Clay's Turn


By claygrant

"Yeah, that's it… rub it in real good," Clay murmured as he craned his neck backwards and let himself go. I had been applying the clear gel for about five minutes, wetting my hands and massaging the slippery substance on the bulging hills and steep valleys of his overdeveloped physique. My hands were burning with fatigue as I tried mightily to massage the gel into his hard muscles. Although my hands were on the verge of cramping, feeling his massive body kept me going until I was finished.

He turned around to face me and his body simply glistened all over in the early morning light. Every detail of his muscles was enhanced tenfold; his tremendous musculature emanated power like heat from an open furnace. I could feel a slight stirring in my crotch again at the sight of such a virile specimen.

Clay smirked at my obvious reaction and shot me some quick poses: a mind-blowing double biceps, in which his lats broadened to leave no space between his triceps and pecs; and a side chest pose, where his monster pecs alone seemed to characterize the mass of whole his upper body.

"Now it's my turn!" he growled as he suddenly lowered his shoulders and rushed towards me. The speed at which he bull-rushed was so quick, I barely had time to get my arms up instinctively for self-defense. Clay's rock-hard delts easily displaced my outstretched arms as he grabbed my waist in huge hands and tackled me to the floor.

My breath was taken away as I fell to the ground, and I saw white for a split second. Next thing I knew, I felt Clay's hot breath wash over me as he crushed me with the weight of his whole body. I panicked, hoping that Clay knew that I could barely breathe. God, he must weigh over two hundred or two hundred fifty pounds. I couldn't really tell; all I knew was he was damn HEAVY. Suddenly, some pressure was relieved as Clay pulled out one hand from under me to grab his boxers. With one deft motion, he pulled his boxers clean off his powerfully muscled legs, leaving me breathless – in another sense.

"You won't be needing this," he scolded me as he sat back on his haunches and grabbed the sleeveless shirt I was wearing with both hands. With a strength I wasn't prepared for, Clay almost tore the shirt as he yanked it straight up, forcing me to sit up a little. Damn, the way he easily manhandled me so far was frightening, yet it was also very hot at the same time.

To my amazement, Clay's eyes hungrily scanned over my body – what was he looking at? My chest barely rose above my ribcage, my abs were flat and undeveloped. Overall, I felt like a weak child compared to him. Nonetheless, I felt rough hands explore my arms, shoulders, pecs, and abs, and I was shocked to hear a low moan emit from Clay's throat. I looked up to his face, but his eyes were closed as he squeezed – fuck, he squeezed hard – and groped my body. What was going on?! Was he worshiping my body? I almost laughed at the thought.

As quickly as he tackled me, he curled one arm under me and lifted me over his shoulder effortlessly as he stood up. Suddenly, I was airborne; his boulder-like delts dug into my weak abs. No matter how hard I flexed my abs, it still hurt like a mother. Then I felt big hands grab me by the waist, and next thing I knew, I was flying through the air and landed hard on the bed. I grunted at the landing. Fuck! Did he just THROW me? I couldn't believe how strong this guy was.

I turned to look at Clay – his massive chest heaved and expanded as he breathed heavily. He walked over to the bed with grim determination set on his chiseled face. Without warning, he grabbed my boxers in one meaty hand and tore it right off my body. Obviously, this guy was experienced in tearing off clothes quickly… but there really wasn't much time to ruminate on such things.

Feeling utterly weak and helpless, naked and nowhere to hide, I stared wide-eyed at the beast of a man who approached the bed and climbed on top of me. He easily manipulated my body and forced me to lay face down on the bed. I didn't put up much of a fight anyway – I had never been so easily manhandled before. It was eerily erotic.

I felt him thrust inside me, and for the next few moments I was paralyzed. His need and desire were obviously urgent – he thrust quickly and with a strength I feared would bruise or break my back. All the while, he moaned, "Yeah… Brad… mmm…" deeply as his hands explored and squeezed my back and neck. In no time at all, I heard Clay mutter, "Oh yeah… fuck…" and then an exultant, "Fuck yeah!!!"

In an almost breach of protocol, Clay pulled away from me as he finished and began to furiously rub his seed all over his still-glistening chest, abs, and arms. I didn't quite understand the situation, but I sensed I could help him, so I turned around and began to spread it around his upper back and neck.

After a short while, Clay seemed satisfied and sighed heavily as he dropped his hands to his sides. He lifted his head and stared straight at me with those piercing blue eyes. "Jesus, Brad… you're so fuckin' hot!"

I sat there, flabbergasted. Was he making fun of me? "Uh… thanks… but, my body's nothing compared to yours." I looked down at the bed, ashamed at my weakness, especially in front of this human powerhouse who was probably my age.

