Mike Gets Huge

Friends and Enemies


By Lucky

As one would expect, nobody could get enough of the new and improved Mike and Donny. They were both worshipped wherever they went.

The best word to could describe Mike was HUGE. He was simply huge all over. His biceps, chest, and legs had become bigger than most people had ever seen. There seemed to be no limit to the amount of weight he could lift, and he broke records in the high school weight room nearly every day. Football scouts may have come to the games to look for a great quarterback, but they left raving about the offensive lineman who could take on four players at once.

And Donny. Donny had turned into the most handsome kid in school. The experimental powder had not only changed him into a super-fit and lean athlete, but it somehow allowed his features to become more pronounced. He'd always had clear skin, white teeth, blue eyes, and blond hair, but nobody noticed when he was a scrawny geek. As a 230-pound muscle stud, however, these features were transformed into a dynamite complexion, pearly white teeth, dazzling blue eyes, and sandy blond hair that felt great to run your fingers through. Because of his wholesome good looks and hot muscles, he'd earned the nickname "Captain America."

Combining his new powerful physique with his razor-sharp brain also allowed Donny to succeed on the football field as well. He became a star fullback, edging out several more experienced players for a starting position, and he was certain to win the Student-Athlete Scholarship at the end of the school year.


Kyle sat in the back of his history class, not really paying attention. Mr. Barker droned on and on about some ancient wars, but he didn't care that much. Kyle knew that as long as wimpy Mr. Barker got to cop a feel of his hot body once in a while after class, he'd get a passing grade. He began rubbing his firm pecs through his tight white shirt just to see if he could get Mr. Barker a little flustered.

Kyle soon became lost in his self-massage, and he began daydreaming about growing bigger and stronger. His whole life was a quest to be as big as humanly possible, and only Mike was preventing him from being the biggest stud at Bayview High. He was starting to rub a little harder when a whispered voice said, "Hey guy, you need to a hand to play with those titties?"

Kyle looked over and saw that it was Justin, one of his teammates from football, who was a pretty good specimen of boy-hunk himself. Justin was giving a sly smile and trying not to laugh.

"Sorry, man, sometimes I get carried away. My pecs need a lot of massaging on the day after a chest workout."

"How much you weigh these days, bro?"

"I'm up to about 275, Justin, and getting bigger every minute. What about you?"

"199 as of this morning. I want to get a little bigger if so I can try out for the team in college next year."

"Do you know where you're going yet?"

"Not yet. I was hoping to win the Student-Athlete Scholarship so that I could get into Bayview State University and try out for the football team as a walk-on. But since I won't be winning it anymore, it looks like I'll have to go to community college instead."

"Why won't you win it?"

"Now that Donny Bell is on the team, it'll go to him. The scholarship is given to whichever varsity athlete has the highest GPA, and he's got me beat."

"But he only just got on the team, and haven't you been playing for three years now?"

"It doesn't matter, Kyle. You only have to play a sport at the varsity level for one season to qualify."

"Hey, how come Donny didn't start until this year? With his body, you think the coaches would have been begging him to play."

"Well, when school ended last year, he was just another math geek. Somehow, he bulked up a lot over the summer and turned himself into Adonis. Same thing happened to Mike Cross. He was a fuckin' stud before the summer, but damn if he hadn't turned into the Incredible Bulk when football practice started up again."

"Wait a minute, Justin. Are you saying that Mike wasn't always that big?"

"No way, man. He weighed about 230 or 240 last year. He managed to gain over 100 pounds over the summer. And Donny must have gained around 75 to 80."

"How they'd do it?"

"They won't tell a soul. Some super-secret experimental program they got in on."

Kyle grimaced. He hated being smaller than Mike, and it really pissed him off that he had worked hard all his life to grow huge, while Mike was the recipient of a lucky break. He had to think of some way to turn the tables on that guy…

"So what, man, are you jealous of Mike's size?" asked Justin.

"Hell, yes. I ain't used to being #2. I have always been the biggest and strongest at every school I've been at, but no matter how much I push myself, I can't catch up to Mike. And he's such a prick about it, always flaunting the fact that his muscles are bigger. Why the other day he…"

"Excuse me, Mr. Hurd," interrupted Mr. Barker, "did you have something to say to the class?"

"Uh, no sir, just asking Justin a question about the reading material."

