Zeke Chronicles, The

The Gym


By Aaron Strong

Dr. Kerr followed Zeke out of the locker room and onto the gym floor. It was bustling with activity. This particular gym was a mecca for the hardcore bodybuilders in town.

Zeke walked out across the main floor and over to the back room, where the heavy free-weights were kept. More than a few heads turned as the muscleteen's T-shirt clad body moved through the room. Kerr walked behind Zeke, enjoying a clear view of the best, tightest ass in town, and the widest lats this side of the Mississippi.

And more than a few other people took in the sight as well. One guy dropped a dumbbell on the floor as his mouth also fell in awe. Zeke was beyond well- built. He defined power. His muscled upper body was so thick and bulging, yet so lean and ripped, well-- it made the most diehard guys there gaze on with envy. And those legs! His powerful, meaty legs propelled him forward with such confidence and strength!

Zeke entered the hardcore room. All eyes that weren't in the middle of a set turned toward him. Kerr followed quietly. Normally, Kerr would have turned a few heads on his own. No stranger to gyms he-- Brian Kerr had a tight, muscular body that belied his 36 years of age. But with Zeke there, well-- Kerr was nearly invisible.

A few smith machines were on one wall. Assorted other weight benches and stations were on the other walls, each one in use. There were plenty of mirrors all around. In the middle of the room were two benches, one being used by a father and son team, and the other being used by an over-fat guy who made no effort to keep his reps to himself. He was groaning with each sweaty movement, pressing up and down on a bar that weighed over 300 pounds.

The father and son team were spotting each other. The kid, who looked to be about 18 or so, was finishing a set using 225 pounds while dad spotted. Dad was hot. Probably 45 or so, and stacked. Better than Kerr. Better than most guys half his age. He had thick, full arms and broad round shoulders that really looked good in his tank top. His waist was narrow and his legs were big. He looked like he took his bodybuilding seriously. If junior there on the bench inherited even half of this guy's genes, he was destined for greatness.

"Come on, Josh," dad coached as the kid pressed out his last rep. "Push it up.


Josh pressed the bar up, his arms trembling, then racked it. He sat up. Shit.

He indeed HAD inherited his father's genes! He was a hunk! His thick neck supported a handsome face. His arms were big for a teenager. Really big; probably stretched the 18 or even 19 inch mark. He was one gorgeous musclestud, with a thick chest under his blue T-shirt, and nice, promising legs supporting his youthful, virile body. He wore a baseball cap.

Both dad and Josh caught Zeke at the same time. And their reaction was the same. They couldn't get their eyes off him. Yeah, they tried. They looked away and added some weight for dad's next set. But as Zeke moved through the room, they both kept stealing glances back at him.

Zeke walked over to the bench where dad and Josh were. He smiled at Josh. "You guys mind if I use this bench?"

Kerr was a little embarrassed. He hadn't expected Zeke to be so brash.

But dad looked right as Zeke and said, "Go right ahead. We were just finishing." He might as well have asked Zeke if he could hump him right then and there. He looked the teen up and down, eyeing every huge muscle. Josh, not one to miss out, said "You want me to ad some weight here for you?"

Zeke moved over to Josh, who was standing at one end of the bar, ready to grab another disc for Zeke. "You're Josh Cox, aren't you. The quarterback at Hill High?"

Josh almost turned red. "Yeah. How did you know?"

"Just an admirer, I guess," Zeke smiled. "I like how you play ball."

Josh stared into Zeke's eyes and was mesmerized as the huge teen stood so close, so powerfully close. Zeke's chest met Josh's eyes. "Uh-- well, uh-- thanks man," he said, looking up at Zeke.

Zeke looked down at the 225 pound laden bar. "I think I'm going to need a lot more weight here," he said. He put one hand on Josh's shoulder and with the other he turned Josh's hat around backwards and said "Be a good boy and round up some of the 100 pound discs, won't you. The 45's just won't do very much for me."

Josh, without saying anything, quickly scurried to find the weights.

Zeke looked over at dad. "Name's Zeke," he smiled.

"Mike," the dad said.

"Nice to meet you, Mike." Zeke cast a glance over at Josh, who was across the room, picking up a 100 pound disc. "You son Josh is one hot looking stud."

