MassX 3

The Right Candidate

By Max Mann


I changed Daniel Callahan's life recently, not only giving him a promotion to make him my next-in-command, but making him into my own image.

My own life had been irrevocably altered a little more than three months ago after undergoing a quadruple bypass and deciding to take better care of myself. My first wife Linda had constantly nagged me about my health, but my second one Britni didn't seem to care; I didn't know which was worse. Three days after the stitches were removed and I was discharged from the hospital, I found myself awake around 3AM feeling sore all over and flipping through stations when I suddenly saw this massive male chest on the screen. It was bigger than any I had ever seen before, even on Arnold in his earliest movie days. Then an arm flexed until it was the size of a basketball. And a back spread as wide as my home desk. Then a ruggedly handsome face appeared as the owner of that body, and he said we would witness his change in a matter of thirty minutes from a regular guy to the superman before us, thanks to a product called MassX. Of course I was skeptical, but the claim seemed so fantastical I had to watch. As I witnessed his body grow before my and the audience's eyes I wondered why I hadn't heard of this before. I listened to the spiel carefully, and a voice inside me asked what do I have to lose. So I sent for the blood test which would tell me if my body would accept MassX, and when I read the positive results I felt a strange thrill.

A week later I received the vial containing the formula by special delivery. The instructions said I should add it to any protein-enriched drink, so I made a chocolate milkshake and poured the contents in. The taste was strangely spicy, but not unpleasant. Britni had left for her Pilates exercise class, so I was alone when I became transformed. I knew what was happening to me as the sequence progressed, thanks to a two-page letter detailing it, but nothing could adequately prepare me for the new feelings in my brain as well. With every hair that grew, with every muscle that expanded, I understood what the pitchman meant when he said it made you feel like a new man. I watched myself in the bathroom mirrors as my once-round belly tightened with defined abs; I had no idea I could have an eight-pack so firm. I saw my flat buttocks curve with muscle and rise higher. I ogled my chest, now bigger than Britni's surgically-enhanced front. Even my nipples were bigger than hers, as round and red as pepperoni slices and jutting a good inch downward. And the scar that once traveled down my chest disappeared as if I had never been sliced open.

But nothing prepared me for the sight of my new genitalia. They'd never shown the pitchman from the waist down; although we saw his tree-trunk thighs they'd been captured below crotch level. So when my manhood lengthened and widened to a size I'd only seen on farm animals I became frightened. Until I touched it, and then the wonder of masculinity hit me full force. I had reached the pinnacle, the apex of manliness, and I enjoyed every lustful moment of it. My balls churned with so much jism that I ended up having three orgasms...the last one into my mouth when I decided to try sucking my cock for the first time.

When Britni came home and saw the new me she freaked. She didn't like my muscles, and certainly not my cock; she wouldn't let me near her with my two-foot pole (almost 2 1/2 feet, to be honest). At the same time, though, I didn't want to be near her. The MassX must've affected my brain as well as my muscles, as I found myself thoroughly unattracted to the bimbo that had cost me my first marriage. I wanted to discuss this change with other men like me, and I found a group on the Internet devoted to what were called "X'd Men", men who'd taken MassX and wanted to meet the same. I logged onto the group as "CEO Mo", given that I - Morris Bernstein - am the CEO of MegaConglomera and I couldn't think up a better nickname. One night a guy called MuscRat wanted to chat privately with me; he lived in the same city as me, where he worked as a chauffeur/escort for businessmen who loved muscle. He was intrigued by my bio and wanted to meet me; he said he's paid well by his clients, but never charges X'd Men. He e-mailed pictures, and when I saw what he looked like in and out of uniform I had to meet him.

