Ten Big Indians

The Last Challenge


By John

So far, our victor has survived every challenge, but can he handle the big one? Only one chapter left after this one, so you know things are getting hot as our diabolical host clamps down in his final challenge. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

If Mike had known what was in store for him before he had sounded off so self-assuredly about being willing to take on any challenge, maybe he would have made a different choice. It was too late now.

The premise was simple, he would get 10 pounds of gold for every pound of weight he could hold up for at least 10 seconds. To get the full $10,000,000, "all he had to do" was hold up 250 pounds for that ten second period. Except for one small detail - he had to hold it up using only his cock!

The host announced that he had come up with this idea as a result of an interesting display of cock strength he had seen recently on another man. Mike knew instantly that he had meant Spike. Damn, why did he have to go and do that, now Mike was stuck with this sort of prank with a full 10 million dollars at stake.

While they set up the room, the host had kept the viewing audience entertained by announcing a series of winners from around the country who had, apparently, logged on-line to guess at Mike's various muscle dimensions. When it came to his cock, no one had figured that over 28" of meat and 16" around was possible on one man. The best guess was 19" long and 13" around. Heck, several of the contestants had reached or passed that mark. The host concluded that there was no winner on this - except Mike himself.

The set up was simple enough. Unlike what Spike did, Mike would be fitted with a metal collar on his shaft. From that hung three equal lengths of chain. A round flat metal ring about 24" in diameter was secured from the chains in a horizontal position. There was steel mesh netting within the ring upon which the metal weights would be placed. All of this was to be loaded, as Mike directed by Rick and Dan. All he had to do was to keep the metal basket of weight raised above a slim metal rod that stood about 15" tall. This rod was connected to electric wires that, in turn, ran to contacts that would be taped to each of Mike's balls and one to the sensitive crown of his cock.

In his highly aroused condition, if the basket of weights dropped low enough to come in contact with the rod, an electric jolt would be sent to his balls and cock. Because of his excited state, this would result in causing him to ejaculate and, thus, loose the contest.

Mike's control was three-fold. First, he could direct the amount of weight to be added to the basket. At any point , he could call for no more weight and then just keep what had been piled onto the netting held suspended for a period of at least ten seconds. Second, he could take a total of three one-minute breaks. Third, he would be strapped by his hands and feet to adjacent cable machines so that only his cock and surrounding abdominal muscles were being used to hold up the weights.

Even Mike had to appreciate the ingenious arrangement. He remembered what it had felt like when Dan had applied downward pressure on his rigid dick as it was being measured. While he had felt the strain, he, too, had noted that the mighty pole had not yielded to the force. Then he remembered the time when Spike had tried to get up from the table and how his, then smaller, cock had caused the whole side of the table to rise when it got lodged under it. Mike's man- meat probably, now contained more than four times the mass of Spike's, but was it as strong?

"The time has come to test the man!" laughed the host.

Mike stepped back up onto the platform. Rick and Dan stepped up on each side. As they placed metal cuffs around Mike's wrists, they both leaned in a little and wished him the best of luck. Mike smiled gratefully back to the two of them. They shackled Mike's forearms to the vertical poles of the cable machines with his arms extended loosely out to each side. The assistants stepped down off the platform and went to perform the same task around his ankles. The feet bindings were more rigid to prevent a lot of movement.

Secured to the weight machines in this fashion, Mike was the dream vision of many young men and boys after seeing one of those old sword and sandal movies. Mike's body, of course, was far beyond their wildest dreams. He looked as though he could rip the entire building down with one giant pull. His muscles still stood sharp and hard. His chest heaved in anxious anticipation and erotic excitement. As Mike pulled experimentally on the bindings around his wrists, his biceps and triceps jumped into solid streams of muscle fibers.

Rick moved over to the side and gathered up the weight-holding contraption. As he brought it to the platform, Dan moved forward took hold of the metal basket and ring while Rick took the collar and raised it to be just out in front the might cap at the end of Mike's dick. Rick moved the circle of steel over the end of the head. It was about 4 �" clear on the inside. It would certainly be a comfortable fit.

