Master and Slaves


By johnd7102000

As James and Paul grew older, the differences in their bodies got even more pronounced. When James was 8, after one year of weightlifting, and Paul was 10, James participated in his first competition. Of course he won with ease. He outweighed all the other slave boys by 15 to 30 pounds, 15 to 30 pounds of solid muscle. Paul stood by as his dad took James's measurements. Height - 4' 8", weight - 110, flexed arm - 13", chest - 39", thigh - 21", waist - 24". Paul knew James was big and strong, but he was amazed at those statistics. Paul's father was equally amazed. James was by far the biggest and strongest slave boy he had ever bred. Paul thought about his own body. He was only 4'4" tall and weighed 55 pounds. So at age 8, James was already 4 inches taller and 55 pounds heavier than Paul was at age 10. In fact James weighed TWICE as much as Paul. And James was solid muscle. Big, strong muscle. Paul was skin and bones. James was incredibly strong. He won the bench press competition with a 230 pound lift, more than twice what he weighed. He military pressed 150, 25 pounds more than the next strongest boy. He squatted with 275 pounds, two and a half times his bodyweight. His legs had gotten much much bigger and stronger from the days when he was squatting with just Paul's puny weight on his back. And he curled 120 pounds, 10 pounds more than his bodyweight. His biceps were incredibly strong. All of these weights were so much more than Paul could lift it wasn't even funny. Paul was really proud of his muscular, black friend.

After the contest, the two boys snuck out to a field to play. James was already totally nude and Paul stripped off his shirt and pants so he would be nude too. James was still pumped and sweaty from all the athletic competitions. He immediately tackled Paul and the two boys wrestled. James was rough with Paul. He was stoked after winning the contest and being named the alpha 8 year old boy slave. He was going to be the boss of all the other 8 year old boy slaves this year and he was also the boss of Paul. And he let Paul feel the strength of the boss's muscles. He didn't let Paul pin him this time. He just manhandled the skinny white boy with his big black muscles. He pinned Paul's stick arms to the ground and then dropped his muscular chest right on top of Paul's skinny torso. He looked Paul in the eyes and said "How's it feel to be squashed by an 8 year old slave boy? How's it feel to be totally crushed by my big, black muscles?" Paul looked at James's handsome face, thick neck and big, muscular traps that were so close to his face. "Feel's good," he said, as he felt James's hot, sweaty pecs pushing down on his chicken chest. "Feels good, huh?" said James. "I guess I gotta fuck you up real good, white boy. I'm gonna smash your pathetic little white body so hard, you ain't gonna feel so good." James winked. He was going to thrash this little white wimp. But his wasn't going to inflict any lasting damage, even though he could with ease. He was going to show the white boy who was the boss. And Paul knew very well who was the boss.

James stood up. "Stand up, slave," he ordered. Paul stumbled to his feet and faced his master. James's 110 pounds of 8 year old muscle were bulging. Paul couldn't get over how big and muscular he was. His neck was thick and powerful. His traps raised up beside his neck and arched over to his incredibly wide shoulders. Those shoulders were capped with thick delt muscle. The fibers in his delts twitched and flexed with his every motion. Below those wide shoulders his lats flared out, slabs of muscle that looked like wings. They tapered to narrow, athletic hips and a washboard waist. His arms were thick and muscular, the fibers of his upper arms and forearms clearly visible under his thin skin. Veins crisscrossed his forearms and ran up his upper arms. His pecs were round and hard with striations of muscle clearly defined. His dark black nipples pushed out proudly from his chest, pressed out by the bulging muscle underneath. Besides shredded abs, he had fantastic oblique muscles that slashed from his hips down to his crotch. He had a firm, round musclebutt. His legs were big and muscular. Paul could see the veins and fibers in his thighs and calves even though they were relaxed. And that cock! James's uncut cock hung proudly from his crotch. It was big and thick, even though he hadn't yet entered puberty. He was a total stud at 8 years old. Paul looked at his muscular body with a look of complete awe. While Paul was staring at him, James reached over and grabbed Paul in his armpit and in his crotch. With incredible athletic grace and power, he moved his body underneath Paul's and simultaneously pressed the skinny white boy over his head. "Time for some boybell presses," said James, laughing at his joke. He pressed Paul's body up and down 10 times with complete ease. "Fuck, you feel like a little toy," said James. And indeed Paul was a toy to James. He had just pressed 150 pounds of iron to win the pressing contest. Paul's 55 pounds of skinny human flesh was nothing to this black superboy. Paul was his plaything. After the 10 easy reps, James let go of Paul's crotch and just held him by one hand. "Watch this, wimp," he said. He then pressed the little white boy three times with just one arm. Then he jammed his other arm under Paul's armpit and pressed him three times with his other arm. Then he dropped Paul to his feet and looked over at his flexing delts. He liked the way his muscles looked when they were pumped. His delt muscles looked like melons slapped on his shoulders. Shredded melons that were bulging and flexing and pulsating with power. Paul reached over and ran his fingers over James's shredded, pumped delts. The muscle was thick and hot and hard. He could feel the striations of hard fibers. "Omygod," he whispered as he took in the size and power of James's shoulders.

