More than Expected


By LennoxBear

Danny walked into the apartment and froze in the doorway. The place was a mess. Lamps were knocked over, a chair lay on its side, the bed had been stripped and the sheets were missing. What really worried him were drops of blood just inside the doorway. He called the police to report the break-in. Before they got there he took a small sample of blood to analyze later at the university lab.

The cops who arrived asked a million questions, many made Danny feel that he was guilty in Joe's disappearance. One cop, Paul, seemed to be a bit more understanding and showed some compassion. He was advised to stay at a motel for a night or two until the police completed their cleaning of the place. He hadn't completely unpacked but Paul had to go through his luggage before he could remove it. Danny was a little embarrassed by the leather and sex items he had brought along but wasn't going to let a little embarrassment stop him from asking his own questions. Paul remained after the other two cops left. He explained he had to wait for a forensics squad to get there to thoroughly go through the apartment. Danny sat in a dining room chair and stared blankly into space. Paul sat down across from him, his left knee just slightly touching Danny's.

"Try not to worry, I know that sounds really shallow right now, but it is the best I can offer you. You known Joe long?"

"Only a few weeks." Danny looked up at the big man and appreciated his attempt to be consoling.

"He seems like a pretty nice guy, goes to my gym. We never really talk much, usually just a quick hello since we workout on slightly different shifts. Really dedicated to his workout, great body,"

"Yeah, we met at the gym where I live and got to be friends."

"Been dating long?" Danny looked at Paul somewhat suspiciously this time. Paul's face had softened and for the first time, Danny noticed how attractive the man was. Short blond flattop over steel blue eyes, hint of a moustache and a genuinely nice smile. "I figured it might be something like that from the, uh, items in your bag."

Danny blushed and stood up to walk into the kitchen. Paul followed him. "We hadn't really known each other that long but we really connected and wanted to see how things would develop. It was our mutual love of muscle that may have led to his disappearance." Paul looked lost at this point and Danny quickly explained how the experiment had gone awry and showed Paul his documentation and a few pictures.

Paul stared at the pics of Joe and Danny and whistled softy. "Man that's some super muscle growth. I've been pumping for years and have never gotten that big. Always, wanted to get bigger but that's wild." Danny watched as Paul looked through the photos and casually rubbed his pec through his uniform shirt. He read some of Danny's notes and Danny saw the outline of an erection pushing the front of Paul's snug pants out. Paul shook his head slightly as if to break the spell and looked at Danny.

"You think he was kidnapped because the growth hormone is multiplying in his body and someone wants to, well, harvest it?'

"That's a possibility." Danny shuddered at the idea of harvesting something from his buddy and how that could get out of control. Paul noticed his change in spirit and rubbed his shoulder. "It's all because of my desire to be bigger. Joe could be killed for something I selfishly wanted."

"Don't think like that, let's be positive and work together to find him." Paul put his arms around the muscular young man and held him close. He felt Danny's thick arms slide around his waist and return the hug. He also felt the trembling going through the muscle man.

Paul broke off the hug and tried to adjust the hardon in his uniform. "The other team will be here any minute, I think I better control myself." He stood in front of Danny with a red face and a growing basket.

"I appreciate your caring." Danny stroked the cop's hard cock and fought off the urge to suck it. The doorbell brought them to reality. The arrival of the investigation team soon had them helping with a thorough cleaning of the apartment. Paul didn't see Danny palm a slip of paper from the nightstand and slip it into his jeans pocket.

It took several hours of work and questioning until the team was finished. As they were leaving, Danny collected his things and packed his bag to leave.

"Where will you be, just in case we have more questions?"

"I don't know, I don't have a hotel reservation and never thought about calling anywhere." Danny stood in the middle of the living room and surveyed the mess. He put his bag on the floor and looked around idly.

"You can stay with me. I promise to behave, really." Paul walked over to him and picked up the bag.

"You don't have to do this." Danny put his hand on the man's hip and Paul stepped in to hug him. He felt the officer's arm close around him and his hot breath against his mouth. Joe had been bound, gagged and wrapped in the bed sheet to keep from seeing where he had been taken. He had been roughly tossed into a van. The total ride from his apartment only seemed to last about 20 minutes through side streets. They never got on a highway. He had cut himself in the scuffle and felt pain in his right thigh. When the truck stopped, he was half lifted, half dragged up some steps and dropped onto a mattress. His wrappings were removed and he found himself in a large sparsely furnished room probably in a warehouse with windows near the ceiling and few creature comforts. Matt walked in and leered at Joe.

"Buddy, you are going to make me rich, but we have to make you comfortable. Contented. Like any good cow." Matt roughly squeezed Joe's huge pecs and fondled his aching balls. "Boys, make the man comfortable." Joe was stretched across the bed and his hands tied to the bedposts. His head was hanging over the edge. He could see the bed was on a raised platform and soon found out why. As he felt his ankles being untaped and his legs raised, a naked man stepped up and fed Joe a thick piece of cock. As much as Joe wanted to fight the urge, he couldn't. It was as if he had to suck the dick to survive. Damn, that's exactly what was happening to him. He felt someone stroking his throbbing cock and licking his balls. Then hands began to fondle his pecs and squeeze his sensitive nipples.

