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Finding IGE was surprisingly easy, once Joe and Bobby had Stan zoned in on the unique feeling that seemed part of him now, like all the other changes. These men, and him now as well, were joined in a way deeper than anything he'd felt before. Not love, exactly, but something like it, with a physical manifestation that grew stronger as they approached the island.

They had to look like an odd band. In order to bring all the members of Wolf's Company to the island, the Tranformed grew to their full heights and became human transports, carrying the others on their backs as they flew through the cool night wind and watched the sun rise as they traveled. None of them were affected by the cold or the wind, of course, but Joe and Bobby had to restrain their natural desire to spin and dive and play so none of their passengers fell off. In all, there were eight of the Escaped. Wolf said he could not be sure how many more men were still in the compound, but he estimated there were dozens, but probably not more than a hundred. "And the others – they were happy with what they had been made into? What they had become?"

Wolf had to shout over the wind to answer, bending his mouth next to Stan's ear as they flew. "There was not much talking between men there. These others and I, we were in the same Company. I am their leader. Or was."

"I think to them, you still are. Judging by their unquestioning loyalty to you."


By now, Stan knew them all by name. There was Wolfgang, of course, and the three Slavs, Bannik, Polevic and Yarilo, Tenzin the Tibetan, and three Russians, Lev, Piotr and Sergey. Bobby and Joseph had already mangled Piotr into Peter and Bannik into Benny. Yarilo they called Butch because the guy had a perpetual scowl on his face. The others they had not managed to get to, and heaven only knew if any of the other men even spoke English because it was only ever Wolf who spoke for them all.

Beneath them, the azure seas unveiled a small green plot of land with a wide bay and several small white buildings. Something seemed to ring inside Stan, like a clarion call, and he knew instantly they had found it.

"Thar she blows!" cried Joe with great joy, a wide white smile on his face. And with another cry of "Hang on, dudes!" he was diving at great speed toward the island, followed closely by Bobby. Stan sighed deeply, rolled his eyes, thought `kids!' and tailed after, feeling three sets of legs grip onto his waist more tightly as he leaned into the dive.

Wind whipped across his naked form and he maneuvered the pockets and pillows of air his new senses recognized, using the strength of his form to use the invisible power of the sky to his own ends. The green prefect beauty of the small island magnified, turning into forests and glades, wide lawns and flowered meadows. Rocky outcroppings along the coast showed great cliffs that circled around, and the small buildings at the center of the island formed into a kind of campus.

He was still several hundred feet up when he saw the other two slowing and, looking ahead, noticed two figures quickly approaching. They were others like him, obviously, their tanned bodies gleaming like copper in the sunlight, hair of red-gold and chestnut streaming from them like pennants. The four met and one of them, Joe, pointed upwards and one of the men from the island pushed through the sky, sweeping his arms in wide arcs as if swimming through the levies of air to where Stan now floated.

"Hello!" The man had a perfect body, of course, and his smile was warm and friendly. He moved through the sky with a grace as if born to it, and Stan figured the man spent as much time in the air as on the ground now. He did not wonder why.

"Hello," he answered back. "I hope we're not intruding. I'm afraid Bobby and Joe were a little enthused about…"

The man hovered next to him and waved his hand as he floated, his huge and powerfully muscled body flexed and adjusted to remain effortlessly there, in the sky, like a miracle. His skin was almost porcelain white, but deeply freckled everywhere. His hair was copper red, a wealth of soft curls that wrapped about him like seaweed in the tide. His face was animated and the smile was perpetual. "No problem, Stan. No problem. My name is Reggie," he said, performing a slight bow, "and the ugly guy down there is Justin. We're known affectionately as the Greeting Squad, which I guess is self-evident." He looked across Stan's wide shoulders. "And welcome to you, my friends! Welcome to IGE!"

