Zeke Chronicles, The



By Aaron Strong

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The following episode contains a depiction of sex between a man and a woman; but in it's context, I believe you will find it =

entertaining. I solicit your comments. -Aaron.

She was the gym queen. She always found the biggest, most ripped bodybuilder in the place and moved in-- literally. She was a knockout, sma ll and petite. Her name was Barb.

He was the defacto king of the gym. His name was Eric. He stood six-feet tall and weighed 235 pounds of rock-hard, lean muscle. His shoulders were wide; they dominated the gym. Huge cannonballs flowed down from traps that made his shirts bulge and even the best-built bodybuilders envious. H is chest was thick and powerful. And his upper arms were 21 inches of competition-league meat, rippling with muscle fibers, veins bulging. His

forearms were unbelievably thick and dense, yet pulsing with veins and muscle.

When he took his shirt off, his abs made people blink to confirm what their

eyes were seeing. They were chiseled rows of muscle with seemingly no evidence of fat, stacked on a narrow lower torso. How a man could sport mass that big yet be so lean, was anyone's guess. His basic appearance was

long, not squatty; an image that in some ways belied his powerful 235 pounds. And his legs were absolutely huge- definition that would make many professional bodybuilders jealous, and muscle size to do the same.

Eric moved more iron than anyone in the gym. If he had wanted, he could have been a power lifter. The others just dropped their jaws as he did squ ats, dead lifts, bench presses and curls with weight that was out of reach for e ven the most diehard guy there.

Many big guys had come and gone from the gym, and Barb had been with most of them, always leaving whenever someone bigger came along. She had an insatiable appetite for muscle, and her standards for proportion, si ze, definition and just basic good looks were impeccable. And so she was with

Eric. Yes, many came before, but she doubted there would be any after. H e was a musclegod and she, his slave.

She spotted him during his exercises, massaging his big traps between sets.

And he loved it. Later that evening there would be passionate sex as Eric

would envelop her tiny body under his muscular frame.

o o o o o

Dr. Kerr had been working with Zeke for over four weeks now. In that time,

Zeke had gained an incredible 31 pounds of muscle and had grown 2 inches in height. It was unbelievable, but true. Dr. Kerr attributed the growth to a perfecting of the cum-consumption process. Before Zeke had come to Dr. Kerr, his consumption of jizz was sporadic and spotty at best. But through

extensive testing, Kerr had determined that Zeke's physiology had been altered somehow-- by that Grant Strong guy he surmised-- and now he was able to metabolize human semen to enhance the growth process.

Dr. Kerr had seen to it that Zeke had a steady, reliable source of semen on

which to feed-- his own. Kerr spent many late evenings at the office, seei ng to Zeke's needs. His wife, never suspicious of her husband, busied herself wi th her lover. The Kerr's marriage would be over soon, although neither wanted

to admit it.

And, of course, Zeke also treated himself to other men as well. The bigger , stronger and hunkier the better. The good doctor had concluded that a wide

spectrum of semen, from many different sources, provided Zeke with a balanced diet-- more varying DNA from which to build his muscle. So, Kerr

encouraged Zeke's promiscuous ways, although Zeke's methodology in procuring men's cum was unorthodox and often quite bold. But just watching

Zeke with other men gave Brian Kerr a rush. He was hopelessly in love with

his musclegod, and for some reason he didn't mind watching Zeke make love to others. It made sex between the two of them even more powerful.

Zeke and Kerr sat in the shade, watching the water lap onto the beach as passersby enjoyed the hot sunny Sunday afternoon. The place was kind of a

muscle beach area; many bodybuilders came here on weekends to strut their stuff. Zeke and Kerr watched from a secluded vantage point, in the shade,

just a few feet off the main walkway.

Zeke wore a sleeveless muscle shirt which was only moderately successful at

hiding his astonishing physique. His shorts barely contained his quads, although they hung loosely on his tiny hips. He sat on the ground, his thi ck, vein-covered forearms resting on his knees, twisting a long blade of grass in his fingers, chewing on one end.

Kerr sat next to him, also watching the stream of musclemen as they walked

by to find a place to sunbathe. He nursed a boner in his shorts as hunk af ter hunk walked by, each one usually escorted by a cute, Barbiedoll girl.

