Rubber Does a Body Good

By lemapp

It last a Fall Saturday afternoon as I stepped out of the shower. I was cleaning up before slipping into my full body black rubber catsuit. There was a men only rubber costume party that evening. I knew that I would not win any prizes, but at least I would be dressed properly.

I went to my bedroom and began the fight with the rubber suit. I knew from experience that it was a slow process to pull the rubber over my body. I slipped my foot into one of rubber feet and rolled the rubber over the calf. I did the same with the other foot. Soon I had the suit covering both my legs as I pull the rubber over the butt.

Just as I had finally gotten the suit settled around my waist, the doorbell rang. By instinct I went to the door. As I stood in the front hall, I realized that I could not answer the door the way I was dressed. I guessed that I had made enough noise because the guy at the door began banging, asking to be let in.

I looked through the eyepiece to see a guy in his late 20's. He was wearing a t-shirt and pants, but I could make out that this guy was a well-built muscle hunk. The way that the fabric stretched over his arms and legs as he moved revealed the thick limbs underneath. I heard something about a delivery but I could not see any package.

I opened the door partway to greet the delivery guy. I was stunned when he pushed his way past me into the front room. I followed asking him to leave but he ignored me. The muscle stud repeated that he was delivery something to me. I told him that I was not expecting a package of any sort. The guy reached into his pant pockets and pulled out a piece of paper. The guy read the address from the paper and it did match my own. He then told me that he had driven over 500 miles and two days to reach me. I relented and asked for him to be quick.

I a flash the stud had kicked off his shoes pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his pants. He stood there in front of me in tight white jockeys that strained to hold in the bulge formed by his cock and balls. The fabric was stretched so thin that I could clearly make out his dick, balls and cock head. My guest went through a few muscle poses that showed off his body. He was not as huge as a professional bodybuilder but he was easy 250 pounds of solid muscle.

I was awoken from my trance when the stud announced that he was the delivery. In fact it was his body that he was supposed to give to me. I thought that this must be a joke from a friend. So I went ahead and asked that he give it to me. His response was to pull the rubber mask off of his head. The face underneath was of a kid that looked no more than 16. When I mentioned this, the kid responded that he was over 18. The kid handed me the mask for my inspection. I ran my hand over it to see the amazing detail. I could not tell that the kid had been wearing a mask.

The delivery guy suggested that I go ahead and try on the mask. I thought about it a moment and decided to give it a try. I walked over to the mirror and flipped the mask around in my hands. As I try to figure out how to slip on the mask the kid told me about how much fun he had being a muscle stud. It seems that the hotel he was at last night had an indoor pool and spa. The kid had slipped in after hours to swim in the nude but he was not alone for long. Another man had shown up with the same idea. After brushing their bodies together in the pool they both headed for the steam room. Quickly a 69 position started and they both came. They both took a shower together and went to the kid's room. There they spent most of the night fucking each other. This morning the kid was alone except for condom wrappers all over the floor.

I was now looking at my new face in the mirror. I was now the 20's sometime face I had seen earlier at my door. I turned to the kid and asked how the body worked. At this point the kid blushed a deep red. It seems that he was extremely modest. He asked where the bathroom was so that he could change. The kid grabbed his clothes and headed down the hall. Moments later he returned with what looked like a wetsuit except the color was the same as skin. The kid pointed out the zipper along the back and the closure flap on the outside. I tried to offer the guy a tip but he refused as he handed me a small bag. I looked in the bag to see several face masks. I jumped when I heard the front door close. I was now alone again.

I went back to my bedroom and began the process of peeling off my black rubber suit. It took several minutes but soon I was naked again. I flipped the new body suit around a few times noticing the details. I examined the huge cock and balls. The dick looked like it was soft but was easily 7 inches. The balls were the correct size for their snakelike companion. I knew that I would enjoy having this swinging between my legs. I found the leg opening and began the process of sliding the costume over my feet and legs. The inside was very smoothing and slippery so the rubber glided easily over my body. But I sensed that the suit was pulling itself in place more so than my own efforts. Quickly both my legs were covered as I felt the suit move up my butt checks and around my ass hole. It was an odd feeling.