James smiled as he saw his wimpy white friend go nuts over his shoulders. "Hey, boybell," he said. "You ain't done yet." At that, he put his arms around Paul's chest and legs and pulled him off the ground in a curl position. He started curling his boybell up and down. Again the 55 pounds white boy weight was nothing for him, but he still got a good pump going in his biceps. The muscles looked like steel cords under his thin black skin as he extended his arms. Then when he willed those muscles to lift the boybell, they exploded and formed a big ball of muscle as they powered his muscular forearms up. Paul reached over and felt those biceps working. It was absolutely incredible how big and hard they were. They were as big as a softball and as hard as rock. After 10 easy reps, James dropped Paul on the ground and then immediately stood him up. Then he flexed his biceps right in front of Paul's face. "Feel 'em, Paul," he said. "Feel these arms that are so big and strong they can make you do anything I want."" Paul reached over and caressed the shredded biceps and triceps of James's 13 inch arms, arms that were so much bigger and stronger than Paul's little 7 inch sticks that it wasn't even funny. James smiled arrogantly as Paul tried to squeeze the hard muscle, not being able to make even the tiniest dent. James knew he was a stud. He could do anything he wanted to this white boy and there wasn't a fucking thing the white boy could do about it. Not that he would want to.

Then James pushed Paul to the ground and grabbed both of Paul's legs with one arm. He twisted them backwards, up against Paul's back. This was easy and it was fun. James knew that one of his arms was much, much stronger than both of Paul's legs. Paul screamed in pain. James laughed. He watched his bicep bulge as it applied more and more pressure to the weak, white legs. "Fuckin' strong," yelled James. "You're such a wimp, white boy. My big arm just smashes your little legs." Then he let go and wrapped his legs around Paul's chest. He locked his ankles and started squeezing. His big quads bulged as they obeyed the orders of their 8 year old master to flex and squeeze. Paul started gasping for air. His face got red. Even in his pain, he kept his eyes on James's muscular body. "What's the matter, white boy? Are my big black legs too strong for your little white chest. Hey, they're not even tryin' hard yet. These big mothers just squatted with 250 pounds. Your skinny little chest ain't nothin' to my legs. They're fuckin' strong as shit. See how it feels when they really flex." At that, James ordered his legs to squeeze harder. The big muscles in his quads, like young soldiers ready to conquer anything in their way, flexed even more. James watched as the muscles bulged under his thin, black skin. The fibers were clearly defined, looking like steel cords. All the air was immediately forced out of Paul's lungs. He couldn't take even the smallest breath. Saliva started dripping out of his mouth. James watched the muscles in his legs bulge with incredible power. He saw the anguished look on Paul's face as those legs literally crushed the life out of the skinny white boy. "You still feelin' good, wimp?" asked James mockingly. Paul shook his head. His chest was throbbing with pain. He was almost ready to pass out. James smiled. "Good," he said. Then he slowly relaxed his hold and jumped on Paul again, crushing him with his big chest. He held Paul's arms overhead with one arm and then rubbed Paul's face in the armpit of his other arm. Paul was gasping for breath, trying to recover from almost being crushed to death. He breathed in the musky sweat of James's armpit. James's whole body was covered with sweat from the grueling contest and now his manhandling of Paul. Even though he was only 8, he sweated like a true jock. And his sweat smelled like the sweat of a true jock. Paul breathed in the heavy sweat smell of James's armpit. It smelled real good. "Smell that sweat, white boy. You can't make sweat like that, 'cause you're just a white wimp. Wimps can't make muscle jock sweat. Only black studs like me can make sweat that smells like that. Smell that black stud sweat that you can't even dream of making." James rubbed his hot armpit over Paul's nose. Paul's face got drenched in the sweat that was poring out of the black skin. The muscles of James's armpit were as hard as rocks. His arm, his lat, his pec and his delt were bulging to form a big pit. A pit of muscle dripping with jock boy sweat. Paul almost got delirious as he breathed in the smell of this totally superior 8 year old black stud. Then James let go and started twisting Paul's limbs like pretzels again. He liked to totally dominate the little white nerd.

