Master and Slaves


By johnd7102000

(After reading all the comments.) Well, I hope (at least some of) you guys enjoyed the story despite it's controversial theme. As you have seen, who is the master and who is the slave can change during the course of seven segments. John

James looked around the room. "Hey, they got some fuckin' weights in here," he said. "Susanna, let's you and me get a good pump. We'll get funkin' horny as hell watchin' our big muscles pump up, and then I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you and Paul. Little Paul here can watch us lift and fuck. He can feel our muscles pump up. He can watch my big cock ramming in and out of your cunt. He'll shoot the biggest load in his whole life." James winked at Paul. He knew Paul was in total heaven. James walked over and picked up the two 100 pound dumbbells. Susanna picked up the two 50 pounders. Paul thought he'd try to join in the pumping, at least for a few reps. He picked up the two 25 pounders, but he could hardly barely them off the floor, let alone lift over his head. It was obvious they were way too heavy for him. "Geez, what a wimp," said Susanna as she watched the weakling struggle with the little weights. "Watch this, wimp," she said. She easily jerked the 50 pounders up to her shoulders and then pressed them up and down. "You go girl," yelled James as he watched his muscular breeding mate conquer the weights with ease. He stroked his big, stiff cock as he watched Susanna's sexy, muscular body press the heavy dumbbells up and down. Paul stood beside her and put his fingers on her shoulders. He felt those big muscles bulge as they worked and he watched them in the mirror. His body looked so small and insignificant compared to hers. When she finished 15 reps, she dropped the dumbbells on the floor and flexed. Her whole upper body was radiant, pumped and beautiful. "Great pump," said James. "You look great." He came over and ran his own big hands over her shoulders and arms. He felt her firm breasts and her flaring lats and her muscular butt. He stroked his cock some more. The huge 12 inch weapon stood straight up He was obviously very turned on by this big, muscular black girl. Then he started pressing the 100 pound dumbbells. Susanna stood on one side of him and Paul stood on the other side. Both of them started feeling James's huge muscles as he pressed the weights up and down with ease. They watched his huge body in the mirror. They were both much smaller than James, but Paul looked like a little stick boy midget next to James's huge, muscular body. James's delts felt like cannonballs, shredded with hard muscle James cranked out 20 easy reps. The 100 pound dumbbells were nothing for him. He could have pressed 200 pounders too.

After James finished his set, he dropped the dumbbells on the floor. Paul rushed up and attacked his body. The little wimp ran his hands all over James's huge body and cock. He used his mouth and tongue too, licking the hard, rippling muscles and sucking on James's erect nipples, his huge cock and his big balls. James's cock got even harder and bigger. He loved being worshipped by his little white slave. He always got tremendously turned on by Paul's worship of his body and cock. "You are a fucking God, master," said Paul as he ran his little fingers up and down James's delts, arms, lats, pecs and abs. He also felt the size and hardness of James's cock and the incredible muscularity of his sexy ass. James smiled. "Yeah, feel my big muscles and my huge cock, white boy, you puny little runt. I'm gonna fuck both Susanna and you real good. This big body's a big, hard, fucking machine and it's gonna fuck both of you real good." Susanna looked at James's huge, rippling muscles and his thick, 12 inch cock and started rubbing her cunt.

James reached down and picked up the 100 pound dumbbells and started doing curls. His 20 inch biceps bulged like striated, vein covered bowling balls in his arms as he cranked the incredibly heavy weights up and down with ease. Taking her cue from her buffed-out mate, Susanna picked up the 50 pounders and started curling them. Her shredded biceps bulged in her arms too, big round balls of muscle. Paul put one hand on James's bicep and the other hand on Susanna's bicep as the huge muscles of the black slave Alpha mating pair handled the heavy weights like toys. Male 14 year old muscle stud and female 14 year old muscle stud, side by side, both boy and girl incredibly, big, strong and muscular. Little Paul looked at the images in the mirror. Huge, shredded muscularity next to his weak puniness. After James had cranked out 15 reps, he dropped the weights and flexed his huge arms in the mirror. Paul stood in front of him and flexed his arms as well. Paul's little arms looked like strawss next to James's huge, bulging, cannonballs of muscle. Susanna dropped her weights and flexed her arms. Her arms were way bigger than Paul's, big and bulging and incredibly strong. A super girl ready to mate with her super boy.