Once on the ground, the Transformed men adjusted their size to that of the Escaped and more introductions were exchanged. Still, the only member of the eight to speak was Wolf, who mentioned each identical man's name as they slightly nodded in acknowledgement. Neither Reggie or Justin seemed to take note of this behavior at all, keeping up their jovial banter and obvious joy with which they went about their jobs.

One feature was, of course, very hard to ignore. "Boys," said Justin, "you're about the most beautiful set of octuplets I've ever set eyes on."

Reggie nodded his agreement, but had to add, "Pity about the whole no- dicks thing, though."

"Yes, a rotten dirty shame. But you've come to the right place."

"At least, it's the right place when you want to come."

"Jesus, Jus, that was awful."

"I know, but it looks like it's been a while since any of these good gentlemen have cracked a smile, so I thought I'd try something a bit predictable."

"You might have just tickled them."

"That does seem to work very well on you," Reggie admitted.

"Sometimes too well."

"I know all your vulnerable spots."

"How well I know."

"And we'll revisit them later, but right now we need to take care of our visitors. Gentlemen, if you'd care to follow me?" As the man turned, Stan suddenly thought he'd follow that ass anywhere, and almost as if he had heard him, Reggie turned slightly and winked at him, mouthing `see you later,' as they all trailed off into the trees toward the campus of buildings.

Stan thought he really was home, now. He was again, and most potently, struck by the differences between the Transformed and the Escaped. Each man he met who had been gifted with Transform was unique, but equally beautiful. Justin and Reggie were as different from Joe or Bobby as he was himself, yet they all possessed the same swollen muscular power and incredible masculine beauty. They could, at will, look like any other man and then become themselves again. They were powerful, miraculous men with nearly limitless capabilities, but each one was himself.

The Escaped were undoubtedly beautiful, as well, but their sameness and sexless appearance rendered them inhuman, in a sense. You could touch them, but you felt nothing. Wolf spoke for them all, as if they had but one voice. They may be as powerful as he was himself, but they were also somehow helpless and pitiful.

Then he caught site of that amazing ass bobbing and flexing and all he could think was, `damn, I need to fuck that.' They walked through a shadowed glade along a well-trodden path, this small group of impossibly beautiful, incredibly powerful, entirely naked gentlemen of varying ages and background, now drawn together because they had been genetically altered to such a degree that their ages had become indiscernible by sight and their bodies improved so vastly – but in vastly different ways – that had they chosen to there was every possibility that between them they could rend the very island in two.

Stan's head was spinning. Unfortunately – or perhaps fortunately – he was about to see something that would make that spinning increase tenfold and make his groin tingle and throb and swell with desire and hunger and lust. As they emerged into a wide open space, a deeply green meadow under the bright, hot sun, Stan saw dozens of men, perhaps a hundred, all as uncompromisingly beautiful and powerful and physically perfect as he was himself. Everywhere his eyes looked, there was another man, his great muscles bulging, his prick hard and thick and proud, lounging in the sun or fucking another man as beautiful as himself or being fucked or sucked or stroked or kissed, in duos and trios and foursomes and moresomes, tangled limbs arrayed with fat bulges of brawn, shoulders like bowling balls, chests bloated with power, dark fur and tanned skin, perfect asses and perfect dicks, moans of pleasure and pain and everything in between, animal grunts and rhythmic thumping, and everywhere that intense smell of men, thick with power and need.

He found himself growing almost painfully aroused. He had been with just two of these men all this time, never imagining he could feel more powerfully sexual until this moment. Everywhere he looked, there was another man of incredible beauty. There was a man with dark skin and eyes like coal and thick curls cascading down his broad, muscled back. There, a man with a thick beard and a chest overwhelmed with fur, the dark rubies of his nipples poking through the carpet of curls like invitations, his back arched and the bright smile on his face showing both pleasure and satisfaction as another man with crimson hair close-cropped against his head sucked on the furry bear's huge manhood.