Finally he pinned Paul to the ground and then stood over him like a conquering warrior. Paul looked up and saw James's cock. That cock had been getting bigger and bigger along with his muscles and now was twice the size of Paul's cock. James's cock was sticking out proudly from his buff body, thick and hard. It looked huge. It had gotten aroused during it's owner's domination of the little white boy in the one-sided wrestling match. Paul just looked at that cock and James's rippling body in awe. James looked down at his cock and smiled. "Some day that cock is gonna fuck every fine girl slave on this whole plantation. I'm gonna be the alpha breeding slave and I'm gonna fuck anything I want." Paul just looked up at James's big cock and nodded. He knew James was right. James dropped down on top of Paul and rubbed his hard cock on top of his waist and chest. He thrust his hips up and down in a fucking motion. Paul felt the hard weapon dig into his flabby flesh. "Maybe one day I'll fuck you too," said James. Paul gulped and then grabbed onto James's big shoulders, pulling him closer.

Six years and 130 pounds of muscle later, it was time for James to breed with Susanna. At 6' 3" and 240 pounds of solid muscle, he had just won the 14 year old boy slave competition -none of the other boys came even close - and was now the Alpha boy breeding slave of the whole plantation. And tonight he and Susanna, the Alpha girl slave, were going to fuck to their hearts' content in the special White Room in the plantation house which was reserved for the alpha breeding pair. They could fuck as much as they wanted. And as the Alpha boy slave, James could fuck any girl he wanted any time he wanted. His genetically superior genes would be spread as widely as possible among the slave girls so their offspring would grow up to be even bigger and stronger than this generation. That's the way it had been for seven generations. James and Susanna were the incredibly big and incredibly strong results of all that breeding. And when these two Alpha slaves bred together, their children would be truly gifted. The best of the best. Just like James's mother, Susanna would probably have at least 8 children by James, each one of them a totally superior physical specimen.

Paul was waiting for James and Susanna in the White Room, The room had a big mirror on one wall. Everything was white - the walls, the bed sheets, the candles, the rug on the floor. Beside the large bed there were bottles of scented oil, to make the lucky couple as pleasure-filled as possible. There were several dumbbells on the floor, two 25 pounders, two 50 pounders and two 100 pounders. Just some little toys for the two huge muscle slaves to use to pump up their big muscles to get totally aroused. The ceiling was very high. Plenty of room to do presses with those dumbbells. Paul walked over and tried to lift a 100 pound dumbbell off the floor. He strained hard but he couldn't do it. He big weight was much to heavy for his scrawny 130 pound body. He moved over to a 50 pound dumbbell and barely managed to lift it about a foot high, but he couldn't budge it any higher. Then he attacked the 25 pound dumbbell. Using both hands, he got it up as high as his chest, but he couldn't press it any higher. He was as weak as shit. Paul remembered that James could press the 25 pound weight easily with one arm when he was only 6 years old. Now he could do a military press with 340 pounds. That's how much he pressed today. One hundred pounds more than he weighed and 50 pounds more than any other slave boy. James would be able to press the 100 pound dumbbells with ease.

