Master and Slaves


By johnd7102000

I have a total of 7 parts to this story. If it's too much for you guys just tell me and I won't post the rest.

Paul looked out over the plantation yard. He was standing on the porch of his dad's big, white antebellum house. It was 1850. He was the only son of the owner of the big plantation. One day he would own all the land and all the slaves. At 16 years old, he knew he would never have to work. The slaves would do all the work for him. He was pasty white, skinny, and flabby. He had never lifted a heavy object in his life. But hell, it didn't matter because he was the master and they were the slaves.

The young slaves were out in the yard having a contest. It was an athletic and strength contest. And it was very serious. Paul's dad had formed the young slaves into one-year age groups of boys and girls, starting with age 8 and ending with age 14. Each age group of boys and girls competed with each other in tests of athleticism and strength. There was running, jumping, throwing, pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, wrestling and weight lifting. There were about 25 slaves in each of the boy and girl 8 year old age groups, but only about 15 slaves in each of the 14 year old age groups. Paul know why this was so. The day after the contest the one or two weakest slaves in each young group would be sold off by Paul's father in the slave market.

You see, Paul's father was a breeder. He was breeding the biggest, strongest, and most athletic slaves that had ever lived. So the weak ones had to go. Only the biggest, strongest slaves could breed with each other. Paul's father and his grandfather and his great grandfather had been doing this for over 90 years. That meant that there had been 7 generations of slaves bred at the plantation. The slaves were bred at age 14. By that age they were fully mature and ready for lots of sex. Each generation was bigger, stronger and faster than the last. Hell, even the weakest boys and girls in the group of young slaves in the yard were far bigger and stronger than any other slaves in the region. They fetched top prices in the slave market. But they were too weak to be breeding stock for the next generation on the plantation. Only the strongest of the strong got to breed at the plantation.

Paul looked at the bodies of the young slaves. They were all completely nude. They competed in the contest just like the Greeks in the Olympics. Totally nude, showing off their muscles and, in the case of the boys, their manhood, which was just as impressive as their muscles... They were all tall for their ages and extremely muscular. The boys were incredible. Even the 8 year old boys had muscles bulging in their young bodies. Paul watched them lift weights and he saw that all of the 8 year old boys were lifting much more weight than he could lift at age 16. The black skin on their little bodies glistened with sweat as they pushed and pulled the heavy weights. Several of the boys flexed their biceps at each other, showing how big and strong their muscles were. There was really no weak boy in the group, but at least one of them would have to go after the contest.

Besides testing the slaves' strength and athleticism in the contest, Paul's father measured their muscles and took their weight. The slaves got extra credit for being big and having big muscles. But any fat on those muscles, especially after a boy had gone through puberty, was a ticket to the slave auction. Only muscle and strength was being bred at the plantation. Fat was not tolerated. Over the generations, the propensity to put on fat had been almost completely bred out of the boy slaves. Although the young slaves ate huge quantities of food to feed their growing muscles, there was not an ounce of fat on most of their bodies. They were all muscle.

Extra credit was also given to the boys for having a big cock. Big cocks were being bred into the slaves just like big muscles. Paul looked in admiration at the size of the cocks hanging on the 14 year old boys, the boys who were ready for breeding. Although they were just hanging down now, when erect each one was at least 9 inches long and very thick. A few of those boys had 11 inch cocks. Paul thought about his own little 5 inch cock and shuttered.

The very young slaves, ages 2 to 7, were standing around watching the contest with their muscular parents. They knew that one day they would be competing as well. Already the muscles were starting to form on their little bodies. They had the genetics to build big muscles, and they started building them almost at birth. Paul watched as a couple of 4 year old boys flexed their arms at each other. Paul could see lemon sized bulges in their arms. Their biceps were already hard and peaked. The other parts of their young bodies were equally muscular. They had bulging little chests, thick delt muscles capping their little shoulders, slabs of lats on their backs, and muscular legs and calves. You could even see six pack abs flexing in their waists, although at age 4 they still had a tiny bit of baby fat under their skin. That baby fat would all go away before they were 6 years old. Both of the 4 year olds had firm, round muscle butts, just like all of other young slaves strutting around in the yard. Firm, round muscle butts which showed off the strength and athleticism of their muscular young bodies. All the young slaves had fantastic muscle butts. The 4 year olds weren't allowed to lift weights yet. That would start at age 7. But they were genetically wired to build muscle and they were already building it. They did pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Already those little 4 year olds could do 25 pushups, 10 pull-ups and 50 sit-ups. And their shoulders, pecs, arms and abs already showed the muscle they had built. They got plenty of exercise and ate tons of good food. They were already showing the muscular superiority for which they were bred.

