Machine, The


By Silvio Censali

Jeromes animal-like scream filled the basement room. Trevor wasn't sure what was happening, but he was afraid Jerome had made a mistake when he chose the comicbook picture of Captain Universe to use with the machine. N ow, all Trevor could do was watch as Jerome tossed and turned on the floor in agony as the change took place. It hadn't been this strong when Trevor had changed into the sex god he was now, but he had used a picture of a real stud. Jerome had used a picture from some artists homoerotic imagination. Trevor was scared, and also excited. He couldn't wait to see what Jerome became.

Jerome screamed again, and Trevor watched in amazement as the change began. It began in his legs. Jeromes calves began to swell beyond belief, growing larger by the second quickly tripling in size almost to were it loo ked like his skin was going to split with too much muscle underneath it. Captain Universe's muscles were tight and huge, and that was exactly what Jerome was becoming.

A cracking sound suddenly came from Jerome's body as his bones grew to house the strength that was forming in his body. His legs shot up into the air, and Trevor had to stand back and watch helplessly as Jeromes legs gr ew tobecome out of proportion with the rest of his body. It was almost a comic sight to watch Jerome with the Hercules size legs and the torso of a wimpy nerd.

Jeromes cock began to grow next. Trevor watched, his mouth beginning to water as it grew and grew. Trevor had always been pretty sorry for Jerome. His cock had only been about 4 inches long when hard, and pretty thin. In fact, it looked like a worm you might dissect in biology lab. Jerome had always kidded that God had made his brain to big for his body, so he had compensated with his cock. Now, the machine was making up for that l ack of dick. Trevor stood there and watching in awe as Jeromes cock began to swell and grow. In less than 10 seconds, his tool had grown from 4 inches to 10 and became as thick as his own arm. Trevor knew that the peni s was not a muscles, but Jeromes could have fooled him. Veins thick and blue wrapped around the shaft quickly filling with blood the fist sized head. Trevor had thought it would stop at 10 inches, but it grew and grew b ecoming at least 15 inches long, and so thick that Trevor's ass hurt just thinking about the meat in from of him. Jeromes balls also grew, becoming the size of two huge oranges. There was never going to be a jockstrap b ig enough for that meat and potatoes!

Hair began to sprout all over Jeromes body, blond and curly. Jerome had never had any hair on his chest, but now it was covered; as were his legs and arms and balls. Slowly, Jeromes chest began to grow. Huge delts beg an to form on Jeromes arms growling larger and larger, causing huge soccerball size bulges to appear wear his shoulders had been. His triceps began to grow and swell, as did his back creating a huge V like shape on his u pper body. Trevor thought that Jeromes waist was beginning to grow, bit it was only his abs getting larger and larger creating huge crevices that reminded Trevor of the Grand Canyon.

'Help me, Trevor.' Jerome called out. 'Too much power inside of me.' Jerome gasped for air and clawed at the cement floor.

'Hold on. You're almost there.' Trevor's change had been nothing like this. He hoped Jerome was going to be all right. He would never forgive himself if something happened, but Jerome never should have chosen Captain Universe to become. He was a cartoon character for Christ sake! Trevor understood the appeal thought. If Jerome got through this alive, there were a couple comic book hero's Trevor would like to become. Their power a nd muscles were the largest, and that was what Trevor wanted...badly.

Jeromes change seemed to be slowing down as his body became larger and larger. Trevor couldn't believe that the creature that lay before him had once been his dorky friend Jerome. There lay a huge, at least 7 foot blon d haired blue eyed Nordic god with muscles that could lift a tall building if he wanted to. Muscles were everywhere. There would never be clothes big enough to house this power, and sexual energy.

Just when Trevor thought it was all over and that Jerome was going to be O.K., a animal-like growl began to form deep within his huge diaphragm, and by the time it got to his throat, it had the strength of 40 bullhorns. Trevor covered up his ears as he watched in amazement as Jerome's super cock squirted cum everywhere around the lab. Where spurts hit the walls, they cracked the plaster, forming crevices in the foundation like the moon . Even his cum had the strength of 70 men. Trevor's mouth watered just thinking about sucking on that mammoth he-man cock.

When the howl began to cease, and the cum stopped flying, Jerome began to stir. The Nordic god in front of Trevor slowly got to his feet and stared at Trevor in disgust.

'You poor excuse of a man. What are you? You're an ant I could crush under one palm.' Jerome walked slowly towards Trevor, the pounding of his bare feet echoing all over the room. 'You wish you were as big as me!' Before Trevor knew what had happened, he was grabbed by the hulk that had once been Jerome and pulled toward the wall like chest.

'Jerome! Please!' Trevor was afraid, but his cock had never been harder.

'This is what you wanted me to become, and I did! Now know true power.'

Jerome forced Trevor to his knees with a bang. In front of his face, Jeromes cock began to grow. 'You're going to suck all of it!' In half a minute, the python was fully grown, even bigger than it had been before. It was at least 20 inches long and as thick as a can of coffee.

'Take it all in! I demand it!' •

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