The leading edge of the cold metal came in contact with the crown. Mike shivered in a combination of reaction to the icy steel and out of pending excitement. His cock sprung into involuntary action as it visibly hardened itself and jumped upward. The force of the movement knocked the steel collar out of Rick's hands. It swung down and hit the projecting rod he had set below. Dan screamed as the jolt of electricity hit his hand. The basket was jerked upward and knocked into the bottom of Mike's bulbous ball sacs. They shivered and vibrated in excited response. Mike groaned loudly as he fought to bring his responses back under control. Unable to move, sweat formed on his brow as he struggled to control the explosion of man-juice he could feel shifting into readiness inside.

"Cut the power until we're all set!" Shouted the announcer. "Cut the power!"

After a moment, he advised that the current had been shut off and that they could proceed whenever Mike signaled that he was ready. Mike stood as still as he could and tried to concentrate on the value of this experience. Obviously, his state of excitement was sharp and tender. He now knew that it wouldn't take much in the way of an electric jolt, should he fail, to push him over the edge. So, he determined, he must not fail!

After a moment, he nodded his willingness to move forward again.

Rick cautiously raised the ring again. He had spent the available time rubbing it with his hands so that it was not nearly as cold now. The circle of steel crossed the end of the glorious cap and came in full contact with the taunt skin. He would have to squeeze the crown down about an inch for the ring to clear the tip and reach to the beginning of the still throbbing shaft. As he saw Mike take a deep concentrating breath, he did the same and pushed quickly. His fingers felt the hard spongy tissue fold under the metal. He kept pushing and could feel the crown of the cock pulse slightly as it moved to fill more solid with blood. Without quitting, the collar moved past the ridge. The cap sprung back to full size immediately as the beginning of the shaft reached out to grab and resist the metal intending to encase it.

Mike groaned loudly with obvious pleasure as the man-made metal massaged the man-grown meat. Rick refused to stop the push he had started. Two inches of the shaft appeared as the circle of metal encountered a tube of equally hard flesh. Rick kept pushing, trying to ensure that the ring would be as far back as possible. With about 3" of tough tan-red meat showing the push was forced to stop. As if understanding it's role in this game, the cock meat expanded to engulf about half the thickness of the metal band. The outer end of the shaft and the head became visibly hardened with fresh volumes of trapped blood. The captured veins, too, ballooned from crown to ring, grew hard and completed the seal..

"Mike, if you're ready, please let the basket down." Directed the show master.

Dan glanced up at Mike. He took another breath and began to tense his huge body as he nodded. Dan lowered the ring pan until the chains were fully extended and then gently released his hold. The basket swayed slightly but the monumental shaft supporting it made no visible move. Mike could feel the applied weight as he continued to try to control the sensation of arousal.

Rick took the three lead wires in his hands. He went around under Mike's bulk and reached up to one mighty round ball sac. Taking the other end of a wire, he touched it to the ball and secured the with a small adhesive strip. The ball wobbled slow and heavy as it reacted to the touch. Mike, in seeming better control, simply closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as possible. Rick then did the same on the other softball sized globe. He could feel the grumbling juices within. Then, he extended the last wire out to the backside of the flaring crown. He quickly applied the last contact and darted away as the basket jiggled upward in excited response.

"Well, my friend," continued the voice. "You have about 4" of tolerance. Since we've seen how your monstrous tool likes to give us an excited 4" rise when it wants, let's see if it, and you, can keep it from resisting a matching fall."

"We will begin, now.' It continued. "Let them know what your pleasure is, sir. The juice is on. It's all up to you now."

Mike decided that he would begin cautiously so that he could see how it felt and how his body responded.

"Let's start with twenty-five pounds" He announced.

Dan, now wearing insulating gloves, secured the correspondingly labeled weight plate. He placed it in the center of the netting. Mike tensed slightly at first in anxious anticipation. The gargantuan muscles of his arms and legs went stiff again in response. The viewers could see the muscles intensify in spasms as Mike reacted to the first weight. The chest heaved rhythmically forward and began to draw it's lines of separation. The valley surrounding each ab grew deeper as did the muscle separations in the four foot volume of the upper leg mass. Lats expanded slightly, more out of involuntary response that actual need. But the cock, the mighty 28" post, held solid and unmoved!

