Alien Implants


By Wordshop

Derek, Mike and Sean did not know how they got into this strange room. The last thing that they had remembered was driving down the highway in an area not far from Joshua Tree National Monument in California. They had been in Derek’s Camaro on a back desert road. The truth was that they had all been at a desert party, and all had been drinking. They were headed home when off in the distance they had seen this strange reddish light hovering in the desert. It looked like a large reddish Jack-O-Lantern about a thousand feet from the highway. As their car passed the object, the object started moving, and began to pace the car. It did maintain the separation distance over the desert and off to their immediate right, but the object was definitely pacing their car. Derek with the bravery of more alcohol than he should have had, floored the accelerator and the Camaro rocketed to over 100 miles per hour. The object easily kept pace with them and started to slowly close the gap moving closer and closer towards the right side of the car. In a matter of micro-seconds the object moved directly over the roof of the speeding Camaro, and the brightness increased from a pinkish red to a brighter orange. Then the light started to pulsate, and with the car reaching speeds of over 120 miles per hour, the color of the light became brighter and brighter.

By now, the booze was quickly wearing off as pure adrenaline was being poured into the veins of the three boys. Hearts were racing faster than the car.

All of a sudden, the light over the roof of the car became a blinding bluish-white and Derek could feel the engine in the car begin to sputter and die as the car was being lifted from the road.

The last any of the boys remembered was the silence as the engine stopped and the car was motionless in the air.

Now, here they were on tables, and they were sore all over. It seemed like in whatever had happened, they had been poked prodded and jammed in every body orifice.

There were strange dream-like memories of small white bodies around them, but none of them had a real clear memory of anything.

The room initially had been dimly lit. The light had in the most recent minutes begun to change from a very dim incandescent look, to a red, then to red orange. Suddenly, a bright bluish white light enveloped them, and they passed out.

Slowly Derek, Mike, and Sean started to awaken. They were in the Camaro at the side of the road, and could see a huge boomerang shaped dark shadow, slowly and silently moving away from them in the distance. When they had been speeding down the road Derek had been driving, Mike had been riding “shotgun” and Sean had been in the back seat.

Now, after whatever had happened to them, when they awakened, Sean was in the driver’s seat of the car, Mike in the back seat, and Derek in the right hand front passenger seat. Another strange thing was that their clothing was all mixed up! Mike had on Sean’s shirt, Derek, was wearing Mike’s, Shawn was dressed in Derek’s. Their pants were not right either! This was too weird!

As shock and fear set in from the experience that they had just had, first shaking set in, and then cold sweats, and then all of the other symptoms that go with an extreme “mental violation”.

All three of the boys had headaches and felt as if they had been in a prizefight. Derek who was the leader started to say something when Sean turned the ignition key and the engine of the car fired. This Camaro had been his pride and joy and he had invested all of the money he had made over the last summer in performance upgrades, wheels, tires and a new stereo. Sean gently slipped the car into gear and as if to read Derek’s mind said: “Shut up Derek, let’s get the fuck out of this crazy place before whatever it was comes back!”

Sean held the speed down to a more reasonable 70-mph and headed towards the sleepy upper desert town that they all called home. They pulled behind a desert gas station, which had closed a number of hours before and exchanged clothing so that they were at least in their own clothes.

All three seventeen year olds were Seniors at Desert Center High School and all would need to get a little rest to recover from this ordeal before they started back to school the following Monday morning. Derek had a case of “the shakes” and was too shaky now to drive safely.

Little was said as Sean drove first to Mike’s house and dropped him off. At that time he changed seats and let Derek have the driving privilege back in his own car. Derek, shaky or not, would have to drive Sean then himself home.

Derek said little to Sean as he took him home. All that was said is that they would have to think and talk more about this later.

Luck was smiling for all three boys in that it appeared that their “curfew” violations might go un-noticed at least this time.

There were three beds in which there were three sleepless boys. All had been violated and none knew in what ways. All had been scared to death. On Sunday morning three boys awakened with what seemed like laryngitis. Their voices were hoarse and were cracking in strange ways. None knew why, but they attributed it to their experience whatever it had been.

When they had looked at their watches after the incident three hours had gone by. The programming on the car stereo had been wiped out, and the two other boys were wearing liquid crystal digital watches, which also were suffering from electronic Alzheimer’s!

The next morning, the local radio station was buzzing with the story of the strange sighting of a large “un-identifiable” object. It had been seen in the skies by many. A government spokesman from the local Air Force Base came on to the station, and immediately proclaimed that the sighting was a figment of everybody’s imagination and was a “weather balloon”. Meanwhile over at the air base, the “top brass” was under a directive to give the “weather balloon” story, knowing all the while that even they wouldn’t believe it.

Though they did not know what it was that had shown up on their radar screens, they certainly did know that what they saw for that time the night before was certainly NOT a “weather balloon”. Fighters had been scrambled, visual contacts had been made, people with scanners on aircraft frequencies even taped the dialog of the fighter pilots. What was even more moronically stupid was that this particular air base did not even have a meteorological station, relying instead on the United States Weather Service. The rest of the inhabitants of that part of the California Desert obtained their information from the weather bureau too via TV cable or satellite. Official reports described a weather balloon and no matter what anyone else said, the military wrote off the differences to “hysteria” brought about from the sighting. After all, it worked in New Mexico in 1947, let’s just replay that same identical story again and again, and then “stonewall” on the rest.

All three boys went back to bed after their initial awakening, and slept to the early afternoon.

When the boys started to get out of their beds, though they did not know they had it in common yet, all three were extremely sore. It was as if they had been put through the hardest workout that their coaches could imagine, when in their most sadistic moods.

When Derek started to talk to his mother, what came from his mouth was a voice that was still his, but seemed deeper and more resonant. Mike, after awakening, walked into the bathroom shared by he and a younger brother. When he looked in the mirror, he noticed a few wispy downy hairs on his upper lip and on his chin for the first time. Sean’s discovery, was that when he tried to get dressed, that the pair of pants that had been a “little tight” from the small “beer fed” roll of belly-fat were now loose. The roll of fat had all but disappeared. He stepped on the scale. He had gained two pounds. This was weird? How do you gain weight and lose size?

As the day progressed the pain seemed to abate somewhat and for this all three were very grateful. Monday was to be one of “Coach Ogre’s” fitness days. The Coach, whose real name was Obert had earned the nickname “Coach Ogre” from the boys who thought that there were times that he enjoyed being sadistic.

Derek wanted to get together that night and wanted to talk about what had happened. His initial plan had been to go back out into the desert near the base, but neither of the other two would go along with this thought at all. They had endured enough (whatever it was) the night before and the mere thought sent shivers up the spines of the other two boys.

Derek talked the other two into going to a public park and trying to talk about what they all remembered. The problem was that they did not remember very much.

Sean was concerned that if they talked to anyone about their experience that they would be labeled as being “space cases”. Mike was in such a state that whenever he tried to talk about his experience, he would start stuttering to the point of being difficult if not impossible to understand.

He knew that it was difficult to be given great credibility when you sound like “Porky Pig” doing tongue twisters!

All three boys went to bed that night and they did not sleep well at all. •

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