Glancing left, a knot of at least a dozen muscular teens (everyone here looked no older than twenty, surely, but these, judging by their devastatingly beautiful faces, could not yet be 17) were going at it with gusto, whooping and groaning and shouting their pleasure as they moved effortlessly between each other, groping and stroking and sucking and caressing in a non-stop orgy of love and worship. They glistened in the sun, coated with sweat and cum, their skin like liquid copper.

"Jesus," he whispered.

Justin and Reggie paused and as Justin sucked in a deep breath of the heady scent of mansex that permeated the air, Reggie said, "Yeah, it's like this pretty much all the time. The guys arrive almost daily. We sort of expected to have an extended vacation here on the island but it turns out that, eventually, they all come here."

Justin continued, "Some stay, some leave. You can spend your life here if you want, there doesn't seem to be any limit to our, un, drive. So to speak. I think Willy over there – that big brute licking the ass of that blonde fellow? There under the broad oak? He's got an enormous…"

"We all have an enormous, Jus."

"Of course, Reg. I meant that at the moment, he's rather more engorged than… well, no I suppose not. Anyway, he's over there. I'm sure you'll meet eventually. He's our current record holder. I think he's been going non-stop for 27 days. Is that right?"

Reggie nodded, throwing his arm across Justin's shoulders and gesturing in the general direction of two men, one of whom Stan figured to be Willy. "I think he's compensating. Spent a good deal of his life not getting any. Kind of not, well, the most attractive of fellows? And he's, I think, 63 years old? Is that right, Justin?"

"Think so." He shrugged. "Not that it matters anymore. Still, 27 days straight. One would think it might grow just a bit tiresome."

"Conversation is over-rated, Justin."

"Speak for yourself."

"Oh, ha ha, lover." They kissed passionately.

Justin glanced backwards. "This is kind of like a minefield, gentlemen. Getting through, you're liable to disappear without warning and not come up for air for hours."

"Or days."

"I'm sure Wolf and his friends will find the passage rather easier than the rest of us. We'll completely understand if you decide to take your leisure here. Michael and Carlos are waiting at the lab, but I'm sure they'll understand if we lose one or two of you along the way." He looked pointedly at Joe and Bobby, whose dicks were already drooling and whose bodies seemed to be swelling with desire as well as muscle.

"But it would certainly move things along if you could manage to keep up with us, Stanley. Michael said he wanted to speak with you, in particular." There was no response. "Stanley?" He tapped the man's shoulder, but Stan kept staring at Willy, whose body seemed to evidence his extended stay here in the sex grove by being more exceptionally muscular and beautiful as Stan looked at him. "Stan?" Willy looked up and over and their eyes locked for a moment. A shock of something deep and powerful shook Stan, something like electricity, something animal and hungry and pumped full of sex. "Earth to Stan."

"Huh? What?"

Reggie chuckled. "Uh oh. I think the bug has bitten our friend here." Justin was looking over at Willy, who for the first time in 27 days had managed to disengage himself from his unending sexual exploration and was striding with determination and purpose toward where the group still stood. "He doesn't seem to be the only one." Willy's body radiated masculine sexuality. His fat-muscled body pulsed and throbbed like a huge dick. His face, an angular collection of defined perfection, was set with purpose and his tropical ocean eyes, blue like warm water, were focused exclusively on Stan. Justin smiled and said, "Hey, Willy, what up?"

Willy's talented hands moved leisurely across Justin's form, caressing and coaxing his flesh to fulfillment, and he stopped inches from Stan, his chest heaving for breath, his skin slick and shining. "Hello," he said. His voice was drenched with sex.

Stan nodded back and swallowed.

"I don't believe we've met," Willy continued. He had a British accent, well-heeled, sounding like wealth and leather. "My name is William, but my friends call me Willy." He pulled his muscled arm upwards and softly cupped Stan's chin, stroking his skin with a deft fingertip caress. Then he leaned forward and pressed his mouth to Stan's, yielding a series of tender kisses on the other man's warm lips which grew progressively deeper, lingered a bit longer, until they were kissing and tongue wrestling without reservation, body against body.