Paul's father had introduced weights to the plantation about 20 years ago. He had gone to a traveling show and saw a couple of the strong men perform feats of strength that he never believed were possible. After the show, he asked the men how they got so muscular and strong. They told him they had been lifting weights since their teens and the weights helped them build their big muscles. So Paul's father brought thousands of pounds of weights to the plantation and started testing them on the slaves. Some of the slaves were allowed to use the weights and some were not. The unlucky ones who couldn't use the weights continued to do pushups, pull-ups and sit-ups, the calisthenics the breeding slaves had been doing for generations. Their muscles got hard and buff. But their muscles didn't grow big. The tests showed what difference training with heavy weights could make in building muscle on a body that was already genetically wired to be muscular and strong. Virtually all the slave boys were genetically wired to be muscular after 6 generations of breeding. The weights unleashed their natural genetics. After a year, the 14 year old slave boys who used the weights were about 50 pounds heavier than the boys the same age who hadn't used the weights. All that extra weight was solid muscle. And the boys who used the weights actually became faster and more athletic than they were before. The added muscle didn't slow them down at bit. It just made them stronger and more athletic than their friends who didn't use the weights. They were so much stronger than their non-weight-trained friends that it wasn't even funny. They would pick up their friends and press them up and down like feathers. Then they would curl the poor weaklings who watched in awe as the huge muscles in the arms of the weight trainers bulged with power as they curled the weakling's bodies up and down with ease. They would make their skinny friends punch them in the abs, where their fists would hit a brick wall of muscle. Then they would punch the skinny boys back, and the incredible power of their huge weight-trained shoulders, pecs and arms smashed into the gut of the non-weight trained kids with such power that they would buckle over in pain. The weight trained boys would laugh. They liked being so much bigger and stronger than their friends, who were their genetic equals. Even though the non-weight trained boys possessed naturally shredded abs, those abs were no match for the devastating blows of the weight trained muscles of the big, muscular boys who were using the weights.

The wrestling matches were devastating - for the non weight trained boys, that is. Their athletic but skinny muscles could put up only the feeblest of resistance to the overwhelming power of the weight trained muscles of the same-aged slave boys. The weight trainers toyed with the weaklings, pushing and pulling their arms and legs with ease into until the weaklings cried out in pain. The weight trainers laughed as they watched their big muscles dominate the hapless weakling. Then when they felt they had doled out enough punishment, they slammed the arms of their opponent to the ground, pinning his shoulders easily. The big weight trained boy, who had been the same size and strength as his friend just a year before, would sit on the waist of the defeated boy and flex his arms in triumph. "You ain't shit compared to these," he would yell in victory. He loved being big and strong. It seemed the bigger and stronger the boys got while lifting the weights, the more dominant and aggressive they became. Paul's father liked that. He wanted his muscular slaves to be dominant and aggressive. Dominant and aggressive boys got extra credit in the annual contests.

Before the weight program began, the slave boys used to have boxing matches in addition to the wrestling matches. Their non- weight trained bodies were muscular and toned, and they were very fast and good boxers. After the weight training started, something else was added to the boxing matches. The incredible power of the shoulders, arms and fists of weight-trained slave boys. These boys got so strong that their punches were absolutely devastating. A boxing match between a weight-trained boy and a non weight trained boy was a demonstration of total domination. The match usually lasted 30 seconds or less. The big, hard muscles of the weight- trained boy easily deflected the punches of the non-weight trained boy. They felt like feathers hitting his rock like muscles. Then when the weight trained boy started punching the non-weight trained boy, the power of his punches drove deep in into the hapless opponent's body. After about three of these punches the non-weight trained boy would fall to the mat in abject pain.

Even more devastating were the times the incredible power of the weight trained boy's punch hit his opponent in the face or jaw. Bones were broken. Jaws were splintered. Teeth were knocked out. In two matches, the weight trained boys actually killed their opponents. They killed them in 20 seconds with just the power of their big fists. Finally, Paul's father had had enough. Too many of his prime slave boys were getting their faces broken or even getting killed by the big, incredibly strong weight trained muscles of the other slave boys. So he prohibited boxing from then on. The weights made the boy's bodies too strong for their own good when they were boxing each other. The non-weight trained boys begged Paul's father to let them start lifting. They were tired of getting beaten up and humiliated every day by their big, muscular friends. Paul's father could easily see the difference the weights had made in the young slaves who got to use them. So after the one year test, Paul allowed all the slaves to use the weights. The skinny ones soon caught up with the muscular ones. Paul thought some of them trained with extra intensity. They not only wanted to get as big and strong as their friends, they wanted to get bigger and stronger. A few if them got bigger and stronger than their muscular friends. Then it was their turn to enjoy the wrestling matches. All the young weight trained slaves were bursting with testosterone and they all acted like dominant, aggressive young bucks.