Kerr frowned. What in the world?

Mike smiled. His attraction to Zeke was muted, but obvious. He was trying to control it. "Yeah," he said almost scuffing his shoe on the floor as he looked down. "A lot of the girls think so, I guess."

Zeke walked around the bench. Shit, his broad shoulders just dominated the room. "I'd say he gets his good looks from his dad," he said. He put his hand on Mike's shoulder and squeezed it gently. "And I'd also say it's not only the girls who notice."

Mike looked up at Zeke, almost like a puppy dog, expecting a pat on the head. "Yeah," he squeaked. "I guess so."

Zeke stared into Mike's eyes. "I want your son." he said softly.

Mike swallowed hard. He looked away, breaking their mutual stare, but his eyes were pulled back to Zeke's.

"Has he ever had sex?" Zeke asked.

Mike blinked and tried to back away. His mind raced. Should he throw up a punch? Should he laugh? Should he run? "Uh--" he shook his head, then looked back into those bright green eyes. "Uh-- yes. I mean no. I mean-- I think so."

Zeke chuckled. He stepped just a tad bit closer to Mike. He smiled down at him. "Dude, you have it so bad for me."

Mike just froze.

"I'm going to lift some weights here," Zeke said. Then, if you're good, dad, I'll let you watch while I make your son cum all over me. Maybe even give you a turn when I'm done jackin' him off." He stepped back. "Would you like that?"

Their encounter was interrupted by Josh clanging the weight onto the bar.

Zeke looked over at Josh and whispered to Mike. "Mmmm, I am going to ENJOY your boy there. Fresh, ripe, young muscle." He left Mike and walked around to Josh. "Dude, you need to take all the 45's off first. Otherwise there won't be enough room on the bar. One hundreds only."

"Sure thing," Josh said, and got right to work.

"The name's Zeke."

Josh looked up at him. "Sure thing," then returned to his work, trying not to gawk at the musclegod.

Zeke moved close and put his hand on Josh's forearm. Josh stopped. "It's okay if you want to look, dude," Zeke said.


"You like what you see, dude. That's okay. You go ahead and look at my muscles all you want. Later on, you'll get to see them up close and personal."

Josh just swallowed hard as he felt his cock grow. How did Zeke know? Was it that obvious? The gut-wrenching feeling in his stomach intensified and he started sweating. Oh shit. He just couldn't let anyone know his secret! But this inhuman muscle stud was calling his lifelong bluff!

Josh, nearly dropping the weights and running into the equipment, scurried to occupy himself, collecting and mounting the discs on the bar. Zeke warmed up by doing sissy pushups on the end of the bench, giving the guys on the floor an outstanding display of his muscle ass and back. Some of the guys sported hard, big boners under their shorts as Zeke slowly moved up and down, supporting his hands on the end of the bench and his ankles together behind him.

Mike watched with the others, as muscle upon rippling muscle danced before their eyes. He nursed his hardon under his gym shorts, trying to hide it rather unsuccessfully.

Finally, Josh had positioned the discs. Six hundred and forty-five pounds, counting the weight of the bar. "That'll be a good warmup," Zeke grinned.

Pretty much everyone in the room gathered around, some more obviously than others, some watching from a safe distance where their hardons could be concealed.

Zeke laid down and took a deep breath. His mighty arms pressed up on the bar, rippling hundreds of fibers of muscle into tight ropes of iron. The bar raised off the rack. He lowered the bar and let it barely touch his rising pecs, then easily pressed it back up. He repeated, easily. The bar moved fluidly, without slowing or pausing at either the top or bottom of the reps. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.

Zeke racked the bar and sat up. A room full of men stood above him, staring-- some with open mouths.

Dr. Kerr couldn't believe what he had just seen. Over six hundred pounds! And seemingly effortless movement! For twelve reps! Inconceivable!

Zeke smiled at his admirers. "Need a few hundred more pounds, Josh," he said. Josh obeyed and within a few minutes the bar held over 800 pounds of steel.