As James and Susanna flexed in the mirror, getting more and more aroused by looking at their incredible muscles, Paul ran over to the side of the bed and grabbed the bottle of scented oil. He poured some of the oil over James's arms, traps and shoulders. He started rubbing his hands over James's muscles, spreading the oil all over his huge, hard shoulders, neck, traps and arms. Paul could feel the striations of rock-hard muscle in James's shoulders. The oil helped Paul's fingers slide very closely over James's paper-thin skin and the shredded, bulging muscle was throbbing like living rock less than a millimeter under that muscle. It was almost like Paul's dainty little fingers were rubbing on the muscle itself. He could feel the individual fibers flex and twitch at the command of their 14 year old master. James looked over at his huge shoulders proudly. He smiled as he watched his puny little friend apply the oil to the incredible mass of his delts and feel their enormous size and hardness. The oil had a slightly musky smell, a very erotic smell. After all, it was sex oil. It was supposed to smell erotic. Both Paul and James were getting more and more turned on. Paul put large quantities of oil on his hands and rubbed his hands across James's huge chest and his shredded abs, rubbing his oily hands over the rock-hard muscles that were now glistening like a black marble statue. He continued rubbing oil across James's wide back, feeling the hard ridges of his lower back and the huge slabs of muscle forming his flaring lats. He moved down to his muscle butt, rubbing the oil all over the round, hard muscle and barely managing to slip his fingers a fraction of an inch inside James's tight, muscular crack. He poured oil all over James's huge legs. He needed lots of oil to cover the vast expanse of skin covering the huge mass of muscle in James's thighs. James's 21 inch calves bulged with incredible, shredded hardness as Paul felt each fiber of muscle pulsate under paper-thin skin. Paul even rubbed the oil on James's big, tough feet. Feet that were rough and callused on the bottom from thousands of hours of hard running and sports without any shoes on. Paul loved James's big, tough feet. They were the feet of a real jock athlete. Finally, Paul moved his hands up to James's huge, thick, rock-hard cock and his giant lemon-sized balls. He poured lots of oil all over the cock and balls and then rubbed his hands all over the enormous genitals, genitals that were bred through seven generations to be big and powerful and virile. James's cock twitched in anticipation of incredibly hot sex. Susanna was rubbing her cunt with her fingers as she watched James's oiled and pumped body. She wanted this big, hot, muscular boy. She wanted his huge, hard cock in her cunt. She was almost panting with lust as she watched James's huge muscles move and flex as the oil was applied by his little white slave.

Both of the black slaves' muscles were totally pumped and they were totally aroused.. James's cock was rock hard and throbbing. Susanna's cunt was hot and dripping. Paul's little 5 inch cock was ramrod straight. James's huge, muscular body was covered with oil. He looked like a young God. James grabbed Susanna and threw her on the bed. He jumped on top of her, completely covering her with his massive body. Susanna could feel the warmth and hardness of James's pumped muscles and she could feel and smell the oil. His hot body felt so good on top of her. He was a total stud. "Time to get fucked, girl," he said with lust in his voice. Susanna looked at James's rippling muscles and handsome face and started groaning with desire. Without a moment's hesitation, James rammed his huge, rock- hard, oiled cock into Susanna's wet cunt. He rammed it all the way in on the first thrust. His overpowering muscular aggression and sexual superiority, bred into him through seven generations, took over. Susanna gasped as she felt the enormity of James's thick cock ram into her body. But she was bred to be a muscular, sexual animal too. The feeling of James's huge cock inside her cunt and his huge, muscular body on top of her turned her on even more, fueling a sexual frenzy within her. She grabbed on to his huge shoulders and started undulating her hips, inviting each gigantic thrust of James's cock and muscular body. James fucked her unmercifully. He felt like a fuckin' king, which he was.