"Well then, Kyle, why don't you stay after class and have a talk with me. I'm sure I can clear up any confusion."

"Sure thing, Mr. Barker."

The teacher nodded and went back to his lecture, trying to hide his excitement.

"Dude, what did Mike do to you?" asked Justin.

"Never mind. Just meet me at the flagpole after practice. We need to talk."

"Sure thing."

A few minutes later the bell rang, and most of the students stood up simultaneously and filed out of the room. Only Kyle remained, standing near his desk, waiting for Mr. Barker to lock the door and pull the shades.

"Whatcha say, Mr. B? Anything new?"

Mr. Barker walked over and stood in front of Kyle, dwarfed by his massive frame and powerful muscles. "Well, uh, er, I have been working out lately," he stammered.

"You have?" He reached over and grabbed Mr. Barker's upper right arm and squeezed tight. "Sure don't feel like it. Just skin and bone."

Mr Barker flexed his left arm, and a little muscle popped to life underneath the sleeve of his polo shirt. "See!" he exclaimed.

Kyle cupped the bicep with his other hand and began to caress the tiny bump. "Why, Mr. Barker, you got yourself some nice little girly muscles now. You might even have the strength to take on my baby sister."

"Maybe someday I'll get as big as you, Kyle."

"Oh ho ho, Mr. B," Kyle chortled. He took his hands off of his teacher's arms, took off his own T-shirt, and then made his pecs bounce up and down. Mr. Barker's eyes grew wide as he stared at the behemoth, and his cock grew so hard that his slacks tented out.

"No matter how hard you try, you'll never get a body like this. Some people are made to be David, and some are meant to be Goliath. Your little wimpy body just doesn't have what it takes to be like mine. Now, be a good little man and massage my pecs for me."

Mr. Barker didn't need to be told twice. He lunged forward and dug his hands into Kyle's huge beefy chest. Kyle stopped flexing them so that his teacher could play with them (when flexed, Mr. Barker wasn't able to make them budge at all). He took one of his hands and begun rubbing Mr. Barker's crotch, which by this time was rock hard, knowing that any second he would cum.

"Well," he thought, "it sure beats studying…"


Justin was sitting on the bench by the flagpole, waiting for Kyle to arrive. He had showered quickly after practice and had re-dressed in his blue polo shirt and khaki cargo shorts. There weren't many kids around since school had ended a few hours ago, so those that did walk by were mostly other athletes who had just finished with practice.

"Hey there, Justin," a voice called out. Justin turned to see it was Amy, one of cheerleaders, heading his way. He had known her since they were little kids, but lately she had really blossomed in all the right places. He had fantasies about making his move on her, but she had her eyes on a much bigger fish.

"How was practice?" she asked as she plopped down beside him on the bench.

"Fine," he said while staring at her luscious body. Amy still had on her blue and gold cheerleading outfit, which hugged her body so tightly that every curve was visible.

"Was Captain America there?" she giggled while placing her hand on his upper thigh.

"Of course." He briefly looked down at her hand, but enjoyed its presence too much to say anything.

"Did he do a good job at practice today?" Her hand started to move up his thigh, closer to his crotch.

"Well, you know, we all work hard. Everybody does the best they can. Donny just happens to be a little more physically gifted than some others."

"Did he ask about me? I mean, he must know that you and I are friends." She stared at him with her wide-open eyes and batted her lashes a couple of times.

"We don't really talk about the cheerleaders during practice, you know."

"Well, you sit by him in all those advanced classes. Does he ever mention me then?" Now she was rubbing her hand on his inner thigh. The massage felt good to Justin, and he started getting very horny.

"Donny talks about a lot of girls. You know, he pretty much has his pick," Justin said, hoping to turn the topic of conversation from Donny to him.

"Do you know who he's taking to the Homecoming Dance?" she asked, not listening to his implication. She began to rub harder, and Justin's cock sprang to life.

"I think he mentioned having to choose between Katie, Erin, or Madison," he lied. As far as Justin could remember, the subject had never come up when talking to Donny. "But I'd be glad to take you. I think we could have a lot of fun together."