Zeke laid down once again and took two deep breaths. His face tightened and he pressed against the bar. Striations of steel cables snapped to attention across his arms and shoulders. His arms bulged and the bar creaked loudly as it slowly raised off the supports. Zeke took in two more deep breaths as he held the bar motionless above him. Then, the bar moved downward. All the way to Zeke's huge chest. Zeke's feet spread wide, his mammoth legs tightened, and he pushed the bar upward. This weight was not so easy. The second rep was just as powerful, just as methodical. As was the third.

The fourth rep was a little slower, and Zeke began to really breathe heavily. His face squinted. He panted as he pressed the bar up for the fifth rep, but the range of motion was still deep, all the way down to his pecs. On the sixth rep he began to turn his head from side to side, panting and moaning. His muscular body shook.

A guy in one of the corners started ejaculating into this exercise pants. He moaned, then slightly turned, trying to hide his embarrassing display of homosexual lust. Most of the guys didn't notice. They were looking at Zeke.

"Holy shit," some of the guys whispered. Zeke's gargantuan, rippling muscles shook with power.

He lowered the bar once again and pressed it for all he was worth-- the seventh rep. "Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he hissed. The bar moved up. His Herculean arms were red and meaty. Over eight hundred pounds of steel moved upward and obeyed the muscleteen's command to rise. Zeke racked the bar and stood up. He hit a most muscular pose and growled, his bright white teeth grinning from ear-to-ear in a victorious smile.

Another guy, the fat one who had been using the other bench, began ejaculating. The room was full of sex and sweat and many of the other men were on the verge of spewing forth as well.

Zeke walked over to the fat man, stuck his hand inside the guy's pants and pulled out a thick, white wad of cum on the tips of his fingers. He lifted it and sucked the spunk off. He smiled at the weightlifter, who wasn't yet done jacking. "Thanks man," Zeke said. "I appreciate the compliment." He reached inside again and helped himself to a second serving.

Zeke's body tightened and he seemed to take on a healthy glow. He clenched his teeth, and his body trembled for just a second, as if he had momentarily experienced a cold shiver.

"Shit, yeah," he said, looking at the man again. "Pretty good spunk. Not to bad for a fat guy."

Zeke moved over to the corner and helped himself to the guy who had started to squirt earlier. This guy was pretty well-built, and the effect it had on Zeke was slightly more profound than the jizz from the fat guy.

"Nice buzz," Zeke said as he licked the guy's cum from his fingers.

Kerr was incredulous. "You just go ahead and to this kind of stuff, right in public?" he said as Zeke returned to the bench area.

"Sure," Zeke smiled. "No one stops me. And I think most of these guys like watching! Besides, you ain't seen nothing yet!" he said as he glanced over at Josh.

He walked over to the quarterback and stood close. "You have some pretty good self-control, dude," he said. "You think you can keep from jackin' while you put your hand up my shirt and feel my pecs?"

Josh didn't answer.

"Awe come on," Zeke teased. "Big strong quarterback afraid he can't control himself? Come on and put your hands inside. I won't bite. Promise." He danced his pecs under his T-shirt. "Come on dude, you know you've been looking at me ever since I walked into the room." He lowered his voice to a taunting whisper. "Go ahead. Just one little feel."

Josh was nearly trembling. He wanted to SO bad, but of course he had a reputation to uphold. The high school jock wasn't about to come out, if he could help it.

Zeke reached down and held Josh's hands for a second. Then he slowly put them inside his T-shirt. Josh's hand couldn't help but move upward. He nearly gasped as his fingers felt the deep ridges of the marble abs. His breath was quivering as his hands moved up onto Zeke's monstrous pecs. He spread his hand and started feeling out the thick, warm meat.

Zeke smiled. He leaned forward and simultaneously started to slowly, rhythmically manipulate his pectoral muscles for Josh's hands, as he also started kissing Josh's lips. Zeke wrapped his huge arms around Josh as the men in the room watched. The two teens embraced in the most passionate kiss that Dr. Kerr had ever witnessed. Zeke's huge muscular body enveloped Josh.

As Josh's hands were squeezed into Zeke's chest by the warm, sensual embrace, Josh let out a small whimper and his whole body jerked once. Then again. The bodybuilders in the room watched as Zeke drove Josh into an orgasm.

Josh panted and moaned with each jerk. Zeke held him tight. "Yeah," Zeke whispered, his monstrous arms rippling as they embraced the helpless teen's body. "Yeah, let it go. You want me so bad, dude. Empty your cream into your shorts for me. I want to taste it-- to drink it down."