I drove to his condo near the waterfront, and when he saw me he whistled lustily. "Hot fuckin' stud for an older guy," he said with a deep voice that went through my ears and straight to my crotch. He swaggered to me cockily and told me to untie the sash of his white, terry-cloth robe. I looked at his blonde fur, the deep crevice in his pecs, the love trail down to the even mightier appendage dangling past his knees. I licked my lips and knelt before him, ready to accept my first taste of another man's penis. He eased it into my mouth, and I sucked him willingly. My sexual hunger overwhelmed me as my hands roamed over his thighs, calves, abs, and that beatifully furry ass. He pulled out, stood me up, and started stripping me. He kept calling me "sir" as he fondled my mighty chest and bulbous nipples, and I shot the biggest wad when his beefy mitts squeezed my cock and balls for the first time.

For the next few hours Lance (his real name) and I fucked and sucked in every conceivable position, and in every room of his place. I found out how strong my muscles were in his weight room, lifting hundreds of pounds hundreds of times without breaking a sweat. And when we ended our day in the shower together, slowly enjoying each other soaping our bodies, rubbing the lather into our fur, stroking our slick cocks to orgasm, I knew I'd found paradise.

Lance and I became semi-regulars, meeting up once a week for some hot time together or with either worshippers or X'd-Men as well. The night Britni left me she'd found me with a father and son X'd pair who had skewered me on both ends like a rotisserie chicken. But I couldn't care about her, as I was enjoying my new body too much. I enjoyed the stares as I walked into the office the first time, seeing the dropped jaws and even the fear in the eyes of some vice-presidents who had been jockeying for my spot in case I decided to retire. My new vigor stunned them as they cowered before me.

No, I wasn't going to retire, but I received a shock when my CFO announced his retirement in order to take care of his wife who'd been diagnosed with breast cancer. I needed to find a second-in-command pretty quickly, someone I could trust. And something inside me said to find someone whom I could transform into my likeness. Then I could truly trust him...and more.

When I gave the news of the CFO search, I specified I would be looking internally for the right candidate, and they would have to take a drug test. What I didn't say was the test would be the same as I had taken to determine if I could be Mass-X'd. That's all I cared about at that point.

I received a good number of resumes; some I gave cursory interviews as I knew them as sycophants who couldn't fart without me doing it first. And anyone who wouldn't submit to the test would be disqualified immediately. Ultimately the choice boiled down to four men, all of whom had impeccable credentials and solid track records at my company. I would've had a tough time choosing between them, but the test made it easy for me as only Daniel Callahan, vice-president in charge of personnel, could be Mass-X'd.

That Friday I let the other three candidates down easy and reminded them they were valuable to me and I would make sure to put extra stock options in their next pay raise. When Daniel walked into my office late Friday afternoon, I dismissed my secretary and locked my door. I had interviewed Daniel myself, and hired him right after graduating from university fifteen years ago. Now his red hair had flecks of white in it, and he'd grown a mustache to hide a scar, but his body inside his Golce + Dabbana suit looked as slim and trim as ever.

I was going to enjoy watching it tear off him.

I walked over to the bar where I had made two protein shakes. Both were vanilla, but the MassX tinted the second one darker, though not by much. I handed him his shake.

"Mr. Bernstein, what is this for?" he asked with that New England accent.

"A toast, my new chief financial officer."

His green eyes grew wide with surprise as I clinked his glass with mine and I drank down my shake. He stammered, " Oh my goodness, thank you sir."

"No need for sir with me anymore. You can call me Morris, maybe even Moe. Now drink up, Dan, to your health and future."

He downed the shake quickly and licked his lips appreciatively. I knew his growth would begin in less than five minutes, so I engaged him in idle chitchat, asking him what his family will think, along with his latest girlfriend. He had a roving eye for the ladies, but so did I once.

Beads of sweat began forming at his temples, and he tugged at his collar. I looked at him and asked, "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, fine. Just a little lightheaded, that's all. I guess it's just the shock..." He burped. "Oh, I'm sorry, I apologize."

"No need to, we're men and that's what we do." I let a sonic boom of a belch loose.

He laughed, then grimaced and rubbed his chest. "Damn, this feels like heartburn, but..."

