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Wolf introduced the other men to Bobby, Joseph and Stan. They were mostly Slavic, with a couple of Arabs and, most unusually, a Tibetan of all things. But although they had different backgrounds and varied genetic origins, they now looks almost exactly alike.

Their skin was smooth and without a mark, almost plastic but with a sheen of health. At Stan's request, Wolf had disrobed and, true to his suspicions, the man had no sexual organs or sexual characteristics at all, even though his musculature was heavy and perfectly formed. He was definitely a he, with thick biceps and wide lats and two heavy globes of meat on his chest. But even the muscles had a uniform smoothness that made them look almost fake. They were too perfect. Even naked, he did not seem naked.

As he studied the faces around him, other than his two young companions, he noted that they looked somewhat elastic. The features were featureless, without wrinkle or crease or blemish. The skin was smooth and hairless, and there were no discernable differences between the men. No dimples, no depressions at the corners of the mouth or the eyes, no areas of softness. Just smooth perfection, but an absence of distinctness. No humanity.

"What do you mean by the Escaped?" Stan could hear the capital E in the word. It was a title they called themselves.

Wolf nodded. "There are others. Not Escaped. Some wish to be, others not."

"But… escaped from what? From who?"

Wolf's head tilted slightly as he considered his words. "There is a place. I do not know where. We were in the military. I was Sergeant. These were my men, in army. We are Escaped from there, but what they did to us we cannot undo."

"What did they do?"

Wolf glanced at the others of his company and then moved toward the fire. "We knew of you. The transformed men. We also were experiments. They wanted men to fight and be… un… not…"


Wolf nodded. "Yes. To fight and be fighting and not be conquered. But they knew of the United States men, of you. The decisions."

Stan's brow furrowed and he looked at Joe and Bobby. Their eyes were wide and astonished and they looked like puppies. These had been military experiments? That explained much, but not everything. "Decisions?"

Wolf's featureless features looked a little uncomfortable. "You like… other men."

"No, we're not like other men at all."

"No, that is not my meaning. When you become the transformed men, you are turned backwards. You seek pleasure with… men."

Stan smiled. "Ah. That." He looked again at the beautiful young boys and then down at his own furry muscled perfection. "What's not to like?"

Wolf seemed to smile slightly. "We were not given. We were taken away."

"You lost me."

"Our decision was not to make sex. Our decision was to be nothing."

Stan knew what he meant. He could see the reasoning. His own government, someone somewhere, made a decision. Or maybe there was never a decision and they simply could figure no other solution. Men are made into supermen. Men are joined together into an unbeatable fighting force, given the strength and amazing capabilities he now owned. But what happens to a man when everything is pumped up so high and so hard? What about his other needs and capabilities?

His own government's solution was to make the men be with each other. Wolf's side had another solution entirely, an unthinkable one as far as Stan was concerned. They took it all away, made supermen that were no longer men at all. Beautiful, perfect, exactly the same – but with one important part stolen away.

"Shit," he answered. Wolf nodded. The other men of his company shifted slightly.

"What?" It was Bobby's southern drawl. "What happened?"

Stan looked over. "We're into guys. Into each other. These men… aren't into anything. Because they can't be."

Joe perked up. "Is that all? Hell, we can fix that." And without warning, he was pumping the room full of Male Scent, flooding the space with his essence in olfactory form, and inside it the magic of Transform. Stan felt it wash over his body and watched its effect on Bobby, whose dick and balls inflated, and found himself similarly effected. Then he looked at Wolf's Company.

And nothing was happening. They simply stood there as they had before, apparently oblivious to what was happening in powerful silence. Joe's brow furrowed, and he looked at Stan for an answer. "Pull it back, Joe. You're gonna have Bob and me fucking like rabbits in a second but I don't think Wolf and his guys are getting any benefit.

Wolf looked at Joe and asked, "What are you doing?"

Joe shrugged. "It's something we have. Usually it'll change a guy in an instant. Honestly, you should be plumping up with muscle and sprouting monster cocks right now."

Wolf said, "Ah. We cannot be swayed by your powers. It is part of our changing. Transform does not affect us. It is for combat."

"Makes sense," reasoned Stan. "You would have to be immune to resist us. Otherwise all we'd have to do – assuming we were fighting – was touch you and we'd have you. You'd be like us, and the fight would be over."

"Yes. Or any other transmission method. We heard of many types. Touch, scent, and sexual contact. We cannot be affected."

"Too bad." Stan stroked his fat cock luxuriously. A soft bubble of lube pumped out and he started to coat the head, rubbing his thumb around the smooth, sensitive skin.


Stan crossed his arms and took in a breath as he felt himself calm. Joe's immense transforming power sank back from the room and his own unstoppable sex drive was tempered by his ultimate control. "So you escaped. And what are you looking for?"