He heard Matt giving instructions. "We have to make our cow easily used. Get him ready."

Warm cream was spread over his chest and the fur shaved. The same was repeated with his cock and balls and asshole. His ass was lubed and a huge dildo shoved up in one move. Joe thought it must have been at least 10 inches long. He felt something being attached to his nipples and a pumping /suction motion took over. He was helpless to do anything with his hands tied and a stiff dick assaulting his throat. Someone began fucking him with the dildo as another suction device was attached to his throbbing cock. He felt whoever it was fucking his mouth begin to fuck faster and suddenly withdraw to shoot cum all over his face and neck. They rubbed their dick around the sticky mess and then walked away only to be replaced by another hard dick. He felt his own nuts churning and was soon bucking his hips as he shot a load into the suction device.

It was only a minute's rest until the dildo fucking of his ass resumed and he felt his cock getting hard once again. His legs were getting tired being in an upright position. He moaned not out of pleasure but out of the need for rest but each time a load was shot on his face or chest another hard cock took it's place. He must have shot six times himself by now. Finally, after how much time he couldn't tell, the onslaught stopped. He was allowed to see what was happening to him. Breast pumps had been used on his nipples to draw out the milk collecting in his pecs. They were still swollen with cream. His dick was red and sore but his nuts were the size of oranges. Matt stood between his feet and pulled out the huge dildo.

"Time to give you some of the real thing you crave." He positioned himself between Joe's legs and rubbed his monster cock over Joe's swollen balls. As much as this scared him, Joe wanted fucked. Matt slowly pushed his rigid spike up Joe's hole and steadily increased pressure until Joe was humping back against him. Then, Matt suddenly pulled out. "My theory must be right, look at them balls swell. It works better with a real dick than with a dildo. His ass knows the difference and triggers production of more of this growth cum." Joe watched as Matt fondled his balls in his hands. They had swollen even bigger.

"It's time to give this man a workout." Joe was untied and led to another large room filled with gym equipment. He was put through a grueling workout under Matt's direction. He begged to be allowed to rest but felt his body respond to the intense workout by growing even harder. He watched in the mirror as his chest pumped to unnatural proportions on the pecdeck. He was a sweaty dripping mess after the two-hour ordeal but felt renewed with energy. Matt led him back across the room and sat him down at a table. Several plates were placed in front of him all loaded with high protein food. Matt explained he had to take good care of his cash cow and instructed Joe to eat. As Joe began to attack the food, he realized how starved he had become. He wasn't sure how long it had been since he had eaten but was amazed to finish the huge piles of food.

After eating he was lead to a communal shower room and his hands tied between two shower poles. The water was turned on and allowed to wash over his tired body. Several men entered the shower and began washing Joe's muscles. Each one also fucked the giant muscle man and watched as his balls filled to melon size. They then dried him off and returned him to the bed where the face and ass fucking resumed. The breast pumps were attached to his nipples and the milk pumped out. A couple of men were allowed to suck him off and he heard Matt collecting money from them after swallowing Joe's load. Joe estimated another two hours went by before he was allowed to sleep. He was brought a glass to drink before being left alone. Matt explained it was a protein shake spiked with his own cum. Joe's heart sank as he thought about the effects of more of his cum on his own body.

He curled up in the dark room and slept soundly despite all he had been through. The sun shining through the ceiling windows woke him up. Before he could decide what action to take, two of Matt's henchmen were in the room walking him back to the gym. Matt stood among the equipment waiting for Joe. He was dressed in tight spandex shorts and athletic shoes. His proportions were beyond freaky as he stroked Joe's stiffening dick and swollen pecs.

"Every day you will go through two intense workouts, followed by meals to replenish your strength and lots and lots of sex play. You're my life of luxury and I intend to fuck you into wealth beyond my wildest dreams. I'm not doing this to be bigger, no sir. I'm doing it for all the little guys out there. The little guys who will pay good money to be bigger. Your magic potion will make them very happy. Just see for yourself."

He walked Joe over to a mirror so Joe could see his image. Joe looked at the massive body that was now his. His waist was tiny. Probably the same size it had been when all of this began. His face was lean and covered with what normally would have been several weeks' growth of beard. His hair was long and hanging down over his shoulders. His chest was covered in thick dark fur down to his crotch. The only bare spots were the areas where he had been shaved to attach the breast pumps and cock suction device. His legs were enormous mounds of highly defined muscle covered in soft hair. As thick as the hair was, the outline of the super striated muscle came through. His quads had to have been 30 some inches and his calves easily 25 inches. He couldn't begin to estimate the size of his chest and arms. His arms were almost horizontal over the lat spread and the biceps were close to 28 inches. It was his chest where his eyes stopped. The pecs were still shaped like a man's but swollen with rich moneymaking milk. The nipples were long and distended downward. He did a side chest pose and watched the huge pecs flare up and out, small drops of cream dripping from the nipples. His cock began to stiffen and betray his over all fright. Fright tempered with lust. He was extremely turned on by his own body. And terrified of being held captive for the demented muscle monster now fingering his asshole.