"No really, man. You're damn cute as is, and after you've packed on size, you'll blow me away." As if by habit, Clay checked out his arms as he flexed his biceps.

"After I've packed on size? You gotta be kidding…" My heart almost broke at the thought. There had been too many times when I wished I were stronger, bigger. I had just gotten used to my size until this morning when Clay literally barged in and reawakened all of my forgotten insecurities. Staring at his enormous, veined out arms, I sighed and shook my head. "What's up with the gel, anyway? And when.. when you finished, why put it all over the gel?"

Clay smirked again – that smirk seemed to make my heart melt. "Well, follow me to the shower and I'll show you, my man."

We grabbed our towels and headed to the showers. Luckily, no one else was around – I guess we were going to be late to our orientation and practice, respectively. As soon as we got there, Clay shoved me into one of the stalls and locked us both in. He turned on the water and it started steaming feverishly. Just as Clay stepped towards the boiling-hot water, I cried out, "Clay, it's hot!"

"Yeah, just the way I want it!" I saw his massive frame disappear into the steam. Shit, I thought… was a shower with Clay worth the risk of burning myself? I quickly answered the question and followed him into the steam.

I squinted as hot water splashed off of Clay's hard muscles and singed my face. He stood right under the showerhead, directly under the full blast of scalding water. Either he was crazy or felt no pain… either way, I edged away from the splashes as much as I could. Clay turned and grinned stupidly at me as he said, "Come on in, the water's fine!" Then he slowly walked towards me and reached out with those thick pipes he calls arms.

"No! Agghhh!" I screamed as he embraced me with an unbearable heat. His body was almost as hot as the water, but I slowly relaxed as he hugged me almost gently to his towering body. The feeling of being enveloped by Clay's pumped up muscles was comforting, to say the least. I felt so secure in his arms. Just as I was relishing the moment – the steaming water flowing down our bodies and Clay's impenetrable wall of protection holding me close – something odd began to happen.

At first, I thought Clay was hugging me harder; the wall of muscle surrounding my body closed in on me and squeezed my body with even greater force. I looked up through the steam at Clay. He grinned and said in a low whisper I could barely hear, "Fuck yeah… it's starting."

Startled, I pushed myself away from him and stared at his glistening body. What was starting? After a few seconds, it suddenly dawned on me. Clay was growing. Not in any subtle way, either. I could see with certainty that his whole body was expanding at an alarming rate. Clay's pecs swelled, inflating as if someone were forcing air into them. His mighty chest already hung over his upper abs, but now they were getting even thicker, denser, fuller, stronger. In tandem with his burgeoning chest, his deltoids tightened into hard balls of sinewy muscle while his arms grew in proportion – his tris and bis became more distinct and defined, each muscle group screaming for attention. I couldn't believe the transformation; it was like watching a time-lapse video of someone taking steroids.

"This is what I'm talkin' about, Brad… right here, packin' on SIZE!" He flexed a most muscular pose, as he did earlier that morning, but now he looked way bigger and badder than before. My eyes focused on his abs as they rearranged themselves into a perfect six-pack of bloated muscle; deeper cuts formed between each abdominal muscle and veins started to pop up on his incredible midsection. Then I noticed Clay readjusting his feet – his thighs were so packed with muscle, there wasn't much room for him to stand with feet together. My mind suddenly thought of those powerful legs churning, speeding him down the football field for a touchdown.

Suddenly the constant rushing sound of water was cut off as Clay turned down the pressure. He raised his arms up and closed his eyes, savoring the feeling of gaining so much pure muscle and power in just a few minutes. When the steam fully cleared, I got a clear view of his new body – my jaw dropped as I attempted to discern just how much he had grown. There was no way to tell until I got a tape measure, but he had, without a doubt, gained at least 20 pounds of beef and somehow gotten more ripped and vascular. There were new veins I hadn't seen before, especially on his abs and thick neck.

Clay just stood there and smirked at me. "Well, Brad, it looks like we've got an awesome year coming up, don't we? You and I are gonna get fuckin' HUGE this year, aight? And you better not have a problem with that…" Clay lumbered over and stepped fiercely towards me with that classic game-face of his. Needless to say, I wasn't going to argue with the huge stud. "It looks like you got some beef on you already, stud." He reached out with his hand (was it even bigger than before?) and squeezed my chest.

I looked down and realized that between his thick fingers, he was holding a good amount of muscle. "Fuck, what the?" I exclaimed as I scanned my new pecs and abs – they were definitely larger and more developed, as if I had worked out for a few years. I changed my incredulous stare to Clay, but he just winked at me slyly and started to check out his pumped muscles. •

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