Ten Big Indians

So It Seems


By John

Time to see who gets what in the end. I think you may be surprised. The final chapter! I hope that many of you have enjoyed our little novella. I also hope that more of you will choose to let me know. Thanks to all of those who have written in support over the past several weeks.

"Yes, I have been your sponsor all along." Said Mel to the incredulous, exhausted muscle giant before him. " And I must say that I have enjoyed all of this immensely."

"How? What? …You!" Mike spurted out. Dan and Rick were both standing speechless also.

"Well, it's really pretty simple. He began. "I told you that I (Mel) was the first experiment survivor. Muscle was always my dream, too. When I thought I had the testosterone splicing right, I took it myself and shared it equally as a special gift to my own lover. We both became quite a muscle sight. Unfortunately, we were as overwhelmed with our own desires for personal sexual gratification as your fellow competitors were. It was then I discovered about the subsequent muscle wasting and I had no good way to stop it.

Mike glanced up to the TV camera.

"Oh, don't worry. Were off the air now." Mel confided. "I had prerecorded a little victory announcement - in case you won. I didn't think it was appropriate for all those people to see you getting all that gold. You never know who is out there anymore or what they might try to do if they figure out where the show is coming from. They think that you will be taken somewhere to get it. I had also done one if you had lost."

"Anyway, back to my initial experiment." Mel said returning to the original train of thought. "Both of us began to loose size within a very short period of time after having sex. Not unlike what you had already begun to see in Ivan. My quest for muscle had caused me to loose sight of the fact that my lover was really all that was truly important to me. I'm sure Rick and Dan can relate to that."

"There was a third thing that I loved deeply, and that was money." He continued. "As the son of an Arabian Prince, I had always had access to wealth and it was something that I believed was my right to have. But I did not want to just inherit it, I wanted to do some real good in the world and deserve to make my own fortune. It occurred to me that steroid use and abuse was a growing problem. There were so many dangerous side effects, yet all these beautiful teenagers and professional bodybuilders were turning more and more to it's use. I hated the waste of lives that they were challenging. I was sure that I could find a natural solution to the desire to gain muscle and, thus, eliminate the risk. The money in this is enormous. I pursued the study of medicine. I studied hard and hit upon the testosterone splicing."

"I knew I had the solution when I developed the splicing system you all were on but I did not want to endanger anyone else so I decided to take it myself. My lover insisted that we do this together and I, foolishly, agreed." Mel went on with a hint of sorrow in his voice. "Our muscle growth accelerated and the results were quite spectacular for us. Within two weeks we were both up to almost 350 pounds and had the same muscular results many of your fellow competitors had seen. It was more luck than fate that we had agreed not to partake in sexual activities during the experiment time. We didn't want anything to interfere."

"Our bodies became the same dense, cut, striated ones you have. I remember, at my peak having a 64" chest and 26" arms. My waist was only 32" and my cock was a full 15" long. My partner was only very slightly smaller than me. It was a wonderful time." Mel beamed.

"Then, after the two weeks of testing to which we had agreed, we elected to stop. It was hard, as you know." He continued with a knowing look. "You want to keep growing. But, we also were overcome by the desire to be together. Seeing two muscle giants with 15", always hard, penises in a raw sexual experience is something to behold, I assure you. We were animals in our lust for each other. We did our best to make it last as long as we could but, in truth, it probably wasn't as long as we felt it to be. The sight of watching Steve take all of Chen's 18" tool into his body brought back a flood of memories. We had not been nearly as dexterous. I think I was able to get about 11" or 12" in before I was overcome with the stimulation."

"We fondled and caressed each other's insanely hard muscles and played muscle games of which others could only dream. I remember how much thicker and sweeter my lover's cum tasted when he came. I had wanted to take it all in my mouth, but there was just too much - as you have seen." Mel went on.

"Once we were faced with the truth, I immediately began my efforts to find a solution to the terrible shrinking we were undergoing. I worked night and day. The losses grew more and more rapid." Mel said with growing anxiety. "Fortunately for us, I hit on the right equalizing combination in time. In time to survive, but not in time to save our glorious bodies. Both of us were about the size you see me now."

"Anyway, that was some time ago.' He said changing the course of his tone. "Now that I had it right, I wanted a test. It has worked and I can assure you, your other friends have all checked out fine. I am certainly pleased with the results and can now move forward to see if there is a way I can make this splicing work without the negative side effects during the process. Until then, public release is not possible. You have all been very helpful to me with that."