"It is not clear?" Stan shook his head. "We want to be like you. We want to be transformed."

"But, you can't be."

Wolf considered his answer before speaking. "We are understanding that there is a facility that is not… official?"

"I'm not sure I understand."

"IGE!" Bobby was standing next to Stan now and acting very excited. He tugged on Stan's muscled arm like a small boy wanting to see Santa Claus. "Yeah! Dude! We could totally take them to IGE!"

Wolf's eyebrow arched. The other Wolf clones around the room perked up as well, some standing now, as the impossibly beautiful young man explained. "It's where Joe and me got changed. Well, I guess, that's not totally true. We were both changed before we got there, only not totally. Like Stan here? He's never been there, but he's changed. And if we took him there, we could maybe meet Michael and Carlos and whoever's left and… and I bet Carlos could do something! What do you think, Joe?"

His friend and lover shrugged his huge shoulders. "Dunno. I'm not sure how it all works anyway. But it sounds like a better plan than sitting on our asses, however fine they might be. Besides, I really want to fuck Wolf, and if the only way that's gonna happen is if we get these dudes changed, I'm 100% for that."

Stan considered something. "So, um, if you got something taken away, what did you get in return?"

Now, finally, Wolf smiled. "We are invincible. Invulnerable. Powerful beyond anything else. We are perfected and absolute. Nothing can defeat us."

Stan arched a brow and smirked. "Really?" He began to grow. He allowed his muscles to expand larger and larger, filling with brawn. He stretched toward the ceiling as his chest expanded ever outward and his arms grew fat and hard and amazing and his legs swelled with cables of innate strength. His cock arched forward proudly, his balls drooped, swollen with seed that would turn any other man into the perfected, ultimate, amazing specimen that he now was. His voice dropped two octaves and emerged soaked with power and strength. "What's that like?"

Wolf was still smiling as he gazed up at the muscular giant. "It rocks." Then he was growing, but in a distinctly alternate method. His body was remanufactured in a different way. He did not change at all as he grew, but remained essentially the same Wolf in a bigger dimension.

Stan could not see his muscles grow as he did in his own body. Rather, Wolf simply got bigger everywhere. He continued to display the odd, inhuman perfection of his form, the lines of his body remaining sleek and smooth and flawless, but he looked unreal as well. There was nothing out of place at all, no wrinkles on the skin, nor hair nor blemish. If Stan were a more fashionable man, he might have thought, "Jesus, clothes will hang perfectly on this guy." Ultimately, he was neither as large nor as muscular as Stan was, but it was clear that nothing was going to penetrate his flesh.

Because he looked as if he were composed of steel. His limbs and torso and all the sleek angles of him gleamed with smooth perfection. There were no veins that networked his bulging physique. Instead, his rounded wedges of brawn intersected and folded against each other in a perfection of form that was abnormally perfect. He looked not so much like a man, but like someone who had been given a set of instructions to build a perfect man might make.

He was smooth and sleek and hard and polished. When he moved, his muscles bulged and flexed but showed no sign of the physical aspects of muscle. No tendons, no cables, no fine intersecting fingers. Just fat, hard, perfect lobes of power.

Stan reach forward tentatively and placed his hand against Wolf's form and found it unyielding. The skin was warm, certainly, but felt artificial. The muscle beneath was rock hard, or harder than that. Wolf's tensed his pec and it swelled outward, growing inches larger and remaining as perfectly formed and perfectly hard. "As you see," he intoned, "we are perfect."

Stan huffed out a soft breath and looked down between the man's legs, where there was nothing but a smooth plane. His hairless body showed no signs of anything sexual at all. No nipples to suck and twist, no balls to play with, no cock to welcome inside the white hot sex of his ass. "Not entirely," he answered.

Wolf's face reflected a sudden sadness. He said nothing.

Stan felt the environment cool and began to shrink to a more manageable height and girth. He glanced at Joe and asked, "So, where is this place?"

Joe shrugged again. "Like on a map? Couldn't tell you. But I know where it is. I can feel it."

"Feel it?"

Stan heard Joe in his head. ::Can't you? Right here?:: Something inside him, deep inside, seemed to warm and swell. Something that tugged at him, pleasantly, like a scent from his childhood or a sound he could hear very faintly and not yet recognize, but knew it meant something. ::That's them. The others. Before we left, something happened. Something huge. We all shared it, and whatever that was left this, like, echo or something. You'll always feel it, now that you've been changed, and if you follow it, you'll be home.::

Wolf noticed their silent exchange, observing the changing expressions on Stan's face and the beatific smile that lit his lips. He observed them in silence until Stan turned back to him and said, "We can take you."

"When?" The entire Company was on their feet now, clearly anxious and excited.

"No time like the present." •

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