remember me telling you part of the inscriptions that I had translated?"

"Yes I do, you said something about ancient superheroes, like Hercules."

"That's right, the rest of the inscriptions made no sense... until now, though. The second part was like a recipe list of human characteristics. For example: honesty, gentleness, and pure of heart. You are those three things and more whether you knew it or not. The armlets knew somehow. They must have read your mind and heart, sensed your desire and transformed you into a super muscular hulk. Another part of the inscriptions was that they were made in Atlantis. I have never been certain if they are a form of technology unknown to us today or they may be a form a magic that can transform the physical body. In any case if they are a form of advanced technology it may be that they are so far advanced that they are akin to magical. It could be that this is the case here."

Considering what she now told me I responded, "You know that part about reading my mind and heart is true. I heard a masculine voice in my head. The armlets glowed, then the energy glow spread to my whole body. After it vanished I passed out. When I awoke again my clothes were sweat-soaked like after a hard workout. Very shortly after I got to my feet I started to grow into . . . into this. You should been here. It felt crazy, strange and wonderful. I thought it was a dream."

She sighed. "I wish I had been here it must have been a sight."

"But Erika I'm now a bit worried. Hell I'm a lot worried! Almost scared now at the thought! I mean, I may love being this size as a fantasy but I have to live in the real world too! I mean look at me for God's sake! I may love being this . . . huge, but there's no way I can stay this way its too much of a good thing! It's not real! Isn't there something that can be done? Get me back to normal, some how? Goddamn it! I feel in some ways like a damned freak!"

"Fred settle down, your getting a major anxiety attack. It's not the end of the world. We have to have time to figure this out. It's all been so fast for you, me too. But you... " She paused. "The Star-bursts on the armlets are glowing again. Look!"

Sure enough she was right. Not as brightly as before, very subtly this time. But it was true, the energy was flowing again and I could actually feel it entering my huge body. All of a sudden I felt myself GROWING.

"Oh my God Erika! Itís happening again! But why now? There's no way I can possibly get anymore muscular. Oh no! I think I'm getting taller again!"

"Fred you are but not just taller but getting entirely BIGGER!"

I choked back my fear, "Oh God, at the rate I am growing I'd better get outside before I bust up the house."

I was about eight feet before but now it seemed to me I was now closer to ten feet tall and it was accelerating. I could feel the towel snap off as I just squeezed through the now small main doorway onto the porch. I could hear the wooden floorboards groan under the weight of my greatly expanding body. I just made it outside to the front yard in time. Erika was quickly following in my wake. I decided as the house was shielded from the country road by the thick woods and hilly landscape it was unlikely that anyone would see me. But just to be on the safe side I went around to the back that offered more cover, well sort of. My body continued to grow. I was now close to eighteen feet tall and there was no sign of it stopping.

Erika came around, following me.

"Erika I really am a freak!" I lamented. "I never ever wanted this! It's like having your fondest wish to come true and I got the goddamn extra large economy package! Isn't there something anything that can be done? Will it stop?"

She shouted up to me, "I'm not certain Fred, there has to be a reason for this. You changed the first time but only got muscular, now your turning into a . . . a Giant for some damn reason. Shit! Your still growing you must be over twenty-five feet tall now. How do you feel? I mean physically? Can you tell if itís stopped yet?"

"I really don't know. Wait a minute, I think itís stopped but I'm really afraid it will start again."

"Don't panic and remain calm. There has to be a reason for this. I'm going back inside and re-look at my notes and papers as well as at the other pair of armlets."

"Okay, but you will find me down by the lake, I don't plan on going anywhere far looking like this. I think I want to be alone for a while."

She nodded and went back inside. Shit, she thought, he's scared to death and I can't blame him. Damn there has to be a reason for this new Giant's growth but what the hell could it be? Nothing I remember translating said anything about this.

She re-entered the living room and went into their study-library where she kept her notebooks on the bookshelves. She dug out the appropriate notebooks. Then sat down on the office caster chair and put the notebooks down on the large office desk. There were two computers opposite to each other set up on the desk, one that Frederick used and another that was Erika's. She booted up her computer for the translation dictionaries he installed and went over the notebooks again.

"Hmmmm, the 'chosen ones' are special - yadda yadda yadda I already know all that damn it!" She went on past that part and continued scanning over the rest careful not to miss something important. She turned a few pages, see nothing unusual. Then something caught her eye. "Wait a minute what's this?"

They are enlightened in the arts to be better masters of their fate as chosen ones and champions for the human race.

She typed in the ancient word into the computer. In a second the translation dictionary came up with a list of closest matching English words and definitions.

"Oh my, that word for 'enlightened' can also mean in this case 'trained' or 'schooled' or 'prepared.' Jeez, how the hell did I miss that in my interpretation?"

She continued down the passage and read the next quote with a new understanding:

In times of demand power comes as needed to them; not as for conquest, but as for protection and defense. The mind is the master, the armlets are the servant.

"I wonder what the heck that means?" She thought about what had happened to Fred the first time and then just a few minutes ago. Then, with a strange look in her eyes she said, "But maybe that's the trigger effect for . . . "

She paused. Rolling the chair back she looked through the doorway at the female pair of armlets still on the mantle in the living room. She got up and walked across and went over to them. Picking them up she took them back into the study. She stood looking at them and at her notes. With a new comprehension of the purpose behind the armlets a theory started to take shape in her mind as she left the house. •

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