Bull's Strength

Reaching the FATHER


By Muscl4life

The next morning the impossibly huge trio woke up before the sunrise. Joshua had Bryan and Kevin one under each of his super wide wings. He was so marveled with their night! They fucked over and over until Bryan and Kevin fell asleep under his arms – He could go on much more , but he understood they are still beginning to feel his POWER! Their "bed" was no more than three king sized mattress side by side, and Joshua occupied two thirds of the available space, his lovers practically had to sleep over his chest – not that it bothered him. The sunrise was beautiful, and Joshua just looked to the sky outside, so full of hope and glory, the usual sound of the birds:

“Good morning lover! Bryan kissed him and joined the bigger man in his sight, suddenly they heard a loud noise over the farm, an engine sound each time nearer. All of them got up and went to the center of the farm and saw the enormous military helicopter – It was just like those war movies, a huge black helicopter. It scared the animals, such loud was the noise. It finally landed, the three huge guys just stand impassive waiting to see who the hell was in that thing. Joshua put his arms on his lovers shoulders. The door opened and a thin blond guy jumped, he wore civilian clothing, but the crew wore uniforms like a military organization. The thin man couldn't see straight because of the engine of the helicopter, he walked with difficult and his eyes covered by the dust. But when he took a good LOOK at the trio he gasped and literally slipped and fell down. Joshua and his boys didn't know if they laughed or helped the poor man, anyway Kevin helped him stand on his feet effortlessly:

“Are you OK? Kevin asked in his new low voice. The guy seemed so scared and yet used to the SIZE of the mega muscled lads. He looked UP to Joshua and offered his shaking hand:

“You must be Joshua, judging by your SIZE! The man smiled nervously. Joshua just let the guy shake his hand, afraid of harming the skin guy – Dr. Feldens, I presume – Joshua said kind of smiling to repeat such over used cliché. Kevin and Bryan were serious at his side.

“Those are Bryan and Kevin – they're my lovers! Joshua said directly, making his men once more proud of him. Feldens wasn't shocked at all, he nodded his head, and offered his hand:

“Nice to meet you two! Feldens complimented the lads and finally gasped:

“After our last talk, I've finally gathered the courage to contact your father, and told him details, he offered to send his personal helicopter to take you and you – lovers – to see him in his home! Feldens pointed to the helicopter and they saw the crew getting out, all of the men weren't near the size of Kevin, but still looked very built and strong, a tall brunette approached and saluted the muscle lads:

“Trent Phillips at your service! I am here to take you to see our Master- I mean your father! He's anxious for your reunion - I am instructed to help you bring everything you want to take in the trip. Joshua looked to Bryan, it was all so sudden! What about the farm? The animals? Who would do his job? And Auntie Clara, Mrs. Haynes? But it didn't seem so important now! The mere opportunity to finally know his entire story directly from his father. Then, before he could reply, Trent handed him huge packets:

“I couldn't avoid noticing you and your friend are almost naked – Pretty understandable due to your humongous size – the brunette blinked and pointed to the cases:

“This fiber is totally resistant and flexible, the clothing is pretty small for you but it is the biggest ones we have. Joshua opened and found lots of swimsuits, trunks, shorts, absolutely no shirt. The same thing on the others. Since they were already naked, they decided to try some clothing. Kevin was the most fortunate one, because the clothing almost fit him, his red trunks and a white tank top totally cramped in his chest and loose on his flat stomach. Bryan was absolutely male wearing nothing more than a skimpy swimsuit – the only thing which stretched enough to cover his enormous dong, he borrowed the cap of one of the "escort guys". Joshua decided to remain naked, because nothing, absolutely nothing fit on his proportions! He just grinned and blew kissed to his lovers, who looked like the extreme muscular version of those cute boy bands Joshua handed a letter to Trent:

“I want this to be delivered at the Haynes farm! He was such into the bossing attitude it really impressed the leader of the crew:

“Don't worry sir! You can contact your relatives from the aircraft! We'll deliver this right now!

“And what about my parents? Kevin froze – They'll never understand! But Joshua was there once more:

“I let instructions for Mrs. Haynes to tell your parents you've ran away along with us! It'll be better, besides you're practically a grown up – I mean – You're a MAN now! Kevin hugged him and they kissed. Bryan looked at Feldens and saw his sweat:

“I can see you're a little afraid of Holdar's reaction to you after all those years! Feldens looked at Bryan and smiled nervously:

“I thought he would even talk to me, but the discover of his lost son was more important in the world for him! Since I was the only one who could find you, he let me join this mission, but I am not sure about his forgiveness! Bryan felt the mood and decided to change the subject:

“So, Holdar must be really loaded! He had a helicopter! And his own "army" – Bryan smiled but Feldens didn't, and started talking very quickly!