"Shit, look at that guy," Zeke said as a muscular black haired bodybuilder

approached. This guy was exceptional. He wore a yellow T-shirt that wasn' t tucked in, and some blue swimming trunks. He was astounding! Ripped muscles danced and bulged with each step. He didn't strut, but he sure kne w how to walk. He and his tiny girlfriend stopped right in front of Zeke and Kerr, about 20 feet away; but the doctor and his redhead musclegod were unnoticed because of their remote position.

The hunk laid out a blanket and his girl put down their picnic basket. She sat on the blanket and looked up adoringly as Hercules started to lift his shir t. He didn't really like to show off, but deep down, he lived for this. A few h eads, which had already turned as the muscleman had arrived, were joined by even

more heads, watching expectantly as the guy lifted his shirt.

"Holy fuck!" Kerr whispered.

"Yeah," Zeke agreed. "That guy is STACKED!"

The guy let his shirt fall onto the blanket and instinctively he stretched out. He shook his arms out and flexed his pecs.

This nearly sent Kerr over the edge. He didn't know if it was just the abs olute powerful beauty of the guy, or maybe just being with Zeke these past few weeks had made him horny all the time. He surmised it was a little of both .

The guy had huge, dark nipples planted on two slabs of pec beef that made Kerr's cock quicken just by looking at them. His traps and shoulders borde red on inhuman; broad and thick, the muscle heads bulged everywhere!

The girl stood up and approached her musclegod. She put her hands on his narrow waist, then slowly ran her fingers up his rippling abs, onto his thi ck chest. She stopped there, caressing the warm, powerful pectoral muscles.

Her fingers squeezed as she smiled into his eyes.

He leaned forward, and they started to kiss. His big arm moved up and he placed his hand on her shoulders. Shit his upper arm was huge! And in thi s position, both Kerr and Zeke noticed just how developed his forearms were a s well! Bigger than most men's biceps!

"Holy shit," Zeke said standing. "I just can't pass this one up. He's get tin' me boned just watching this."

"Where are you going?" Kerr asked.

Zeke smiled, not taking his eyes off the guy. "Just watch and squirt, my g ood doctor. Watch and squirt."

Zeke stepped out into the sunshine and slowly walked toward the couple. Even with his muscle shirt on, the voyeurs turned their heads and had a difficult time looking back. The redhead sauntered over and stood on the blanket behind the guy so that the girl, when she opened her eyes, would se e him.

As she caught a glimpse of Zeke, she immediately pulled back. Her eyes glued onto Zeke's incomparable frame, his unbelievably defined muscles, his

inhuman size. The guy turned around.

His reaction quickly turned from one of irritation to awe, but he tried to hide it.

"Hi. I'm Zeke."

The guy, clearly disturbed by Zeke's presence (and his dominant physique) said "I'm Eric. This is Barb."

Zeke gazed at Barb with a grin that was totally inappropriate considering h er boyfriend was right there.

"Is there something I can HELP you with?" Eric asked.

"Oh, I'm sure there is, dude," Zeke smiled. "But like I always say, `Ladie s First.'"

While he stared at Barb he said. "Shit, sweetie, you standing there in tha t bikini like that-- you sure are causing a lot of boners out here on the bea ch."

Eric's mouth dropped open. Barb tried to hide her smile.

Zeke continued. "I was noticing here, judging from your boyfriend, that yo u must really be into muscle."

Barb smiled coyly.

"I was just wondering if maybe you might want to see what some REALLY big muscles look like," Zeke smiled. He looked down at his arms, rippled them

slightly, then looked back up, deep into Barb's eyes.

"What the fuck?" Eric said. "I think she's seen about enough of you as she


Zeke looked at Eric. "Awe come on, Eric. You afraid that if I take my shi rt off ol' Barb here might see something she likes more than you?"

Zeke started to play with the bottom of his muscle shirt. His huge arms rippled. Barb's eyes were glued on them.

"You want me to take this thing off and let you have a look?" Zeke teased Barb.

Barb nodded.

"What the hell?" Eric quipped. "I think it's time for you to go, asshole."

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere, muscledude. But in a few minutes I WILL be cumming." He leaned into Eric and whispered. "Right inside your girlfriend ."

Eric was just about to throw up a punch. Barb turned red, but was unable t o hide a growing grin on her lips. The grin turned into an out and out smile as she looked Zeke up and down.