Mike felt the weight, but it seemed more a light inconvenience than a burden. Knowing that, as they added weight, he would tire over time, he quickly decided to challenge the program.

"Let's have forty-five more." He announced with all the confidence he could demonstrate.

Dan, again, went to the basket with the larger weight plate. The seventy pounds of metal translated their full impact up the chains, through the cock band and onto the cantilevered column of man-made muscle. Mike showed instant increased tension throughout his body as this weight became something he noticed in his groin. Biceps leaped into divided sculptures. Triceps locked their coils of muscle into view. The pecs became visually striated bands. The legs muscles split themselves into a series of interlocking cables. The red-hot cock, held still and stiff.

Mike judged the impact of the weight difference he felt in his head. Well, if this was going to work, he couldn't take forever or go so slow.

"Forty-five more, please." He called.

Dan and Rick looked questioningly at him. He showed no sign of insecurity. Rick grabbed a forty-five pound plate and placed it in the netting.

One-hundred and fifteen pounds of iron took hold on Mike's own iron shaft. For the first time, it moved down slightly as the increased mass announced it's presence. Mike tensed harder in immediate response. Muscle fibers across the entire body demanded to occupy all the space under the sheen of skin as they danced out into remarkable stiffness; line by line; bunch by bunch. The sweat began to form on the abs as they were demanded to take the brunt of the new force. The huge organ moved down. It dropped �" and then another �". As the weight pulled on his prick, the band began to act like a cock ring and sent stimulating desires through it's volume. Mike felt the first twinge of response in his balls. Using this as his own mental stimulation, he aimed more concentrated blood and fortitude into the enormous staff. It responded with an excited and exciting upward bound. The head flared larger as it hardened further from the newly energized trapping of blood.

In the end, the amazing cock actually leveled itself almost an inch higher than it had been before the addition of the last weights. The awe that both Dan and Rick showed was probably being repeated in front of set after set of members of the viewing audience.

"Again." Demanded Mike. "Add it again!"

And so they did. Another large plate was added to the mounding collection.

The reaction was both stronger and harder, in more ways than one, this time. The seemingly invincible pole immediately dropped 2", giving back everything it had gained and then some. Rather than stopping at that point, it continued down at a much slower rate. You could see the balls begin to flatten a little as the bottom of the more solid overlying tube of flesh pushed down on them. This only caused a much increased pleasurable sensation inside Mike. Precum, again, began to appear. How it was getting beyond the compressing metal binding was anyone's guess, but, it was forcing it's way out. If it could get through, then surely, the waiting man-cream could, too.

The raw pleasure sensations were both wonderful and painful. Mike's balls hurt from within as they made their desires for release known. His new 400 pounds of muscle accepted the challenge. Every fiber showed it's defiance to the challenge as his skin began to disappear, becoming part of the muscle itself. Veins snaked and throbbed across the surface of each and every over-swelled muscle. The bellies of Mike's biceps stood out and up. His pecs tried to clench and grew thicker and deeper in the process. Unable to move into their compressed ball shapes, they, worked with the biceps and giant triceps to cause the metal to which the body was strapped to creak loudly as it began to shift in response to the forces being applied.

Mike forced his concentration and mentally felt for the core of solid meat that was at the base of his cock. Reaching hard inside himself, he felt the giant tool respond. It stopped it's own downward movement; regained about �"; and froze into place. It held the 115 pounds of weight stiffly suspended at 3" above the electrified rod.

Knowing he couldn't dare to wait, Mike growled out for yet another 45 pounds!

A total of 115 pounds more than Spike had endured now hung suspended off of the cantilevered fulcrum that was Mike's cock. He had been more prepared this time for the impact. As the weight was released onto the net, Mike crunched the muscles of his entire body as he never had before. His primary concentration was on the ring of muscle around the anchor point of his over-inflated man-tool. Striations separated further into steel threads all across his body's surface. The definition of muscle transcended that of any earthly being. Sweat from his body combined with the lights being used for TV purposes. The resulting glow surrounded this towering cliff of muscle with an aura reserved for religious figures in paintings.