"Willy," said Justin sharply, "I'm afraid Michael is waiting for us and we don't have time to tarry, much as it appears Stanley would love to sit down for a lovely chat. Perhaps his friends Joseph and Bobby could keep you company until we're all done with business matters?"

"Fuck yeah," agreed Bobby. Joe's hand had already grabbed hold of Willy's muscled butt meat and was beginning to explore deeper. Much deeper. Willy's body reacted with instant ease and finesse, flexing to allow all the men to do with him and to him as they desired.

He and Stan broke the kiss after some time and Willy said, "So nice to meet you, Stanley. Please do come back soon. There's so much we have to… discuss." Then he and Bobby and Joe simply fell to the grass where they were and started exploring each other with intense and obvious interest.

Through the entire episode, Wolf and his brothers merely observed and were unmoved. They did not seem to find this masculine sexual paradise either involving or objectionable. They simply stood there almost like the trees and bushes, part of the scenery but not part of the scene.

"Okay then," Reggie concluded, and the remaining members of the group started across the glade.

The minefield description turned out to be entirely apt. Stan felt hands reaching toward him often, and once or twice as he looked down he was so taken with the beauty of the man or men asking him to join them that he felt his heart skip a beat and the breath catch in his throat. They were all perfect, all sexy as fuck and they all wanted him. It was like a torture, not to be able to stop even for a moment and sate his insatiable appetite for pleasure and sex. His dick throbbed and his balls ached to release gallons of cum. His body tensed and flexed and he swelled with more muscle as he crossed the glade, emerging on the other side looking nothing so much as a god of sex, his tool swollen huge and red, his whole body bulging huge and powerful as if he had soaked in extra masculine power crossing the orgiastic glade.

He sighed and tried to contain his desire to simple yield to the overwhelming need he felt burning both inside him and against his skin. He felt a touch on his arm, and Reggie said, "If it's any consolation, it never gets easier." Stan looked up and, indeed, Reggie and Justin seemed to be existing in the same agitated state of denial and disappointment as he was himself. He wanted to jump their bones and fuck them into the ground.

"There'll be time. Later." Then Justin and Reggie took Stan by the hand and the trio, followed by Wolfgang and the Escaped, traveled down another shaded path toward the Lab.

"Where… Where'd they all come from?" Stan was still trying to catch his breath.

Reggie smiled. "Same as you, I'd imagine. Most of our friends left and they're out there in the world having fun. The results eventually find their way back here, for a variety of reasons. Some say they feel a sort of tugging and are drawn without explanation. Others are merely curious and want some answers. We get two or three a day, usually. Sometimes none, sometimes a lot more. Sometimes the guys are already paired up with someone, like our delightful innocents Bobby and Joseph. Others are exploring, finding out about their new selves. Some stay for only a day and feel the need to get back to where they came from. Others stay here, not many, but a few."

"What about you two?"

Justin looked at his partner. "We're already home, Stan. This is who we are and where we belong. That's a powerful realization. Have you ever felt like that? That you know you truly belong?" Stan thought for a moment before shaking his head almost sadly. "It will happen, Stan. It may not be a place you belong. It may be with a person. It may be doing something." He shrugged his huge shoulders and looked at Reggie with evident love. "You just never know."

A large building revealed itself in another open area of the small island. It was surrounded by gravel and there were more men here, though only a handful. Again, some were enjoying each other to a variety of intensities. Others lounged or seemed to be intent on duties, striding with purpose from the building into the surrounding woods. Again, Stan was struck by the variety of men's appearances but in their similar levels of muscular development and intense physical beauty.