“Over the years, Holdar managed to send very light versions of his enhancers to the pharmaceutical companies, and with his intelligence he managed to overtake most of the sport medicines market, even I don't understand how he managed to become so rich and powerful! I can't precise to you, but he must be the wealthiest man in the whole world, and yet he managed to stay away from the whole world.

“WOW! He really is something! The blond hairy lad whistled and looked at Josh:

“Are we ready to go? Joshua smiled and showed his thumbs up!

“TRENT! WE'RE READY TO GO! Joshua shouted and the dark haired pilot hurried his men. In fact all of them were totally surprised to such HUGE teens. Kevin was showing off to a couple of men, and Bryan toyed with his chest to kill the time, but at the sound of Joshua's thunder voice all of them took their place at the craft and they've went up to reach their fate, their truth, their POWER!

“I gotta confess I didn't expect you guys to be so HUGE without the enhancers for all those years! Zack said as he tried not to look at the enormous BULGE of the mega muscled lads. But Joshua was serious:

“Dr. Feldens, we don't know precisely the process of my growth and how I could pass it through my emissions, and that is one of the reasons we're here! Feldens blushed but Joshua looked straight in his eyes:

“Bryan told me about your fears and I want you to know that I won't anything bad to happen to you! No matter how powerful my father may become, I won't let him offend you!

“That's my Josh! Bryan said tapping his enormous shoulder! The communicator said they were approaching their destination - APOLLUS – Holdar's ship which would take them to their final destination. The ship was incredibly beautiful, it was like a cruise ship! It had its own heliport! The passengers got of the helicopter and were welcomed by the crew – again lots of very built and beautiful men dressed in skimpy white uniforms. The lads were marveled at the sight of the ship, it was very modern and sumptuous. There was a huge pool, where more big muscular men were sunbathing. Bryan and Kevin were just mesmerized by such sight, but not Joshua. Those expensive things didn't worth the pain he suffered for all those years. If Holdar was trying to make things up, he would have to try harder. Feldens was the last to get out of the craft, but just when he was about to join the other passengers, one big blond man from the crew held his arm:

“Dr. Feldens, we want to thank you for your precious help, but I'm afraid you can't proceed.! Zack just froze and was about to get back into the helicopter.:

“What's going on? Joshua asked with a new attitude.

“ I have direct orders to take Dr. Feldens back to the land. Trent appeared coming from the helicopter, trying to calm things. But it wasn't easy as he thought

“He's my guest! If he can't go, neither can us! Josh looked at Kevin and Bryan and they quickly returned to the craft. The biggest lad in the whole world just looked to Trent with power and arrogance, he never ever showed before, and the big pilot swallowed dry. Then he nodded his head, and Feldens smiled back to Joshua thanking for his help. Trent excused himself and went to captain's bridge:

“You're really liking this thing of being "the boss' son, aren't you? Bryan poked Joshua's hard chest. Joshua looked at him seriously, but he couldn't fool Bryan. He grabbed him in his arms and kissed hardly. The inner side of the ship was rather amazing! It had all the facilities you could think of, including a huge modern gym with all state of the art equipment. Sure the gym wasn't designed for Josh's and his lover's size, but they've managed to have a "decent" work out – which meant they ended up fucking each other. The service was top! They had all kind of food and juices. During the trip, all they did was training, fucking and eating – with good sunbathing hours:

“You know, I could get used to this lifestyle! Kevin joke as he finished his lemon juice

“Yeah, it wouldn't be that difficult! Bryan completed while applied solar protector in his huge body. Then he leaned and relaxed enjoying the sun.

“ENOUGH SUNBATH FOR YOU! POOL PARTY! Bryan felt himself easily grabbed and thrown on the cold pool water. He felt Kevin's figure join him. They emerged and saw the responsible for that. It was JOSHUA, dripping wet with his hands on the hips laughing out loud. Bryan looked at Kevin and they jumped out of the pool and attacked their mega muscled lover, and – SPLASH! All three of them were back in the pool, horsing around, but soon they were kissing and rubbing each other, when Zackary Feldens appeared:

“Excuse me, but the captain asked me to tell you, we can see the island now, we'll seize in a few hours. Joshua, Bryan and Kevin looked at the view and felt shocked – The island was rounded by turquoise waters, white sand beaches and splendorous buildings, classical architecture, meridian beauty the whole island seemed dragged from hedonist delirious:

“That Trent guy told me this island is called "La isla del Sol". Kevin said without taking his eyes from the sight.

“The island of – Joshua translated – No wonder, after all Holdar considers himself a modern Apollo – the giant lad commented. Bryan hugged him- he knew Joshua wasn't sure about his "father" it was all so strange! Holdar remained a puzzle for Joshua, at the same time he was fascinating and scaring. Joshua wanted to know more about him but he refused to be treated as a "project".

