Brothers, The


By FanTCMan

With all the unfinished projects on my desktop, and several archival stories to be refreshed and possibly posted per a couple of requests, my fingers did the walking, and somehow another story start just popped out. Part 2 may be a while coming, whilst I turn back to the other things I must do, but, meanwhile . . .

Driving home from the research center, Cory fought the feelings that he was going down an irrevocable path to something really strange and almost frightening and taking his brothers along with him. He felt guilty not even asking the younger two if they minded being part of the experiment. But since he'd had to take on the responsibility of taking care of them all, after their parents were killed in a car accident, he'd had to do what he'd had to do. At 23, the money he earned as a personal trainer and part-time model was hardly able to put food on the table and buy clothes. Even taking money to strip at private parties barely helped. The few times he'd gone even farther, giving sexual favors to a couple of wealthy women, had just made enough money to buy the guys some new clothes. he never thought his brains were his main asset. He'd grown up trading on his looks and his body. But when those guys approached him, he didn't think he could ever take that road.

Then they told him they would pay him enough to provide whatever he and his brothers needed if he would participate in their experiment having to do with genetic restructuring. Whatever that meant. He was told it would involve physical changes, but not told much else, except that he would be among an elite group of men undergoing the experiment, and because he was in the position to bring in his younger brothers, he could add greatly to the program, and would be compensated accordingly. Putting younger guys, especially guys just entering puberty, was a top priority. They wouldn't even have to come stay on the "campus" right away, although they would probably get to where they would want to, and they would then be totally provided for. They wrote him a check for ten thousand to get him started and said there would be another when he returned the following week, and they would discuss his brothers then. In the meantime, for the check, he merely had to take a shot that would let him experience, to a degree, what this was to be like. It would be the starter, and if he didn't like what it did, he could say no, and after signing a confidentiality agreement, that would be that.

He hadn't thought much beyond that, except the part about involving his brothers. There were four of them, the Callahan boys, Cory the oldest at 23, then Jace, amost 18, Jackie, almost 16, and the kid, adorable Toby, just 13. They were a great looking bunch, close as any brothers could be, and Cory worried about getting them into something they weren't prepared to deal with. It was his trip, not theirs, his responsibility to find the means to support them. He hated the secrecy thing, but those guys had seemed really serious about this, and Cory knew you didn't fuck with government guys. So he didn't say anything to them.

By the next day, he found himself energized in a way that felt really great. His workouts went fantastically well, his clients seemed more motivated than ever by his attitude and energy, and they asked him if he'd fallen in love, or was taking something to make him so up and alive and looking so good. He heard that often, but now it seemed he was hearing it more, and looking in the mirrors that were all over the gym, he did think, for whatever reason, he was looking pretty fucking great.

By the end of the day, he was also feeling horny as hell, but not like he wanted to go find a girl and get laid. It had to do more with his own body. He wanted to get naked in front of a mirror and get off on himself. That was something he often did in the mornings when he woke with a morning boner, but this was different, stronger.

A couple more days passed, and the feelings grew stronger every day. But the second day he noticed, he was sure, that it wasn't just his feelings that were changing. He found he needed to up the weight on every body part, and he felt something deep inside, like an itch that needed scratching that he couldn't quite get to, but it wasn't an itch, and it wasn't scratching he needed. There was this feeling deep inside his muscles that felt like only heavy lifting, a serious pump, would get to. But even that didn't do it. He realized it had to be whatever they'd given him, and he made himself adjust to the feeling. What it did was make him super-aware of every muscle on his body.

It was the fifth day that he noticed that he looked different. He saw it as soon as he woke up. Walking to the bathroom, his lats felt thicker under his arms and his legs rubbed together more firmly. He stared at his reflection and boned so hard it surprised him, but he felt amazing. His pecs were bigger. He looked amazing. He flexed. He held a single bi, his cock jutting up like a rocket ready to launch from his black bush, and with his other hand, he felt the flexed bi, his pecs, even his abs were more cut, thicker. Jesus. He was just about to grab his cock, which was also looking very fucking hot to him, when Jace walked into the bathroom. The doors were never locked. The guys weren't at all shy around each other, but this was not something they shared, those moments of self-gratification that only Toby was just discovering. The three older guys had jacked off together a couple times, but didn't all guys do that?

"Whoa, Cory," Jace said. "Sorry, man."

Jace was wearing a towel around his waist. Nothing else. Cory dropped the pose, but just smiled at him.

"That's cool," Cory said. "Guess I just woke up horned as shit."

"Dude, you been pumping heavy, or what?"

"What do you mean?" Cory felt a rush of excitement that Jace might see what he'd just discovered.

"You're bigger, bro. You're cut up as shit."

"Yeah? You think so? That's what I thought. I think it's this shit that some government guys gave me . . . remember when I went to that medical place?"

"Yeah? What kind of shit? I want some, dude."

"I don't know what it is, but they want to use me to test it. It pays really great money. They want you guys, too, but I told them I wasn't sure I should get you into it."

"Fuck you, man. Just keep it to yourself. When did you take it? And you already look that much more buff? You know I'd do anything to get buff like you, man. So would Jackie. I guess Toby's a little young. Dude, that boner is huge, man. I'll get out of here so you can do it."

"No, wait," Cory said, grabbing Jace by his arm. "Okay, I know this is weird, but do you think my dick looks bigger?"