Suddenly the door opened. James and Susanna walked into the room. They were still completely nude, just like they had been all day. James's cock was already hard, thinking about what he was going to be doing in just a few minutes. Twelve inches of thick, black uncut cock were sticking out from his rippling crotch. His big, lemon-sized balls were hanging low in their sack. Paul had seen James's naked body hundreds of times, but every time he saw him he got a chill down his spine. James was huge. His 240 pounds of muscle was spread in absolutely perfect proportions across his 6'3" frame. Paul could hardly believe that this huge, muscular youth was only 14 years old, two years younger than him. James's face was very handsome, with wide cheekbones, a strong jaw and chin and perfect bright white teeth. His neck was thick with muscle. Big trap muscles bulged between his neck and shoulders. His shoulders were incredibly wide-a foot wider than Paul's--- and the delt muscle that capped those wide shoulders was very thick and striated with twitching fibers. His delts looked like cannonballs. Cannonballs of solid muscle. Hanging from those shoulders were arms that looked like huge hams. James's arms measured 20 inches, the biggest arms ever recorded in plantation history by a slave of any age. Even relaxed at his side, his arms were bristling with muscle. Paul could see the fibers of his biceps and triceps twitching at his every move. His forearms were huge and covered with veins. In the contest, James had curled 250 pounds, an absolutely huge weight. Paul marveled at how this 14 year old boy could curl a weight that 99% of the population couldn't even lift off the ground. Paul looked at the twitching bicep muscles. He could hardly wait to touch those muscles.

James's pecs bulged out from his chest. His pecs were at least four inches thick-four inches of solid muscle in each of those pecs. The depth of the cleavage between the two monstrous muscles was incredible. His big, black nipples pointed down at a 45 degree angle, forced out and down by the bulging muscle underneath. James had just done a bench press with the biggest weight ever recorded at the plantation, 525 pounds. James's chest measured 58 inches when he expanded and flexed his huge pecs and lats. Paul's chest only measured 34 inches, all skin and bones. James's huge chest was two feet bigger---24 inches---and it was solid muscle.. Paul looked at James's huge pecs and gulped. James had more muscle in one of his pecs than Paul had in his whole body.

Then Paul looked at James's lats. They looked like huge slabs of meat, flaring out to the side like wings, thick wings of solid muscle. Paul could see veins crisscrossing James's huge lats. He knew how strong those lats were. He could hang on James's shredded waist and James would pump out 50 pullups easy. Those big lats were really strong. Then Paul looked at James's abs. He was always amazed at James's abs. James never had a gram of fat on his body, even when he was 4 years old. His 8 pack was truly amazing. His waist measured a shredded 29 inches, a full 29 inches less than his chest. His huge, muscular chest was twice as big as his small, athletic, rippling waist. Even though he had packed 240 pounds of pure muscle on his 14 year old body, his waist had stayed slim and shredded, just like many of the other 14 year old slave boys who weighed 40 pounds less than James. James's waist was actually 3 inches smaller than Paul's. But James's waist was all shredded muscle and Paul's was all fatty flab. James's abs looked like they were carved with a knife, bulges of rock-solid ab muscle with deep crevices in between. His shredded obliques flared down from his narrow hips to his crotch, actually pointing at his huge 12 inch cock. James turned sideways for a moment and Paul marveled at his muscular lower back and round musclebutt. Paul had felt that musclebutt many times. He knew how hard and strong those glute muscles were. And the two slabs of muscle in James's lower back were like to pillars of iron. Thick, solid iron. James's entire back was thick with muscle, from his traps to his lats to his lower back, his back just writhed with muscle.

Paul then looked at James's legs. Legs that were so strong they had just squatted with 600 pounds. His quads were huge slabs of muscle, hanging like slabs of meat until their young master flexed them. Then they exploded into thick shreds of fibrous muscle, with fibers and veins everywhere. James's thighs measured 28 inches around, just one inch less than his washboard waist. They were huge. And they were incredibly strong. Paul's little chest and waist had been crushed by those big legs many, many times. He personally knew the awesome power of James's huge, muscular legs. Those huge tree trunks were attached to massive calves that bulged with shredded muscle. The two heads of shredded calf muscle were clearly visible, with fibers and veins pushing out into his thin, black skin. James was a total stud. And he knew it.

