Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

"Hey, Jace," Robby, a buddy in the weightlifting club whispered between sets.

"My dad says he saw your brother at the medical center the other day."

"Yeah?" Jace answered, leaning back on the incline bench. "So?"

"So, my dad said he talked to him. He said Cory's doing that program my dad's doing, man. He said all you guys are. Is that true, man? Is he? Are you?"

"What program?" Jace lifted the bar off the stand, pushed a couple presses, and set it back on the stand. "Hey, dude, would you put a couple more tens on for me? This feels so light."

"Light? Dude, you're liftin' two-forty already." Robby slid the plates onto the ends of the bar. "I don't know. Whatever that is they're doing at the center. I know my dad was starting it when he saw Cory. He says Coach Stan is in on it too."

"No shit? Coach Stanopoulos?" Jace barely broke a sweat lifting the two hundred sixty pounds for sixteen reps.

"That's what he said. So you do know. What is it, dude? Come on, man, give it up."

"Yeah, okay," Jace pulled Robby aside. "Cory went over a week ago, and they said they wanted him to get all of us in, too, so this weekend he started us, too."

"What do you mean, started you? What'd he do, man? My dad said they just gave him a shot. What's it supposed to do?"

"I don't know, man. I don't think Cory knows. All I know is it's making him change, making him get more muscular. And . . . well, other stuff."

"Come on, man. My dad said they told him they want him to get me into it, too. Scared the shit outta me, 'til he said you guys were doing it. So, like, what other stuff."

"Scared? Shit, man. I practically begged Cory." He leaned closer so only Robby could hear him. "It makes your dick grow, man. And your balls and all. It makes your dick get bigger, man. Buff and hung, dude. Don't be scared, if he wants you to, bro. Do it."

"So you got a shot?"

"Yeah, they gave Cory the stuff to give us. I guess it's going to be one a week for like six weeks."

"So you did it like three days ago? You feel anything?"

"Just real good, bro. Real good. Maybe stronger, I think. Come on, let's lift. Let's build some muscle, dude." He flexed a biceps. Jace had built up some good arms, measured 17.5 going into his senior year. Now the muscle popped hard and full, dense.

They didn't talk about it any more. The coach stuck close. Maybe he'd heard his name. He seemed to give extra attention to Jace, pushing him for extra reps, loading on the weight, having Robby spot for him and teasing Robby about letting his buddy Jace outmuscle him.

In the showers, after their workout, Jace felt so pumped. He hadn't told Robby the whole truth. He hadn't seen much change yet, but he sure did feel whatever that stuff was working on him. He felt it deep inside, and it felt more than "really good." It felt hot, sexy somehow, made him feel like a total jock stud. He knew he looked fucking great as he sauntered to the showers, soaped himself up slow, feeling his hard, tight, muscular body. He loved the fact that he was only seventeen and had the body of a real built muscle teen, like some of those models. He noticed the guys looking at him, soaping himself like he was getting off on himself. Well, fuck 'em. He was. The thought flashed through his head when he soaped up his groin that soon his dick would start to look big, that they'd all see him grow. But he figured if Robby knew, soon word would get around. He wondered how many other guys' dads, or brothers, were doing it, too. Or other teachers? How weird, and how cool would it be if all these guys started getting real muscular and hung, too. He realized he was starting to feel turned on, not just by those thoughts, but by being watched as he felt how hot his body was, knowing the guys were looking at him, that maybe they knew what Robby knew, and he felt his dick start to react, get plump and a little stiff as it flopped when he soaped up his pubes and all around his balls.

"Hey Jace," one of the guys, Phil Henderson, teased, "why don't you just jack it in front of everyone, dude. Jeez!"

