Pop Up, The

By wishboi2002

Josh was a typical teenage boy. He was seventeen and a senior in high school. He lived in a small town where everybody seemed to know everyone else and their business, and for that reason Josh could not wait to go away to college next year. Josh was a quiet kid who most people seemed to overlook. He wasn't a jock…actually he was far from that. Sports were a big deal at his high school, but he never really fit in with that crowd. He was a small boy, just around 5'7'' and 130 pounds. He was a cute kid though, with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a boyish face that made him look a few years younger than he really was. The bigger, athletic guys occasionally picked him on, but mostly people just ignored him.

Josh's parents were divorced and he lived with father. However, Josh rarely saw his dad. His dad worked night shifts, so he would be gone when Josh got home from school and would still be sleeping when Josh left in the mornings. And if Josh's dad did have time to spend with his son, he would often choose not to. Josh's dad had been a big jock in high school. He had been captain of the basketball team, and was disappointed that his son had not followed in his footsteps.

Josh did have one friend, Aaron. Aaron was the same age as Josh, and practically the same size. Aaron had blond hair and blue eyes, but didn't have the boyish cuteness in his face that Josh did. The two had become friends in junior high. They weren't necessarily best friends, but their relationship was the closest Josh had ever been to anyone.

One day in October, Josh was walking home from school. He passed by the football field and saw the football team out practicing for their upcoming game that weekend. Josh couldn't help but stare as he noticed several of the guys had peeled off their shirts on the unusually warm October day. "Man!" he thought to himself, "I wish I had a body like that." He continued walking home thinking about what he had seen. When he got home, he went to his room and sat at his computer, like he did most days after school. He searched for some pics of muscular guys and started to get aroused. Suddenly a pop up window opened on his screen. There was a picture of the most beautiful man that Josh had ever seen and the headline "Click here to make all your dreams and wishes come true!" Intrigued, Josh clicked it. He was taken to a website that had the picture of the man on the left side and on the right was the following:

"Make all your dreams and wishes come true! This once in a lifetime opportunity is all yours. Just type your secret wish or desire in the box below, click submit, and sit back and wait for your dreams to become a reality." Josh looked down and noticed a white box he could type in. "This is ridiculous," he thought to himself. But he was aroused by the idea so he thought he would give it a shot. He typed in the box, "I want to be a jock." He clicked submit and sat patiently for a few seconds…nothing happened. He laughed at himself. His stomach growled, so he went downstairs to get something to eat and the memory of what he had just done began to fade as he laid on the couch and watched the television.

An hour later Josh woke up. He realized that he must have fallen asleep on the couch watching the television. "That's weird," he thought to himself, "Why are my legs hanging over the arm of the couch? I can usually curl up nicely on here." He rolled off the couch and headed back upstairs to his bedroom. When he got to his bedroom he realized he had to reach down a little to grab the doorknob. He just rubbed his eyes and went into his bedroom. No sooner had he stepped into his room than he heard a loud "Riiiiiiiip." What the hell? He looked down and saw that his toes had busted through his sock. "I really need to get some new socks. This pair is way too old." Then the button on his jean popped off. "You've got to be kidding! I can't be gaining that much weight. I guess I have been eating a lot lately." Then the doorbell rang. Josh ran downstairs to see who it was.

He opened the door to see Aaron standing there with his backpack. "Hey man," said Aaron, "I need to borrow your science book. I forgot mine at school and I don't wanna go back for it."

Just then Aaron noticed he had to look up at Josh. "Dude…are you taller?"

"Don't be ridiculous. I do think I am getting fatter though."

"No, Josh, you're taller. You use to be shorter than me. You look about six inches taller than me now!"

Josh walked back into the house. Aaron followed him upstairs to his bedroom. Josh's shirt started to pull apart as his shoulders became broader. Aaron sat down on Josh's bed and just watched him. "Oh no," Josh mumbled, "I think I know what could be happening." Josh told Aaron about the website he had visited. Both the boys laughed about it, but then the reality set in. Josh noticed Aaron's package getting harder as Josh changed more. Josh felt his body fill with new strength. His biceps ballooned and burst out of the sleeves on his tiny t-shirt. His calves and thighs began to swell, causing his jeans to split up the sides…starting at the ankle and going all the way up to his waist. Next, Josh's tiny torso began to fill out. His flat chest pumped up and formed two mounds of muscle that lifted his shirt at first, and then split it right down the front. Aaron saw Josh's stomach shrink in to be flat and hard and then start to push out, forming an 8 pack of muscle where a tiny gut had once been. The sound of stretching skin filled the room. Josh tore off the remains of his shirt and jeans. He was now a 17-year-old muscle jock standing in nothing but briefs, which were straining to contain his new size. He could feel his cock start to stir. It was no longer his boyish, 5-inch cock…it was now growing to 9 inches of manhood. Within seconds the longer, thicker dick was tearing out of the briefs, releasing his orange size balls to hang free. Aaron watched as Josh swelled, muscles getting tighter and bigger, and veins snaking under his skin.

Josh walked over to the mirror. His 6'3'', 235-pound body filled the frame of the mirror. He tried putting his big hands around his new, thick neck. Then he rubbed his pecs as he flexed them, watching them bounce. Then he rubbed his hands over his new washboard, and finally lightly stroked his new manly cock. He looked over to see Aaron staring in awe at his new "jock" friend and trying to cover his erection. Josh turned back to the mirror and got an idea. This would be the perfect time to act on his crush that he had had on Aaron for several years now. Aaron couldn't resist this body. Josh turned back to face Aaron and hit a hard pose, flexing his perfect muscles in Aaron's face.

Josh walked over to Aaron and began to lift off his shirt. "I can't be the only naked stud in the room," Josh whispered in a now deeper voice. He pulled the shirt over Aaron's head. He could feel Aaron tremble slightly in fear. "Here little buddy, let me help." And with a powerful tug, Josh ripped his jeans off. Aaron sat there in his gray boxer-briefs, letting Josh take charge. Josh ripped the underwear off Aaron and went to work on his cock. It was small in Josh's mouth, but he didn't care. He had secretly wanted this cock for years. Within a few minutes, Aaron lost control and blew a huge load that filled Josh's mouth.

Then Josh picked Aaron up and threw him on the bed on his stomach. Josh spread him wide and slowly pushed into his very tight ass. Aaron cried in pain, but couldn't stop the muscle jock. Josh let out the deepest moan he had ever known. Not only had he gotten inside his friend, but also he had become the perfect man to do it. Aroused beyond belief, Josh flexed his arms and chest as he pounded Aaron. After a few minutes, it was all he could bare and he released the biggest load of his life. Josh yelled like a beast as he orgasmed and Aaron couldn't do anything but feel himself fill with his muscle friend's juice. It was all Josh could do to pull out of his friend. Then the two boys fell asleep, Aaron curled up in the giant embrace of muscle.

The boys awoke a few hours later. Aaron rolled over and turned to look at Josh. He stared in shock and then began to shake Josh. "Wake up!"

Josh slowly opened his eyes. "What is it?"

"Dude, you're back to normal. Was that a dream?"

"What the…?" Josh looked to see his normal 5'7'', 130-pound body.

Both the boys were very disappointed, however they did continue their relationship in the months that followed. Their first experience had been incredible together and they couldn't forget that. It was a secret they would always share.

To be continued… •

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