Paul's father decided to give boxing another try after all the boys had muscled up with the weights. Since they were now all big and muscular, their bodies, which were as hard as steel armor, never got injured by the incredible blows of the opponents. But if one of those blows hit an opponent's head, that head would be smashed. Jaws broken, noses smashed, bones broken. Three more slave boys were killed by their incredibly strong opponents. Opponents who either by accident or by a surge of testosterone and aggression smashed their big fists into the jaw or face of their victim, whose body was just as strong and muscular but whose face and jaw were there to be smashed. After the third beating and death, Paul's father terminated boxing forever. The muscles on these slave boys were just too strong.

Paul's father could see that the use of weights, together with lots of protein-rich food, maximized the slaves' natural genetic ability to build muscle and also maximized their natural athletic ability and aggression. After some trial and error, he decided that age 7 was the best time to start pumping the iron. The bodies of the 7 year old slave boys seemed to respond well to the weights. Although the muscles of younger boys responded to some degree, their muscles seemed to grow pretty well even without weights. And he worried that the younger slaves might injure themselves in their competition to be the biggest and strongest slave boy, even at age 5. So he set 7 as the age where the weight training would begin for his young bred-to-be-muscular slaves.

Even before they started lifting weights, with each year the bodies of the young slaves got bigger and bigger and more and more muscular. It was in their genes. After they started lifting weights at age 7, the muscle really started to grow. By age 8, the first year in the contest, all of the boys looked like young musclemen. They were a super race of super boys. And they kept packing on the muscle every day. When they hit puberty at about age 11, their shoulders got wider and wider and those shoulders were capped with thick muscle. Even as their shoulders got wider, their hips stayed very narrow. They were bred to have wide shoulders and narrow hips, the sign of a great athlete. And great athletes they were. They could run fast and far. They could jump long and high. They could lift incredibly heavy weights for their age. They were all beautiful specimens of muscular youth. The fully mature 14 year old slave boys each stood over 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds. Some of them weighed as much as 230 pounds. All solid muscle. Their chests, arms, backs and legs were huge. And their abs were shredded and rippling. Their muscle butts were round and firm. They had no fat on their muscular, athletic bodies. They were bred to be big, muscular and athletic. And indeed they were. The 14 year old girls were several inches shorter than the boys and weighed about 150. They were muscular and sexy, with big breasts, wide shoulders and hips that were just made for child bearing. Those girls outweighed Paul by 20 pounds. And they were far, far stronger than he was. Their arms, while smaller than the boys', were still big and muscular. Their shoulders were wide and capped with thick muscle. They all had great abs and muscular, athletic legs.

The slave girls and boys trained every day after their work in the fields. Paul's father gave them all the food they could eat, with lots of muscle-building protein. So their bodies were incredibly muscular and fit. They all wanted to win the contest. They wanted to be the Alpha slave in their group. The Alpha boy and girl in each age group ruled the rest of the slaves in their group for the next year. The Alpha boy and girl in the 14 year old age group were the prime breeding pair. They got to have sex in a special room in the master's house. And they got to have as much sex in that room as they wanted, all year long. They were the Alpha slaves.

Paul reached down and felt his cock. His little 5 inch cock was rock hard under his pants. He had put on a pair of very tight underwear, hoping to hide his raging boner. He looked down at his crotch. His cock was so small and the underwear was so tight, that you could hardly see his erection. Well, I hope nobody notices, he thought to himself. Paul had realized several years ago that he was gay. Well, back in 1850, he really didn't know what he was, but he knew he was incredibly turned on by the muscles of his black male slaves, the very slaves that were being bred to be big and muscular. He hadn't gotten up the nerve to tell his father. He probably never would. Back in 1850 you had to stay in the closet. That's just the way it was.

Feeling that his hard-on was well enough hidden, Paul walked down the steps of his porch and over to the area in the yard where all the young slaves were having their contest. He felt like a kid in a candy store, having all that young muscle right next to him. He smiled at the thought that he was the master of all that young muscle.