"Fuck you," he shouted back, and stopped the soaping, lest he completely bone up, rinsing himself, but letting the guys look just the same. He took his time toweling off and dressing, thinking about how soon he would start to have a dick that would make all these guys so jealous, trying not to think about it so he wouldn't get totally hard, but thinking about it anyway, and realizing he couldn't wait till he couldn't hide it, like Cory already couldn't. He also found himself watching the guys watching him, all the muscle jocks into lifting weights and building up their muscles to look hot. How cool would it be if they felt like he did, wanting to be looked at, admired, more than they already did? They could all just . . .

At home, the brothers acted as normal as they could, considering that something was happening that was really hard not to talk about. Cory was fixing dinner while the three younger guys did their homework. Jace was finding it hard to concentrate. He felt a little more up, almost wired, every day, and as he sat trying to do geometry, he kept flexing his arm, feeling his biceps, feeling his pecs through his t-shirt. He watched Jackie reading with one hand under his book, in his lap, and he knew his brother was feeling his dick, probably getting a boner for no reason at all. He knew, because it kept happening to him. He looked at Cory in the kitchen, tearing lettuce for a salad, looking so amazing after just a week and a half. The button fly on his Levis was rounded now where it had hung flat and loose before, rounded over the meat stuffed in Cory's briefs. Cory didn't just look like a muscular jock anymore. He had begun to look thick, more like a bodybuilder. His arms rested against the thickness of his lats, out from his sides, the way a bodybuilder's arms do, and when he walked across the room, his legs had that same kind of look. Not extreme, but definitely more of a bodybuilder look, bulkier, and yet cut and defined as ever. Not an ounce of fat. The Levis didn't hang loose, anymore, either. Cory's butt and legs filled them tight, even though the waistband gapped several inches from the hard, cobbled surface of his stomach. The beater didn't even come down to the waistband because the muscle was taking up more of the material, making it shorter. And, he saw some dark hairs growing in a line from just above Cory's belly button down into his Levis. That was new. Cory had always been smooth, just his thick pit hair and pubes. Not even much hair on his legs, and barely any on his arms. Jace looked at Cory's arms. Wow. He hadn't even noticed until now, but the lower part of his forearms had short, dark hairs growing flat across the tops and down toward his wrists. He turned back to the work on the paper in front of him, but then he had to check his brother out again. What if he changed as much as Cory that fast? His cock was so hard in his pants he felt it almost burning, straining against the limits of his clothes, even of its own skin. For a moment, he wondered if he was ready for this, but his doubt quickly drowned in the flood of feelings that swept over him at the thought of being transformed into what Cory looked like now, and something beyond that he couldn't even imagine. He thought about the shower, earlier, how it would be if he looked like Cory. He thought about Cory in the bathroom, so into his muscles and jacking that big cock. He must already have ten inches. Oh, god. And now he was growing hair. And why was that so hot? He'd never thought twice about a guy's hair, but seeing that on Cory was exciting him in some strange, strong way. Holy shit. He felt his cock suddenly go electric on him, and before he could do anything about it, he shot a load in his pants.

He got up, turned his back on the other guys as fast as he could, and hurried to his room to change. He didn't know what he'd say about changing, but he didn't care, either. He'd stripped off his pants and briefs, using his briefs to wipe the smeared cum off himself. It was all in his pubes, and as he wiped himself down, trying to get his pubes cleaned off, it seemed to him that he was dealing with more pubic hair, that his bush was thicker, or denser, or just more of it, or something. That turned him on too, just like seeing that hair on Cory had, and he didn't understand the feeling, but he liked it. It was sexy and hot. He was getting clean briefs out of the drawer, his cock still so hard it was almost standing up against his belly, when the door opened. Cory was standing there, smiling at him.

"Hey Jace, buddy, you just cream your jeans, man?" He laughed.

What could he say? Busted. And there he was, a pair of briefs in his hand, wearing a t-shirt and a startled expression, his boner jerking uncontrollably against his abs right in front of Cory. But instead of embarrassed, he realized, he felt relieved, almost happy, that he was caught like this. What could he do? He couldn't hide it, now, and there was something just too cool about that.

"It's okay, bro. I know. Happened to me, too. You just gotta learn when it's time to get up and go jack it before it blows on its own."