Then Paul looked over at Susanna. Wow, what a muscular specimen she was! At 14 years old, she was fully mature. She stood 5' 10" tall, two inches taller than Paul, and weighed 160 pounds, 30 pounds more than Paul. And she was solid muscle. Her broad shoulders were capped with thick delt muscle, much thicker and much stronger than Paul's delts could ever hope to be. Shit, she could press 180 pounds, six times more than Paul. She was bred to be big and strong just like James. Her arms were big and muscular. Paul knew her upper arms measured 15-1/2 inches, four and one-half inches more than his little 11 inch sticks. Big biceps and triceps bulged in those arms. And her arms were strong. She could curl 140 pounds and when she curled the heavy weight, her biceps bulged into huge balls of shredded muscle. She had thick, wide lats and solid pecs that were covered by large, sexy breasts. Her breasts blossomed from her chest fully erect, with not the slightest hint of sagging, and her big nipples pointed straight out. She had a small waist with shredded, six pack ab muscles, totally muscular with absolutely no fat between those hard muscles and her thin black skin. Her hips were moderately wide, not really wide but just right for child bearing. Her ass was round and muscular. Her legs were solid muscle, built big and strong from weightlifting and sprinting. Besides being the strongest 14 year old girl, she had won all the sprint races. She was a girl stud. And now she was going to get fucked by the biggest boy stud on the plantation and she was going to have children who would be even bigger and stronger than they were. She and James were going to perpetuate the breeding of ever bigger and stronger slaves.

Paul stared in awe at the two incredibly muscular black youths. He was mesmerized by their physical superiority and beauty. Suddenly James broke his spell when he said in a loud voice, "Strip off your clothes, slave." Susanna looked at James in shock. "James!" she exclaimed. "How dare you talk to Master Paul like that. He's your master." James looked at Susanna and laughed. "Master Paul? Master Paul? Fuck, he ain't my master. He's my slave. I been his master since I was 4 years old. He been takin' orders from these big muscles since he was a little kid. He knows who's the boss. Ain't that right, white boy. You're just my fuckin' slave!" James walked up to Paul and pushed the little white wimp's face into his giant pecs. Susanna stared in disbelief. "You like these big muscles, don't you slave boy. I own you, don't I slave boy." Paul nodded his head, his face still buried in the cleavage between James's huge pecs. "Yes, master," said Paul. "You are so big and so muscular and so strong. You are like a God. I am nothing compared to you. Your big muscles just play with my puny little body like it's a toy. I am helpless to resist your will. I am your total slave." Paul dropped to his knees and looked up at his huge 14 year old master. He grabbed on to James's huge calves and felt the bulging muscle. James looked down and smiled. Susanna's mouth was wide open in shock. Slowly Paul moved his little hands up James's legs and felt the massive hardness of his thighs. Those monsters were like thick tree trunks, as hard as granite. Then he raised his hands further up and started to touch James's totally erect, beer-can thick, 12 inch cock. Before he could touch the huge cock, James grabbed him in his armpits and jerked him off the floor onto his feet. "Not so fast, white boy," said James. "You'll get lots of that cock later. Maybe more than you can handle. Now strip off those clothes like a good little slave." Paul quickly took off his shirt and pants. His stiff cock was still stuck under his tight underwear, where it had been imprisoned all day. James reached down with his two hands and literally tore the underwear into two pieces, ripping it off Paul's body with one powerful motion. Paul's little 5 inch cock sprang up at full attention, pointing up to the ceiling. "Well, I guess you like what you see, don't you, slave boy," said James in the understatement of the year.