"Look, Justin," she said seriously. She took her hand off his thigh and moved about a foot away from him on the bench, and his cock started to wilt back down. "You're a nice boy with a nice future here in Bayview, but I've just gotta hitch my wagon to a real star if I ever expect to get out of this town. Now everyone knows that Mike and Kyle will have some success on the football field in the future, but Donny's gonna go a really long way with his looks and body. He could get into modeling, acting, sportscasting, Internet stuff, whatever. That boy is gonna make some serious bank, and I intend to share it with him."

"So you just want him for the money he'll make?" Justin said incredulously.

"Well, I want him for his body, too. And I expect you to help me get him."

"And why should I do that?"

She reverted back to her previous position on the bench and resumed her cooing tone. "Silly, because I have the video from the party."

"Wh, what video?"

"From Courtney's party this summer. You remember what you did."

"Oh, come on, you don't have a video of that."

She reached down into her bag and pulled out a videocassette. "Here's a copy. I didn't realize that your little scene was on there at first, but sure enough there were in the background. I held onto the tape just in case I thought you could do me a favor in the future."

"Amy, if this is what I think it is, please tell me you didn't show it to anyone. It'd ruin me!"

"I haven't shown a soul, sweetie, and I never will, just as long as you tell Captain America plenty of nice things about me. Have we got a deal?"

"Sure. I'll make sure he knows what a fantastic chick you are," Justin said sarcastically.

"Look, Justin, if you were as big and handsome as Donny, I'd be hooking up with you, for sure. But it's survival of the fittest, honey, and that boy is the fittest!" With that, she hopped up, grabbed her bag, and headed for the parking lot. "I'll expect him to invite me to the dance before the end of next week," she said as she walked away.

Donny took his copy of the tape and shoved it into his bag. "Hey, dude, was that Amy Pilkington sitting on your lap?" Kyle asked as he approached. He had also showered and changed, and he was wearing the same tight white T-shirt and jeans that he had been wearing in class.

"Yeah, but it wasn't what you think. I asked her to Homecoming, but she only wanted me to tell Donny about her so he'll ask her to the dance."

"Sounds like Donny is getting everything you want these days."

"Just like Mike's taking your bragging rights as the strongest kid in school."

"Dude, we gotta do something to fix this situation. Can you think of how they might have gotten into something like that?"

"I've been thinking about that. I believe that they must have been approached for that muscle program somewhere here in town."

"How do you figure?" Kyle asked.

"Well, my sister babysat Donny's little brother all summer, so I know his family didn't go anywhere. And my older brother worked for Mike's dad at the car wash, and he said that Old Man Cross didn't take his family on vacation this year."

"OK. So they were in town all summer."

"So if someone offer to put them in a training program, it was most likely at a gym or a health food store, right? Some place where somebody would be looking for kids willing to put on muscle."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

"Well, guy, let's go start asking some questions. With my brain and your brawn, we should be able to coax someone into spilling the beans. Somebody out there must know something."

"Sounds good to me."

They quickly walked to the lot and hopped into Kyle's pickup truck.


Kyle and Justin went first to the local gym, but none of the workers knew much about the details of Mike and Donny's transformation. Joe, the gym's owner, hadn't even seen the guys since they stopped coming last summer.

They walked down to the free weight area to see if Justin recognized anyone who might also know Mike or Donny. "So, dude, this looks like a pretty cool gym," said Kyle. "How long have you been a member here?"

"My parents bought memberships for me and my brother a few years ago."

"Do you guys still come here."

"I do sometimes during the summer, but mostly I use the weight room at school. My brother stopped coming after his high school graduation two years ago. Since then he's put on a lot of weight, though, so I think he wants to start coming again to get back in shape."

Justin continues looking for anyone familiar, but nobody's face rang a bell. "Looks like a strike-out here," he said.

"Guess so."

Before they left, Kyle decided to take a leak and stopped off at the men's room. Justin went to check in the aerobics area to see if any of the instructors might know anything, but the only person there was hot-to-trot Amy Pilkington. "Hey there, studmuffin, whatcha up to?" She sidled right up to Justin and put her hand on his stomach. "Come here to tighten up your abs?"

"Nothing, Amy, just trying to find a few things out. And for your info, my abs are plenty tight as is."

She rubbed his stomach up and down, and then lifted up his shirt for a peak. Justin gave her a quick flex, because even if she was using him, he couldn't pass up the chance to show off. Now if she would just let him do the same with her tits…

Amy cooed, "Well, you're right about that. Not as defined as dear Donny's abs, but still mighty fine."

"Well, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to my search."