Dark skin and light, blue eyes and green eyes and gray eyes and brown eyes, some with hair everywhere, others with less, some with almost no hair at all. Faces that all evidenced the same youthful perfection that his own did, but the eyes told a different tale. That was what it always was, he realized, how you could tell the experience of a man's life. Everyone here might look like they were barely old enough to vote, but one look in their eyes and you knew those who had lived a life, and those who were just beginning to.

They were strolling toward the Lab when someone shouted Reggie's name, and then Justin's, and everyone stopped as one of the beautiful and impossibly powerful figures started to jog across the quad, his pec meat bouncing and the wedges of brawn in his legs stretching and bulging with each stride. The man seemed to exude health, strength and confidence and his body was raised to another level of perfection beyond even what Stan had grown used to.

Reggie smiled and raised his hand in greeting, saying, "Hey, Todd! How they hangin'?"

Todd slowed to a stop and grabbed both his old friends in a huge embrace, his well-muscled arms easily encompassing both of the other's huge torsos in what was obviously a warm and welcoming hug. "God, it's great to see you! And they're hanging exceptionally well."

"By design?"

"Of course." He hefted his fat balls in his hand. They overwhelmed even his augmented grip, huge and round and perfect in their furred sack. Stan was overcome momentarily by the mere presence of this man, whomever he was. His goggled look was evident enough that Todd's face registered an amused and concerned look as he said, "And who is this beautiful man? Some new progeny of Chuck's?"

"Nope. This is Stanley. Stan, may I present Todd. He's Number One for those keeping score – the first man ever to be Transformed."

Todd offered his hand in greeting as if this were any other business meeting and two associates were going to discuss the last quarter's profit statement. It apparently escaped his notice that they were all naked, and he was perhaps the most beautiful human being and most imposing and powerful man Stanley had yet encountered. Todd laughed slightly and leaned forward, his 10-pack swelling, and pulled Stan's hand into his own warm, friendly grip. "Very pleased to meet you. Want to fuck later?"

"Uh, sure."

"Great! Great, I look forward to it." He placed his hand on Stan's bicep and said, "I'll just find you, how would that be?"

"Uh, yeah, okay."

"Okay? Okay! Well, I see you guys are on your way to something important." He looked at the Escaped and an eyebrow arched curiously, but whatever he was thinking he kept it to himself. "Okay, so, catch you later than, Stan. I'm really looking forward to it!" Without preamble, he grabbed hold of Stan's prodigious tool and passed a strong dose of The Touch into his grip and Stan found himself weak- kneed and swooning, his prick swelling and arching like a happy snake, squirting a plume of slick, clear precum all over Todd's strong and talented hand. Todd grinned and slowly gave Stan a couple of smooth, slow strokes to stoke the fire of anticipation even higher before releasing his touch, raising the hand to his mouth before all the honey had been absorbed through his skin and sucking a thick wealth of the sticky sweet fluid into his mouth, licking it from his full and sensuous lips before saying, deeply, "I love the taste of men."

Stan nodded, words escaping him again.

"Ooh, the strong silent type." Todd tilted his beautiful face slightly and narrowed his sparkling gaze. "Can't wait." And with that and a slap on Reggie's ass, he was bounding off in the direction of the orgy glade, his ass muscles bouncing almost as much as his chest had done on the way in.

Justin was looking at Reggie's butt and the red hand print thereon, his brow knitted together. Reggie seemed to blush and then he shrugged. Justin just shook his head as a smile crawled across his face.

Stan was still watching the man disappear when Reggie voiced an answer to his unasked question. "He looks that good because he's probably shared more men than almost anyone else who's been Transformed. There's something in the system that inherits all the best traits of any man exposed and then amps that up, giving it back again to the man who gave it in the first place. So the more men a Transformed man fucks, the better he looks." He sighed. "Todd's just lucky that way, it's not a contest with him. But pretty much anyone who meets him wants to do him, as you can imagine. And fucking is his way of meeting someone, although he seemed to go out of his way to meet you – just like Willy did." He looked more closely at Stan. "You have some secret we don't know about, Stanley?"

