Tantric Muscle

By Witchery

Webmaster's Note: Though this story features male muscle growth, it also contains male-female sex. Just a warning. :-)

Mark finished the set and put his weights down. He went to the mirror and flexed. He still couldn't see any changes. Dammit! He'd been pumping iron for a year now, religiously, and while he did lose some fat, he didn't see much growth at all.

He grabbed his towel and began walking away. Nearby, Jerry finished a set and got up. Boy, would he like to look like Jerry! Jerry was very large, and proud of it. For all his working out, Mark was still a lanky, brown-haired man in his twenties, tall but thin. He sighed and began to walk towards the showers.

Almost there, he nearly bumped into a woman. There was something animallike about her. She had long black hair and was as tall as him, and very beautiful. She smiled and looked at him. "I saw you over there flexing. Having trouble?"

Mark sat down. "Yeah. I've been doing this for a year. So far, THIS is about it." He shrugged his shoulders.

She leaned in. "Hi. I'm Lenore. I know a few things. I know how you can get big, really fast." She looked almost predatory as she looked straight into his eyes.

Mark pulled back. "Steroids? Hell no. I ain't gonna ruin my health for this."

She shook her head. "Nope. Not that. You don't take anything. It's an action you do."

Mark was intrigued. "Tell me more."

Lenore shook her head again. "Meet me in the lobby after you clean up." With that, she picked up and left. Puzzled but curious, Mark went to the showers.

He saw Lenore again when he got to the gym's lobby. "Excuse me, Lenore?" he asked.

She turned around with an almost feline grace. Mark extended his hand to her. "By the way, my name is Mark."

She took his hand. "Excellent. Come, Mark, your coming home with me." With that, she turned around, and still holding his hand, she left he gym and went to her car.

Mark smiled and followed. Even if she was nuts, getting laid seemed nice right now. He happily went along.

Lenore's apartment was pretty weird. An immense poster of the Kabbalah dominated one wall; another had a St. Brigit's cross made of wheat grass and a dream catcher mounted on it. Candles were everywhere, and he smelled incense. While he looked around, she tossed his gym bag in a corner and began lighting the candles. When she was finished, she sat down on the bed. "Strip, and sit down next to me."

Puzzled, Mark removed his shirt and pants, shoes and socks. He was going to sit down then, but she said, "All of it."

Mark grinned and pulled off his underwear. He then sat down next to her. "What about you?"

She smiled in that predatory way she had. "In a minute. Now, do you know what the cradle of life is on a man?"

He shrugged.

She put a surprisingly strong hand on his dick and balls. "These are. From these all life for a man springs. Men have a power there they hardly know about."

Mark swallowed. He began to get an erection. "Oh, I know all about it, lady."

She half-laughed. "Hardly. The semen you generate is a powerful substance. Yes, it can make babies, but it can do so much more."

"Like what?"

"I'll show you. Whatever you do, don't let anything escape. Tell me when you can't hold it in any longer."

Mark nodded as she laid him down on the bed.

Lenore got up, pulled off her dress, and stood in front of him. His eyes drank in the sight of her. She was incredible - full hips, large breasts, and smooth skin. "I am the goddess, I am Shakti." She said.

"Shakti" Mark repeated.

Lenore got up on the bed. Using her hands and her tongue, she began to explore every part of him. Mark heart began to hammer and his breath came quick. Her tongue left a searing trail wherever it went, and her hands just seemed to bring him more and more aware of his body. He never wanted a woman so much in his life. He reached for her waist. She raised her body. "No. Don't climax. Keep holding it in." He could feel his balls churning and his manhood throbbing, needing, demanding release. Lenore kept right on massaging him and licking him. She seemed to be bringing all of his attention down to his cock. Finally, with her weight on top of him, her hands went to his crotch.

Mark's vision went red and he cried out. "No more! I can't do it!"

Lenore smiled. She began to insert herself.

Mark lost control and released. He climaxed so hard he raised his back.

Quick as a cat, Lenore grabbed his penis and blocked the semen from coming out.

Mark was so surprised he actually raised his head. Dear God, he thought, She's killed me. He felt the fire in his groin be thrown backwards, into his stomach and spine.

"Kundalini" she said. "Feel the power." The fire exploded within him, filling his head with light. He shook for a minute, and then fainted.

Consciousness came back slowly. He was sweating hard, and his dick was sore. Lenore lay in bed next to him, watching him. "Damn you, woman! What the hell did you do to me?"

"Congratulations. You've just had your first experience with tantric sex. The idea is that instead of sending the life-force, the Kundalini into the woman, you send it back into yourself, getting all the benefits of it."

"Benefits?" He asked warily.

She smiled. "Look in the mirror."

Mark got up from bed and looked in her mirror. He was shocked. The shapelessness was gone, replaced by definition. He was sure his chest and arms were bigger. He lifted his arms and saw his lats were forming. His legs also showed signs of growth. Not much, but he looked a damn sight better than he did before. "My goodness!" He turned to face her, a smile on his face. "Is this permanent?"