"Is it anything I can help with, big man?

"Not really. I'll see you around." He took one last look at her luscious ta-tas and headed back to the free weight room.

Kyle was already there. "Find anything out?"

"Nope. "

"Let's go, then." As they headed out the door, Kyle caught sight of Mr. Barker working on a Nautilus machine. Mr. Barker waved, and Kyle shot him a smile in return.

There was a juice bar next to the registration desk, so Kyle stopped and charmed the gal at the counter into giving him a free drink. The boys walked a few paces farther and stopped in the lobby by the front doors. "So where to next?" Kyle asked as he finished his drink. "Where would these guys have found out about a program that can add tons of muscle virtually overnight?"

"Well, there's several health food stores within a few miles of here. Those kind of places are bound to have salesmen pushing new products on them all the time. Maybe someone saw Mike and Donny's potential to grow huge muscles and provided them with something out-of-this-world."

"Lead on, brainiac."

They left, not realizing that more than one pair of ears had overheard their conversation.


The boys then went to two different GNCs, and the local Max Muscle, but each time came up empty-handed. "We should hit Pro Body, too," Justin said, on their way back to their neighborhood. "I think I saw Mike wearing one of their T-shirts one time, so maybe he bought stuff there."

"Where's Pro Body?" Kyle asked.

"It's only a few blocks away from here. Turn left on Hawthorne and look for a little strip mall on your right."

Kyle followed Justin's direction and turned into the parking lot. The strip mall was mostly deserted, with only a small hair salon and a shoe repair store still remaining. The Pro Body sign was up, but the store was one of many that had a "For Lease" sign in the front window.

"Huh. I guess they weren't doing so hot," said Justin. "Why don't I hop out and go ask at the salon?" Kyle agreed, and Justin got out and went inside. After talking to one of the stylists for a few minutes, he took something from her and strode back out to the truck.

"What's going on, Justin?"

"She said the owner of the store left mysteriously one night about a month ago, and nobody's heard from him since. The landlord had left the key there, so I convinced her that I was a prospective tenant who wanted to check out the property. Let's go inside and see what we find."

Kyle got out of his pickup truck and walked with Justin into the store. It was small, only about 500 square feet, and the walls were covered with posters of famous bodybuilders. Most of the nutrition bars and powders were still there, along with racks of month-old issues of Flex, MuscleMag, and Muscle & Fitness.

"Wow. The guy must have had a good reason for leaving all this stuff behind," said Kyle. Justin nodded, as he continued looking around.

"See if you can find anything interesting behind the counter, Kyle. I'll look in the back room."

Kyle leaned over the counter and opened all the drawers near the old register, but he found nothing but a few old magazines and some paperwork. He then rifled through a small filing cabinet, which contained only old tax returns and business records. There was a small desk where it looked like a computer used to sit, but there were no old disks in any of the drawers. He found nothing that gave any clue about a training regimen that would turn Mike and Donny into super he-men.

Kyle stood back up and caught sight of his body in the full-length mirror on the wall. He started flexing his biceps while he waited for Justin. "Find anything, Justin?" he yelled.

Justin came out of the back room carrying a large box. "I may have. Look at all these containers. They are all full of different protein powders and are marked Experimental."

"So what?"

"So, we know Mike has been a customer here at one time. We know he and Kyle were a part of some experimental training program. And these powders are all marked experimental. There's gotta be a connection."

Kyle nodded. "Let's go get some milk and give 'em a shot. Who knows? Maybe by tomorrow we'll be both be bigger than Mike. But hey - you think that lady next door will care if we take this box?"

"No problem. You go over to there and return the key. While you distract the hairdresser with your manly charms, I'll put the box in the truck."

"Gotcha." They both left the store, and Kyle walked toward the salon. Right before entering, he took off his shirt and tossed it back to Justin, who caught it and threw it into the box.

Justin listened as Kyle entered the store. "Here you go, ma'am, thanks for letting us look," he could hear him saying. "Do you have a place I can wash up? That place was mighty dusty." As the hairdresser stood gazing at the half-naked Adonis in front of her, Justin sneaked back to the truck and put the powders in the cab.

Kyle returned a minute later and they headed off.


"So where is your family?" Kyle asked as they headed into Justin's house.

"My parents are at my sister's swim meet, and then they're all going out for dinner. They probably won't be back until nine. My older brother usually doesn't get off work until midnight."