As Josh ejaculated in Zeke's arms, Zeke looked up to see Mike watching. Zeke grinned and winked at Mike. "Don't worry daddy, you're next," he smiled. He looked into Mike's eyes and made a kissing gesture, then opened his mouth just a bit and slowly ran his tongue around his lips, then grinned some more.

After about a minute, Zeke pulled Josh back and knelt down. He pulled Josh's shorts and jock strap down to his mid-quads and started licking up the copious amount of cum.

"Oh shit," Josh moaned. He wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

When Zeke's tongue met up with Josh's half-spent cock, the penis immediately began spurting again! Kerr couldn't believe it! Zeke gently wrapped his lips around Josh's dick and went down all the way on it. Josh moaned loudly, and a couple of the guys watching did likewise.

Zeke cleaned up all of Josh's love offering and stood up. Immediately his body started to grow, almost like morphing, into bigger and more powerful muscles. Zeke clenched his fists at his sides and closed his eyes.

"Oh SHIIIIT, Yessss!" he panted. His whole body was getting bigger. He actually seemed to get a few inches taller!

"Fuckin' mother of god!" one guy said. "What the fuck is happening to him?"

The men watched, aghast, as Zeke transform before their very eyes. Then, after a minute or so, it was over. Zeke opened his eyes. He had returned to his previous state, although he certainly looked pumped and thicker.

"Oh YEAH!" he smiled. "Awesome, dude!" he looked at Josh and patted him on the back. "I'm thinking I could press 900 pounds now!" He turned to the onlookers. "Anyone want to watch?"

They all mumbled. They were too stunned to really speak.

"Awe come on," Zeke grinned. "I need some more encouragement than THAT! Tell you what. If you want, I'll take off my clothes and bench it nude." He started fumbling with his shorts, then looked up. "Anyone interested?"

He lifted his shirt off and then pushed his pants down. The jizz drinks he had consumed had definitely had their effect. Kerr watched, amazed at the growth and new definition, if more of either was even possible. Chords of iron muscle groups bulged and danced before the men's eyes, sending more than one of them into involuntary orgasms. Zeke's massive body, now fully visible to all, was incredible. Its proportions, with that narrow, sexy waist, were so perfect, so magnificently developed! And that tree branch of a cock was more than enough to make all of the guys green with envy!

He laid down on the bench once again, now laden with 900 pounds. His totally nude body was all muscle-- only muscle. His cock laid against his abs, almost totally erect and dripping with honey. He reached down and fondled his balls and looked up at the guys, smiling. He closed his eyes as his fingers found his sweet spot, then opened them again.

One guy turned away, obviously trying to avoid an orgasm, but it was too late. He grabbed the side of the smith machine and let out a whimper while he grabbed his cock in his shorts.

Zeke smiled. He reached up and grabbed the bar, lifting it quickly off the struts. "Yeah!" he groaned. He lowered the bar to his bare chest and his whole body stiffened. Slowly, the bar raised as Zeke panted. Then a second rep. And a third. He forced out six reps altogether, then sat up.

Zeke looked over at Mike. He could see that Mike was ready. He stood up and approached dad. "Shit, you have it bad for me don't you, muscledaddy." He held Mike's hand, which was sweaty. Mike's heart pounded hard. He just stood there, driving Mike wild with desire, sending out very small, but effective, sex vibes. Not much was needed.

Zeke almost whispered to Mike. "You ever tell Josh over there how much you love muscle? You ever do it with him?" Zeke grinned. He ran his hand up Mike's thick forearm and onto his triceps, squeezed it for a second, then continued on up to Mike's shoulder. His hand rested on Mike's broad deltoid. "Come on, you can tell me. You ever suck off your son?" He moved his free hand onto Mike's raging hardon and squeezed the fabric of his shorts, very slowly and gently.

"You know," Zeke said softly, "Sucking off your son was fantastic. I have a feeling you and I are going to have a real nice time. What say you and me mosey on over to the bench there." He winked at Mike, who was frozen.