"But what?" I stood up and took off my jacket, hanging it on the back of my leather chair.

He kept stroking his chest. "Feels like...rippling. What the...this can't be right. It's...bigger." He said the last word so quietly I almost couldn't hear.

"Bigger, you say?" I had taken off my tie and was now unbuttoning the top of my shirt, showing the swirls of hair atop my awesome pecs that disappeared into the deep cleft where the twin mounds met.

"Yes,'s growing!" He moaned. "Wha...what's going on? What's happening to me? I feel I'm growing...all over!"

"No need to panic, Daniel. Now that it's started, I might as well tell you that what you're experiencing is the same thing I felt three months ago, so you're in no danger."

"But...this isn't a heart attack."

"No, Daniel, this is Mass-X. It helped turn me into this," I said as I peeled off my shirt to show off my magnificent bod. "And I decided I wanted my second-hand man to be just like me. You were the only one to pass the drug test, so the choice was easy. I assure you, you will love your new body once it's over. Stand up; I want to see what it's doing to you."

When he stood, his suit strained against his body, the arms of his jacket riding up, the thighs stretching outward, the crotch packed with enough meat to feed a football team. I licked my lips appreciatively and stroked my own huge package. Watching myself grow was a thrill, but watching Dan grow was the most awesome spectacle I'd ever witnessed.

His eyes grew wide when he saw me fondling my cock, then he moaned loudly and his jacket ripped around the shoulders. His shirtsleeves were also torn, and basketball-sized deltoids emerged from the fabric. His new neck muscles made his collar too tight, so with an easy tug Dan tore it off; round, thick traps appeared. It took a lot for me not to go right over to him and rip off his clothes for him, to feel those muscles growing under my own fingers. I continued hearing seams split, and soon his pants split down each side, beefy quads appearing. He looked down and couldn't take the pressure of his tight apparel cutting off circulation. He shredded the jacket, shirt, slacks, and his underwear until he stood before me stark naked except for shoes and socks. He gaped at his new body as he ran his hands over every curve.

In the meantime, I had pulled off my pants and stroked my gigantic erection as he focused on his own still-growing frame. He reached down and hefted his heavy cock, watching a good foot hanging past his mitt. Dan looked up at me, and when he saw my own meat he dropped his. He walked over, thighs rolling like ocean waves, and just stared at my manhood. He gazed at me and said, "I had no idea how big you were, but I never dreamed...and now me!"

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Good? This is...mind-blowing. I don't feel like myself, and I feel a thousand times like myself at the same time! All this muscle...on me..." He flexed his left arm, his right, then faced me in a double-bi pose. "How ya like this, boss?"

"Mm, I like very much. Now how you like this?" I threw a double-bi of my own, my erection resting in the valley of my pecs.

"Oh!" He gazed at me, then moved towards me. He stretched his hands and began caressing my chest, swirling my gray fur under his fingers. "I don't know why but...if you don't mind me saying...I've never wanted to touch another guy before, but you are just," his hands reached for my throbbing cock, "BIG!" He stroked me gently as he moaned.

"You're a big man, too," I said between my own moans of pleasure, "with big desires. Desires no woman can ever fulfill. That's why I divorced Britni. I'm too much man for her, or any woman. Only men like me can know what it takes to satisfy me. That's why I grew you. You understand, Daniel, don't you?"

"Yes, sir, I do," he said as he licked his lips and began tonguing my cockhead. "Oh, wow! Your precum is so warm...and delicious. And your cockhead, so fat and hot..." He opened his jaw and slipped it into his eager, wet, virgin mouth. He took to cocksucking like a bird to flight. Natural instinct took over as he proceeded to give me an incredible blowjob, taking inch after inch of my schlong without gagging once when it slipped down his throat. I ran my fingers through his thick, red hair as I guided his face closer to my pubes. I thought I would shoot my load once my huge balls began slapping against his chin, so I pulled him off.

He looked puzzled. "Am I not pleasing you, sir?"