"Not that I know of," he answered truthfully. "Jesus, he's beautiful. I mean, even more beautiful than… all the other beautiful men here."

"Yes, he's not bad. But you haven't met Michael yet."


"Head honcho," interjected Justin, "The Main Man. Mr. Perfect."

"But in a good way."

"Oh, hells yes! A very good way." They both smiled knowingly and seemed to swell slightly larger before turning again and leading the troop across the gravel to the large white building with the open doors.

"May I ask a question?" It was the first words from Wolf in a long time. Stan almost forgot he and his men were even there.

"Of course, Wolf," answered Reggie brightly. "Anything at all!"

"Mr. Todd was the first subject of the experiments?"

"Todd, ducks. Not Mr. Todd. But, yes indeedy, he's the first horse out of the gate."

"I am also the first." He gestured at the others. "That is why they look as I look. My seed was the initializer for Peremenyaats."

"Pair of men what?"

"Russian. It means to change."

"Ah. And so..?" Their bare feet made no sound as they walked down a long hallway.

"He was a soldier?"

Justin laughed out loud. "Toddles? No, no, no. He was a… broker?"

Reggie shook his head. "Mortgage sales. Worked in a bank. Dreary sort of job." He said it with the voice of experience.

"So, that explains all."

"All what?" Reggie opened a door and held it open for the others.

"The others here I know were men not in service. Their manner is understood to be from that."


"Fraternization. I believe that men in service could contain themselves. As we will do."

"You're planning on getting Transformed but not… enjoying the benefits?" Wolf took a moment before answering, and Reggie spoke into the silence. "Listen, Wolf. I don't know who you are. But you have to go into this with both eyes open. It's true that this will change you utterly, inside and outside. You'll have complete control of yourself and all your capabilities at all times. But I think you should also know that you will find that the things you considered important before may disappear, and the things you consider important afterwards may never have occurred to you before."

"Sex," Wolf grunted.

Reggie nodded. "And love." He smiled. "Anyway, we don't make judgments here. You'll do what you want to do, just as we all do. I just wouldn't get too cozy believing that you'll be the same person after the procedure that you are now. And that goes for all of you, too. Not that I have to tell at least two of you that, judging by the twinkles I see in a couple of eyes back there."

To Stan, they still looked the same, but it did seem as if two of them – possible Lev and Piotr – were blushing ever so slightly. Wolf blustered. "We will not change."

"Possibly. But we're keeping our hosts waiting, so if we could all just move along?"

The room was clean and white and virtually empty. Except for two figures standing approximately at the center of the room, of approximately equal height and stature and, naturally, entirely naked. The taper of their upper bodies shouted out their masculinity in stark obviousness, as if that were necessary. And as Stan approached, his attention was almost entirely drawn toward the man on the right.

The man on the left had creamy coffee skin and eyes that glittered like gold. His body was overwhelmed with proud, bulging muscularity, arranged in a manner of perfect symmetry suggesting not just hours at a gym, but lifetimes. He stood with a slightly relaxed stance but one that suggested capability and a self-confidence that practically filled the room. His Latin roots became more and more clear as the group approached, and he had a smile on his beautiful face that spoke a welcome without words.

But that man could not dominate this space, no matter how superhuman his appearance and brawn. Because next to him stood a man that put every other man – even the amazing and unbelievable Todd – into a shadow. This man seemed to radiate sex and power. He defined perfect masculine beauty. It shone from his flawless skin and lasered its way across the room from his eyes. Justin and Reggie approached this god and embraced him, and Stan watched the man's muscles flex and swell and bulge and stretch in a dance of erotic promise and powerful brawn that reached out to him and stroked his fires to hellish proportions.

He felt this man on his flesh and deeper down, inside himself, to his core. And as the man reached forward his hand and said, "Welcome, Stan. My name is Michael." Stan's world tilted sideways and he was in love before he knew what hit him. •

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