Zeke put his hand on Mike's muscular butt and propelled him over to the well- lit bench which was still pretty much surrounded by the throng of bodybuilders. "Looks like you and I are going to have a nice little audience, dad," Zeke said as he lifted Mike's tank top off. He bent down on his knees and pulled Mike's shorts off, as well as his briefs. The clothes protested greatly against the size of Mike's legs, but Zeke forced them over the muscle and onto the floor. Mike's boner immediately sprang up, nearly hitting his abs. Mike was a rock. His muscular physique had to have less than 10 percent fat. His chest was thick and pouty. His shoulders were wide and his arms were among the biggest in the gym. Two mountainous legs rippled with beef, and the cock that sprang from his loins would have probably felt more at home on a horse than a man.

Zeke, still down on his knees, bent forward and opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out. He didn't touch Mike's penis, but came awfully close. He brushed the end of Mike's cock with the tip of his tongue for just an instant, then looked up, smiling.

Zeke stood up. Mike moaned. Zeke moved forward and embraced Mike. They started to kiss. Muscle enveloped muscle as the two men hugged, gently caressing each other's massive bodies. Zeke's kiss was more sensual than you could imagine: slow, heavy, tender and passionate. Mike's whole body tensed as Zeke gently frenched him, driving him wild, making his heart skip multiple beats, embracing his muscular body powerfully, yet so softly.

Zeke moved Mike over to the bench and laid him down on it, face up. Mike's cock spewed precum all over his abs. As the men in the room watched-- no one dared intervene-- Zeke lifted Mike's legs with his powerful arms, arms that were nearly as big as Mike's legs! Zeke spread them, and then bent forward, positioning his cock at Mike's door.

Zeke pushed forward and his cock head parted Mike's sphincter. Mike moaned and dropped his head back onto the bench. Zeke pushed harder and the lip of his cut slipped inside. Mike's ass muscles tightened in response to the intruder and wrapped themselves around the cut. Zeke's muscular, thick, long cock moved in farther.

Mike began panting. Zeke didn't stop. The muscleteen raised his upper lip as he forced his way farther and farther inside. Mike let out a wail, then resumed panting. His own cock was harder than it had been in years.

Zeke pushed farther, dropping his head back and moaning at the pleasure and domination. His mighty penis moved all the way inside. Mike lifted his head, looking up at Zeke's face. His eyes were big; he was sweating profusely. He dropped his head back on the bench and groaned. Zeke held still.

Slowly, Zeke started to rock his cock inside Mike. Only millimeters of movement were needed. Mike felt it. Back. And forth. Slowly, thoughtfully. Powerfully. Back. And forth.

Mike's penis raised off his abs and spurt out a hot white blast of cream. His body jerked and he wailed. A second volley came out, shooting a long string of jizz up onto his own face and chest. Zeke held him still. A third squirt, and the orgasm was in full swing. Mike groaned as blast after blast squirted out, sliming his body with his own creamy semen.

Zeke dropped Mike's legs and they wrapped around the teen's small waist as he leaned forward to drink up Mike's jizz. The redhead musclegod licked up as much as he could, but some dribbled over Mike's intercostals and onto the floor. Zeke bent close and lifted Mike's cock to directly feed off it as it continued to spurt.

Even before Mike was completely done, Zeke started to grow. He held Mike tightly, almost crushing him. Mike wailed as Zeke's huge muscles tensed and tightened and grew. Then Zeke's cock let forth with a hard, painful blast of cum inside Mike's ass. Zeke leaned back and Mike nearly lifted off the bench as the fulcrum of Zeke's cock straightened and moved.

More than one observer had quite a personal mess to clean up later.

Zeke grew and grew, hissing and groaning with each ejaculation. His orgasm was loud and intense.

Finally, the two exhausted men slumped on each other on top of the bench, panting heavily. Zeke pulled himself out slowly, his cock still thick and red.

He moved Mike off the bench and pushed out 8 reps of 950 pounds.

Kerr had two orgasms during the show, not to mention the three he had had overnight with Zeke as his house guest, and the three more he would have that night with Zeke again.

Zeke came again, right after the 950 pound set. It was a mess. The sticky cream was everywhere: the bench, weights, mirrors, even some on the ceiling. No one told the gym owner what had happened. No one knew who eventually cleaned it all up. •

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