At the same time, he flexed his ass cheeks hard and purposefully to give his hips as much rise as he could. Rick stepped around to see this display of wonder. Steve and Dwayne were nothing compared to the show that Rick was witnessing. The upper domes of the glutes form chiseled shelves over the lower, deeper maximus muscles. The dueling domes were inscribed with rows of horizontal fissures looking as if someone had set Devil's Tower on its side and carved it into Mike's ass. The shallow on each side formed deep, perfectly etched caverns crying out for anyone brave enough to attempt to ride on these mounds of glory. His ass was, at the same time, the most sensually inviting human display of muscle and giving a warning that no one would be permitted entry without permission.

The plan seemed to work. The invincible shaft yielded only another �" but the look in Mike's face told the rest of the story. Strain was evident in every line there. Sweat dripped in steady streams, falling onto the horizontal tops of the swollen pec muscles. From there it ran into the endless depth of the cleavage or formed large drops off of the bottom of the aroused, projecting nipples from which it dropped long and hard, shattering on the swell of leg muscle far below. Mike's massive pec meat began to vibrate. The resulting earthquake of muscles was more arousing than any display yet. Watching the gargantuan mountain of muscle show it's struggle, brought many of the viewers to their own sexual climax.

"Break! I want a break!" Screamed the vibrating behemoth.

Dan and Rick rushed in and grabbed the metal ring on each side. They lifted it just enough to see the supporting chains show signs of looseness. Mike breathed deep and heavy. From their viewpoint below, the assistants could see the heaving of the pecs as they moved in and out to permit the inflow of oxygen being demanded. The mounds of pec meat was so thick, it would move several inches and completely cover the view of Mike's face as he gasped for air. Never once did the muscle show any sign of surrendering the solid definition it had. Tearing their eyes away from this sight, the men below took advantage of the chance to rearrange the weights to be more stabile. How Mike was supporting it all using only his dick was beyond their ability to comprehend.

"Ten seconds." Called out the electronic voice.

Mike's breathing shifted from responsive to planned. He was going to be ready when the time came to carry fully the weight on his extended, glowing tool again.

"Five seconds." Came the second warning - and then the countdown to zero.

Mike was ready. The ass and abs set themselves resolutely back into their unimaginable hardness. The biceps and pecs jumped back into the strained, striated positions. The tri's coiled back into the steel-like cable system wrapping from elbow to shoulder. Legs flared out massively and firmly. Dan and Rick let go as slowly as they dared. The cock reddened and formed new ridge lines of meat and vessels in response. It had, indeed, enjoyed the rest. The mighty staff met the challenge with full force and fortitude. It held rigidly a full 3 �" above the electric stick.

"I want it all." Cried Mike. "Give me all ninety pounds! Now!

Rick and Dan each grabbed a 45 pound plate. They placed them on the top of the amazingly pile and got ready to step back immediately to give Mike his best opportunity. As they place the last weight on top, Mike shouted out immediately for another break.

Their hands moved from weight to ring without a pause in between. Mike had very cleverly figured out that, in this fashion, he could get 2 minutes of rest before having to support the full winning load of 250 pounds! He would also only need to keep it and his cock erect for 10 seconds. Plus, he still had one more break to go if things didn't feel like they were working right. He set his mind to concentrating on the task before him. Chen would have been proud, not only of Mike's magnificent 28 �" tool, but of the mind control being channeled into Mike's body.

"A clever ploy." Offered the host. "Our man has brains to match his brawn! Thirty seconds�and then we will see if his strategy worked. In less than a minute, we will know if our unearthly muscle-god goes home as the world's most amazing victor, or if he goes home with absolutely nothing."

Mike ignored the taunts. His mind was completely focused as it had never been before.

"Twenty seconds."

Dan and Rick could see Mike begin to tense and flex. New striations that one could never imagine were yet possible began to form under the sheer skin. Now even the bulges began to bulge. Biceps formed into several heads instead of just two. Pecs separated thickly and decidedly into individual cables as if from a densely packed suspension bridge. Legs locked into vertical mountain ranges of rock- like meat. The valley between the protruding abs became chasms. The ass became and impenetrable fortress of muscle. And the cock actually inflated itself so that the entire metal band was below the surface level of the adjacent meat and then stepped two inches higher into the air as it prepared itself for the onslaught.

