Zeke Chronicles, The

The Examination


By Aaron Strong

Dr. Kerr stood outside exam room number 5 and pulled the chart from the pocket on the door. It was his last appointment of the day, and he was dog tired. It was a Friday afternoon, and he looked forward to a weekend alone (his wife would be away on a business trip). It promised to be a sensual time with his computer and muscle videos.

Kerr read the chart, and his interest was piqued: Zeke Powers. Born in 1983. Hmmm, that would make him 18 years old. Height: 75 inches. Nice. Six-foot, three.

He continued scanning the chart. Holy shit! 240 pounds! Either he was really going to be FAT, or one huge hunk of a muscle teen. Kerr put the file under his arm and turned the doorknob.

Inside, sitting on the examination table, sat the most incredibly-built guy Kerr had ever seen. He even blew the socks off that Grant Strong guy who had been in Kerr's office this morning. Even though he was sitting on the table, Kerr surmised that Zeke was easily six and a half feet tall. He had short red hair, military cut-- in an almost flattop style. His ears-- even his ears were gorgeous! They stuck out in a down-home sort of way that just wreaked of virility and youth.

His was a bull-neck if there ever was one. Thick and long, it was an ivory tower firmly planted on a pair of traps that would make any linebacker jealous.

Those trapezius muscles looked like two rounded rocks, bulging from beneath the bright white cotton T-shirt that hugged his muscular upper body like saran wrap on a cold steak.

Kerr's eyes traversed outward from the traps and landed on Zeke's broad, round shoulders. Kerr's stomach started to tighten as he took in the hugeness and unbelievable spherical grandeur of those delts. They were so broad, so wide! And the term "cannonball" didn't even do them justice. Kerr's eyes moved around the delts to their lower terminus with the triceps muscles. What unbelievable definition between the delts and triceps! You could hide a car in that indentation!

His triceps were so huge and stuck out so far that they looked like you could rest a battery on them (forget the shoulder, Robert Conrad). Oh shit, those arms! Massive, yet striated and ripped, his biceps fought in tandem with his triceps to stretch the sleeve of his T-shirt to it's limit, and beyond. His arms were so hot. Hard and full, they each were so lean that Kerr could see the muscle fibers in them. A thick, straw-like vein pulsed down each biceps, feeding and nourishing the thick, hard meat. Kerr swallowed hard; his was a hopeless infatuation with men who had big arms. This Zeke guy took the prize.

Zeke's chest was in perfect proportion to the rest of his body: huge. His peanut-sized nipples pushed through the cotton, propelled outward and downward by two of the thickest slabs of pectoral muscle on the planet! His pecs were more than just full and thick, they were round and dominating.

Zeke's white T-shirt hugged his lower torso, which narrowed into his jeans like milk being poured from a pitcher. Kerr could even see some of the definition of his abs under the fabric. Zeke's lower torso was unbelievably svelte-- almost petite! How a man with so much obvious upper-body strength and mass could have such a taut, skinny waist was beyond belief, yet his proportions were seemingly perfect! Each muscle group enhanced its neighbor, and the whole package was like a sculpture. No-- even better. No mere artist could possibly conceive such a beautiful display of manly perfection.

Zeke's legs were the foundation, if not the capstone, of his perfect physique. As he sat on the examination table, his gargantuan legs exuded strength and power. Thick masses of quad muscles filled his jeans, which Kerr determined HAD to be custom made. Kerr could even see the size of Zeke's calves, as they pushed against the denim.

"Hi doc," Zeke grinned. It was a smile that immediately made Kerr go weak in the knees. His teeth were bright white, and his eyes gleamed with health. He had small dimples on his cheeks when he smiled, and a deeper one in his chin. It was a model's face. Absolutely gorgeous. Perfectly straight teeth. Bright green eyes that only complimented his red hair. And that neck! Oh, shit his thick, powerful neck just bulged when he smiled!

Kerr could barely speak. "Hi-- hi, I'm, uh, Dr. Kerr." His words fell all over themselves.

"Glad to meet you doc," Zeke said, extending his hand.

Dr. Kerr can't remember most of those first few moments. For THIS muscle worshipper, he had truly met his god, and his mind is totally fuzzy about the first part of that encounter with muscle deity.

But eventually Kerr's memory was able to keep an accurate record.

"I just want to make sure I'm okay, and don't have some kind of disease or radiation poisoning or something," Zeke said.