Zeke smiled back and started to lift his shirt. His abs were two rows of brickwork, unsurpassed in their relief and definition. His waist was marke dly narrower than Eric's, in spite of the fact that he was hopelessly more huge

than him. Zeke pulled the shirt out and up, over his gargantuan pecs. He

lifted it over his head and let it drop onto the blanket.

A few gasps were heard. "Shit! That guy is freakin' inhuman!" some guy in the crowd said.

Zeke grinned as Barb stared. Eric tried to hide his amazement, but was not

successful. Zeke's muscles just kinda sat there, comfortably dominating th e world, exuding such power and such sensual grace that even without sending

out any of his "sex vibes," as he called it, he caused most of the guys on the beach to sprout stiff, throbbing hardons. His mammoth size and uncanny definition were surpassed only by his drop-dead gorgeous symmetry. His muscles seemed to feed off each other, each one nursing its neighbor, complimenting it, highlighting it. It was perfect balance, perfect size.

His thick, muscular neck and broad powerful shoulders made his freakishly tiny waist seem even more diminutive; that, coupled with two of the thickes t, most rippling legs anywhere made Zeke look like a god among mere mortals.

And let us not forget those arms! His guns had grown, over the weeks, to nearly 26 inches of rock-hard beef!

And if this weren't enough, Zeke's dimple-adorned face, with that killer confident grin, was enough to make you want to cry. So much muscle and so

much beauty, all in one youthful, virile, confident package!

Zeke tightened his arms as they rested at his sides. They snapped to attention, hardening then relaxing with waves of muscle fibers. He looked at Barb, but spoke to Eric. "Yeah, I'd say she likes what she sees." He rais ed his arms out to his sides in a slow, powerful arc, eventually planting his hands behind his neck. His biceps looked like they would crush his ears!

"Shiiiiit," one onlooker whispered.

Zeke was a master poser, showing off every shadow of muscle, every nuance of power. He slowly exhaled and the skin covering his abs dissolved into nothing, leaving only two columns of river rock, each individual stone a masterwork of perfection. The muscles bulged and bunched against each other, then as Zeke slowly twisted his hips, they expanded and rolled. He

watched Barb and raised his eyebrows in a devilish smile. Slowly, almost painfully, he lowered his arms.

He stepped toward Barb, very closely. The two locked eyes. "Yeah babe, yo u like what you see." Zeke put his hands on her hips and pulled her into himself. Her eyes met the cliff-like overhang of his pecs, his golden-tan

nipples right in front of her. He pushed his hips against her, pressing hi s cock into her. His huge arms flexed as his hands rested on her hips. He drew i n a deep breath and let it out slowly.

He tightened his arms on her waist and slowly, effortlessly, started to lif t her, sliding her up his rippling physique until their lips met. The mammoth hun k tenderly kissed her as he held her nearly a foot off the ground, his back a nd shoulders flaring.

She nearly swooned as her lips extended to meet his. Zeke's mouth opened in the kiss, and he began frenching her softly.

Eric grabbed Zeke's shoulder, and his hand was greeted with the hardest slab of trap muscle he had ever encountered. Zeke didn't move. Eric' tightened his grip and tried pulling Zeke. Nothing. Eric's huge, muscular

body tightened and he tried once more to pull Zeke away from his girl. "Co me on, you asshole. Get your fuckin' hands off her." Zeke didn't even turn around to acknowledge Eric's hands on his shoulders.

Eric let go and stepped back. He watched helplessly. He was raging with anger, and fear. But his most disconcerting emotion was pure animal lust a nd envy over the total musclegod that was, right here in front of everyone, passionately embracing his own girlfriend.

Zeke pulled back from the kiss and smiled. Barb barely opened her eyes and

seemed to moan for more. Zeke lowered her a few inches, then raised her again. Then he did it again, allowing her petite body to rub up and down against his huge, rippling muscles. They kissed again for another minute,

then Zeke slowly lowered her back down. Eric watched silently.

"You know," Zeke said, looking at Barb. "I'm giving your boyfriend here a


Eric face turned from red anger to red embarrassment. He couldn't hide the

bulge in his swimming trunks that snaked up his left hip.

"Seeing your muscledaddy here get all hard for me makes me want to reconsider what I said about `Ladies First,'" Zeke grinned. "You think you

could excuse me for just a second, Barb?"