"Cool, so we have an hour or so to test these out with no parental interference."

They walked into the kitchen, and Justin grabbed a jug of milk and two huge glasses. "Which one do you think we should try first?"

"How about this one?" Kyle said, pointing to a canister marked MNR as he set down the box on the counter. "What do you think MNR stands for?"

"Hmmm….Muscle….or Mass….Nutrition….something."

Justin poured the milk and Kyle mixed in the powder. As he was doing so, there was a knock on the door. "Are you expecting anyone?"

"No. Just keep mixing. I'll be right back." Justin walked into the entry hall and opened the front door. He was shocked to see Mike and Donny there. Both muscle boys were wearing tight white tank tops and basketball shorts, with muscles bulging out all over.

"Hey guys," he said, trying to sound calm. "What's up?"

Donny smiled. "We were told by someone at the gym that you were asking questions about us. We followed your car and saw you take some stuff from Pro Body, and we've just come to make sure you don't use it."

With lightning speed Donny grabbed Justin's arms and twisted them behind his back, while Mike charged into the kitchen and grabbed Kyle. Justin was fairly strong, but he was no match for Captain America. Donny picked him up over his shoulders and easily tossed him on the couch. About 30 seconds later, Mike did the same with Kyle, who was breathing heavily after losing his struggle to the immense stud.

"Look," Mike said, "we don't have nothing against you guys, but we needed to protect our little secret. We can't have everyone knowing how to get this huge and walk around with muscles like these," he said as he flexed his mammoth right bicep. "Look at this arm, Kyle. You'll just not supposed to have anything this size. Face it, you'll never be bigger than me."

To reinforce his point, Mike reached forward and grabbed the crotch of Kyle's jeans with his powerful hands. He started to tear the fabric right from the fly, and within 20 seconds had ripped the pants right off of Kyle.

Then Mike grabbed Kyle's jockey shorts and tore them off, too. "And from the looks of it, you'll never be bigger than me down there, either." He gave a quick flick with his fingers on Kyle's cock, which he knew would really piss him off.

Donny watched a little of the mini-torture session and then went into the kitchen. He returned a few minutes later with the two glasses and said, "Looks like we got here just in time, Mikey. Baby Kyle had these drinks all ready." He handed one to Mike and they both gulped down.

"What'd you do with the rest of the powders?" Mike asked while he wiped his mouth.

"I poured them down the sink."

"Too bad for you guys," said Mike. "A few scoops of this stuff could have made a big difference. Justin, you might have gotten big enough for the NFL. And Kyle, you certainly would have been one of the most muscular men on the…."

Mike stopped mid-sentence. He felt a little woozy. He looked over at Donny and could tell he felt the same. "Come on, um, Donny, let's, um…."

"Mike," Donny said. That was all he got out before he slumped to the floor, dropping his glass as he fell. Mike tried to swagger over and pick him up, but he too started to fall. He grabbed a chair for balance but continued to go down. His immense weight crushed the chair, and he too collapsed to the floor.

Kyle and Justin just sat and stared. They were not sure what to do. "Do you think this is sort some of trick?" Kyle asked.

"How the hell would I know?" replied Justin.

Both Mike and Donny started to moan and rolled over onto their backs, and then managed to prop themselves up on the nearby love seat. They both had huge erections sticking up in their shorts. "What's happening? I feel so weak," said Mike.

"I can barely move," added Donny. "Something's really wrong. Oh, God, what's wrong with my dick?"

"They're...getting…so…huge," Mike cried.

Their erections continued to grow bigger and bigger each second. Their penises must have been a foot long by now, and they were ripping right through their shorts.

Mike's cock came through first. It just shredded the material on his underwear and shorts and burst through like a gopher popping out of its hole. Donny's followed a few seconds later, tearing through his clothes as he lay against the love seat.

Kyle and Justin could do nothing but sit and watch in amazement as the shafts became engorged. They were like two deer caught in headlights, frozen with anticipation. "It's like all my strength has gone into my dick!" Donny moaned.

"Oh, God," Mike exclaimed, "mine is on fire, too!

Bigger and bigger. Harder and harder.

Shit, I think I'm gonna cum!" He and Donny both started to buck a little as their cocks grew more and more red and swollen. They must have been at least eighteen inches long at this point and looked ready to pop.