The conversation had centered around Zeke's amazing growth in the past six months. He had gained 50 pounds of pure muscle. But the most amazing thing was his strength. It increased more than the proportion of his size. He was benching over 800 pounds! For reps! Kerr found this difficult, if not impossible to believe. That would be a incredible. It was a claim that Kerr intended to investigate further.

"But then there's the weird thing," Zeke said.

"The weird thing?"

The muscle teen hesitated. "Well," he paused. "Its this thing that I seem to be able to do." Zeke looked down at the ground, appearing uncomfortable.

"Go on," Dr. Kerr prodded.

"Well," Zeke said. "I call it my Animal Magnetism. Its kinda weird, but I have confirmed it countless times." He started to smile, then he got serious again.

"I seem to have this attraction to men now, that makes them, well-- it makes them really like me."

"Like you?"

"Okay doc," he said. "I guess I'll just get it all out. I seem to be a turn-on to men. All men. They all seem to want me. Not that it bothers me. I'm able to pick and choose... I mean nobody messes with me without my permission, if you know what I mean; but its kinda weird that just about EVERY man I run into gets turned on my me."

"Really? EVERY man?" Kerr asked, shifting his weight on his legs.

Zeke smiled. "I'm sorry doc, but I can tell. With you it's exceptionally strong." One corner of his mouth turned up in a wry smile and his eyes twinkled.

"And how about women," Kerr quickly diverted the conversation.

In all seriousness, without an ounce of pride, Zeke said "Oh, I can have any woman I want. The attraction is the same with them as it is with the men." It was matter-of-fact. "And I really enjoy women," he said. "But I kinda expect that. With my muscles and all. But the guy thing kinda is different. I mean, shit, even the 80 year old guy in line at Walmart was looking me up and down!"

"But don't you think that's to be expected? I mean a physique like yours is quite unusual. I would imagine most men admire your body, and are at least a little envious. But that doesn't mean they all want to jump into bed with you."

"You don't understand, doc," Zeke said. "Ever since I started growing, it's like my mind has been developing as well. I can kinda tell what people are thinking. With most people, I can kinda, well-- read their thoughts. I can kinda hear what they say to themselves."

Kerr decided to let the mind-reading stuff go for now. "So, what do you do when you see a guy who `wants you?'" he asked.

"It depends. I mean, they ALL want me. But most guys I just brush off. Most don't interest me. But if he's built, well then I like to have a little fun." He exhaled a loud breath, almost sighing. "I mean, well. Okay. I like to have sex."

Kerr paused. "I see." He fiddled with his papers for a second. "Well, that's neither here nor there," he said. "Your personal life isn't really my concern.

But I do hope you practice safe sex."

Zeke just smiled; his teeth gleamed and his grin was irrepressible.

Kerr melted once again.

"And one last thing," Zeke interjected.


"Well, this might be the weirdest of all," Zeke said. "But since I'm here at the doctor's and I've already spilled my whole thing out to you, I might as well tell you."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"It's cum."


"Yeah," Zeke said. "Cum. I crave it. Sometimes I feel like a Dr. Jekyl or something. I mean I wouldn't hurt someone or anything, but at times it's like I just HAVE to have someone's cum." He looked up at the ceiling and his neck bulged, making Kerr's boner jump. "So... I go and find some guy, turn him on just by looking at him, and make him cum so I can drink it up."

Dr. Kerr, for all his attraction to Zeke, found this bit of information both exciting and disturbing. He squinted his eyes in disbelief.

Zeke continued, now looking down at the floor. "Sometimes we have sex. Sometimes if I'm really thirsty I'll just maybe take off my shirt and send him my sex vibes and make him cum so I can have it."

"Sex vibes?"

Zeke looked up to Dr. Kerr. All of a sudden, Kerr was filled with a tingling sensation. It was similar to the feeling he got from Grant Strong. His cock tightened and tingled. Zeke was so hot! All Kerr wanted to do was to rip off Zeke's clothes and gaze at the inhuman beauty of the muscular hunk before him. Kerr's whole body tightened. He wanted nothing less than Zeke himself. His cock began to churn as his balls became heavy, ready to produce their juice.

Just when Kerr was almost ready to shoot, it stopped. Zeke looked away, and Kerr's stimulation subsided. Oh, he was still majorly attracted to Zeke, but the control thing stopped. His juices receded. His cock, although still stiffer than a two-by-four, relaxed.

"See?" Zeke said. "My sex vibes. I can make a man cum, just by looking at him. Usually I don't though. I usually like to take my clothes off and see his reaction." Zeke smiled that devilish grin once again.

Kerr drew in a deep breath. He felt winded, deprived. "I see..." he almost whispered.