"Time!" shouted the host.

Again, Dan and Rick released the weighted tray, letting all 250 pounds of force move from their hands into the chains, up through the flesh-immersed ring and onto the braced piece of monumental human manhood.

The cock began to move down. Mike's face showed all the initial strain. The cock kept drifting down. "ONE." It gave back the two inches it had claimed in advance � and then another inch. "TWO." Mike groaned loudly as he fought for both mental and physical control. "THREE." Metal creaked loudly within each cable machine as the distended pecs and bi's demanded it to yield to in-human pressure. "FOUR." His balls began to heat up and flex themselves from within. "FIVE." The plates moved to within 2" of the rod. "SIX." The metal uprights of on of the cable machines failed with a large crack, but Mike held his place and his concentration. "SEVEN." His balls felt the pressure on top, again, and stirred harder. "EIGHT." The resulting expansion of the heated cream in his balls pushed back against the base of his cock, seeking any form of release available but found none. "NINE." The epitome of muscle held. "TEN!"

The mighty cock hovered 1 �" above the metal contact. It's strength was solid, bold and proud, as was Mike's. His balls did their share with his muscles. He had done it!

"We have a winner! We have a winner!" screamed the emcee.

Dan and Rick rushed toward the basket immediately.

"NO!" screamed Mike in surprising response. Forty-five more pounds Double or nothing. You've made a God-damned fortune off this. Take my challenge and take it now!"

The host was trapped.

"OK, double or nothing. Ten seconds. Starting now!" He responded.

Dan did a quick reaction, grabbed a 45 pond plate and placed it on the pile hoping that his speed would be helpful to Mike. All 295 pounds hung heavily from Mike's prick!

The balls churned hotter and heavier as they felt the newly applied pressure on their precious contents. The cock grew deep red as the blood pushed it beyond human limits. The clock ticked off three of the seconds.

New veins appeared to grow on the spot. Mike's face contorted showing the same muscle display as the rest of his body. There was nothing to see but sinew and muscle. He had become so astoundingly defined in his musculature that the already transparent skin virtually disappeared. Four more seconds were gone.

The remaining cable machine fractured and the pecs flew together forming mounds so solid and high that you heard the meat of the two piles of hardened fibers slap together. Mike threw his head back to offset the forward movement of his arms. The clock passed the eighth second.

The cock actually went up another full inch. The ninth second went by.

Mike screamed out both his victory and his agony, giving the watching world the most amazing most-muscular crunch ever witness as all the rock hard, wet muscles compressed to diamond density. The tenth second had passed.

Mike held the pose for several more seconds as the thrill of victory took total control of mind, body and spirit. NOW people would respect him.

"You wanted a show! He shouted, "Well here it is!"

With that, he leaned forward slightly. Just enough to complete the metal to metal contact. The results were instantaneous and totally unforgettable!

People swore that, for an instant, the monumental display of muscle became even larger and was pure solid sinew. The victorious tool swung upward again, further heightened and aroused by the charge that shot in through the overly-sensitized crown. The superheated ball sacs refused to hold their contents any more.

As the first volley slammed down the cannon barrel of the cock, there was a loud, loud crack as the iron band shattered under the pressure. The initial load flew up and past the camera some twenty feet away. It went by as a continuous stream as opposed globules of cum. The second volley was no less forceful but carried at least twice the volume of creamy liquid. The third cannon shot splashed hard and loud right into the lens of the camera. Those at home who had not yet cum to this point from the show, did so now as the thick white juice drifted slowly downward over their TV screens.

Volleys continued. Stream after stream of hot cum issued forth. At least a quart or more in the main fireworks display of man-cream had exploded into the room. Mike continued to cum as the repressed hot liquid ran out the slit and fell in long wet columns to the floor. After about two minutes, he felt both relieved and exhausted.

"Good show, my muscle-god friend. Now it is time to receive your winnings and your antidote." Came the familiar voice, only this time, it was coming from directly behind Mike.

He turned almost overwhelmed with pleasurable exhaustion and looked down from the platform in instant shock.

It was Mel speaking! •

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