Upon hearing Mike's announcement, Kyle finally snapped out of his stupor. He pushed Justin down onto the couch, jumped out of the way, and slid behind the end table. Justin tried to get up, too, but it was too late. Both Donny and Mike ejaculated immediately, spraying cum all over him and the couch.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" they both screeched in unison.

"Shit!" yelled Kyle in amazement.

"Fuck!" screamed Justin as he the cum showered over him.

Mike and Donny continued to shoot their wads for about fifteen seconds. Then at exactly the same moment, they stopped, and their cocks began to decrease in size almost immediately.

Justin slowly got up from the couch, but the cum on him was sticky and he had to move slowly. Kyle got up off the floor, confused as what to do next.

Mike and Donny moaned and groaned for about 30 more seconds, and then they slowly stood up. Their cocks had retreated back into their shorts by this time, and they both seemed a little unstable.

Mike shook his head a few times and seemed to recover. He balled up his fists and growled "I don't know what the hell happened, but you guys are gonna get it now. Nobody makes a fool of me like this." He took one step forward, stopped, and uttered in a hushed tone, "Uh oh."

As Justin and Kyle looked on, Mike's body began to change. His muscle tone started to fade, and his body became more and more smooth. His gut grew larger and larger, seeming to spill right over his waistband and out from uder his shirt. His chest, arms, and legs lost all of their definition and expanded as they grew flabbier. Soon his clothes couldn't hold him in anymore and ripped right off his ballooning body.

"My muscles!" he cried. He flexed one of his arms, but there was nothing but jiggly flab. No shape, no strength, and no more power. "What's happening? My muscles are all gone! I'm a total blimp now." He tried to reach down to feel his penis but couldn't get his arms around his gut.

Donny, on the other hand, just started to shrink. His arms deflated, his chest caved in, and his legs went from tree trunks to toothpicks. His tank top covered a good deal of his torso, and his once tight-fitting shorts slid down to his feet. "And I've turned into a weakling! What was in those powders?"

Kyle started laughing hysterically and walked over to the former hunks, who were now both cowering in shame. "Looks like you guys had quite the adverse reaction to those drinks. Excuse me, Captain Emaciated," he said as he easily pushed Donny back onto the floor. "So who's the biggest at school now, fatty? Think you still want to take me on? Think you will want to challenge this body ever again?"

Mike put his head down and wanted to cry, and Donny crawled meekly behind him.

"Look at you, Mr. Tub of Lard." Kyle grabbed a handful of Mike's flab, then jiggled his flabby tits, and began to laugh again. "It's like Superman drank a glass full of Kryptonite. You guys are gonna be the biggest joke's in town. Everybody's gonna find out you were fakes!"

Kyle walked behind Mike and kicked him in the back of the leg, which caused him to lose his balance and fall to his knees. "Hit the deck and give me 20, stud. God knows you could use the conditioning now. You too, weakling," he said while glaring at Donny.

Mike lay down on the floor, but he found it very difficult to maneuver with his enlarged gut in the way. He tried to grunt out one pushup but was entirely unsuccessful. Donny didn't have any luck either; he could barely muster the strength to roll over, let alone do a pushup.

Kyle jumped down and laid on the back of Big Mike, who grunted when the hunk landed. He grabbed Mike's arms and pinned down his legs. "So who's the King of the Hill now?" Kyle asked. "Can't get away from me, can you? Go ahead and try, fatso!"

Mike struggled, but it was no use. No matter how much he bucked and squirmed, he could not get the muscle man off of him, so he gave up the fight. Kyle, realizing Mike was acquiescing to the situation, let go of Mike's arms and cupped his breasts, squeezing them hard. "So you gonna be my bitch from now on? You gonna do everything I say?"

Kyle got very turned on with this domination routine, and his cock began to grow hard as it lay in the crack of Mike's butt. The friction between their naked bodies only intensified the excitement for him.

"Hey, Kyle."

Kyle looked up at Justin, who was still standing by the coach. "What, Justin? Can't you see I'm busy getting my revenge?"

"Something's happening."


The cum, although still covering the corner of the room, was fading quickly. Within a few more seconds, it had evaporated completely, as though the spewing had never occurred. As this happened, Justin finally revealed his secret: "Kyle, I think I'm getting bigger."

Sure enough, Justin began to grow. •

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