Zeke looked up at the doctor. He had a puppy-dog cute expression. Kerr wanted to die. Maybe crawl into bed with him and just kiss him for a few years. Touch those huge, tight muscles. Let his fingers tremble as they over the rock-hard pecs and arms. Feel the rippling abs. Caress those glutes.

Zeke turned from confessor and cad to a quiet, reflective man. He seemed to get very serious. He started playing with the end of his pant belt, looking at it. His arms rippled as his fingertips moved back and forth. His thick forearms danced with each minute movement of his fingers.

Finally, after a minute of this quiet contemplation, Zeke looked up at Dr. Kerr. "You want to examine me doc?" He said so innocently. Those huge arms just hung at his sides as he gazed at Kerr. His eyes looked deep into the doctor. His shoulders, without even moving or anything, just exuded strength and power. Yet that cute face was so damn sexy! Almost vulnerable!

Kerr's heart began to pound. He felt lightheaded. And Zeke wasn't even sending out his "sex vibes" anymore!

"Uh, uh- yeah. Yes. That would be good." He was loosing it. He clumsily sat the file down on the counter again.

Zeke tried to hide a small smile. Then he scooted forward on the table so that he was half standing, half sitting-- leaning against the cushioned table. "You want me to take my shirt off?"

Kerr was dry-mouthed. "Yeah," he coughed. He swallowed and could feel his tongue stick to the roof of his mouth. His gut tightened.

Zeke tugged at the bottom of his T-shirt and untucked it. He looked at his fingers, those strong, muscular fingers, as he pulled on the fabric. Then he looked up at Kerr with those innocent eyes.

Kerr's heart pounded so loud, he could swear he could hear it. His own private musclegod was about to reveal himself.

Zeke pulled the shirt higher and exposed his abs. Holy fucking shit! His abs were two columns of river rock. The skin clung to the lumps of muscle, so that the tiny fibers, the smallest shading and sliver of texture could be seen. Zeke moved his fingertips onto his abs and pushed the skin to the side. Shit! The skin traveled over the rounded rocks like it wasn't connected. As soon as Zeke lifted his finger, the skin quickly moved back to its original place, giving an equally sensual show on the return trip, flowing over the mounds and into and out of the deep crevasses.

Zeke continued lifting the T-shirt. He had to pull it out far in order to clear his pecs.

Kerr thought he would die. Never in any magazine, video or web site had he seen anything even remotely like this. Nobody at any gym he had ever attended was even in this guy's league!

Zeke's chest, now fully visible, was a lesson in sensuality and power. Thick, pouty nipples protruded downward; huge muscles bulged and flexed. And the skin, so taut, stretched over the muscles and hugged them, forming a deep canyon between the pectorals. You could hold two or three pencils in the valley, easily.

Zeke lifted the shirt off his head and let it fall to the floor. He looked up at Kerr and, like a model staring sensually into a camera, gazed into Kerr's eyes, nearly sending him into a coma. The teen's arms pulsed with power, now no longer confined by the cotton. His waist was taut and small. His shoulders were wide and powerful. And his skin was tan-- golden really. Perfect complexion, dry and free of any blemish, save for maybe a few freckles under his eyes and on his nose.

Kerr supported himself by holding onto the counter.

"You need to use the stethoscope or something?" Zeke asked, trying to prod Kerr back to consciousness.

Kerr, like a zombie, took his stethoscope and plugged the ends into his ears. His fingers trembled as he placed the end on Zeke's chest. As a course of habit, Kerr placed his free hand on Zeke's back, to support the pressing of the stethoscope on his chest. Zeke' back was very warm. And the musculature was astounding. Unreal, really. Kerr listened to the slow, steady heartbeat as the instrument planted itself on the meaty pec. The skin and muscle barely gave. Kerr's other hand moved over Zeke's back muscles and upward, onto the teen's large traps. He squeezed one, and it refused to relinquish any of its size. Shit, it was HARD!

Kerr listened to the stethoscope, but didn't record the heartbeat. He wasn't really there.

"Doc?" Zeke said quietly.


"I need some cum."

Kerr stepped back.

"I want yours," Zeke almost whispered.

Kerr's stomach tied up. No, he couldn't let this happen. Not now. Not here.

He'd be disbarred as a doctor! He couldn't do this with a patient.

But the desire was so strong.

Zeke reached up and removed the stethoscope ends from Kerr's ears and it fell to the floor with a clumsy clank. He cupped his hand around Kerr's neck. He slowly pulled Kerr's face to his own and held the doctor close. They gazed into each other's eyes for a second, then Zeke's huge arm pulled the doctor all the way in. They began to kiss.