As soon as he got there, four of the 10 year olds ran up to him and flexed their arms in front of him. "Master Paul, Master Paul," they yelled. "Feel our muscles. Tell us who has the biggest and hardest muscle! I know I do!" they each yelled simultaneously. Then they all jammed their flexed arms next to Paul, vying for attention. Paul wrapped his little white fingers around the first boy's bulging bicep. A shiver went up his spine as he felt the size and hardness of this 10 year old's muscle. His upper arm measured almost 14 inches, 14 inches of solid rock. Paul's own arms only measured 11 inches---11 inches of flab----so this 10 year old black slave boy already had an arm that was almost 3 inches bigger than Paul's. And this black boy's arm was incredibly hard and muscular. "That's a big muscle," said Paul. "And really hard, too. How much weight can you curl with that big muscle?" The boy smiled proudly, his bright, white straight teeth shining in his mouth. "I can curl 140 pounds for three reps, Master" he said. "That's 5 pounds more than I weigh. I weigh 135. My muscles are super- strong." He flexed his arm back and forth, looking approvingly at the bulging muscle. Paul gulped. The 10 year old slave boy already weighed 135 pounds, 5 pounds more than Paul. Paul was a half foot taller than the boy, but the boy weighed more than he did, and the boy was all muscle. And he could curl more than his bodyweight. Paul remembered when he tried to curl a weight a few weeks ago. He could only do two reps with 25 pounds. This 10 year old kid was already 5 times stronger than he was! If it was possible, his cock got even harder in his crotch

Paul then felt the biceps of two more of the 10 year old competitors. They were both big and hard, just as big and hard as the first boy's bicep. Paul's father truly was breeding a group of incredibly muscular and incredibly strong slaves. "Very big, very hard, very strong,' said Paul over and over as he felt the muscle that was rippling under the thin black skin of the slave boys. Finally he came to the last boy. "My arm is the biggest and hardest of all," the boy bragged, with an arrogant tone to his voice. "I outweigh these wimps by 5 pounds and I can curl 10 pounds more than they can. I'm gonna be the Alpha slave in my group and these little wimps here are gonna have to take orders from me all year." He smiled confidently at his friends and punched each one of them hard in their muscular shoulders. The other boys didn't even flinch. That punch was nothing to them, although it would have knocked Paul to the ground. Then the young slave slowly flexed his right arm. Paul reached over and wrapped his fingers around the bulging muscle. The peaked, rock-hard muscle forced Paul's fingers father apart than the muscles on the other boys had done. The kid's upper arm probably measured 14-1/2 inches. This boy's muscle was clearly bigger than his friends' and it was as hard as granite. Paul could see the individual fibers of muscle under the paper-thin black skin of this 10 year old super-boy. He tried to squeeze the muscle, but he couldn't make the slightest dent in the rock-hard fibrous mass. "Yeah, I think your muscle is the biggest and hardest," said Paul. "What's your name, boy?" The Alpha boy smiled broadly and flexed both arms in front of his friends in triumph. "My name's Jake and I'm a total stud," he bragged as his biceps flexed to an incredible muscular peak. The boy was not only the biggest and most muscular of his friends, he was totally dominant too. His friends looked down at the ground as the superior muscleboy flexed and laughed at them. Paul looked over at the three other boys, who were all incredibly muscular and strong themselves. "Yeah, his muscle is a little bigger and maybe a little harder than yours, but all you slaves have huge, strong arms. Your bodies are incredible. Look at all the muscle you've got, and you're only 10 years old. I'm really proud of all of you. You're all winners in my book." The boys looked at each other, flexed their muscles and smiled. Then they jumped on Jake and wrestled him to the ground, laughing and twisting his arms as they did it. They were all studs and they knew it.

Paul saw his father motioning for him to come over to where the 8 year olds were. "Hey son, give me some help measuring their muscles. I'm more than half done, but I've still got 10 of these young musclemen to go." He looked at the 10 remaining 8 year olds who were standing in line and they smiled when he called them young musclemen. Then they started flexing their muscles at Paul, just to prove the point. Each one of them had gained over 25 pounds of muscle since he had started lifting weights a year earlier. Most of the 8 year olds weighed about 90 pounds, but there were a few big ones who weighed 100 pounds. A couple of the boys weighed 85 and one boy weighed 80. They were all extremely muscular and obviously very strong. They had no fat on their young, muscular bodies.