Paul was incredibly turned on watching James fuck Susanna like a wild animal. Almost like an animal himself, he threw himself on James's oily back. He grabbed on to James's huge arms to keep his balance. James smiled as he felt his little friend's body on his back. Paul's 130 pounds was insignificant to James. In fact it felt kind of good to have his little white slave getting off on his back while he was fucking the shit out of Susanna. He knew he was a total stud. Paul's little cock, as hard as a steel pipe, rubbed against the top of his ass and the huge ribs of rock-hard muscle in James's lower back. Paul felt like he was on a bucking bronco. He could feel James's rock-hard, round, solid muscle ass as it powered his cock in and out of Susanna's cunt. James fucked Susanna wildly, thrust after thrust. Paul could feel James's muscles flexing with each thrust. His butt was incredibly round and hard and with each flex it bulged with flexing muscle as it forced his huge cock deep inside Susanna's cunt. His arms were bulging also, pushing up to support James's weight and Paul's weight, and moving up and down with athletic power and grace with each thrust. Paul had been aroused by James's muscles many, many times, but he had never been this aroused before. He was in muscle heaven.

James groaned with pleasure as he felt Susanna's cunt gripping his cock with its own strong muscles and swallowing it with warm sensations of sexual ecstasy. He also felt Paul's little cock rubbing on his butt and back. That turned him on too. He increased the speed of his powerful thrusts, pushing his cock in and out of her cunt with incredible intensity, powering the huge weapon with the incredible power of his giant muscles. Her cunt was very tight, but nothing could stop the power of James's body as it forced his steel- hard cock in and out.

Paul felt James's shoulders and arms as he fucked his breeding slave mate. Each muscle bulged as he thrust his narrow hips in and out of her hot cunt. His firm, round muscle butt flexed each time he made a new thrust. The striations of muscle in that butt bulged with power, pushing out under his paper thin skin. His black skin was wet with sweat. His shoulders, back and arms bulged with shredded muscle as he forced his big cock in and out of her hot, wet cunt. Paul was fucking the top of James's butt and his lower back with his own little cock as he felt and watched James's huge body fucking his girl with wild abandon. Paul had never been so sexually aroused in his whole life. Then James's thrusts became even faster and harder. He started grunting real loud. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," he yelled as his cock exploded with cum. He kept groaning and thrusting, spurting burst after burst of genetically superior jism deep inside the hot genetically superior cunt of the muscular girl below him. Susanna was groaning with pleasure, cumming with extreme ecstasy as she felt pulse after pulse of jism shooting out of James's huge cock Simultaneously, Paul's little cock exploded too, shooting cum onto James's muscular back. Paul's cock shot four little loads of cum onto James's hot, oily muscles. That was nothing compared to the 15 gigantic loads of cum that James's huge cock and balls injected deep into Susanna's hot body. James huge genitals produced so much cum that the thick white jism actually oozed out of Susanna's cunt because there was so much of it. Millions of big, strong, fast sperm were racing towards Susanna's egg. The biggest, strongest and fastest sperm would win the race, impregnating the egg and producing an incredibly big and incredibly muscular and incredibly strong boy. All three teens experienced total sexual ecstasy. For all of them, it was the best they had ever had.

Paul kept hold of James's arms. He wallowed around in James's oil and sweat and his own cum, feeling the incredible size and hardness of James's hot, pumped muscles as his cock slowly shrank in size. James's cock was still deep inside Susanna. It was still hard. James's cock didn't shrink. It stayed big and hard. James rolled his hips around, pushing his hard cock around inside Susanna's cunt and letting Paul feel the power of his muscles as the little white boy straddled his huge body. Susanna groaned with more pleasure. She came again and again, just from having James's hard cock rubbing inside her cunt and feeling his huge shoulders and arms with her hands.