I reached inside the suit and pointed my dick and balls into the openings inside the suit. I felt myself being sucked into the hollow dildo that was the suit's cock. I reached my hands around to the front and got a shock at how sensitive the cock and balls felt from the outside. It was look I was touching my own skin but that did not make any sense to me because the rubber should be deadening the sensations. I stroke myself a few times enjoying the weight of the hose in my hand. It was a proud piece of manhood.

I returned to the process of pulling the suit onto my body. It was odd that my chest was already covered but I did not remembering pulling the suit there. I slipped my hands and arms inside and worked the fingers over my own. Just as with the legs, the suit seemed to do most of the work. After my arms were covered, I pulled the shoulders into place. I reached around and located the zipper and with a single swift pull. I try to locate the flap and found that it was around in place covering the zipper. I was now completely enclosed.

I walked over to the full-length mirror to check myself out. I was a stud! It was amazing seeing the muscle hunk in my mirror following all of my moves. I did some muscle poses to see my muscles pop along my arms, legs and back. It looked like I had spent my life in the gym creating this body. I began to think that I should take this body out for a test drive. I thought about clubbing or perhaps sleazy bathhouse. But I decided that I should go to the rubber costume party.

I found the black rubber suit on the floor where I had removed it earlier. I rolled up the suit to begin the process again of pulling on the latex. It was odd but I was getting used to the sensation but it felt like the black rubber was being pulled on its own over my new body. I thought that I would struggle because of the extra mass since the suit was made for my smaller body. It was surprisingly easy to slip into the catsuit. In moments I was wearing the full body rubber outfit. It had taken me longer earlier to just get my legs covered.

I walked back to the full-length mirror to see my black latex body. I ran my rubber-covered hands over the smooth thick surface; I was completely encased from the neck down in black. The thickness of the rubber was smoothing out some of the features of my chest and abs. I could still see that I was a huge muscle stud underneath. I found a jacket and headed out to the party.

By the time I arrived it was already dark. I also got lost once trying to find this remote house out in the country. There were already several other cars parked along the front lawn. I slipped off my jacket and left my car unlocked. I hesitated because I thought that no one would recognize me, but I thought that I really did not care. It would be fun to play a stranger if any of my friends were there. I reached the front door that swung open before I could knock. A short thick man in rubber pants and shirts stood in front of me. He said that he had seen me approaching the door. Someone passing by just as the short guy asked me to follow him handed me a glass. I followed him to the hot tub in the back yard.

The guy began a conversation as we slipped into the water. I lied a lot as I created stories about myself. I sensed that it did not matter if I was truthful. Soon I felt the guy feeling me up. A strong hand was gripping my cock and balls. I leaned back and moaned as the hands worked on my balls. I jumped when I felt a snap being undone near my crotch. Then another snap was undone and my cock was released from its rubber prison. It was amazing feeling the hot water swarm around my cock. I looked down to see a rubber pouch was floating below my cock and balls. But what really caught my attention was that my cock and balls were completely covered in black rubber. I remember that when I had slipped into the rubber suit that there was no snapped pouch or any built-in black condom and ball cover. The black rubber suit had been altered since I had put it on.

I could not think to about too much because my new friend was going to town pumping my cock. I just gave in and leaned back letting him enjoy himself. Several minutes later I felt my balls pull back, then some deep churning. Moments later my cock pulsed crazily in my friend's hands. I could feel cum sliding around inside the black rubber.

I wanted to return the favor to my friend when we were interrupted by several others guys in various rubber outfits. They laughed at us as if they knew they had caught us, which they had actually done. My friend quickly jumped out of the hot tub and left us. I reached down and began to re-snap my pouch. It took some stretching to get the second snap to secure around my bulge. I decided to give the guys a show and slowly exited the hot tub even though I was still hard inside my costume. I knew that I had made my point when I heard the collective gasp from the guys watching. My ego soared at that point.

I toweled off briefly and went into the party. Over the next several hours I was never alone. There was always someone who wanted me to do some muscle poses. Occasionally I was asked to undo my cock pouch and show the rubber snake inside. I didn't feel modest anymore and would undo the snaps. I'm not sure if they thought it was fake or real. Frequently I would feel hands on my ass as I passed by.