Zeke turned to Eric and stepped close. His warm, thick chest met Eric's fa ce. He danced his huge pecs in front of Eric's eyes and they moved in waves, li ke two stingrays gliding over the ocean floor.

Zeke spoke softly. "Shit, dude. You want me so bad." He sent out only th e smallest whiff of his sex vibes, and Eric found himself drawing in a deep breath and holding it. Zeke stepped closer; they almost touched. "You mus t see something you like, huh dude?" Zeke put his hand on Eric's hip and extended his thumb so that it touched the tip of the bulge under the swim trunks.

Eric's body stiffened. What was happening? How could he be finding this guy so attractive? His mind raced with emotions. Should he run? Fight?

Give in? No!

"Shit, dude, you really have it bad for me." He squeezed his thumb against

Eric's cock head which was now even farther up his hip. Zeke moved in. He

leaned down and began kissing Eric.

Kerr, still watching from the shade, put his hand down his shorts.

Zeke brought his other hand up and cupped it on the back of Eric's neck. H e leaned forward and they kissed. Zeke parted Eric's lips and gently inserte d his hot, thick tongue. Eric started to breathe heavily and instinctively h e stood on his toes to get more of Zeke. Zeke wrapped his huge arms around Eric and the two men embraced.

One guy in the crowd started jacking into his trunks.

Eric groaned as Zeke held him tightly. For a second, Eric tried to push aw ay, but his powerful arms were ineffective in moving Zeke. "Yeah dude," Zeke whispered into Eric's ear. "Fight me. Try and get me off you. I want to feel your big muscles work against me." Eric squirmed more, grunting. No use.

Zeke kissed him some more, and all resistance stopped. Eric's knees went weak. Zeke moved his hand fully onto the hardened cock that was still concealed under Eric's swimming trunks and began to feel it through the fabric as they kissed.

In the crowd, another guy had sprouted a boner so hard and big that it had

begun to stick out from under the elastic waistband of his swimming trunks,

unbeknownst to himself. As he watched, he involuntarily started creaming,

shooting up semen onto his own torso.

Eric's muscular body stiffened as Zeke began massaging his organ. Zeke pulled back and looked down at Eric's crotch, holding the long, thick rod i n the palm of his hand. He tightened his grip, grasping the fabric, then release d it. He looked up into Eric's half-closed eyes and squeezed it again. "I'm not

bothering you, doing this, am I?" Zeke asked innocently.

Eric didn't respond.

Zeke pushed on it again. "Big muscledaddy like his stuffy fondled by even

bigger muscledaddy, huh?" Zeke grinned. He leaned forward once again and the two musclehunks embraced again, Zeke running his hands all over Eric's big, bulging back and shoulder muscles.

After another few minutes of passionate kissing and touching, Zeke pulled back and looked back at Barb. "You know, dude," he said to Eric, "I think you might enjoy watching me fuck your girlfriend. Might give you a few pointer s, some techniques you can use." He turned away from Eric, leaving the heavily-breathing hunk to stand alone.

Zeke tugged on his own swimming trunks, felt the horse cock through the material, then started shimmying his shorts down over his narrow hips. He

had to push hard to get them down over his legs, pulling both his swim wear

and his posing trunks down at the same time. His red pubes were trimmed in

a perfect triangle above his cock. His penis sprang forth, only semi-erect , yet bigger than anyone's full erection there. It was massive, and laced with v eins, pulsing with his heartbeats.

He pushed the trunks down and stepped out of them, now nude.

"Come here," he said to Barb. "Come and feel what a real man feels like."

Barb didn't have to be asked twice. Her dainty fingers brushed around Zeke 's half-limp cock caressing each vein, pausing to gently squeeze the muscular

shaft, her hand quivering as it moved from balls to head, not tightly wrapp ed, but open-palmed, enjoying the sheer size and warmth of the still-limp, but

getting harder organ.

"Oh mygod!" she whispered. The warm meat was so big! She trembled as her small cold hand gently moved over the growing organ. She looked up at

Zeke's muscular physique. His titanic body made Eric's look anemic in comparison.