Jace blushed. "I don't know, bro. It's not like I see you boned a lot. It just looks huge. I don't think of you as having that big a dick."

"Yeah," Cory agreed. He didn't think of himself as having that big a dick, either. "Wow." He just looked down at his hard-on, standing there, Jace looking uncomfortable, and Cory kind of liking his brother looking at him that way, commenting on his muscles and his dick. It was strange. He felt like he shouldn't be feeling this way, but he did.

He still had Jace by the arm. "You mean it? Would you want to do it too? Don't say anything to Jackie or Toby yet. I have to talk to them when I go back, but they really want all you guys to do it, and the pay would be incredible.

"Fuck yeah I mean it. Are you kidding?"

"Cool. Cool. It feels really great, you know. I feel really good, like hot, real turned on, real into my body and all."

"Oh, like that's something new, Mr. Aren't-I-Gorgeous Gymrat."

"Oh, ha ha. No, this is a whole different thing, I can't explain. You don't have to leave. Go ahead, take your shower. I just gotta stay here and check this out. If you don't care, I sure don't."

Jace was clearly uncomfortable, torn between his options, but his towel betrayed a rising interest or curiosity he'd just as soon not have exposed, but which, since it was making itself apparent, he was relieved of trying to hide.

"Okay, man," he said, and hung his towel on the hook, revealing the partial boner.

As Jace stood by the shower door, waiting for the water to warm, Cory turned back to the mirror and struck a double bi. His biceps seemed to pop with veins he hadn't had before and peaked so big and hard. He felt his pecs. They were definitely thicker, wider, and felt dense and hard. His cock began to drool precum. And all the time, Jace watched, careful not to stare, to be oh, so casual, Mr. Too-Cool-for-School senior varsity weight lifter, but his dick lengthened and firmed a bit more before he stepped into the steaming shower.

Cory stroked himself to orgasm and shot the biggest load of his life into the sink. He let out some healthy moaning, but he didn't care. This was too hot. As he wiped out the sink, he saw the silhouette of Jace jacking in the shower and heard the "ah, ah, aahhh" of orgasm.

More than a few people commented on how Cory was looking bigger all that day, and he felt a high he couldn't get over. He kept thinking about that morning, his conversation with Jace, and it excited the shit out of him that Jace wanted to do it, too. It also excited him thinking about Jace jacking off with him right there, and his doing it with Jace right there. He couldn't wait to get back to the center, but he still felt conflicted about getting all three of his brothers into the program, especially little Toby.

The next day, the changes that had been relatively subtle, though enough for others to notice, were more obvious, and he was even more turned on by it. The night before, Jackie and Toby had said something, too, and he wondered if Jace had said anything to them. This morning he thought as he flexed that he kind of hoped Jace had. It would make it easier. When Jace appeared in the bathroom again, this time more apparently on purpose, Cory just stood there and flexed for his brother and showed him how fast this stuff was putting on muscle.

"You gotta let us do it, too, man," Jace said. "I swear your dick is bigger, too. Shit."

Now Jace just looked down as the towel began to rise, not even trying to hide that it excited the shit out of him.

"Yeah," Cory said. "I know it. It feels bigger. I'll talk to them tomorrow."

The two guys jacked off, like the day before, separately but together, and Cory found himself wishing that they could just do it together. That would be so hot. He was in love with his body, but he also couldn't help but think what a good looking stud Jason had turned into. For a 17 year old guy, he had a great body from the weight lifting he'd been doing since he was Jackie's age, and he knew it. Jackie had started lifting, too--brotherly competition--and for a 15 year old, was already starting to get some nice cuts. Was it possible that he was feeling turned on by his own brothers? The thought flashed quickly through his mind, and he tried to force himself to dismiss it, but when he heard Jace ejaculate in the shower, it sent a thrill through him, and his own orgasm rocked him as he exploded, just as Jace, covered with soap, cum on his hand, opened the shower door, grinning, to see him cum all over the sink and the mirror.

"Duuuude . . ." was all Jace said, but his expression showed pure hero worship.

The men at the center were glad to hear that Cory would bring all three of his brothers in, and so they gave him his shot, and sent him home with a check for forty thousand dollars, ten for each, and three prepared syringes for the guys. As he drove home, he worried himself with the guilt, but he kept thinking about Jace, and he knew Jackie would be cool with it, would probably love it. He did wonder how it would affect Toby. The kid had barely started growing a few pubes, had shaved his upper lip once or twice--not that he really had to, but there was enough darkish peach fuzz to let him do it. His voice had just begun to crack and change. But even as he drove, the shot they'd given him began to work, and he felt the guilt slip away, thinking about the money, but, more than that, about how he felt, getting more muscular, his dick growing bigger. Even his balls seemed to be bigger. And he thought about Jace, jacking off in the shower, how much he was going to love the way this felt. And Jackie. They were going to be so turned on. They would be so hot. He realized, as he pulled up to the house, that he was so hard his dick hurt. He felt like that stuff was making him bone so hard that it was forcing his cock to stretch its own limits. Fucking hot. It was being forced to grow. He couldn't wait to see that happen to Jace and Jackie. And what would it do to Toby? He felt his muscles against the material of his clothes. God, he was so turned on as he gathered up the bag with the syringes and saw Jace and Jackie and Toby looking out the window, waiting for him. •

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