After several minutes of this total sexual bliss, James pulled his cock out of Susanna's cunt, rolled over on top of Paul, and said "OK, white boy, your turn. This big cock's just getting' warmed up. It's gonna fuck the shit out of your little white ass." Paul looked up at James's huge, rippling muscles and at his thick, 12 inch, rock-hard cock. He gulped as he took in the enormity of what he was seeing. "You ain't got no choice, white boy. I can do whatever I want to you, 'cause I'm a big, strong, muscular stud and you're a puny, weak, flabby wimp. It's always been that way and always will be. I'm the master and you're the slave. You're such a puny wimp there ain't nothin' you can do against my big, strong muscles. And you know it, don't you wimp. My muscles could just rip you apart if I wanted to. Now I'm gonna fuck the living shit out of you. You're gonna take this big cock up your little ass whether you like it or not. 'Cause us big, strong muscle boys don't give a shit how you little wimps feel about what we do to you. We can do what we want, 'cause we're big and strong and you're little and weak." It was obvious that James was getting turned on by all this talk of dominance and muscle superiority. And Paul was getting turned on too. His little cock was actually getting harder, as he listed to James boast about his dominance. Paul looked up at the huge, muscular body and handsome face of this cocky black boy and said "Yes, master, please fuck me. Fuck me real hard. I want to feel your huge, hard body and cock smashing into my pathetic little body." James smiled and poured some oil on his throbbing cock. Then he spun Paul over on his stomach and poured oil into his little white ass crack. Then he turned the little wimp over again and straddled him, with his huge legs squeezing in on Paul's waist, easily crushing the flabby flesh. Paul reached up and started rubbing his fingers over James's bulging, rock-hard pecs and his shredded washboard abs. Even though he had felt James's muscles thousands of times, he could never get over their incredible size and hardness. The immense difference in width and size between his huge shoulders and chest and his narrow, athletic hips and waist was truly amazing. Paul ran his hands all over James's hot, oily body. James smiled arrogantly as his little slave worshipped him. His cock got incredibly big and hard. Paul wrapped his hands around the monstrous weapon. Even with his two hands wrapped around the thick beer-can sized shaft, there was still plenty of hard cock exposed at both ends. James's cock was absolutely enormous. Paul lifted his knees in the air, exposing his tender white ass to his young black master. James grabbed Paul's hands and ripped them off his dick. He grabbed the huge weapon with his right hand and guided it into the waiting opening of Paul's upturned ass. Then after he had pushed in about a half inch he let go, straddled Paul's little body with his hands on each side, and rammed his huge cock right up Paul's little ass with one incredibly powerful thrust. Paul squealed in pain amd pleasure as the huge, rock-hard instrument smashed though his anus muscles and penetrated deep inside his organs. Paul's anus muscles were nothing to James's cock. Just like the rest of Paul's muscles, James's huge body just played with them like toys. His cock tore through Paul's tight little anus like it was child's play . Paul gasped with pleasure and pain as he felt James's huge, rock-hard cock deep inside his body. Then James started thrusting his cock in and out of Paul's little ass, fucking him relentlessly. His muscles seemed to have unlimited endurance as he smashed his cock in and out, in and out, of the little wimp's ass.