At midnight everyone was asked to enter the main room. It seems that a costume contest was underway. Quickly a hole opened in the crowd and I was pushed to the front. I was one of four guys that they were judging. I didn't think that I had a chance, but when I was singled out for judging the crowd went wild. I give them a short posing routine. When the votes were counted, I had won. As part of our prize we were asked to strip out of our costumes. I was the last to go as the other guys were given rubber jock straps.

As I waited I noticed my reflection in a mirror. The solid thick black rubber suit that I had put on earlier had been replaced with an elaborate rubber military uniform. There were different color patches along the shoulder and chest. There were outlines of fake pockets and seams. My tits were part of the design, as were my tick pecs and abs. It was as if a uniform was shrink wrapped to my body and then turned into rubber. It was incredibly detailed.

I was shaken from my trance when it became my turn to strip for the audience. I stepped out in front of the crowd and slowly peeled the flap from the back zipper. Then with a quick jerk, the zipper was undone. I peeled away the shoulders, arms and chest. Then I reached inside and pulled myself free from the condom and ball sack. As I peel the suit below my waist, the collective gasp told me that they all saw my huge cock. I grinned to myself as I finished removing the suit. I stood up and did a few muscle poses for the crowd.

I was expecting to be handed a jock strap when it was announced that a liquid latex artist had been hired for the evening. The artist was asked what design he had in mind as he stared at my smooth muscle body. He then announced that he would recreate a bodybuilder with tattoos and a micro swimsuit. Out of nowhere a small rubber sheet appeared that was used to cover my own body hair above my cock. The artist got several volunteers from the audience and they began to paint my entire body.

Soon I was covered in tan latex that had small metallic flecks. My skin was flickering in the lights of the room. A small blue brief was painted on my butt and around my cock and balls. Only my dick head was not covered. The artist was very skilled at his craft as he created shadows and highlights in the tan rubber. His speed was amazing because he focused only briefly on an area and moved on whiled it dried. In 30 minutes the artist announced that he was done. I was presented with wild applause to the crowd.

For the rest of the party I wandered through the crowd as we talked about my tattoos and extremely realistic muscles. As the party wand down, there were soon only 4 of us left. That a request went out that we should go to a local gym and take photos of the bodybuilder. I saw that I was not comfortable being in public with my dick hanging out. Soon I was given a real bodybuilder's posing suit, so I no longer had an excuse not to go.

We all piled into a truck and drive into town. There was 24-hour gym a few miles away where we could play. The gym was completely deserted when we arrived even the front desk was empty. We all made our way to the heavy lifting area where I began to lift heavy weights for the camera. It seems that the guys grew tried of this pretty quickly ad they wanted more. I announced that I was willing to pull off the liquid latex, but only in the locker room. Soon we were in the locker room as I pulled the liquid latex from my body. It was a struggle because the liquid latex seemed to not want to let go. I was thankful that I did not have any body hairs that would have pulled out.

Soon I was naked again as the camera recorded each step. I grabbed one of the towels and headed for the shower. My group followed with the camera flashing. I soaped up my entire body and stroked my dick for my audience. I stood under the hot stream washing the away the soap. I grabbed my towel again and dried off. Now I had no clothes except the micro swimsuit. I wondered out loud about how I was going to exit the gym. It was quickly decided that we would go out as a group with me in the middle. This should offer some protection. In a few moments we passed through the gym without seeing anyone just as we had entered. We piled in the truck and drove back to the house.

The sun was coming up in the distance when we arrived back at the house. It had been long evening and I was getting tired. I wanted to get home and go to sleep, so I turned down all of the offers from the guys. I peeled myself back into my rubber uniform and drove home. I knew that my neighbor would be out and about when I got home but I decided that I would ignore that. It took longer to get home than I expected and it was well into the morning.

My neighborhood was active with people heading out for their Sunday morning activities. I drove into my driveway and I knew that at least a few people saw me. I went straight inside and locked myself in. I found the mirror in the front room and examined the rubber uniform. I peeled it away and saw myself in the nude again. I was very tired and decided that I should go ahead and go to sleep in my rubber costume. •

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