Barb felt under Zeke's hairless balls, stimulating him right where it count ed. His penis moved higher. He smiled. As she softly explored his ever-growin g mammoth genitals, Zeke started posing. He hit a double biceps shot, and Barb froze as she gazed up at arms that looked like they could flatten soli d steel. They peaked, yet he tightened them more and they grew more. A network of veins fed the muscle fibers which danced under the skin, lumping

into incredible, individual heads of molten muscle.

More orgasms, more gasps, as Barb continued to feel Zeke's manhood. He continued posing, moving his hands up and behind his head once again. He bucked his hips forward and exhaled, flexing his abs as Barb tightened her

grip on his cock, which was at about 75 percent hardness now.

Eric held himself. Zeke was an image of more manhood than the most jaded straight man could handle. Zeke sent a minute whiff of sex vibes Eric's wa y and smiled.

Zeke brought his arms down, turned to the side just a bit, grasped one wris t with the other hand and tucked them under his huge pecs in a side-chest pose. The meat of his pecs hardened into two gargantuan slabs of striated

beef, quivering with power. He grinned at Eric.

Barb continued to fondle, also bringing one hand onto Zeke's quads.

Zeke faced forward and put his hands on his hips. He moved one leg slightl y in front of the other and flexed it.

"Holy SHIT!" someone said. Zeke's leg was beyond human. Ropes of muscles hardened into deeply cut valleys and peaks of muscle, rippling and

alternately hardening into solid mounds. His leg size was off the scale, bulging so far out that it was easy to tell that each one was easily larger than the diameter of his waist!

One of Barb's hands trembled over the marble sculpture of leg muscle, while

the other moved slowly up the now hardened cock. Precum dribbled down, over the thick cut of the head, and Barb rubbed it into the tightly stretch ed skin of the shaft. She pulled the cock away from Zeke and let it go, causing a deep "thwap" sound as it slapped against his abs.

Zeke bent down and lifted Barb up. It was time. He undid her bikini top,

allowing her full, round boobs to plop forward. He pulled the bottom of he r suit down, and she stepped out of it.

Eric, for all his prize-winning muscle, watched helplessly.

Slowly, Zeke lifted her off the ground once again, running her up his impossibly muscular body. They embraced, his dick moistening her torso wit h thick, clear honey. He lifted her higher with no effort, his huge arms tightening.

When she was just above eye-level with Zeke, he pulled his hips back and positioned his cock head against her cunt. Slowly he lowered her, and instinctively she spread her legs. She moaned as Zeke impaled her. Her eyes grew huge and she winced in pain. Zeke grinned. Barb cried a short,

whimper as the mammoth cock slipped inside her. She slid all the way down

the rod, and Zeke embraced her with his big arms.

Barb started to moan loudly. Her body tightened. "Ohhhhh," she groaned as

they kissed. Zeke embraced her hard and his muscular arms rippled as he held her still. He began to gently rock his hips.

They embraced like this for about two minutes before Barb let out a loud cr y and with a jerk began her first orgasm. "Ohhhhhh!" she moaned. "Yessssssssss!" Her body spasmed.

Zeke held her still for a moment, then he bent his knees and, without pulli ng out, laid Barb on her back and laid on top of her. His gigantic muscles enveloped the gyrating woman and he resumed his slow, methodical rocking inside her.

Eric moved over Zeke and watched as the redhead's incredibly tight ass flexed and relaxed. Zeke's Herculean legs rippled, calling up to Eric with

each flex. Eric unable to contain himself any longer, pulled himself out o f his shorts, pushing them down.

The crowd gasped as Eric began jacking himself. His huge forearms were worth the price of admission alone, but his gargantuan upper arms were astounding-- flexing hard with each pump of his wrists. Within seconds, bursts of hot, milky jizz began spewing out of Eric's thick cock and onto Z eke's back and butt.

Zeke smiled, partially turning around as he looked up from Barb. "Oh yeah,

dude. Spray your juice for me man." He laid back down and continued fucking. Streams of milk began puddling in the crevasses of Zeke's muscula r back and overflowing down onto the blanket. "Milk yourself over me, Eric.

This little sex show with your girlfriend is just for you, dude."

Just to see a man built like Eric, masturbating himself like this would be

material for a high-priced porn video. Yet watching him do it as he lusted over Zeke fucking his own girlfriend was unbelievable. Nearly every guy watchin g was either filling his shorts with cream, or openly jacking, right there in public.

