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By noon on Sunday there was finally some time for Alan, Barry and Charlie to be able to talk to each other and assess what had been taking place with them.

The light dosage that they had taken the night before in order to perform had, in their already heavily drugged bodies, added to the effects.

Charlie, who would soon be able to qualify as a tripod was having problems. He was having problems that none of the boys had ever considered. His soft dick was so long now that when he sat on the toilet his dick flopped down into the water. He had to bring it up across one thigh and then clamp his legs together to keep it from heading back into the bowl. He had grown enough that the only thing he could do now was to go back to wearing underwear. This was necessary to keep him from showing a large bulge down the leg of his pants. It was not all that obvious if he was soft, but shit, if he got hard there would be no doubt in any mind as to what it was that was there.

The hair on Alan�s body was starting to darken. The hair on his chest was still fine, but there was no doubt that there was hair present. Even though he had shaved it for the shopping trip, there were now little tiny shaved hairs and these seemed darker, thicker, and more bristly than they were even yesterday. The hair on his ass was getting thicker and was spreading up the crack and all over his cheeks. His facial hair at the present rate was going to be a beard in a few more major doses.

Probably the least affected was Barry, but he was experiencing a muscle soreness that made him a little ill at ease. He would tell the others if it did not go away.

It was kind of a quiet day with all three reading and doing light things before they had to get up for work the next day.

In another house across the ranch, Juan and Carlos had just barely awakened. They were lucky that they did not have to go to Mass. Their mother had mentioned something about Angelina, but the boys only heard it when she was on her way out the door for church. Jose went to the market to get some things for some sort of family Bar-B-Q. As Juan awakened he stumbled off to the bathroom and was startled when he looked in the mirror. He had facial hair now in the shape of a full beard. Boy, this work and being special must really be tweaking his hormones all right! When he aimed his uncut dick for the toilet there was no doubt that it had grown a great deal. There were also some faint hairs on his chest and a trail both above and below his belly button!

If this was the case with him, what was happening with Carlos? When he awakened Carlos he was in for a shock. Carlos in some ways looked like a different person! There was now a light coating of hair on his arms and legs and there was also dark fuzz all over his butt. As Carlos rolled towards him, Juan could see what had happened to his little brother�s dick during their sleep! It was fucking big now! It draped over his much-enlarged balls and was at least two inches below them! When he saw Carlos face, it was almost strange, there was a great deal of hair growth, but the biggest change was that Carlos still looked like Carlos, but it was as if there was something so masculine and erotically sexy about his own brother it was eerie. Carlos had somehow overnight changed into one good-looking stud kid!

When Carlos got up, even a minor change had taken place in his voice. It was still Carlos, but there was a certain masculine tone that also had invaded his vocal chords! Soon, Juan�s dick was standing on end and hard as a rock from just being around his own brother! FUCK! What was this shit? Turned on by his own brother? Yet, he knew that he would do anything his younger brother wanted if it came to sex. Juan was now a little nervous.

Carlos for the most part was oblivious to the changes, and rushed to tone everything down for when his parents got home. When he got out of bed and emptied his bladder, he found that he was very pleased with what was between his legs now. He was not as big as Charlie was, but if his growth kept up, he might catch up with Charlie pretty soon!

When the two boys got dressed their clothing now fit totally differently than it had before. Two narrow waists had replaced baby-fat that seemed to remain forever. Two rows of cut abs could be seen on the both of them. They were not bodybuilder material yet, but they had defined bodies with plenty of muscle showing. Neither of the two had stepped on the scale since their changes had started. When they did they were in for a real shock. Both of them had gained nearly twenty-five pounds.

When Maria got home, Juan and Carlos were in the kitchen fixing themselves some food! They were always hungry these days! She did a double take when looking at them. They were growing up so fast! How had she missed the changes! It was as if in a period of days they had lost the look of boys and had become young men. Caramba! They were growing up too fast! She dared not say anything to them. If she did, they would think she was going loco!

Juan and Carlos finished their food and went back to their bedroom and thought that the best thing that they could do was just stay out of the way.

It was about an hour later that they heard a car door slam. Then there was a high pitched squeaking voice in Spanish. Their day had been ruined! Fucked! DESTROYED! That voice could only belong to one person! It was their Aunt Estella, mother of Angelina! If one found Estella, there was little doubt that Angelina would be there too! The two boys simply wanted to get away from her. They were changing quickly, and knew that Angelina had a big mouth.

They decided to climb out the window of their bedroom quietly and see if they could at least sneak away for a while. The both made it out of the window OK, but as they rounded the corner heading for one of the barns to escape her, Angelina ran into them, in fact almost over them. When the accident was over and she backed up, she almost did not immediately recognize her two cousins. It was as if she had somehow missed something. When had her two cousins had time to change into two macho studs? It was not long ago that her mother grounded her for her comments to them. How? What? She was so dumbfounded she really did not know what to say!

The two boys had not showered in a couple of hours and in spite of their relationship Angelina was not immune to the pheremones that the boys were giving off now.

She was a well-endowed seventeen-year-old girl. At this moment she was starting to have a reaction she had never experienced before. She had chosen to go without a bra and was wearing a pair of designer jeans and a girls t-shirt. As she reacted she could feel the lubrication starting to take place in her vaginal tract and she could feel a tingling in her chest. As she stood in horror and the boys watched, first her nipples, then her aureoles began to swell until they made a separate mound easily visible. The boys were easily ten feet away now and for a minute or two stood frozen. A few seconds later Estella came out the door and saw her daughter leaning against the hood of her car with her tits standing on end and the beginning of a wet stain on her jeans! Her legs were crossed in a very seductive pose! She let out a scream that brought Angelina out of her erotic �dreamland� in one quick hurry. She called her daughter every name in the book! In fact she came up with a few that Juan and Carlos had never heard before! The boys were just standing innocently there, and here was her harlot daughter trying to seduce her own cousins! Before Maria knew what had happened Estella had pushed Angelina back into the car, quickly said a weird goodbye to Maria and spun her car around in a cloud of dust headed for the gate! About ten seconds later they were nearing the main ranch house. Angelina saw Alan, Barry and Charlie and being the hot blooded one she was she stared dreamily. Her already furious Mother was heard through the open window yelling at her daughter in Spanish! Alan, Barry and Charlie recognized some of the words, it appeared that she was, by what was being said, going to be �grounded� until her fortieth birthday!

The yelling and cussing in Spanish faded into the background as the car headed towards the main gate. Alan, Barry and Charlie thought that this was a little to �X-rated�, but if it had not been so, it would have made a good comedy movie.

At the other side of the ranch, Maria looked at her two sons and was totally convinced that she was losing her mind. Every time she saw them it seemed that they were larger and stronger looking than they were the time before.

Carlos and Juan decided that they were going to simply walk for a while and allow their pulse rates to calm back down to normal. Juan scribbled a note on a slip of paper with the appropriate code and dumped it in the �suggestion box�. From a distance Charlie saw Juan drop it in the box and called it to Alan�s attention. •

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