Zeke Chronicles, The



By Aaron Strong

Dr. Brian Kerr laid in his bed, his wife sleeping soundly next to him in the predawn darkness. He caught his alarm clock before it rang. Slowly, being sure not to disturb his wife, he crept out of bed and into the adjoining bathroom. His cock was rock-hard. Was he horny or was it just a morning boner?

He closed the door and turned on the light. He opened the shower and turned on the water, warming it. Slowly, he peeled off his T-shirt, revealing a hardened, muscular torso. His cock bounced as it acknowledged his buff body. For a 36 year-old man, his physique was an eye turner. His thick, vein- lined arms flexed and tightened as he slipped his hands into his boxers. Shit, his cock was HARD and big. No doubt about it, he was horny.

He pulled his boxers off and slipped into the shower. As he lathered himself, he began fantasizing about bodybuilders. Mike, Aaron, Flex. Who would it be this morning? Kerr had a fetish for huge, lean bodybuilders. Since his late grade school years he had fantasized about musclemen.

His mind landed on Mike. The Sicilian Mass began to strip, in his mind. He flexed and posed as Kerr soaped up his penis. Within a minute, Kerr was spraying the tile of his shower as Mike grinned in approval. It was a much more intense orgasm than usual, and it lasted nearly a full minute. Shit.

Kerr dried and dressed. He gave his wife a peck on the cheek as she rolled over and smiled. He jumped into his BMW. All the way there, his mind kept returning to Mike. Not too usual, but the muscle fantasies seemed more alive than he was used to.

At the clinic, Dr. Kerr sat down at his desk. His cock was hard again. He had a few minutes before his first appointment, so he pulled out a desk drawer and opened a magazine, keeping it hidden in the drawer in case someone came in. His fingers flipped the pages as his opposite hand nursed his swollen cock.

"Dr. Kerr," the intercom interrupted. Kerr, nearly slammed his finger in the drawer as the voice startled him. "Your first appointment is here. It's a Mr. Strong, for a consultation appointment in your office."

"Show him in," Kerr said somewhat irritated. If it was an appointment in his office, it was undoubtedly a pharmaceutical salesman.

The door opened and the nurse directed a man in. Kerr's heart nearly stopped; his stomach tightened at the sight of this man. He was huge; well over six feet tall. And even in his business suit, his muscular physique was astounding. Huge, broad shoulders spread out from a thick, muscled neck. His chest filled his suit and pushed against it, spreading his lapel. But his torso narrowed and his suit jacked tapered to a small waistline. His broad lats bulged, hovering as if suspended in air above his waist.

And then those arms. Shit, they were massive! His suit sleeves were tight with two guns that HAD to be in the 20 inch range.

He smiled at Kerr. It was a confident smile. Could he know the effect he was having on the doctor? His eyes twinkled. Shit, he was drop-dead handsome. A small dimple adorned his chin. His teeth were sparkling white. Two more dimples appeared on his cheeks as his grin broadened.

Kerr's knees buckled as he stood to shake the man's hand. He was so lean, so muscular, and so damn good looking that Kerr had a difficult time keeping his lust and awe under wraps. Whatever this guy was selling, Kerr would be taking a big order.

"Grant Strong," the man smiled as they shook hands. Mr. Strong handed Dr. Kerr a business card. Kerr looked at it. It was blank except for the name "Grant Strong." No company name, no address, no phone. Nothing.

Kerr looked puzzled as he motioned Strong to have a seat in front of his desk.

"I know that looks a little odd," Strong said as they both sat down, Kerr frowning at the almost blank card. "But I think you'll understand in due time."

Kerr's frown melted as he looked up and caught Strong's image once again. His tension seemed to subside and the card really didn't matter, did it. Kerr gazed at the muscular man, and his eyes were satisfied.

Finally, Kerr broke the silence. "What can I do for you, Mr. Strong?"

"Well, actually," Strong began, "I am here to thank you."

"Thank me?" Kerr wasn't aware of this sales technique, but it sounded like a ruse.

"Indeed," Strong smiled. "I hope you'll bear with me for a minute. What I have to tell you may stretch your credulity, but by the time I leave, you will believe me."