"Huh, so we were all just your "test cases"?" Mike inquired.

"Yes, and as I said, very successful ones." Mel smiled back. "Here, take your equalizer, and both of you, too." (He said turning and handing similar vials to Dan and Rick.)

"Now, it's time for you to receive your reward. That's twenty million dollars I believe I owe you - in gold." He continued with a glimmer in his dark eyes. "I had ten million of it brought over last night on the boat along with the antidote - just in case I needed it. My assistant brought it into the dining room during the show. I will arrange for you to get the rest. Shall we go and get the first installment now."

The muscle giant and the three others headed out the gym door and down to the dining room. Once again, Mel left them speechless. Ten million in gold was a lot of gold, but they never expected what they saw.

It was Ivan!

"You said he had died!" they cried out simultaneously.

"Yes, I know. I needed a bit of a hand and he was handy." Mel began the explanation. "When I saw the anger between Todd and Ivan, I became concerned. It hit too close to home. You see, my lover could not live with his loss of all that wonderful muscle that was so important to him. It was he who actually jumped from one of the bedroom windows back that long time ago. That is why the Master Suite is empty. I cannot bring myself to be there anymore. Anyway, I set Ivan up to be frightened about his pending muscle loss and used that as a means to keep the rest of you in line. In exchange, I secreted Ivan off the island the night before he was due to leave and gave him his antidote earlier than he would have otherwise gotten it. You can see that it was a good deal for him, too."

Indeed it had been. The Ukrainian looked almost as densely muscled and vascular as he had been when they first got there. He seemed quite pleased with this in spite of the fact that he was no comparison to any of the three remaining musclemen.

He came over with a broad smile and shook Rick and Dan's hands vigorously. Then he stepped up to the naked monolith of muscle who had left him awestruck even though he, too, had watched Mike on the closed circuit TV. Just like he had done with Todd, Ivan immediately placed his hands on one of Mike's gargantuan slabs of pec meat. Mike was still pumped and hard.

"Is good! Is very, very good!' Ivan beamed pressing his hand hard into the unyielding flesh.

He shifted one hand down and took the equally hard nipple in between his fingers and began a slow, sensual massage. The other hand traced the outlines of ridges between muscled bundles of meat from the shoulder into the deep dark cavern at the midpoint of Mike's chest. Mike responded by flexing for the excited Ukrainian. This only made Ivan all the more desirous and determined. His one hand moved past the shoulder to the resting bicep. Mike raised that arm up and brought the huge monster to it's peak. TV had not done it justice. The bicep separated instantly into the vision of several striated balls with the highest peak in contact with the fist above it.

Ivan moved his other hand so that both were on top of the steel arm bundles before him. Then he lifted his feet so that he was hanging from the rock of human flesh. Mike laughed out loud and lifted his arm, and Ivan, higher above the floor. Ivan proceeded to do a couple of chin-ups on this amazing arm. As he rose up, he let his tongue caress the hot, pulsing bicep meat and trip enticingly over the thick, solid veins. Mike enjoyed this very much indeed.

Three things were noted by the three bystanders. First, both men seemed to be enjoying this a lot. Second, Ivan had one hell of a hard-on that had pushed his too short shorts up over it and was standing out full, erect and exposed. Third, Mike's extraordinary organ was beginning to rise to the occasion, too.

"The antidote doesn't take long to go to work." Informed Mel as he saw the look in the eyes of both Rick and Dan. "You should all be able to get hard in almost no time."

The three of them decided it would be best to leave these two men alone. Mel needed to get ready to leave anyway and Rick and Dan wanted to go explore their own physical options again.

Once they left, Ivan and Mike spent the next hour experimenting on their own with new ways to use Mike's astounding new muscles. Ivan's shorts became history as he explored every inch of the mountainous god before him. Mike offered no sexual resistance but it was hard not to feel the resistance from each enormous and enormously hard muscle. This time Ivan was able to do the "pec press" with both hands resting on one gigantic pec. Mike loved the feel of having the Ukrainian bodybuilder's weight directly on the pec muscles. He began to move his arms in the motion of flat-bench flies as he laid on the floor and watched with sheer joy as Ivan's up-stretched body moved up and down several inches as his pec meat swelled up into a dense ball and then extended outward. Ivan enjoyed it just as much as he tried to dig his own muscle-trained strong fingers unsuccessfully into the pec flesh as his inverted body was pressed up and down by the impossibly thick mounds of rigid muscle.