Paul immediately wrapped his arms around James's huge 58 inch chest. He had been waiting all day for this moment. He could hardly get his arms around James's massive torso. James flexed his pecs and lats, letting Paul take in the enormity of the rock hard muscle. Paul's hands tore loose from each other as James's muscle exploded, expanding so big his arms could no longer wrap around the huge mass. Paul buried his face in James's pecs again, feeling the warm hardness of the huge muscles with his tender cheeks. Suddenly James turned and faced the big mirror in the room. James had never seen a mirror that big before. All they had out in the slave quarters were little face mirrors. He had never seen his whole body in a mirror. "Wow, look at that," he said. "Look at how big my body is compared to yours, white boy. You're such a little wimp next to me. Look how big my muscles are compared to yours. You ain't nothin' compared to me. Of course you knew that even without lookin' in the mirror, didn't you white boy." Paul looked at their two images in the mirror. It was incredible. Paul looked like a skinny little midget next to the overwhelming size and muscularity of James. He nodded his head while staring at the stark contrast between James's absolute size, strength and muscularity and his own absolute puniness, weakness and scrawn. Susanna came over and stood next to Paul on the other side. "Jesus white boy. Even Susanna's got way more muscle than you got. You ain't nothin' even compared to a girl. Flex your arms, Susanna. Show this little wimp what you got." At that, Susanna flexed her 15-1/2 inch biceps in the mirror. Big balls of striated muscle bulged in her arms, with big tricep muscles bulging on the bottoms and back of those big arms. Her delts and lats bulged with incredible size and muscularity Paul stared at the big muscles in the mirror and then flexed his puny 11 inch biceps. His arms looked like straws. "Feel my muscle, stick boy," said Susanna. She was getting into it. Paul reached over and wrapped his fingers around the bulging muscle in Susanna's right arm. He squeezed as hard as he could but couldn't make the slightest dent in the rock-hard muscle, muscle that was so strong it could curl 140 pounds, five times what Paul could curl. "Geez," said Paul. "You've got really big and really hard muscles for a girl." Susanna looked at him with a look of superior contempt. "Yeah, I do, don't I., stick boy." And my girl muscles are fuckin' strong too." She reached over and wrapped her fingers around Paul's upper arm. "Flex!" she ordered. Paul flexed. Only the slightest little bump of bicep muscle appeared. Susanna squeezed her fingers. Her forearms were big, much bigger than Paul's upper arms, and striated with muscle. When she squeezed, that muscle contracted into a big mass, covered with veins. Her strong fingers easily dug right into Paul's little bicep. "Jesus, wimp, your muscle's as soft as butter," she said. "It ain't nothin' to my strong fingers." She squeezed harder and dug her fingers all the way down to Paul's bone. Paul cried out in pain. "Oh, are this little girl's strong fingers hurting the little white boy?" Susanna asked mockingly. "Tough shit, slave boy," she said as she wiggled her fingers back and forth, causing spasms of pain to shoot through Paul's little arm.

Finally James reached over with his big hand and jerked Susanna's hand away from Paul's arm. "That's enough, girl," he said. "We're so strong we could fuck up this little wimp real bad any time we wanted to. But I don't wanna hurt him too bad. He's my friend, even though he is a little wimp and actually likes getting' fucked up by my big muscles." James flexed his own 20 inch upper arm right in Paul's face. Paul reached up and wrapped his two little hands around the huge, bulging muscles. "You like getting fucked up by my big muscles, don't you white boy.' Paul nodded his head in agreement. James continued. "But you know I'm not gonna hurt you too bad, 'cause we been doin' this since I was 4 years old and we been friends that whole time. Ain't that right, white boy." Paul nodded again. James wrapped his huge arm around Paul's neck and gently flexed his melon-sized bicep. The rock hard muscle busted its way into Paul's neck, crushing his windpipe. Paul started gagging and gasping for air. "That don't hurt much, do it?" said James, knowing Paul couldn't answer. "My big muscle's not even flexed all the way. It's just playin' wit' you. Now I bet this will hurt." Instantly, James flexed his huge bicep real hard. The giant muscle exploded into an enormous rock-hard peak, smashing itself right through Paul's little neck like there was nothing there. Paul got a look of abject pain on his face as he felt the giant muscle smashing his neck like a piece of fruit. He absolutely couldn't breathe. His face turned beet red and spit started gurgling out of his mouth. James looked down at his huge bicep and Paul's scrawny neck and smiled. "Yeah, I think that hurts," he said. "Your little neck ain't nothin' to my big arm muscle." He flexed and unflexed a couple of times, watching the huge bicep smash into Paul's scrawny neck each time and listening to the cracking sound of Paul's windpipe each time his rock-hard bicep smashed through it. His cock twitched as he watched his huge muscles smash his little slave. Finally he let go of his hold and Paul staggered to his feet, gasping for air. "We do that all the time," said James. "Paul likes getting' crushed by my big arm muscle. It really turns him on. Look at his little cock. He's ready to shoot any second." James reached down and squeezed Paul's stiff little cock real hard. "But I'm not gonna let him shoot right now. I'm gonna make him wait. I'm the master and he does what I want." •

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