“What you wanna do until we land? Bryan asked to his lover with the look of caring in his eyes. Joshua knew that look and he understood everything. They hugged and Joshua carried his lovers to his room:

“I wanna fuck you two hard and nice, and then we can have a little snack, enjoy this comfort! All the crew looked at them, some were amazed, most of them jealous of Kevin and Bryan, but they weren't unhappy because each mega teen had his share of built sailors to show off, be worshipped and fuck. The ship seized at the island about 2'o clock. The view was amazing! White sand beaches, and hedonist forests everywhere around them, the white buildings were absolutely fantastic! The passengers were welcomed by the "help" – The guys of the island were even bigger than the crew on the ship, much bigger indeed, they were just a little bit smaller than Kevin, which meant their average weight should be around 450 pounds, something never attainable without the enhancers of Joshua's father:

“Welcome to La Isla del Sol – A tanned huge man said complimenting the impressive mega muscles teen – My name is Rob and I was designed by your father to guide you around. This Rob guy was absolutely ripped, indeed he could rival in size with Kevin himself, but the red haired jock didn't let intimidate, he inflated his chest and shook the guy's hand firmly showing who was the man:

“Hello, Rob! I am Joshua, and these are my friends Bryan and Kevin, and this is Dr. Feldens! Josh wanted to clarify the situation Feldens was with him, and nobody was supposed to disturb him.

“It's a pleasure having you here! Rob proceeded – I presume you must be hungry that's why we're serving lunch right on the beach! Rob pointed to the beach and they saw a huge buffet placed just like a restaurant.

“GREAT! I'M STARVING! Bryan said and rushed to get his food, Kevin followed him, but Feldens waited for Josh, he was afraid of his own security if Josh wasn't with him:

“Aren't my father going to join us? Joshua asked Rob casually:

“I'm afraid he is a little busy finishing the preparations for your arrival, but you'll get to meet him pretty soon, please help yourself at our buffet, the food was specially prepared for you! Josh let his stomach command him for a change and attacked the food as well as his lovers were doing, each one of them ate abnormal amount of food, and Joshua had three times more than each one. When they finally finished, laying on the big beach chairs, enjoying the sun. Joshua felt that all this sumptuous reception was a make over, like Holdar was trying to distract him, but it wasn't be that easy. He looked to his lovers and they were beautifully sleeping after their inhuman lunch, even Feldens was sleeping, the huge lad guessed the poor doctor hadn't sleep in quite a time, so Joshua got up and talked directly to Rob:

“I WANNA SEE MY FATHER! Joshua said with all his new attitude, towering the already impressive Rob:

“Mr. Joshua, your father is very busy right now! You'll meet tonight:

“DON'T BULLSHIT ME! I DEMAND TO SEE MY FATHER NOW! YOU'LL TAKE ME TO HIM NOW! Joshua poked Rob's chest with such power the man doubled over in pain. Almost immediately the huge teen felt bad for hurting the man, after all he wasn't fault – or if he was, he was just following orders.

“Look, I'm sorry! I just … - The guy understood with a nod:

“Don't worry, I'll survive, although you're even stronger than we've expected! Rob grabbed his radio and contacted some people:

“I'll take you to meet your father! Rob said pointing to the jeep. Joshua helped him to stand and they got up on the jeep.

“What is he like? Asked a nervous Joshua to the much impressed Rob – Joshua almost filled the entire vehicle with his muscles and figure. Rob could barely have enough space to drive the car:

“Who? The Master? Rob made an strategic pause – I think you'd better calm down! You two will get along just fine! It's normal to afraid, just relax… Joshua felt uncomfortable with this, how did the help know about his whole situation? The jeep went up the road, driving to the main complex of the island. Joshua soon noticed that though the island was quite big, the number of guys working on it was pretty small, including the members of the crew of the ship and the helicopter there weren't 20 men! Even so, they could run the entire island, which seemed a small country, with many facilities and buildings – they sure had computers working for them – but still it was pretty amazing! They arrived at the main gate of a huge mansion at the top of the center hill. The mansion was just dazzling amazing! Built in the Mediterranean stile, white with huge arches, it inspired freedom and joy. Fountains, pools, gardens, gazebos, everything to bring the mood of a oasis of comfort. Rob talked over the radio and the gate was open, he drove for a secondary road and parked at the front yard:

“Welcome to "Solarium" the home of our master Holdar! Please enter and make yourself comfortable, I'll go back and bring your guests in a while. Rob smiled and touched Joshua's huge chest, and the mega muscled teen grabbed his hand and gently kissed:

“Thank you! Rob smiled back and drove away from the house. Joshua took a deep breath and entered the mansion by the main door. •

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