"You like what you see, don't you cow -boy." Matt laughed in his face and stroked Joe's cock to full erection. The tool stood out at easily 18 inches over balls the size of melons. Matt's hand gently stroked the monster. Joe thought for a moment his strokes were a little too gentle for someone who professed to be straight and only doing this for the money. "Put him through his workout boys. The two henchmen Joe recognized from the day before stepped up and guided Joe to the first set of benches. They were bigger then the night before with huge throbbing cocks between their legs. They loaded the bench and instructed Joe to press. Much to Joe's surprise, the weight moved effortlessly. They increased the weight each time until he felt his pecs about to burst. Then the smaller of the two, dangled his dick over Joe's mouth and told him his reward for the first set was getting to suck him. Each set led to Joe's reward of sucking cock but never getting any cum as the payoff. Joe's own dick never went soft during the whole two hours. A clock had been put up on the far wall to keep the crew to a schedule. Joe could now guess at the time of day but had lost track of how many days since he had been abducted. He thought this was only the second day but he was overcome with the need to suck dick and get his ass fucked that it no longer made a difference.

As cocks fucked his face and ass, he thought about Danny and tears would quietly roll down his cheeks to drop onto the cold concrete floor.

Danny followed Paul back to his apartment and stood inside the door watching the officer remove his gun belt and other paraphernalia and place it on a table near the door. Paul invited him into the living room and offered a drink. Danny accepted a beer and followed Paul to the kitchen. Paul handed him a beer and turned to remove his shirt. The T-shirt underneath the uniform stretched over a beautiful chest and shoulders. Danny felt his cock begin to stiffen. He reminded himself he needed to focus on Joe. Paul showed him to a guestroom and asked if would like anything special for dinner. Danny just shook his head.

"Look, buddy, we'll find him, really. In the meantime, you need to eat and maintain your own strength." Paul rubbed Danny's shoulder. Danny figured Paul to only be five years older than he was but his attraction to the man was getting hard to ignore. "I know, but I feel so responsible for all of this and helpless for not being able to do more." He smiled at Paul and returned the tender moment by rubbing Paul's arm. He looked up at the slightly taller man and stepped closer. Their lips met in another kiss. Danny parted Paul's lips and felt his tongue meet his. Their arms closed around each other as Danny felt the need to be close to another man overcome his need to find Joe. He pulled the officer's shirt over his thickly muscled torso. His hands undid the uniform belt and clasp. He felt the hardness of the man's cock as he lowered the zipper and let the pants fall to the floor. Paul's white briefs were filled with a huge tube of rock hard cock. Danny squeezed the thick tool and heard Paul moan.

"Let's go up stairs sand relax awhile before dinner." He pulled his pants off over his boots and took Danny's hand. As he led him up the stairs he pulled another piece of clothing from Danny's massively developed body. By the time they reached the bedroom, Paul had Danny naked and lowered onto his back on the bed. "Your body is fucking awesome." He kissed and licked a different body part between each word working his way from the thick knotted neck down to the quads. Even lying still, the quads were pushing outward with muscle and fur. Paul's tongue slid over every muscle, into every cut and crevice and wet down the soft fur covering the panting chest. He turned his body so they were positioned in a 69 stance and swallowed the head of Danny's horse cock. Danny sucked down Paul's' none too small dick and fingered the officer's tight butt hole. He felt the same being done to him. Paul's' long fingers were toying with is prostate and forcing him to shove his cock further into the cop's sucking mouth. Before he could stop himself, his load was flowing and gushing against the back of the hot man's throat. Paul could hardly get a breath to keep from drowning in cum. He swallowed some and more overflowed onto his face.

"I shouldn't have done that." Danny rolled over to his back. Paul looked him in the eyes and kissed him. Danny could taste his own cum and took a deep breath. "You don't understand. It could be...." Paul's tongue was down his throat and Danny was lost in the moment as Paul kept kissing him. He repositioned himself to fuck the huge muscle giant. He raised Danny's legs and spit on his cock. Danny only had to stop him once to guide him into his needy hole. He wrapped his legs around the cop's waist and sucked on his mouth as his ass was fucked with increasing frenzy. He felt Paul's thrusts getting shorter and the cock was suddenly withdrawn to send cum spewing over Danny's cock and balls. He fell on top of Danny and sighed.

"Oh fuck, you are unbelievable stud. What a body! And to top it all off, I like you. You're a nice guy." The two men kissed deeply before Paul got up to get them towels. They fixed dinner in the nude and settled back into bed for several more hours of sucking and fucking. Danny even managed to get his horse cock up Paul's ass but only by insisting he be allowed to use a condom. Paul lay there panting after the biggest fuck of his life. "Joe is one lucky man. You realize you called me Joe at least three times."

"Don't be embarrassed. I'm jealous but I'm not uncaring." The two men snuggled together for a sound night's sleep. The alarm clock sent them both scurrying to their work. They exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. Paul hoped he would have some news on Joe at some point during the day." •

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