Zeke started to cum. He ended up having two orgasms inside Barb before he

pulled out. It was a long, hot afternoon. Finally, he stood up and walked

toward an exhausted Eric. Zeke's cock was still hard.

"You're next, big boy," Zeke said, putting his hands on Eric's hips. Their

swords crossed and Zeke pushed out a small gurgle of jizz which trickled down and slithered onto Eric's renewed erection.

Zeke reached up and began pinching and twisting one of Eric's nipples. The

musclehunk liked it. The two men stared into each other's eyes. Then Zeke

lowered himself and knelt at Eric's penis. He began licking it, not closin g his lips around it. His long tongue drove Eric insane with desire. Zeke put h is big hands on Eric's ass to hold him steady.

Eric dropped his head back, groaning. Zeke gently wrapped his lips around

the head of Eric's dick and crawled them up the shaft, slowly. When all of

Eric's long, large cock was inside Zeke (Zeke had to REALLY open his throat

for this one), Zeke buried his nose in Eric's thick, black pubes, inhaling the masculine scent of his adoring charge, manipulating Eric's cock with his tongue.

Zeke began to suck softly, his neck bulging, his adams apple rising and fal ling with each supple suck. He nuzzled his nose into Eric's thick forest of bla ck hair, enjoying the scent. Occasionally, Zeke opened his mouth to change th e resistance, pausing just long enough to elicit a moan from his worshiping subject. Then, he would close his lips on it again and suckle like a kitte n to its mother. His muscular hands pulled Eric's ass cheeks apart, and he slipped

the tip of his fingers in toward Eric's sphincter, teasing it, fondling it.

Eric grabbed Zeke's head with both hands and pushed, but Zeke only went as

far as HE wanted, despite Eric's amazing strength. Eric's arms bulged as h e nearly lifted himself off the ground, pushing on Zeke to go down farther.

Finally, Eric's body jerked and with loud yell he began to fill Zeke's thro at with his semen. "Ohhhhhh shiiiiiiit!" he screamed. He brought his hands down t o his sides. He bared his teeth and as his fists clenched his muscles tight ened.

Zeke took all of Eric's semen, gulp after gulp. Once he opened his mouth o ff Eric's cock, and wads of jizz splashed against his face. He closed his lip s over it again and resumed drinking.

Kerr could see that Zeke was beginning to transform. His muscles were getting tighter. His lats flared. His mighty legs grew. He tightened his grip on Eric's ass and began to stand up, lifting the 235 pound bodybuilder into th e air. Eric balanced himself with his hands on Zeke's head, yelling and moaning as he rose.

Zeke's huge arms thickened. Thousands of veins began to bulge like spaghetti across his body. His skin turned a shade of pink. His whole bod y seemed to convulse as he stood on his tiptoes, lifting Eric even higher.

His erection began to shoot. Almost immediately, Zeke sat Eric down and, between bursts of hot cum into the air, he whipped Eric around, laid him do wn and spread his legs, shoving himself into his ass.

Eric's thick, muscular glutes received the shaft with great protest; he wai led in pain as Zeke made no attempt at all to be gentle. Zeke forced his way in,

biting his lower lip and muscling his cock deep inside Eric's ass. The two

men lay on top of each other, Zeke thrusting himself hard. As Zeke's body

continued to grow, he convulsed with the hardest orgasm he had ever had, nearly crushing and ripping Eric's beefy body apart with his strength.

"Urrrggh! Urrrggh!" Zeke panted. He grunted loudly with each forceful pounding. His ass flexed in tandem with his mighty legs, hardening with th e power of a locomotive as he shot his heavy, hot load inside Eric. Muscles on top of muscles rippled over Zeke's shoulders, down his arms, over his massive back, through his gargantuan chest as ejaculation after ejaculation

threw his body into passionate spasms. And all the while, Zeke's inhuman body kept growing, transforming into an even bigger, ripped musclegod.

The force of Zeke's orgasm sent shock waves of his sex vibes out, throwing

nearly every observer into a sexual climax.

Finally, Zeke began to slow down. Eric, whimpered. Zeke collapsed on top of the bodybuilder, and their sweaty bodies lay there, panting. Zeke held Eri c still for nearly 15 minutes as he finished, slowly pushing out every last d rop into Eric's ass. •

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