Kerr trembled. He tried leaning in, supporting himself with his hands on the examining table, but soon found one of his hands moving over Zeke's chest. The other one returned to Zeke's back and started moving up and down over the smooth, yet rock-hard muscles. Kerr's hands tenderly began their virgin voyage across mountains and valleys of muscle. They had never done this before. Shit, Zeke's pecs! Kerr fondled them as the two men kissed gently, squeezing the warm, thick meat; playing with the large, hard nipples. He spread his hand wide and moved it around to the side of Zeke's pec, tenderly fondling it, feeling all of its huge hardness, feeling the unbelievable overhang. Zeke rippled it slowly for Kerr.

Their kiss became more passionate, and their breathing became heavy, yet they remained still, tenderly enjoying the intimacy.

Zeke's free hand moved onto Kerr's waist. Kerr flinched as his body tightened. Zeke began to feel Kerr's ass. Kerr moaned.

Zeke parted Kerr's lips with his tongue and the thick, hot meat began to fill the doctor's mouth. Kerr moaned again. His cock was near explosion.

The two men kissed like this, slowly and softly, for nearly a minute before Zeke pulled back. "You want me, don't you doc."

Kerr only nodded. All hope of resistance was futile now. He had fantasized about an encounter like this since he was a kid. But he had never come out. He thought marriage would change things. But it didn't. He only fantasized about sex with musclemen while he made love to his wife. And now, after years of only dreaming, he was going to be intimate with a man who blew all his fantasies out of the water!

Zeke pulled the doctor back into himself and they kissed again while the teen began to unbutton Kerr's pants. Occasionally he moved his hand over the hard cock of the doctor, then he returned to unzipping, unbuttoning and exposing the doctor's barometer of attraction to the muscleteen.

Kerr was dangerously near orgasm.

Zeke unzipped him all the way and pulled out his pink, erect organ. He released their kiss and gently pushed Kerr back, holding him on the shoulders. Then, Zeke looked down and began to unzip his own jeans. He sat forward, pretty much standing now, as he opened his pants. A bright red, neatly manicured, forest of pubes crowned the treasure below, which was still mostly covered by his jeans. The base of the trunk was all that was visible. Fuck it was thick! Veins encircled the organ. Zeke pushed his pants and briefs down, and the mighty cock sprang forth. SHIT! It was unREAL! It pulsed with each heartbeat, steadily growing higher and higher, as Zeke smiled at the doctor. It raised higher, until it laid flat against his abs, reaching clear up and tucking its slick, honey-laded head right under his pecs!

Zeke reached forward and started fondling Kerr. He didn't squeeze very hard. Actually, he was just tickling it. He smiled a sly grin. He wrapped his fingers around Kerr's penis and squeezed ever-so-gently.

He lifted his free arm and slowly, sensually, powerfully, flexed his mammoth biceps muscle into a grapefruit-sized ball. It tightened as hundreds of veins pulsed over it and the muscle fibers vibrated with life and power. It grew bigger. Bigger than Dr. Kerr could imagine possible. Huge. Hard. Shaped perfectly, with individual heads vying for supremacy. "You like what you see?" he teased.

Kerr couldn't respond. The tingling in his cock was nearing the breaking point. It was only a matter of seconds.

Zeke lowered his arm and pressed down slightly on Kerr's cock. The first squirt was hard, jumping out of Kerr's dick like a grasshopper. The second one was even harder, and thicker, landing on Zeke's abs. As the doctor's muscular body convulsed with pleasure like he had never known, Zeke gently nursed the throbbing penis, milking it, massaging it, caressing it. With his free hand, he started scooping up the cum that had splashed onto his body. He began to put it into his mouth. But his appetite was only strengthened, not satisfied. He leaned down and put his mouth directly over Kerr's spouting spigot and began to gently suck. His neck bulged with each swallow, and that seemed to turn Kerr on all the more. The orgasm, instead of dying down like it usually did, only intensified.

Zeke's lips cupped themselves around Kerr's crown, gently squeezing and relaxing-- pulling each forceful burst of cum out. His neck continued to thicken and churn as he swallowed. Kerr looked down and placed both hands on Zeke's shoulders. Upon feeling the mountainous muscle of Zeke's traps, Kerr's ejaculations only got stronger.

Zeke opened his mouth and pulled back just a few inches. Kerr's jizz squirted into Zeke's mouth through midair, making a plopping sound as it hit the back of Zeke's throat. Zeke moved forward and gently closed his lips around the cock once again, suckling it tenderly. Brian Kerr's hands shook as they squeezed Zeke's traps for all they were worth. He dropped his head back and moaned. He filled Zeke's mouth, offering up his milk as an act of worship.