She shook her head. "Nope. You still have to work out, but you can make yourself bigger as well."

"How?" He asked, coming back to the bed.

She smiled. "More of the same. The experience will be better if you do it, rather than relying on another person. Visualize the semen not being released, but rather flooding back into you. Eventually, you should be able to do it without touching yourself."

He smiled again, thinking of the possibilities. "Thank you so much, Lenore. How can I repay you?"

She smiled in that predatory way. "Let's do it again."


During the next weeks, Mark practiced tantrism.

When he had dates, he would do it with them, once again not letting the semen erupt. It took a few tries, but the sensation was so rewarding. It was like an electric shock going through his system. The girls he slept with noticed the sensation as well. Some asked him what he was doing. He just smiled and asked if they were having a good time.

If he was alone, he would masturbate. He would rub his cock, making himself erect, he would continue stroking, feeling his balls churn, the semen grow. Just as he would cum, he stopped it before it was released, and forced it back into himself. He could feel the life-force return into him, stimulating him.

And he grew. His neck grew wide, as did his shoulders and delts. His biceps and triceps ballooned. His pecs grew massive and hard; his abs showed a six-pack in stark relief. His lats grew wide and impressive. His legs became tree trunks of muscle. He looked like a professional bodybuilder.

One day, after working out at the gym, he ran into Lenore again. She looked him up and down, smiling. "Good to see it worked."

"It worked all right. This is amazing! Tell me, how can I thank you?"

She just smiled.

He sat in her bath, getting a massage. He was feeling very clear-headed, the result of a tea she had made. The water of the bath was strewn with plants, which gave off an odd scent, which when combined with the incense she burned, was making him feel really good.

"Tell me, Lenore, why are you doing this for me? Heck, I should be doing this for you!"

She smiled. "Actually, it's a bit on the selfish side. My first experience with tantric sex was absolutely mind-blowing. I try and do it with all the men I sleep with." She thought for a bit. "And there is another reason."


"Well, you're not bad to look at. She kneaded his back harder. Now, let your mind become open, feel the power of the herbs." He did as he was told and relaxed.

He got out of the bath feeling like a god. She sensuously toweled him off, taking note of his already rock-hard cock. He felt so alive, so vigorous, and so horny. She guided him to the bed, and laid him down, his cock standing straight up. She moved like a cat and climbed on top of him, cueing the music by remote control.

They began to move in harmony with the music. She explored his new body, her fingers and tongue stimulating him even farther. He began breathing hard. He ran his hands over her, sensuously massaging her pressure points, and she moaned in pleasure. She slid her cunt over his throbbing member, letting it sink into her.

To him, it was like she was a pot of heated honey. Using her hips, she applied pressure with the wall of her cunt to his dick. He gasped in a new sense of pleasure. "Oh Sweet Goddess! Don't stop! Don't stop!" He cried.

She slid up and down over him. He gasped, groaned and fought against his balls. His groin was practically vibrating. The pressure continued to mount, much more pressure than ever before. By force of will, despite his swimming head, he kept himself in control. She continued to slide up and down alternately releasing and constricting his dick with her cunt. Lenore had to admit, Mark had developed an ideal amount of self-control. Their first time, it had been less than fifteen minutes. Now, she had been working him for almost an hour.

Finally, unable to hold back, he came. Focusing all his will, he fought against release. He cried out in utter ecstasy, finally gasping out, "Lenore! Help me!"

Through the haze of her own pleasure, Lenore stared at his cock, swollen to three times its size by Mark fighting against release. She grabbed hold and pinched, and his cock swelled more behind her fingers. Finally, the pressure she had applied and Mark's will kicked in, and he felt the juice slam back into his system like a rocket. His spine was on fire, and the flames exploded through his body. Mark was paralyzed by the sensation. "Oh GOD!" He cried out.

After what seemed like an hour, Mark's vision cleared. He looked over at Lenore, who had passed out. Shakily, but with his strength returning rapidly, he got up from the sweat-soaked bed.

He downed a glass of water and looked at himself in the mirror. He dropped the glass in amazement. He was growing. His pecs were becoming huge slabs of muscle, his shoulders were widening, becoming wider than the mirror, and inflating to an almost-bursting size. His biceps were ballooning to the size of melons, and his abs were showing tight and in stark relief. His lats were growing so wide he couldn't bring his arms down. His legs grew, becoming thick, shapely, and intensely muscular. He did a few poses, and was astounded. After a few minutes, the growth stopped, but he didn't need any more of it. He had become a musclegod. He was immense, on par with the biggest of the bodybuilders out there.

A feeling of calm joy and satisfaction washed over Mark. He had no reason to be envious of anyone, ever again

He walked over to the bed. Lenore was still asleep. Lightly, he took her hand and kissed it. Lenore had been so wonderful, but he knew that it wouldn't last. Sure the sex would be great and he could probably grow to the size of a giant, but after a while, just doing that would ruin things.

When Lenore awoke, Mark was not there. She found a note on her pillow. She read the note and smiled. She probably would not see Mark again, but it didn't matter. They had both gotten what they wanted. •

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