Susanna was getting totally turned on by watching her huge, muscular mate fuck the little white wimp with total abandon. She rubbed her fingers on her cunt and yelled out, "Yeah, you big stud, fuck the shit out of that little white boy. Show him who's the fuckin' muscle stud around here. Show him who's the master. Fuck his brains out!" James smiled arrogantly and fucked even harder. By now, Paul was groaning with pure pleasure. He reached up and felt James's huge, muscular arms as they pumped up and down in rhythm with his big body as it fucked and fucked and fucked. He loved having his master's huge cock inside his little ass. He was totally turned on. His little cock was now rock hard as the huge, black muscle styd fucked him like an animal. Paul had been fucked by James many times before and he just couldn't get enough of those huge, rock-hard muscles and that enormous foot-long dick. He loved grabbing on to James's hot, pumped muscles and feeling that gigantic cock ram itself into his little white ass. He loved being absolutely dominated by this huge black boy slave, this boy who was everything he was not---big, strong, muscular, aggressive, dominant and incredibly virile.

"Fuck him, stud," yelled Susanna as James pumped his huge cock in and out of Paul's little ass. By this time, James was totally hot and sweaty. His big black body, covered with oil and sweat was dripping all over Paul's white skin. Paul could smell the musky oil and James's jock-boy sweat as his muscles worked and his skin heated up. Paul moved his hands all over James's buffed out muscles, feeling their incredible size and hardness. James lowered his chest and held up his body with just one arm. He rubbed his other armpit into Paul's nose, letting the little weakling smell the pungent sweat being produced by his hot, muscular body. "Smell that sweat, wimp," said James. "Smell the sweat I'm makin' with my big body while my rock-hard muscles pound the shit out of your little piece of flab. You like the smell of my sweat, don't you, white boy? You like it when my muscles get all big and pumped and sweaty. Well, now they're gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before." At that James smashed his huge chest onto Paul's little chicken chest and rammed his cock even deeper into the little wimp's ass. Paul grabbed onto James's shoulders and pulled him as tight as he could into his body, reveling in the feeling of those huge, pumped, rock-hard black boy muscles crushing his little body. James started thrusting his dick in and out of Paul's little ass like a wild man. He was in a sexual frenzy. He smashed his hips against Paul with each huge thrust and he banged his giant, rock-hard chest into Paul's flat little chest. Paul was being pulverized by the huge muscle stud but he was in heaven. Finally James yelled "Fuck yeah, yeah, yeah!" and his massive cock exploded inside Paul's ass. He kept pumping and thrusting, almost suffocating Paul with the huge weight and mass of his body as he pumped his big cock in and out, shooting spurt after spurt of cum inside the little white boy's ass. All the while, Paul was holding James as tight as he could, feeling totally overwhelmed and dominated by the massive body and cock of his lover. Gobs of white cum started oozing out of Paul's little ass as the incredible amount of jism being produced by James's huge, lemon-sized balls blasted out of his huge cock again and again.

Suddenly James pulled his still rock-hard cock out of Paul's ass and sat up on the little wimp's legs. His foot long cock extended over Paul's crotch and stomach, like a conquering weapon. The big, hot cock was still cumming. James's incredible orgasm seemed to never end. More spurts of pure white cum blasted out of that gigantic cock, landing on Paul's chest and face. Paul gasped as he took in the incredible sexual ecstascy of what he was seeing and feeling. James's big, buff body was totally pumped and dripping with sweat, from his huge, cannonball delts, to his rippling ham-like guns, to his wide, flaring lats, to his bulging, striated pecs, to his shredded, corrugated washboard abs. His cock was huge and hard and dripping with cum. Paul looked up at James with a look of sheer lust. He was panting. Paul's little cock was rock-hard too. James smiled, leaned over and flexed his 20 inch arm right in front of Paul's face. Paul reached up with one hand and felt the huge, rock-hard, bulging muscle, the incredibly big, incredibly strong and incredibly hard muscle of his 14 year old muscle god. Then he reached down to his own cock with his other hand as James flexed and unflexed his huge upper arm in Paul's hand. As soon as Paul touched his cock, it exploded with spurt after spurt of joyous cum. He had the most fantastic orgasm of his life. James smiled as he saw his little white boy slave get off. When Paul was done cumming, James dropped down on top of him and totally enveloped the little wimp with his huge, muscular, rock-hard black body. This master knew how to treat his slave right.

The End. •

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