And Zeke accepted it tenderly, drinking each drop, swallowing it easily.

As Kerr's orgasm subsided, he looked down at Zeke. The teen pulled his lips off Kerr's cock and raised up, leaning back against the exam table. His arms bulged as his hands, down at his sides, grabbed the cushion hard. He gritted his teeth. It looked like he was actually growing! His neck thickened even more; his shoulders widened; he closed his eyes and groaned, half smiling, half growling. His chest rose and filled out just a bit, if that were possible. His legs ballooned with hard, thick muscle. Zeke breathed heavily between his fits of body-tightening. Kerr stepped back, his eyes wide. What was happening?

Zeke's neck bulged with thick, red veins. His traps rose. His already huge arms seemed to grow as well, swelling with hard, red meat. He nearly tore the examination table in two as his white fingers dug into the cushion. The table rumbled as he lifted it just an inch or two, then slammed it down. His bright white teeth clenched and he continued to growl.

Suddenly, Zeke's cock started shooting. I mean, it SHOT! Hard volleys of ropey, white cream started streaming out, hitting the wall and even the ceiling! The organ, which was probably twice the size of most men's cocks, just let loose with a loud, hard round of shots as Zeke held onto the cushion of the table behind him. He let out a strained moan-- almost a yell, but it was stifled by the intensity of his seizure. "Shhhhhhh Shhhhhh Shhhhh!" he panted. His cock danced as it pulsed.

Then, it was over. His body relaxed. He opened his eyes and tipped his head forward, looking exhausted. "Oh shit," he exhaled. "That was awesome." His body had returned to its previous state, if not just slightly larger for the whole ordeal. He looked like he had just had a great workout and had a magnificent pump. His breathing was heavy.

"What was THAT?" Kerr asked, exhausted himself, from the most intense orgasm of his life. He was totally spent.

Zeke looked up at him. "Oh shit man. THAT was totally over the edge. Your cum is SWEET, man. That was one of the better feedings I've had in a long time."


"Yeah, doc. That's what I've been trying to tell you. I NEED cum! Gotta have it. It feeds me. It makes me stronger. Bigger."

"You do seem to have a nice pump there, kid," Kerr smiled.

Zeke looked at his body. "Yeah, sure do," he smiled, flexing his arms and pecs just a bit. By now his cock had lowered, although it was still semi-erect. He raised his hands and put them behind his head. Shit, his intercostals were astounding! His arms were so big he looked like they would crush his ears! He exhaled a deep breath and his abs seem to recede into themselves, showing off their rocklike mass. Zeke's eyes twinkled. "Wanna feel some more?"

"Oh shit," the doctor whispered.

Zeke smiled and put his arms down. "Well, maybe we'd better wait a little while. You look pretty drained."

Dr. Kerr shook it off. He got a perplexed look on his face. "You mean to tell me that you go through that kind of convulsive process every time you drink cum?"

"Well," Zeke smiled. "It's not always that intense. I found that some guys have quite a heavy concentration of whatever it is that I crave. Yours was more potent than most. Usually the bigger and more muscular the guy, the better the results."


Zeke took the back of his hand and wiped his mouth, grinning. "You okay?"

"I think so," Kerr replied. He started to shove himself back into his pants.

"So, doc," Zeke said. "You think I have some kind of disease or something?"

Dr. Kerr looked at Zeke. "I have no idea. But I intend to do some close studying to find out."

Zeke grinned. "I'd like that."

Kerr also sprouted a sly smile.

"Hey doc," Zeke said as he reached down for his T-shirt. "You want to come with me to the gym tomorrow so I can show you how strong I am? I mean, if you really want to study me, you'd probably better take a look at what I mean when I say my strength is really freaky. I think that's something you should see."

"Yeah," Dr. Kerr said. "I agree. Tomorrow works good."

Zeke slipped his shirt back on. "Great." He started tucking it in, then looked up and with a wry smile that could only originate from THAT gorgeous face, said "You got anything going on tonight doc?" He looked down to check on his tucking progress, then looked back up. "I mean, you interested in catching something to eat together? Maybe hanging out together at your place?"

Kerr swallowed hard, and his whole body tingled. He tried to hide his smile, but was unsuccessful. Who would be so bold to suggest such a thing? Only someone like Zeke, who knew what the doctor wanted. "Sure, Zeke," he said. "As a matter of fact, I am free all night." •

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