Kid Growth

By Bobaroo

I was expecting my neighbor to come by tonight, but who shows up but his younger brother, Steve. Seems that he can't get over how big his 15 year old brother has gotten and he wanted to follow in his footsteps. He's always looked up to his brother, and he wanted to get huge and freaky muscles too. He's only 13 years old, but he's been fascinated by musclemen since he was a kid reading Superman comics. He begged me so much that I gave in and used the muscle growth generator on him. But first I had tuned it up so that it was extra powerful.

When he saw the effect it was having on him, he begged me to keep on going, because he wanted to be even bigger than his brother. And to tell you the truth, I was really getting off on watching this kid turn into a mini-adult. But not just a regular adult - his body was blowing up with size. He had come in with little pipe stem arms sticking out of a baggy tee shirt, but soon they started swelling in size. In no time they were as large as my arms when he flexed them - 14 inches around and nicely shaped. His chest was getting bigger too I could see, and his shoulders were starting to fill in underneath his shirt. I flipped the machine onto full power and we could see his muscles visibly growing with each passing minute. He soon weighed 180 pounds, I'm sure, still standing at only 5'1"! Long before he got to that size his tee shirt had started tearing along the seams. He really got off on flexing his chest, causing the shirt to rip more each time. When he flexed his guns which were now over 18" the sleeves just exploded along the seams. Finally the child's shirt had fallen off of him in tatters, unable to contain the muscleman's body that Steve now had. I saw the hard ridges of his abdominal muscles for the first time. His thighs had also been growing all this time, and even though he had been wearing sweatshorts, the material again was unable to contain his huge mass. Before the material gave way, I had been able to trace the growth of Steve's basket. Steve saw me looking at his crotch and smiled. He contracted his cock and ass and the material finally gave way. There was no boy's dick there; what I saw throbbing in front of me was a 10 inch rod, thrusting out of a bush of newly grown pubic hair over a heavy ball sac that looked like it was filled with two lemons.

Steve saw me reaching for the switch that would turn off the machine and he grabbed my arm. His hand around my arm was like a steel grip. "Not yet!" he commanded in a newly deep voice. "I want to get bigger! BIGGER!" I was a little afraid of him, to tell you the truth. He seemed to be getting a little drunk with his power and muscles. He had a maniacal grin as he started striking poses. "Man, look at this muscle!" he yelled. "Bigger than any of the guys that I envied in the magazines." And he was telling the truth. He had not gained too much height, maybe only two inches or so, but his muscle mass was increasing, more and more size being packed on his frame. He must have been over 270 pounds and he was still growing! I was in complete awe of this muscle youth. He was the biggest kid that ever existed - shit, he was the biggest guy for his height that ever existed! The veins in his muscles were snaking all over his body like thick ropes, rippling beneath his paper thin skin. When he turned his back to me and spread his lats, they seemed a mile wide. Then he crunched his back into a display of brutal power and muscle. He turned and did a most muscular pose that almost made me faint. Finally the machine started running down, completely drained of power.

He looked straight at me and flexed his arms in an awesome double biceps, which I was able to take a picture of. I got out the tape measure - his arms were now 29" around!! His chest was 70" around, while his waist was a mere 32". His thighs stretched the tape at 45", and his calves were perfect diamonds, 28" thick. Steve saw the weight set that I had gotten for his brother and the other guy that I used the generator on and he said, "Let's see what these muscles can do!" He piled 5 45-lb plates on each side of a barbell, then he picked it up with one hand! He started curling the barbell, the plates clanking together as he repped the weight up and down, like he was curling 5 pound dumbbells! His biceps bulged obscenely, the huge head peaking every time the weight was fully brought up. I stood there, dumbfounded. I never dreamed that the generator would be able to give someone such stupefying power. Finally he dropped the weight, showing no sign of being tired. "That's too light," he said. Then he noticed that I was still staring, and he grinned that evil grin again. "Come here, Bob. Get a really good look at me now." I shuffled closer, and he flexed the enormous arm right in front of my face. His arm was as big around as my head, and I moaned. "Yeah, this is why I wanted to use your machine," he said. "I want everyone to moan when they see me. I want guys especially to wish they were me, to want me. You want me?"

"Yeah," I managed to croak. "You want to worship this young teen muscle? FEEL THIS FUCKING ARM!" and again he flexed the swollen limb in front of me.

I grabbed onto his bicep, squeezing with all my might but not making a dent in the rock hard muscle. I grabbed onto the massive arm with my other hand and lifted my legs so that I hung suspended from this hulking kid. He laughed, then grabbed me with the other hand, shifted me a little, then pressed me over his head.

"Thanks for getting me so huge, Bob. I can't wait till the machine recharges and I get even bigger! In the meantime, the growth has made me really horny. And we can see that my muscles aren't the only thing that grew huge." I looked past his broad shoulders and chest to see an enormous erection, pointing straight up at me. Steve's cock must be at least 15" long, and it was thick around as my wrist.

Steve put me down, then pushed me gently, but insistently so that my face was before the huge cock, throbbing with each pulse of blood coursing down the thick veins that encircled the thick shaft. At first I was reluctant - after all Steve was only 13! But he forced my mouth to his big cock head and I realized that in many ways he was a man now - really a superman. The generator had matured him: given him huge muscles, an adult's genitals, and a sex drive that could not be ignored. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and Steve started to feed the gigantic prick into my face. When it was about halfway in I started to gag, and Steve let up. "Never did this before," he said, "Though I've thought about it a lot. SUre feels great!" I started sucking his cock, creating a suction on it that got him grunting with pleasure. "Oooh, yeah, suck my cock," he groaned. I held onto his massive thighs, two hard pillars of muscle, so that I could get more leverage as I worked his tool. I looked up, seeing all the muscles in Steve's body rippling as his torso writhed with pleasure. Suddenly, cum started gushing out of Steve's horse dick into my mouth. As he bucked I almost was knocked down, and it was only by grabbing onto his tensed thighs that I kept from being thrown to the floor.

After I had slurped up every drop, Steve picked me up. He held me with one hand and ripped off my pants as if they were made of tissue paper. Of course my own dick was rock hard, and he started stroking it with his free hand. I felt his massive pecs and cannonball delts while his hand fingered my cock. He roughly jerked my prick and I grabbed onto his enormous upper arm while he did so. The sensation was too much, and I shot my load in massive bursts that sprayed all over us.

I was exhausted when Steve put me back down, but it looked like he could go again immediately - his cock hardening and thickening again. But he just smiled that evil smile and said, "Think the growth generator is charged up yet?" •

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