Next, Ivan squatted down on top of one of the huge peaked biceps and massaged it between his butt cheeks as Mike flexed and extended that giant rock of arm meat. It felt absolutely amazing to both of them. Ivan felt as if his ass cheeks would be split in half as the extended ball of muscle curled up into the basketball sized boulder in between his own mass of solid butt muscle. Mike's muscle was so dense that it was inevitable that Ivan's ass had to either yield or be ripped apart. The stretch reached right down to Ivan's ass hole as Mike's biceps actually dilated the protective ring of muscle.

Mike permitted Ivan to be the first to feel the power and movement of the ridged globes of his deeply defined ass muscles. Ivan spent several minutes with Mike lying face-down on the table, kneading those gluteal marvels in an attempt to give them a good Ukrainian massage. Ivan's hands got the better part of the workout there. Mike clenched and relaxed permitting Ivan to reach deep into the chiseled, lined mounds and fondle the equally strong muscles surrounding Mike's inaccessible ass hole. Ivan stared in disbelief as his hand disappeared completely within the rhythmically vibrating volumes of meat. He had to keep his hand flat out of the fear that Mike would crush or break the bones of the fingers otherwise when he flexed his ass into steel hardness.

Mike even gave Ivan a bit of a show as he posed while holding on to bars of gold. The double bicep shot almost pushed Ivan over the edge unassisted as he could see the strong hands leaving their indentations in the heavy metal as the biceps grew visibly harder and harder. Mike did the same thing while positioning a bar between the forearm and flexed bicep. It was an indescribable moment for Ivan. Then Mike was able to hold three heavy bars, sticking straight out between his clenched pecs while standing, all at once.

Then came the real treat! Never before had Ivan been brought to orgasm by having his cock masturbated between another muscleman's muscle-tits. It took a while for Mike to exercise the right amount of control over the flexing and relaxing, but, done right, he could completely envelope Ivan's cock within the depth of his own cleavage and use the rhythmic movement of the various cords of muscle to stimulate the cock. He was able to release Ivan's dick just in time to catch most of the volley of warm cum with his tongue.

Now it was Mike's turn!

He could sense that his own magnificent dick was ready to re-assume it's former level of rigidity. Ivan's ass had felt so good when the Ukrainian muscleman had enveloped his biceps with it. Mike knew that Ivan's ass hole had been stretched and warmed by his unique flexing massage. After fetching some cooking oil from the adjacent kitchen, he positioned Ivan at one end of the long dining table. Ivan, knowing what was in store, was both extraordinarily excited and deeply frightened. He bent over the table extending his own solidly muscled upper body forward as his feet extended down to the floor. Using every ounce of will power, he forced his now-spread ass cheeks and ass hole to relax as much as possible.

Mike was still only semi-hard as he positioned the end of his third leg by the inviting opening. Even in this state, the size of the tool had not been reduced much, it was just much more pliable. Using one hand, Mike guided the melon sized crown into the hole. Ivan winced in pain as the combination of fingers and man-meat claimed their trophy. The flared crown pushed through. What was easy entry to Mike, was wonderful, painful agony to Ivan. A little more oil, a little more pushing. More and more of the flesh vanished into the hot tunnel. As Ivan's ass got used to the stretch, the pain changed from extreme to erotic.

More and more of this impossible pile-driver edged into the human plaything at Mike's disposal. Ivan winced yet again as over half of the god-rod invaded his interior. Non-to-soon, almost 20" of Mike's monument to manhood was resting inside Ivan. Then the real show began. The combination of the warmth and pressure being applied to Mike's dick from within Ivan's intestines caused it to move to it's former state of steel-pipe hardness. Ivan felt the pliable meat begin to change in consistency and demand victory over his insides. Three inches of diameter became four and then, finally, five-plus inches of rock inside Ivan's gut. It felt unbelievably painful and equally wonderful at the same time.

As it was growing harder, Mike's cock also began to reform itself into the beautiful up-swinging arc that went with it's stiffness.

Ivan found himself holding harder and harder to the two outer edges of the table as the inhuman tool applied upward pressure from within his body. Mike felt this demand for upward movement, too, just as he had when the weights had been applied earlier. It was a feeling he now knew to love as it increased the sensual sensations within his mighty cock and newly filled balls.