Paul looked at the little 80 pound boy. His body rippled with muscle. Maybe he was extra fast or extra strong for his weight. If he wasn't, he'd probably be sent to the slave auction tomorrow. There was no room for weaklings in the breeding stock. Paul thought only briefly of the irony in what he just thought. He himself only weighed 50 pounds when he was 8 years old. And he was all flab. Even the smallest 8 year old slave boy was 30 pounds heavier and vastly more muscular and strong then Paul had been. For an instant, the thought crossed his mind that he is the weakling who should be auctioned off tomorrow, not this muscular young black boy. But then he came to his senses and said to himself that he is white and he is the master. These young slaves are black and they are being bred for muscle. The shredded 80 pound black boy, far more muscular and far stronger than Paul, will probably be auctioned off. The weak white boy gets to be the master. Hey, that's life.

Paul got out the measuring tape and started measuring. He loved measuring muscles. He liked to feel the muscles of the black boys flexing under his fingers as he carefully wrapped the tape around the bulging, living rock of the young muscle. The average measurements of these 8 year olds were 12 inch arms, 36 inch chests, 20 inch thighs and 24 inch waists. The two 100 pound boys had 12-1/2 inch arms, 37 inch chests and 20-1/2 inch thighs. They still had 24 inch waists. They had put 10 extra pounds of muscle on their arms, chests, backs, shoulders and legs than their friends. They were heading towards Alpha territory. The amazing thing is that these measurements were on 8 year old boys who were not yet five feet tall. The biggest boys were just about five feet. The others were a few inches shorter. Their muscles looked absolutely huge on their boy bodies. Paul thought about his own measurements - 11 inch arms, 34 inch chest, 15 inch thighs and 32 inch waist, height 5" 8", weight 130 pounds of flab. Even though he outweighed these muscle boys by 30 pounds, he knew they were far, far stronger than he was. He asked one of the big boys how much he curled. "90 pounds for 3 reps," the boy said proudly as he flexed his big arm and looked at the bulging muscle. Paul gulped. The bred-to-be strong 8 year old black slave boy was already almost 4 times stronger than he was. Paul remembered his height and weight when he was 8. He stood four feet tall and weighed 50 pounds. These big boys were a foot taller than he was at their age and weighed twice as much as he did. Paul had never measured his arms when he was younger, but he guessed his arms measured only about 6 inches at age 8. He could probably curl about 10 pounds. These slave boys had arms that were twice as big as his at their age. And those arms were all muscle and 10 times as strong as his flabby arms at their age. Paul's cock twitched in his crotch as he looked at all that muscle.

Paul looked over at the shredded 80 pound boy. The boy was several inches shorter than the heaviest boys, but he was totally ripped. Paul felt a little sorry for this boy, who he thought was going to the slave market the next day, so he went over to him and placed his hand on the boy's rippling abs. The boy smiled and flexed his abs for Paul. He knew he had great abs. Paul felt the washboard of muscle pulsate under the boy's sweaty, paper-thin skin. Paul couldn't resist running his hand all over those rock-hard abs, feeling every crevice and bulge. The boy had an 8 pack, and it was absolutely incredible. Paul loved watching and feeling the slave boys' abs, and this boy's were some of be best he had ever seen or felt. "How have you been doing in the competition, boy?" asked Paul, fearing the worst. The boy's eyes lit up. "I been doin' great, Master Paul," the boy said enthusiastically. "I won the 100 yard dash. I beat all these guys easy. I did really good in the weightlifting too for my weight. I pressed 100 pounds overhead. I beat some of those heavier kids who could only press ninety. Big Jessie over there, he's one of the kids who weighs 100 pounds, pressed 130. So he's the strongest in our group, but pound for pound I'm stronger than him." Paul thought about it for a moment and smiled. The slave boy knew his math, even though he'd never been near a school. Pound for pound he was stronger than Jessie. "Oh yeah, and I pinned Frederick over there (he pointed to one of the 85 pound boys) in wrestling. And I did 330 pushups and 160 pull-ups. That's more than some of those big guys. And I maxed out on the sit- ups with 1,000. It was real easy. So I may be small, but I'm fast and I'm strong and I'm tough!" The boy smiled proudly and pounded his own fist into his abs, just missing Paul's hand. The fist bounced off the brick wall of muscle and Paul rubbed his hand over the spot where the hard muscle had deflected the blow so easily. He rubbed his hand on those abs that could do 1,000 sit-ups---the maximum in the contest---real easy. The boy flexed and laughed. He knew he was a stud. Paul felt relieved. Now he knew this kid wouldn't be sent to the slave market. •

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