He walked over as he was speaking and clapped a hand on Jace's shoulder.

"It's not just your body that changes on this stuff. It does things to your head, too. Makes you horny in a whole different way. Real intense, too."

Jace just stood there, now that Cory had come in and had already seen his boner. He couldn't believe he'd just shot a huge load and was still so horny that all he could focus on was his hard-on. That and how muscular Cory was getting, how muscular and hot. God, he was looking hot.

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean."

"I know you do. I saw how you were looking at me out there."

"I was just noticing how much muscle that stuff is putting on you."

"Yeah, I know. It really is. You like how it looks, though, don't you?"

"Well, yeah. It looks hot."

"Bet you're thinking about how it's gonna feel, aren't you? I know, man. I see guys at the center, just, like, a week ahead of me, and they are so much more muscular, I mean, really getting to look huge, and I wonder the same thing. It totally turns me on, man. I know that sounds queer, but it's just so hot, somehow, seeing them gettin' huge like that, thinkin' about it."

"Yeah? Really?" Jace thought how cool it was that Cory was telling him this. "How do they look, man? Their dicks huge, too?"

"Yeah. Their dicks are huge, too. Some of 'em getting really huge. They look totally fukin' hot, bro. Why, you like that idea, Jace? Getting all hulked out and getting a huge dick? Is that what you were looking at me like that?"

Jace hesitated just a second before answering, "Yeah. Hey, Cory. Is it true you ran into Robby's dad at that medical center? Is it true he's doing it, too? And Coach Stan?"

"Did Sandy say something?"


"Mills. Sandy Mills. Robby's dad."

"Oh, Mr. Mills. Yeah. He told Robby about it. They want Robby to do it, too."

"Jeez, they're gonna have every guy in town doing it. Yeah, I saw him, and yeah he's doing it, and the coach, too. Lots of guys are, from what I can tell. I think they 're trying to get as many people as possible. I still don't know much, but I heard that it's some kind of population control thing. They have a version for women, too, but I don't know what it does. There's a couple babes at the office that have gotten so hot, their bodies are amazing, fuckin' beautiful."

"Wow, really? Shit. I bet you want to stick your big dick in 'em, huh? The way it makes you so horny."

"Uh, well, uh, not really. It's weird. I'd rather just go look at myself and jack off my big dick. Or . . . well, nothing."


"Nothing. So, does your dick feel like it's so hard it hurts? Like it's trying to push through its own skin?"

"Yeah. That's exactly how it feels? You get that, too?"

"Oh, yeah. Stronger now than what you must be feeling. Dude, that's the stuff making your cock grow."

"Fuck. It's like outta control, man."

Jace looked down at his cock, hard as marble, but hot with pounding blood, and now, oozing with precum again. It was like his body and brain were just off on their own ride, but he was happy to go along.



"Can I ask you something?"

"Anything, bro. Anything."

Jace looked at the bulge behind the fly of Cory's Levis. He could tell it was bigger, that Cory's cock was getting hard from this conversation.

"How big is your cock, now, man? I bet it's like ten inches."

Cory smiled at Jace, and the smile had a sexuality about it, a knowing, that Jace picked up on, and that made his own cock jerk and smack against his rock hard belly.

"Well, actually, bro, I measured it this morning. It might even be bigger now, but this morning it was eleven inches hard, and almost eight inches around."

"No way."

"Way. You want to measure it now, bro?"

"Fuck man. Let me see it, okay? would that be cool? You really want me to measure it?"

"Yeah. We'll measure yours, too."

"But what if Jackie comes in. Or Toby."

"Jace. Dude. Do you care?"

"Well . . . If you don't."

"I think maybe we should just get this all out in the open. No point trying to hide what's happening, you think? Come on." And Cory turned and went back to the other room, his package straining his Levis. Jace pulled on his briefs, just his briefs, his boner still pointing straight up, obvious as hell, and he followed his big brother. •

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