"Just let go." He advised Ivan.

Slowly, finger by finger, Ivan complied. As he did, his feet moved on to their toes and then completely off of the floor. As the last two fingers left the safety of the table ledge, he watched as the table surface moved away from his face. Or, more accurately, as his body floated up and away from the table. It wasn't until his face was a full 1 ˝ feet above the table that Ivan fully understood that his entire body, like the weights before, was being supported in mid- air on Mike's astounding human lever of flesh.

Mike took a couple steps back from the table carrying Ivan with him, supporting all 230 pounds of muscleman at a slightly upward incline on his fully rigid dick. Ivan let out a painful groan as his body began to slip further onto the expanded steel post within him under the affect of his own body weight and gravity. Mike reached out and grabbed the impaled muscleman at the waist. He enjoyed the feel of Ivan's own solid mass of muscle. His fingers slide deliciously across the series of veins that were so unique to Ivan.

Slowly, Mike began to push the impaled, heavily muscled body away from him. Four or five inches of Mike's massive tool re-appeared from within Ivan's ass. Then Mike pulled the man back toward him; re- inserting those inches plus one or two more. Ivan's pain turned to astonished pleasure as he felt the giant cock and flared crown move up and down within him. Mike's maneuvers repeated themselves and turned into a rhythmic pattern. The pace increased as the length of the thrusts. Ivan was in another world as Mike turned him into his own personal human masterbation machine.

Now and again Mike would pause and let go with his hands for a moment to relish the feel of the weight of the impaled muscular tool hanging suspended from his prodigious cock. As the excitement built up within Mike's hot churning balls, the pace of his human pumping increased to match the growing animal desires. His body, still hard from the earlier muscle show, resumed the aura of pure sinew and solid, striated muscle. He could see the reddening hardness showing in all his muscles in the maximum size and density as he shifted his gaze back and forth between the embedded muscleman and his own unbelievable body. The rock-like muscles pulsed with the excitement he was experiencing.

Soon, the pace was fast and hard. Ivan was nothing more to Mike than a tool to be used to achieve his own need to be satisfied. As the movement quickened, Ivan found it necessary to close his eyes so as to avoid passing out from dizziness. As he vibrated up and down on the giant dick, he knew he had become hard again and felt it as the unbelievable pleasure from within forced him to shoot, yet again, spilling his large amount of cum over a wide area of the dining room floor floating below him.

Even in his uncontrollable passion, Mike felt it as Ivan's ass and intestines responded by tightening around his steel pole as Ivan let loose with his own volleys of juice. This pushed Mike, as he had hoped, over the edge. An avalanche of cum broke free from within his super hot balls and poured down the endless tube. The first volume of the ejaculation was so forceful that it tore Ivan's body right out of Mike's hands and blew him off of the embedded rod. Ivan hit the floor hard, but caught himself with his own strongly muscled hands and legs. He felt the hot liquid flowing inside his gut and passed out in a state of pure heaven.

Mike was in no less of a state of feeling as the bare wood of the dining table became covered with a white liquid "tablecloth" of cum. If this was what was in store for Mike in the future, then all the pain, agony and suffering to get to where he now was as the greatest muscle and sex giant in the world was worth it!

Mike couldn't wait to get back home and begin his own rounds of sexual experimentation. Not only was he going to love all his perfect, new muscles as much as he knew the rest of the world would, but he pledged to himself that he would find equal joy in the use of his equally impressive new man meat. The world awaited the experience of his giant muscles and huge cock.

At 1 PM the three survivors saw the boat pull up to the pier and Mel and Ivan set out along the path. The three had been given permission to stay another two days but ran out after them. There was so much more to know. So much more to understand.

They caught up to Mel as he got into the boat. The pilot was preparing to cast off. Ivan smiled impishly at Mike from within the boat. He had one hell of a memory to carry back to work with Mel with him.

Mel laughed at the questions they shouted over to him without answering them and assured them all that there really wasn't anything more they needed to know right now and it was his preference to keep it that way.

"So that's it." Shouted Dan. "The two of us just go on with our lives and Mike gets to move forward as the most astounding muscle man ever create?'

Mel's laugh was deep and hardy as the boat began to pull away.

"You would like to think so, wouldn't you? You would like to think so?" He tossed back at them as his now all too familiar voice and the boat drifted away.

The three muscle statues stood motionless on the pier. A look of confusion crept across their faces one by one. •

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