Kerr's eyebrows rose.

Strong looked as if he were trying to decide how to proceed. He looked Kerr in the eyes and said, "I am not human. I am from a place far from here."

A smirk began to form on Kerr's face. Yeah, riiiiight.

Strong continued. "We have been watching you for a number of years now. Since you entered puberty, actually."

Kerr's face showed disbelief and disgust.

"We have been fascinated by your proclivity towards muscular men."

Kerr said nothing, but his countenance displayed a "How's that?" expression.

Strong paused for a moment, then proceeded. "Tell me Dr. Kerr, when you masturbated in the shower this morning, did Mike Matarazzo fulfill your muscle fantasy adequately?"

"What the hell?" Kerr said.

"You have had many bodybuilder fantasies over the years. You prefer to jack off in the bathtub, but the shower suffices nicely when needed. Although I couldn't count the times when you emptied your milk into your bathroom sink. You have a special affection for Rory and for Matt, but Mike has been an old standby for you for years."

"I think it's time for you to go," Kerr said, standing.

"Sit down, doctor," Strong said with a firmness that commanded obedience.

Kerr sat.

"I know you don't know what to think," Strong went on, "You know I am speaking the truth; but how did I know these things?"

Kerr's eyebrows raised once again.

"Observation. Simple observation," Grant smiled. "Our species has the ability to see you whenever we want. To watch you surreptitiously."

"Oh come on," Kerr protested.

"Like the magazine in your desk drawer, for example," Strong continued. "It's open to a picture of Flex, isn't it."

Kerr knew he was right. How did he know this?

"My species has these `powers' that you would term `unique,'" Strong said. "But I think you'll be more impressed with my physical characteristics."

Kerr's eyebrows did his speaking again.

"Yes, I know you like what you see, but in truth, my physique would make Mike Matarazzo look like Pee Wee Herman."

Kerr smiled. "You're big. But I don't think you're THAT big."

"I'm holding back," Strong said. "If I took my normal state, you'd not be able to handle it."

Then, he began to grow. His suit expanded with him. His chest thickened, his already huge arms grew even more immense. He smiled. His neck became even more thick. His waist became smaller. The fabric of his suit coat seemed to almost form to his incredible body, accenting the huge bulges of muscle.

Strong leaned back in his chair and slowly brought his left hand to his crotch.

He smiled as he spread his legs, squeezing his bulging cock in his hand, giving himself a massage as he stared into Kerr's eyes.

"This is only a taste, Kerr," he said. "You still think Matarazzo has anything on me?" As his words ended, Strong seemed to send out some kind of scent, or power or something. Whatever it was, Kerr was immediately overcome with desire. His cock bounced in his trousers, and within seconds, Kerr was enjoying the most intense, pleasurable orgasm he had ever had. He grasped the edge of his desk and writhed in pleasure, moaning and groaning with each intense squirt of his jizz into his pants. The moaning was decidedly uncharacteristic of Kerr, who usually kept his emotional outbursts to a minimum.

Strong smiled. Kerr finished his orgasm

"Oh shit," Kerr said. "What the fuck was THAT?" He pulled his pants out and inspected the copious amount of semen. He was soaked.

Strong transitioned back down to his previous beefy state. "That was just a small example, a hint of what I really look like, and what my sexual wave can do to any man."

"Sexual wave?"

"Just think of it as a scent, a whiff of sex that when experienced... well, you have already experienced it. How'd it feel?"

"Oh shit," Kerr repeated, trying to stretch his tight muscles. His whole body felt like it had been through a very productive gym workout. "It felt... it felt like the mother of all orgasms."

Strong smiled. He stood. "I just wanted to stop by and let you know that there will be more visitors. We've given some humans some very exciting gifts. I think you're in for a very exciting time, Dr, Kerr."

Kerr stood. "Wait, what do you mean?"

Strong was out the door before Kerr could make it around his desk. The doctor looked down at his pants. He could feel his cum starting to dribble out his briefs and down the inside of his leg.

"Oh shit," he mumbled. •

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