"Oh, no, son, you're doing a spectacular job."

"Son? I like that. Does that mean I can call you dad?"

Holy shit! Holy hot fucking shit! The stud I just grew wanted to call me dad. I never had any sons of my own, and to hear that word from his mouth...well, how could I say no? It wasn't incest, but maybe a new form since I created his new being. "Yeah, son, I'll be your dad. Your great, big muscle dad who loves his

huge, strong muscle son."

"Oh, yeah, dad, show me how much you love me." He went over to my desk, shoved everything off it, and threw himself on his back, legs pointing skyward. "Fuck me like you fuck mom. Ram that monster dick in my man pussy!"

I held my cock high and hard. "Think you can take all of it? Mom sure can't."

"Mom's a woman, and I'm all man."

"That you are, but first I gotta get you ready for me." I got on my knees and began rimming him, his horny moans egging me on as I tickled his smooth skin with my furry face. I bathed his coconut-sized balls with my saliva. I stood, and his sphincter twitched with anticipation as I placed the fist-sized head at his manhole. I slid a full foot of Moe meat into him with only one stroke. He gasped in shock, but the look on his handsome, square-jawed face showed pure bliss. His limp cock, laying atop his cobblestone abs, responded to life and began growing longer and thicker...and THICKER! With each throb it extended towards the valley of his pecs, but its width stunned me. I tried to take hold of it with one hand, but a strong spasm wrenched it free; it landed with a loud smack against his paper-thin skin. So I grabbed it with both, and couldn't fit my meaty fingers around it.

"Suck me, daddy boss," Dan begged. "Suck my great big horse dick you gave me." He licked his lips.

How could I turn down such a sincere request? But it wasn't easy. That slab of man-flesh was the widest I'd ever taken. My cheeks bulged with his fat manhood, and when I slid him down my throat my neck muscles had to make way for it. I looked up to see his slack-jawed expression, a mixture of awe and lust. I eased his cock out of my mouth, licking the head with relish, and asked him, "Care for a taste?"

Dan was throroughly lost in ecstasy as I pushed his hips forward, my own meat still hard and deep inside him. Closer and closer his apple-sized knob inched towards his beautiful face, drooling precum like a faucet. He stuck his tongue out and tasted his man nectar; his eyes widened with lust as he tried taking it into his mouth. He grabbed it with both hands and began jerking off, aiming it at his mouth. Dan said, "Oh, yeah," and I watched in shock as volley after volley of thick cream erupted from his titanic member. It coated his lower face, and he ran his tongue over every bit he could reach. It flowed from between his pecs like melting snow from a mountain, down to his broad neck. I bent over, licking his jism off, tasting the salt from it and his sweaty skin. I couldn't hold back my own Vesuvius, and I kissed him roughly as streams of my seed spewed inside him, so much seed that it leaked from his hole and onto my desk.

I took him to my private bathroom where I cleaned him up, mostly with my tongue. That horny stud managed to cum all over my face as well, and this was after he'd emptied a second load inside me; I had no idea what a dirty talker he was during sex, and I loved it. I showed him my private closet, where he picked out one of my shirts and a pair of pants to fit his massive new frame. They were a little long on him, but I'd take him to the tailor that handles X'd-Men and get him a new wardrobe. I was about to call Lance to bring the car around and introduce himself in the flesh to my new CFO, when I got an urgent call from someone in the business. He had always wanted a position with my company, but I never approved of his shady dealings with his own. The Feds had discovered them, and now he was looking to me for help.

"I found out what you used to make yourself grow, that MassX shit. I thought if I could grow too, I could be more intimidating, more forceful. So I took the test, and it's telling me I'm positive. You think I should do it, Morris?"

"I don't know what it might do for you in court, but I can assure you having muscles like mine makes quite an impression. Tell you what. After you've grown, we'll talk about a position for you with me."

I was looking forward to which sexual position Dan and I would put Andrew Fastow in. •

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